Is Elon Musk The Greatest Innovator in the 21st Century

By mentioning the word inventor, you immediately think about one of the great minds, such as Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, etc. In each industry, there is someone who is turning the world around and the way they do things and the things they focus on are simply out of this earth.

They are keeping the world spinning and leading humankind forward. Often, these great minds are widely criticized by the public for one reason or another, but they never seem to care enough to stop working.

It takes some time to pass for the people to see who great minds and inventors are – Alexandra Bell, Tesla, Carnegie – there isn’t any doubt nowadays that what they did for humankind was good. Ask anyone and they will know their name and know for sure that they did good.

Even today, we are living among some inventors who are pushing and doing everything to help us move forward. Some of them are perceived as evil, often based on a distorted image that person has, false information and biased opinion. Some are widely loved, but also widely criticized and one of them is Elon Musk.

Is Musk the very greatest innovator in the 21st century or is he a fraud as many people label him?

He is definitely not a fraud and you can see why we think so!

Tesla Motors


One of the biggest companies Musk is running is Tesla Motors. He has been a fan of electric cars for as long as he can remember and he has turned Tesla into the largest electric car manufacturer in the world. Roughly about a decade ago, he was estimated to fail miserably. Everybody was saying that his mission would be impossible to put into action, but he did it anyway.

Nowadays, Tesla is one of the richest companies in the car industry and they are pioneering mass electric car production. Some other car manufactures did make electric vehicles before Tesla, but those were usually prototypes or models that came out in limited numbers.

According to Musk, who has recently talked to Joe Rogan at his Spotify podcast, he said that it was just a matter of time before the world moved to sustainable sources of energy and he pointed out that they are making it happen sooner rather than later. According to Musk, that’s the biggest value of Tesla.

Not only is Musk pulling the weight in the car industry, but he and his associate make some amazing vehicles. They are constantly introducing new autonomous tech features, the cars are quite fast and they drive amazingly. Plus, some models can dance! What more can you ask for.

We almost forgot to mention his gigafactories and the production of batteries, but let’s not get carried away to much here.

The SpaceX Program


As if leading one of the biggest car companies to glory and revolutionizing the car industry, isn’t enough, Musk also wants to send people to Mars!

This is a big one and we can expect the first people to land on Mars in just a couple of years, perhaps a decade. If we are to believe Musk’s words, 2025 is the year, but he has missed a few dates in the past, so we will not hold him for the word. Even if it happens before 2030, that would be a major breakthrough for humankind.

Already, there has been a massive breakthrough in this field, and Musk has designed reusable rockets, launched it and landed it back on site.

Not only can this cut financing costs, but it can make space travel much easier (space travel, as in going to Mars). Having that ability not to build a whole new rocket each time one lands to its destination is huge. Musk has recently launched his Tesla into orbit and the car’s still floating around in space!



One of the most criticized projects Musk is working on is Neuralink. It is a company that is designing brain-computer interface technology. If it sounds scary it is because it does sound a sci-fi movie-like. The shortest story possible behind Nerualink is that they plan to add chips to people’s brains!

Oh my GOD! We are getting there – we are becoming cyborgs, robots and soon, AI will turn against us and we are doomed. While we should definitely worry about AI and even Musk says so, this Neuralink chip is far from what you imagine.

The longer story behind it is that this chip would help people who cannot use their extremities, who are paraplegic or have some other disorder to become functional again. That is the first goal and it’s not years before we get there. There’s still an entire issue of how to produce the chip, open up the skull and place it at the right position without doing any other damage.

Still the aim is quite humbling – helping others regain some of their motoring functions! How cool would that be? At no point does Musk give the impression that he wants to use this for any other purpose.



Last but not least, Musk was selling a flamethrower. Well, it was Not A Flamethrower, actually. Either way, the Boring Company made a limited number of them and sold them all. Just because he can.

Is Musk a true Inventor?

With all we’ve said, we need to add a few more things. Musk isn’t the inventor we asked for, he is the inventor we needed. But he isn’t just that. He is a modern-age industrialist, a businessman and a great engineer. He is a man full of ideas and he wants to put most of those into the real world.

Being an inventor isn’t an easy thing to do and https://inventhelp.com/inventhelp-faq is ready to give a hand anyone who strives to be like Musk, or who has any idea but doesn’t know how to convert it to a product. Not everyone can do it all, like Elon can, but you don’t need to bother.

8 Most Innovative Companies in the World in 2021

Being an inventor while living in a capitalistic society like ours can be a daunting task. Sometimes it seems like every single idea you have has already been thought out before. Still, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! You may only need some extra inspiration to get it started!

So, in this article, we decided to list our top 8 innovative companies to help you gain some courage to start inventing yourself!

So without further ado, let’s explore the list!



Tesla’s innovations have changed the automobile industry in a major way. Elon Musk, the CEO, is one of the most innovative people in the world right now, but he’s not the sole reason for the company’s reputation. There are many innovative individuals in the company as it attracts them with its developed innovation culture.

As an innovator, it’s incredibly important that you have the necessary freedom and tools to be creative, and Tesla is a place that provides it. So, always look to work for people who will support your innovative mind and make you feel comfortable to share your ideas.



We all know the famous story of Apple beginning in a garage. They’re one of the most innovative companies in the technology industry. Without their ideas, our smartphones would probably look much different today. They’re always upgrading and improving their designs with the newest ideas.

Apple is a classic story of how creativity can bring you incredibly far. So have some courage and don’t give up on your ideas! It doesn’t matter how impossible it may seem right now, if you believe in yourself, you’re guaranteed to succeed in achieving your goals!



Amazon is famous for changing retail business like nobody else before. Their unique way of approaching things, and their persistence in creating fresh new solutions to improve their customer’s experience is what makes them one of the top companies on this list. They’re always expanding their business to new markets so you’ll never have any reason to look for an alternative.

Also, their numerous inventions like Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa are what make them stand out from many other companies in the same business. So, become a game-changer! Start small, and build up your idea to a point where it’s impacting the whole market.



Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the tech world and it’s been on the top for many years. What’s allowed them to stay on top is more than just pure luck though! Their incredible inventions are what’s made them stay on top. They’re always first in creating the most clever solutions to further develop their business. Whatever is the trend in the tech world, chances are that it comes from Microsoft.

Just having an idea is not enough. A good invention should be updated frequently to stay fresh! So, always work on ways to improve your idea and keep it exciting!



The Korean tech company is one of the biggest innovators around. They’re always improving and adding fresh new products to their supply chain. We’re all benefiting from their inventions! The whole debate between Apple and Samsung is completely unnecessary,  especially because these companies are actively collaborating to bring amazing new products to their customers. Samsung is well-known to produce parts for Apple products, so every iPhone user actually has a little bit of Samsung inside of their devices.

So, yes, sometimes you’ll need a little help to bring your idea to life, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Luckily, there are companies like inventhelp.com that specialize in this kind of work. So, always make sure to ask for help if you need it!



Another Asian conglomerate corporation, SONY is also one of the most innovative companies out there. They do some incredible work, and while they’re famous for their TVs and gaming consoles, they’re also the inventors of some of the most advanced tech products in the globe. Just two years ago, they’ve introduced a brand new version of AIBO, the world’s most advanced robotic dog. Isn’t that amazing? It’s a company that’s not afraid of challenges, and that’s what makes them so successful in innovating.

So, what can you, an aspiring inventor, from SONY? It’s simple: Be courageous and become an out of the box thinker! It’s what will make you successful in the long run!



Facebook is the number one social media platform, and they’re absolutely deserving of the title! They changed the ways we use the internet, inspired millions of young inventors to start their own projects, and they’re still number one after more than a decade of existence. Facebook is famous for always adding new features to its platform, so its users never get bored of it.  It has revolutionized the internet lingo and it continues to do so every day.

Facebook’s story is an inspiration to many. It was created by a Harward dropout, and it started as a small start-up. Of course, it took a lot of time and effort before the idea took off and became so influential. So, it doesn’t matter how good your ideas are, if you’re not able to put your time, effort, and dedication into developing it, it will never be good enough.



Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is famous for its inventions. They started off their business by providing sorting algorithms to help people navigate the internet more easily. They’ve released many beta versions and used the feedback they were getting to keep on improving their algorithms. In fact, they’re still working on updating and advancing their service every day. Other than that, they’ve released many successful products and software like Google Maps, Google Cloud, and Youtube.

All in all, the invention process is filled with a lot of trial and error. If you try to invent something, you’re probably going to fail a lot of the time. Still, what counts is what you do after you’ve failed. Always take failure as an opportunity to further improve yourself! Don’t ever beat yourself down, but try to learn from your experiences, and you’ll definitely succeed!

Tesla Sued for Wrongful Death: What Does This Mean Legally?

Tesla has been in the headlines quite a bit lately, and sometimes for the wrong reasons.

Most recently, it came to light Tesla is being sued in a wrongful death lawsuit. The Levin Firm notes that every year in the U.S., nearly 1.3 million people die in accidents on the road. Unintentional injuries are the number three leading cause of death in the U.S.

So what does this mean for Tesla, and what is there to know about auto accidents and wrongful death lawsuits in general?

Tesla’s Autopilot Feature and Fatal Crashes


One family of the owner of a Tesla Model X filed a lawsuit against the car company in a California state court at the start of 2019, and now there’s another similar suit pending.

Most recently, Jeremy Banner’s family is asking for damages of more than $15,000 as the result of a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Tesla. In Palm Beach County, Florida on March 1, a Model 3 that was on Autopilot crashed into a truck trailer crossing the highway.

The death of 50-year-old Banner sparked an investigation into the accident from the National Transportation Safety Board. In the previous case, filed after the death of Joshua Brown in California, the NHTSA opened a federal investigation into the Autopilot system from Tesla, and it was closed without any defect being found or any recalled issued.

With the most recent case, the NTSB described the accident in a now-released preliminary report. According to the report, the Tesla approached a private driveway, and the truck slowed while crossing southbound lanes, blocking the path of the Tesla. The Tesla then hit the left side of the semi-trailer. It took the roof of the Tesla off, and the vehicle was under the trailer before finally coming to a stop on a median.

The NTSB said based on preliminary findings, the Autopilot was turned on just a few seconds before the crash occurred.

The family’s attorney said the crash is the result of a defective Autopilot system.


However, on the other hand, Tesla has data showing from less than eight seconds before the crash occurred, to the time impact occurred, the driver’s hands weren’t detected on the steering wheel.

Earlier this year, Walter Huang’s family sought damages from Tesla because of perceived negligence. Huang was driving a Model X that had Autopilot engaged, and he hit a highway barrier in Mountain View California.

What Qualifies as Wrongful Death

Any case of a deadly car accident is tragic, and regardless of how the wrongful death cases turn out against Tesla, there are many of these situations that are filed in courts across the country every day.

So what is wrongful death?

A wrongful death is one that occurs when the death is the result of recklessness, negligence or violent behavior. The specific laws vary depending on the state where someone lives and where the death occurs.

Often wrongful death suits are filed in the case of car accidents because these accidents tend to stem from negligence or recklessness.

For example, distracted driving such as texting and driving, speeding, failure to stop, or driving while intoxicated are all situations that can lead to deadly vehicle accidents.

Not all wrongful death lawsuits are filed against people involved in the accident. In some cases, the lawsuits may be filed against trucking companies who have their drivers on the road for longer than they legally should, or for roads that aren’t well-maintained and can lead to an accident.

In 2015, there were 3,179 people killed in vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers, and there were 431,000 injuries.


Defective Motor Vehicle Lawsuits

When someone is in an accident that leads to death, we often think about lawsuits involving another driver, but as is the situation with the Tesla cases, this isn’t always true.

There are what are generally referred to as motor vehicle defect cases.

These claims include passenger automobiles, as well as trucks, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles.

Unlike the case with personal injury lawsuits or wrongful death cases against the other driver, with defective motor vehicle lawsuits, you don’t have to show carelessness. You have to show liability.

While the Tesla cases are centered on the Autopilot function, defective motor vehicle lawsuits can stem from defects in pretty much any part of the vehicle. This can include the brake system, temperature control system, electrical system, steering and many other parts.

There have been recent increases in punitive damage awards because of vehicle liability cases as well. Punitive damages go beyond damages, and they can be tens of millions of dollars in some cases. Punitive damages are meant as a form of punishment to the manufacturer of the vehicle that will force them to fix the problems in their vehicles that led to the accident.

Are There Grounds for a Wrongful Death Case?


Every state is going to have different laws dictating whether or not the family of someone who died can bring forward a wrongful death case.

As an example, in Pennsylvania, if the accident was ruled the fault of your loved one by the officer who responds, you’re probably not going to be able to hold the other driver responsible. However, you may be able to get a partial settlement from an insurance company if your loved one was partially at fault.

Pennsylvania is a unique state in these situations because they have comparative fault laws. These laws dictate that your loved one’s fault in an accident is determined by a percentage. For example, maybe your loved one was found to be 40% at fault for the accident.

Then, that percentage is taken from the total damages award. If your loved one were more than 50% responsible, you probably wouldn’t receive compensation through a wrongful death settlement. Not all states have these laws, however.

Other factors that can play a role include the circumstances of the accident, how long it’s been since the accident and your relationship to the deceased person.

Tesla Model Y – Which Celebrities Could Buy One


Tesla cars have been extremely popular ever since the first one was revealed to the public and Hollywood celebrities haven’t been immune to their charm. Now they finally have a chance to see and buy a new model, called Model Y. Built on the same platform as Model S, the new Tesla is marketed as a crossover coupe. It will reach zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds and will have an autonomy of 300 miles on a single charge. It won’t come cheap, though. The base version is selling for $39,000, while Long Range model will set you back $47,000. Finally, the Performance trim will cost $60,000. This is, of course, petty change to A-listers from Hollywood and we expect that many of those who already own one Tesla will splurge for a new model as well.

9.Steve Wozniak
Owns: Model X

The power behind the throne in Apple and man in charge of many of its products, despite what Steve Jobs’ fans are saying, Steve Wozniak is one of the icons of the IT industry. He helped establish many of the technologies we take for granted today and is rightfully considered one of the founding fathers of the digital revolution. Surprisingly, Wozniak had a lot of criticism for Elon Musk and Tesla’s business model, but he had never hidden his love of their cars, that is he was among the first one to buy Tesla X. We are sure he will do the same with Tesla Y.

8.Jeremy Renner
Owns: Model S

Img source: squaremile.com

Not only Jeremy Renner is a movie star, but he also owns a home renovation business with his friends and fellow actor Kristoffer Winters. The star of Avengers franchise and Mission impossible, Renner came close to winning an Oscar for his performance in the Town in 2010. He is also a proud owner of Tesla S.

7.Mark Ruffalo
Owns: Model S

Avengers seems to have a soft spot for Tesla S and Mark Ruffalo, AKA Hulk, also has one, just like his colleague from the Marvel franchise Jeremy Renner. Self-described social activist, Ruffalo is one of the most vocal supporters of electric vehicles.

6.Matt Damon
Owns: Tesla Roadster

Img source: variety.com

Just when we thought Matt Damon was safe at his home after the ending of Saving Private Ryan, he went and got stranded himself on Mars and we had to go out and rescue him again. He decided to return the favor and do something nice for the planet and bought a Tesla Roadster. We have no doubt that he will get a Tesla Y as well. That the least he can do to thanks us.

5.Cameron Diaz
Owns: Model S

Cameron Diaz is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. Her movies grossed over $6 billion during her career. Despite having all that money, she is known for her frugal lifestyle. Before getting a Model S, she drove around in a Toyota Prius.

4.Ben Affleck
Owns: Model S

Img source: time.com

You know you have made a good car when even Batman owns one. Joking aside, Ben Affleck is a known activist who is very vocal about the protection of the environment. The two-time Oscar winner has done more than his share in trying to get people to pay attention to global climate change and driving a Model S is just one of those things. We can easily see him behind the wheel of Model Y.

3.Jay Z
Owns: Model S

Beyoncé is known for being generous with her husband and once bought him a Bugatti Veyron, which she paid $2.4 million. After that, paying for a Tesla S must have seemed like chump change. Jay Z could have easily afforded to buy bought cars for himself, being a successful artist and producer, but it is still nice to receive a gift, even if you are obscenely rich.

2.Steven Spielberg
Owns: Model S

Img source: variety.com

Steven Spielberg is one of the richest persons in Hollywood and certainly doesn’t have to worry about gas savings his Tesla Model S is providing for him. It is nice, though, that he is doing something to help prevent the consequences of global warming. Spielberg had his Model S for the last four years and he might take an opportunity to trade it in for a new Model Y.

1. Jaden Smith
Owns: Model X

Jaden Smith is well-known for his insistence to pay his way and don’t beg his rich parents for money. He has earned a lot from his modeling and acting career and is starting a bottled water business called “Just Water”. Jaden was very proud to buy Model X from with his own money.

How Much Will the Most Expensive Tesla Y Cost?

Tesla presented its new product in Los Angeles, California. The newest product of the famous company is the fourth model, electric crossover, Tesla Y. The production version of this car will appear on the market in 2020, but its price is already known. The official information appeared on the company`s website.

As we said, the price is already known, it is going to be around $74.000. Naturally, as we know, this car falls into small crossover/SUV vehicles, we can say that the price is not small at all. Plus, we know the original price is going to be around $55.000.

It will consist of five seats, and it will have the speed of 0-60km/h for three and a half seconds. The standard model called “the Standard Range”, and it will have a starting price of $39.000. However, we are going to wait for this one until 2021.

Img source: automagzn.com

Moreover, the buyers in the United States will have the opportunity of acquiring their “Long Range” version of Tesla Y.  Model Y has more space inside than model three. Also, it will have the option of a three-seat vehicle, that will available in 2021 in all markets in the world.

Crossover of Ford Electric Will Be Available in 2020


Ford presented its new vehicle. It is a crossover of previous Ford electric model made to rival Model Y manufactured by Tesla. Tesla presented its new, highly anticipated, Model Y last week, and the result was a model 3-based vehicle that has bigger tires, lesser range, higher roofline, and increased value. All other elements are used from older, model 3. The company itself is admitting that they are using 75% of the same features that were in their first electric car.

From the first look, we can say that the consumers are pretty satisfied with the product before them. So, Ford, as big as it is, and important as it is in the automobile industry, decided that they should provide a vehicle as an answer to the glove that Tesla threw to their competition. They started the marketing campaign as soon as Tesla`s product was presented on fourteenth of March this year, by posting a sentence hold your horses that featured blue color that is associated with Ford Mustang.


Obviously, that meant that they want their competition to know that they are going to have their own electric car in the future. Global Operation`s president Joe Hinrichs stated that Ford will move forward with their electric car in no time, which meant 2020 or sooner. We can be sure that the vehicle will be inspired by Ford`s Mustang. The expected range of the car could be about 300 miles.

5 Facts to Know About the 2021 Tesla Model Y Crossover

The Tesla Model Y Crossover will be built on the same platform as the Model 3. This crossover, which will be smaller in size than the Model X, is expected to enter production in 2020. Several days ago, at an event at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles, Musk revealed the Tesla Model Y. This crossover marks Tesla’s newest production vehicle. So, here are five facts to know about the 2021 Tesla Model Y crossover.

5. Where Does The 2021 Tesla Model Y Fit?


As we already know that the Model Y will be built on the same platform as the Model 3, the things we know about this model come from this car. If Tesla doesn’t stretch the Model 3’s 113.2-inch wheelbase, the Model Y will fit among smaller crossovers like the BMW X3 and Acura MDX. The Model Y will be a car-based SUV, which features spacious rear cargo area of a trucker SUV and tall seating position. So, it will be quite similar to the smaller crossovers. Likewise, the Model Y won’t cost much more than the base Model 3.

Tesla`s New Model 3 Will Arrive in China Earlier

The deliverance of Tesla`s model 3 cars to China is going ahead of the schedule. This is good news to the famous company from the US, which produces extravagant electric cars, and is looking to revive their sales in the biggest auto market in the world, China.

Since the trade tensions between these two countries, company based in California is trying to increase their business in China, that was almost destroyed since the beginning to the tensions. Even the price for their product has been adjusted and now they are affordable to the Chinese population.


The statement that came from the company itself stated that the delivery to Beijing is a sign of better economic relations of their respective counties and the increased profit for their company. Also, they said that deliveries of their model 3 will begin in March.
As we said, this is earlier than it was planned. This is surely a good sign for both parties. Many of the problems for Tesla started when Consumer Reports wrote about certain problems about Tesla`s vehicles and endorsing electric Sedan.

At the moment, Tesla is in the process of building its own factory in Shandong, and that is a good idea. Why? Because all the cars that are meant for export, are exported to China`s market. The factory will produce cars that will be sold for its initial price.


Also, the company itself stated that their sales in China`s market are almost destroyed after the tariffs on importing cars from the US were increased by 40%, which were an answer to the US sanctions. Later the tariffs were lowered to 25%, and now they are at 15%.