The Curse of Oak Island Season 6

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 21 Recap


‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 21 aired last night and it was titled ‘Seismic Matters.’ In case you missed the episode, we’ve got your back! Here is a quick recap of everything that happened in the penultimate episode of the sixth season.

The team has only two weeks to go before they leave the island for the winter, but there is no activity whatsoever at the Money Pit area. However, the excavation in Smith’s Cove continues. In the War Room, Rick and Craig are meeting with Marty via a video conference in order to make some important decisions. So, they agree that they have to make sure they have searched the swamp properly and finish Smith’s Cove.


Back at Smith’s Cove, the rest of the team continues the excavation and they discover another possible shaft. Hence, it is very likely that the Laginas and their team have to make a breakthrough discovery.

So, Rick Lagina and Craig Tester alongside other members of the team meet Chris Donah, a researcher, and Oak Island, theorist. Chris was the one who contacted Rick regarding the mysterious triangle shape swamp. The newest research considering the upcoming seismic test could prove very valuable for their excavation. He shares his belief that constellation Virgo is a map revealing the Oak Island treasure. He connects the meaning to Freemasons and FDR.

The team heads to the swamp for some seismic testing. Hence, they drain the swamp and lay out a sheet of plywood. Then, they place 2025 charges and they detonate few of them. Gary performs some metal detecting of the swamp spoils and discovers a button, which they believe is over 300 years old and a possible coin.

The rest of the team is at Smith’s Cove together with Terry Matheson, a geologist, and Liard Niven, an archeologist. While excavating beneath the beach there, Alex Lagina and the rest of the team have just made what could be an important discovery. They believe they are very close to the convergence point.

As the day comes to an end, the team gathers for an important meeting in the War Room. They receive great news about the slipway. Rick and Marty Lagina and their team reveal that some of the mysterious wooden structures at Smith’s Cover were built decades before the original discovery of the Money Pit. The news offers an extraordinary breakthrough and it means that all of the money and work invested was not done in vain.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 21 – What to Expect?


The fans are both impatient and eager to see what would happen in the latest, i.e. 21st season of The Curse of Oak Island. The entire team, which is headed by Marty and Rick Lagina, has been working diligently in order to prepare this episode which takes place on an island that ha 57 hectares and which is private ownership. The island is situated in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. A lot of items have been discovered, and it is questioned whether the treasure has been found.

War Room

This is the place where Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina, and Craig Tester have been discussing what is going on and what to do since there has been a problem with crane operators who have made the decision to stop workings so that they can have their payments increased. Despite this, the tri has made a decision to continue with working since it may happen that the strike may last even up to three weeks.

Wooden structure

During their excavations and investigations, they have discovered a structure made of wood and they believe that this is probably the part of an old tunnel that was used as a flood system. They have also been considering that this may be the reason why the previous flood at Money Pit has been stopped. All this may show them the way to Money Pit shaft.

James McQuiston

He is a very important figure and he has been introduced by Rick in E20. He is an expert on the Knights Templar, and, apart from this, he is also a historian and he also writes and researches. According to him, it may happen that there are 500K USD hidden and buried somewhere on the island.

Winter season

Both Marty and Rick on one side and the audience on the other side are aware that winter season is near and all of them are aware that the works are to be done much faster. Why? Well, their doings and activities may be obstructed when the adverse weather comes.

The latest episode would be broadcast on the 16th of April at 9 p.m. on History Channel. It would be also available for watching on the app of this channel.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 17 – Tackling the Potential Money Pit and Knights Templar Connection

From what we can see from teasers, the remaining episodes of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ look extremely promising. Episode 17 of the season 6 will air tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel. This episode, titled ‘Clue or False?’, looks most thrilling from all the episodes we’ve seen in this season. It is hinted that this episode will feature the Lagina brothers and their team discover pieces of evidence which suggest they are very close to where the real treasures are. In fact, the ‘Clue or False?’ episode will deal with one of the favorite subjects this season: the potential Money Pit and Knights Templar connection.

Thanks to the 30-second preview for episode 17, we’ve seen that this week’s installment of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ will feature the crew discovering some interesting items. They will definitely have a great day on the field.

The team will uncover a certain silver coin, which is believed to be a Spanish artifact. This object will grab the crew’s attention. Moreover, as they’ll continue digging, they will also discover a piece of a chain, which they believe is leather and a possible bone fragment.

As we’ve seen in the preview, the Lagina brothers seem extremely optimistic about the area where they are exploring. Rick Lagina even claims that they could be a few feet away from the real answers.

The installment after the one we’ll see this week is also exciting. Episode 18 is also thrilling as the crew will probably focus again on the most important discovery they made in season 5, the medieval cross. This cross can actually prove that the Knights Templar were present in the Money Pit area.

The team sent this cross to experts for further analysis and based on the synopsis for ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 18, next week’s installment will be more about the cross and the suspected arrival of the Knights Templar on the island in the early days.

You can watch the new episodes of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ on Tuesdays, at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6, Episode 15, “Dye Harder”


The latest episode of the popular History Channel shows The Curse of Oak Island aired on March 5, 2019, titled “Due Harder”. Read on to find out what happens in the newest episode.

In the new episode, Rick Lagina and Craig Tester investigate the damage that a sinkhole caused at the Money pit drill site two days ago. This happened during the H8 excavation. At first, it did not seem as serious. However, they were proven wrong, and now it may not be safe to continue the operation. Vanessa Lucido from ROC Equipment is concerned about the safety of everything surrounding the area. Mark Monahan from Irving Equipment Limited thinks he should put the vibro hammer on the hole. This is a massive hydraulic, which will eventually settle and stabilize the ground around H8. There is a chance of a larger cave-in as well. They proceed with this plan.

Meanwhile, Marty Lagina, Dave Blankenship, Jake Begley, and Gary Drayton meet with a heavy equipment operator Billy Gerhardt to continue the Smith’s Cove operation. Since they have started this excavation, they came across wooden and concrete walls, structures, and a wooden slipway. The stone box drain is perhaps the most important finding yet here. They hope to follow it to the Money Pit. They only come across a metal bucket.

The following morning, the H8 operation continues. Rick and Marty call a War Room meeting. They think about doing a dye test again, this time with fluorescent red color. This can prove there are connections between flooding systems and the seawater. They decide to observe the result with three drones and a boat.

Later in the day, Marty and Alex Lagina, Jack Begley and Peter Fornetti travel to Laurencetown, Nova Scotia, to meet with the members of the Centre of Geographic Sciences to see some results of a recent water scan. They hope to locate a flooding system on the southern shore of the island. They find out there are two vents on the ocean floor, which may be the proof of a second flooding system. There is also a triangle object there, another triangular shape on the island. The data is satisfying.

It is a new day, as Rick and Marty start the dye test. They set up a viewing area to see the potential color in the water live. They come across a problem with the pump and the hose. The hose twisted and could snap. They restart the pump, and fill the C1 with water. They add the red dye and hope it will turn out somewhere. The drones are in the air, while a team is also on a boat. Everyone is looking at different exit points, expecting to see red. Dan Blakenship, now 95, visits the viewing area. Finally, at Smith’s Cove excavation area, Gary Drayton finds some red dye. However, it may be a rust color from something. They take water samples to test if there are traces from their dye. At the Research Centre on Oak Island, they conduct the tests. The test is successful, proving the dye came through all the way to the Smith’s Cove. The flood tunnel might, after all, be connected to Smith’s Cove. Rick comes to check it and is more than pleased.

The week that started with a catastrophe and a cave-in at H8 that seemed like an end to the whole operation, ended with some major promises that make the overall atmosphere in the team more than pleasant. On Oak Island, positive outcomes like this one are rare, and everyone is aware of this. What is to come? Will they come across more interesting findings? Tune in to the next week’s episode to find out.

Everything You Need To Know About The Curse Of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 14


The Curse of Oak Island made fans hooked to it because of its mysterious story and discoveries. Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina are in pursuit of the legendary treasure. They are using advanced technologies to resolve numerous mysteries of the island. What can be expected to happen in The Curse Of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 14?

Just like episodes before, this one will probably be filled with mystery. Some spoilers and speculations suggest that during their excavation in the Money Pit, Rick and Marty would find an odd thing in the sinkhole. It is unknown what that object would be, but it is believed that it would help them in further research.

Voyage To The Bottom of The Cenote is a title of The Curse Of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 14, and its official synopsis read: „A frightening development at the Money Pit threatens to halt the search indefinitely.“

The team of diggers will most likely face another big challenge which could be associated with certain dangers. David Blankenship said he doesn’t really believe in the „curse“ of the island. Allegedly seven people have to die so that the treasure could be found. It has been reported that six men had already died. Blankenship’s father was nearly the seventh. Is the curse real and will Rick and Morty face it? Fans will need to continue watching the series to find out.

The Voyage To The Bottom of The Cenote is set to premiere on 26th February at 8 p.m. on History Channel. Online watching will be available on Philo, Hulu Live, fuboTV, and Sling TV.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

The newest episode of the popular History Channel TV show, The Curse of Oak Island, is titled Wharves and All. It premiered on January 29t, 2019.


Rick Lagina, Craig Tester, and Terry Matheson check on their excavation operation while waiting for the 3D scan of the mysterious triangle rock they came across. They believe it is the drain system, hoping they can connect the Smith’s Cove site to the Money Pit’s location. They come across some wooden boards, possibly a man-made structure. It is going to be an interesting development for sure, as they continue to excavate the area.

The team believes this is the L-shaped structure Dan came across years ago during his excavation operation. The three researchers also find a layer of clay.

The next day, a War room meeting takes place between the whole team regarding the stone and the carvings. Rob Hyslop, Tory Martin, and Ryan Levangiefrom Azimuth Consulting Ltd join them to discuss the 3D data. They found a flat area, too straight to be natural. Regarding the carvings, they are linear in an unfamiliar runic language. The Vikings may be connected to it, old sea navigators from centuries ago.


The following day, Gary Drayton, a metal detection expert, joins geologist Terry Matheson and archeologist Laird Niven at Smith’s Cove. They carefully dig further and try to detect some metal in the dirt. A small led rod is what they find first, that may be a bracelet.

Later in the day, the team has another meeting on moving forward with the Money Pit. They had trouble finding Shaft 6 and the pit. They argue that finding Shaft 6 is the most important thing here, and then they must find the tunnel connecting it to the Money Pit. In the surroundings, they found various artifacts there last year, involving human bones and pottery. There must be something else there, and that is mission number one currently in that area.

Danny Smith and Vanesa Lucido from Roc Equipment bring in the 50,000-pound rotating oscillator, capable of 3 million pounds of torque. It is something that will help for sure because they know where to dig. Last year, when they tried to excavate H-8 site, they had an accident and pushed the alleged wooden box further. Now they must try something new in order to find out more. They wish to grab whatever fell in the way of the first digging attempt.
Alex Lagina and Paul Troutman travel to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in the meantime. They will try to find out more about the stone by examining others like it. It is not the first stone like it found in Nova Scotia. In 1812, a local doctor found this special stone. The carvings cannot be translated as they include various old languages, like Norse, Greek and Japanese. Norse is dominant, and the translation mentions Erik the Red. The characters are different though, enough for it to be a whole other thing.

Bask at the Money Pit, Alex meets his father Marty and welcomes people from Irving Equipment, Ltd. When the crane is assembled, a hammer grab will retreat what is trapped in the hole. The team starts building the crane.

Alex then joins uncle Rick at the Cove excavation. The structure they found has to be very significant, everyone can feel it. The team comes across even more timber logs. It may be an ancient slipway, which was lost in 1936 during a wharf operation. The findings keep piling up, and so do the questions. They continue digging.

Back at the H-8, the most ambitious project starts for the Lagina brothers, as they attempt to reach the Money Pit with the enormous new crane. They must first remove more than 30 feet of debris and mud.

As the mystery deepens, so do the findings. Stay tuned to find out more on the next episode.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 11, Januar 29 at 9 p.m


The new episode of the popular series ‘The Curse of Oak Island‘ will be broadcast on January 29th at 9 pm. on History Channel. It will be episode 11 of the 6th season, in which two Lagina brothers continue their quest for treasure. They dig near Smith’s Cove and they are sure that will find a legendary treasure this time. They believe that they are close to discovering something because of certain objects they have found. These are woods that have some carved symbols on it as well as stones with similar signs. Rick and Marty believe that these artifacts point to underground tunnels leading to hidden treasures.

This is the official announcement for a new episode:

“While the excavation of the Smith’s Cove continues to uncover the abundance of ancient structures, Rick, Marty, and the team resume the treasure hunt in the H8, convinced more than ever to be the site of the money pit.”

The brothers are currently at a depth of 109 feet, but shortly after they found stones and wood with carved signs, they want to dig deeper because they believe they are on the right way. New clues are encouraging them and they are now convinced that they are digging in the right place. This is exactly the main event of the new episode of this popular series.

In the official trailer of the 11th episode, Rick Lagina is surprised and excited by new clues and says:

“We’ve never seen another stone like this on the island.”

These new events indicate that the team may be close to finding an entrance to Money Pit. If their predictions are correct, they are certainly close to finding the treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 5, “Homecoming”,Airs Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 9 pm


The teaser trailers for the new season promised that our team made big discoveries. Fans now believe they may find Money Pit tunnels in episode 5 of the new season.

By using more advanced tools and technology, they narrowed down the search area. It paid off well especially in episode 4, and episode 5 may have more excitements based on the synopsis.

“Homecoming” features the team analyzing seismic results in order to find underground anomalies. The episode summary suggests that their results may very well lead to the discovery of a network of tunnels in the Money Pit.
Fans have followed the Lagina brother sand hoped that artifacts and treasures lie in the pit. In season 5, they found connections to the Knights Templar, which further made their search intriguing. Last episode showed an artifact that might prove a Roman presence in the area, while episode 5 may present more connections to some early explorations of the island.

The full test results of the medieval cross, which they found last year,still needs to happen. They did test the Roman artifact however. Homecoming’s synopsis suggests that perhaps another major discovery could prove that French explorers came to the island too.

As of yet, it is unknown which object they will find in season 6 episode 5, butthey hope to rewrite the history of the mystery of Oak Island. Tune in this Tuesday, December 11th at 9 pm to find out more!