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Most popular Netflix TV shows

Netflix has enough content to meet everyone’s needs and preferences and keep them awake and entertained for weeks. As soon as you finish binge-watching one amazing TV show, Netflix is a perfect place to start searching for another one to replace it. No matter what your preferences are, Netflix has it all: comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror and it truly seems like an inexhaustible source of original and classic content. If you’re not ready to commit your time to a new TV show, you can always choose one of the terrific movies and enjoy for an hour or two. We’ve prepared some of the most watched and highest rated TV shows to help you with your search for the right one.

Breaking Bad

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It’s an obvious first choice. If you haven’t watched it yet, go do it right now. You can continue reading the article later. With the rating of 9.5 on IMDb, and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as stars of the show, Breaking Bad won the hearts of millions of people around the world. It is a drama following the life of one high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) that teams up with a junkie, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), and the two of them alone start cooking and selling premium blue meth. Walter was diagnosed with lung cancer which is, mainly, why he decided to start cooking meth. However, after a couple of episodes, or seasons, you’ll come to realize it is in fact so much more than that. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have amazing on-screen chemistry and it seems as if they were born to play these parts.

Better Call Saul

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If you like Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad, then you’re going to love this one as well. Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, is a crooked, highly charismatic lawyer that helps out Walter White and Jesse with their legal difficulties. Better Call Saul is an origin story of Saul Goodman, explaining to us how he turned from an ambitious, enthusiastic lawyer named Jimmy McGill to a criminal lawyer named Saul Goodman. The story takes place in Albuquerque, placed a few years before Breaking Bad.

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The Crown

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This show depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the moment she succeeded her father, much earlier than anyone expected. So far, two seasons have been released and now we’re waiting for the third. Elizabeth marries the Duke of Edinburgh, Winston Churchill does not approve and so the story begins. During the first two seasons, you get a glimpse at not only Queen Elizabeth’s life, but also her sister’s, Winston Churchill’s, her uncle’s who has abdicated the throne, and many others. There is everything, from Churchill’s re-election and the Princess Margaret messy love life to the toxic London smog of 1952 and Commonwealth tours. If you ever wondered what goes through the head of the Queen, this is as close as you’ll get to find out.

The Returned (French: Les Revenants)

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This French supernatural drama takes place in a small mountain community where everything seems nice and normal until the dead start coming back. No, it’s not about zombies looking for brains, but rather about the reuniting of families with their long-lost loved ones that don’t even realize they have been dead for years. As those that have returned continue their lives as if nothing happened, their families and friends work hard to figure out what happened and how.

Stranger Things

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This fantasy drama, sprinkled with bits of horror, has captivated thousands of people around the world. A boy disappears in the most mysterious way and only his mother, a police chief, and his best friends are certain he’s not dead, as everyone thought, but alive in some strange, terrifying place looking for a way back.

22 best TV shows to expect in 2019

2019 is bringing back some fantastic TV shows as well as treating us with some new ones! Here you can read about some of them.

1. Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes


This Netflix documentary crime series tells the story about one of the most infamous serial killers, Ted Bundy. The series airs on Netflix 24th January 2019.

2. Game of Thrones, season 8


The final season of the series we have all been waiting for airs on Sky Atlantic 14th April 2019.

3. Line Of Duty, season 5

The official trailer for the fifth season was released in September. It certainly promises excitement! The new season airs in April 2019 on BBC.

4. You, season 2


This series turned out to be one of the biggest hits on Netflix. Luckily, we will be seeing Penn Badgley again in season two, which is coming soon.

5. Mindhunter, season 2

Mindhunter is a show based in the 70s, and it follows the life of an FBI agent Holden Ford, who is actually based on the real-life character John. E. Douglas. Ford and his friend Bill Tench travel around America to interview some of the most famous serial killers in the world, and their goal is to understand their mind. Since there are many more serial killers ready to be investigated, the second season will undoubtedly be as good as the first one.

6. The Bachelor UK


After being away for six years, The Bachelor is finally coming back! You will have to wait a bit more to see which celebrity will be handing out the roses…
Be sure to check out Channel 5 for next season.

7. Big Little Lies, season 2

For this exciting series, we have good and bad news. The good one is that the show is certainly coming back with a new season. However, the bad news is that it is unlikely to return until next year. Be sure to check Sky Atlantic in 2019 for the new season!

8. The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, season 2


The first season of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina went so well that the Netflix didn’t only commission the second season, but the third and fourth as well. Even though we’ll have to wait until 2020 for season three, this is definitely good news.

9. Killing Eve, season 2

Be ready to be amazed by the next season of this incredible series, coming back soon on BBC.

10. Taboo, season 2

Unfortunately for all fans, the production hasn’t started filming the second season yet, despite the creator Stevan Night expecting it to be done in early 2018. However, we can still be expecting the series comeback in 2019. Keep your eye on BBC.

11. Rick and Marty, season 4


Even though the creator Adult Swim hasn’t renewed the fourth season, the co-creator Dan Harmon had said that he started working on it when the third season was coming to an end. Realistically, we can expect new episodes in late 2019.

12. Beverly Hills 90210 reboot


We all know that a reboot on this series already exists, filmed in 2008. However, this new one will feature the original cast from 1990. Amazing!

13. Shipwrecked reboot

Shipwrecked is apparently making a comeback after seven years! We certainly can’t wait!

14. Peaky Blinders, season 5


Tommy and the other Peaky Blinders are coming back in 2019. We are for sure excited!

15. The Crown, season 3

Knowing the fact that filming of the new season has started recently, we sadly cannot expect it to come back before next year. Keep an eye on Netflix!

16. Fargo, season 4


The decision about the new season was on hold for a while, but the FX’s CEO John Landgraf has confirmed the news that the series is coming back. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a while.

17. Stranger Things, season 3

This extremely popular Netflix series is coming back with the new season. The release date is on the 4th of July.

18. RuPaul’s Drag Race 2019


The UK version of this amazingly popular show is coming soon. We’re counting down the days! Expect it soon on BBC Three.

19. Homeland, season 9


The shooting of the last season of the show has been confirmed by Claire Danes. Keep an eye out on Showtime.

20. Veep, season 7

The production of the last season had to be delayed due to Julia Louis-Dreyfus chemotherapy for breast cancer. Her Veep co-star Matt Walsh told the EW that the shooting will begin in August. He also said that Julia had done some table reads and that she is now feeling well. He described her as ‘a very loved and tremendous person’.

21. Liar, season 2


Even though we won’t find out who killed Andrew until the end of 2019, news about the new season is certainly a good one. The shooting is supposed to start in January, and both Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd are returning.

22. Love Island


Love Island is coming back in July 2019. Be sure to check ITV2 for new episodes.