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Top 12 Technologically Advanced Countries of the World

We can thank technology for the many amazing benefits we get to experience, from everyday things like staying in touch with our loved ones to those more extraordinary achievements, like traveling to space. Seeing as how every nation is different, it’s normal to have different needs, which is why every country has used technology in its own way to improve the life of its citizens. Some were more successful than others and therefore, in no particular order, here are some of the most technologically advanced countries.

The Netherlands

Are you aware that the Dutch are credited with a lot of things we take for granted? For example, the telescope and the microscope, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, all originated in the Netherlands. They have taken their innovativeness to a whole new level with all sorts of medical and scientific instruments among other things. Moreover, the Netherlands is also considered to be the “new Silicon Valley” due to a huge number of booming tech hubs all over the country.



While Nokia might be the first thing that comes to mind, this Scandinavian country has so much more to offer. Finland is definitely a pioneer in the field of mobile communication as well as bioscience and environmental science. One thing that makes the citizens of Finland very happy is the fact that they have one of the best healthcare systems in the world.



Germany being on this list is no surprise. You might be aware of the fact that their research and development efforts have contributed to nanotechnology and space travel. They are leaders in the field of medicine, engineering, infrastructure and military technology. The government supports various universities and organizations which focus on preparing new generations of scientists.


Many people tend to neglect Canada’s technological advancements, but the boom this country experienced in the past decade tells us that they are a force to be reckoned with. Almost 2% of the GDP goes to research and development, which presents an amazing opportunity for growth in all fields. Vancouver has become a great city for mobile tech startups, while Ontario and Montreal are thriving when it comes to tech and R&D.



India is full of skilled workers so it’s no wonder that it has become the center for all kinds of outsourcing work, from customer support to accounting. More and more companies are investing in India, including Microsoft and Apple, and this boom is expected to continue. Luckily, India is more than prepared to take on more work as its real estate sector is booming and providing more investment opportunities for all.



It is well-known that Japan is one of the giants in the technological field. Plenty of companies that are dominant on the world stage are from Japan, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nintendo, Sony and Canon. In recent years, we have also started associating Japan with bullet trains, smart toilets and robotic technology, but this Asian country is unstoppable when it comes to making our lives much easier (and more fun).



According to , Singapore has established itself as a major tech hotspot as many big companies from all over the world are opening their offices there. The IT industry is in full bloom and venture capitalists are constantly investing in new startups. Moreover, having the fastest fixed broadband speed in the world is certainly a huge plus.

South Korea

Another giant of technological advancements that comes from Asia is South Korea. This country is well-versed in all fields and has greatly contributed to making everyday activities much easier. For instance, they make everything from phones and computers through trains and planes to robots. South Korea also has incredible internet speed that is three times faster than that of the US. The biggest South Korean companies include Samsung, LG and Hyundai, which can all go toe to toe with their counterparts in the US or Europe.



These space pioneers still have an interest in developing the best technologies for space exploration. Moreover, they are also famous for their advanced defense system with their inventive military equipment. Russia puts great emphasis on education and supports new generations as they are expected to continue the development of nuclear energy, medicine and different kinds of technology. And, of course, we cannot forget about their very talented hackers who have also appeared in the news in recent times.

The United States

Alongside Russia, the United States is also known for its space technology, which keeps improving. With companies such as SpaceX constantly developing, this field should be closely watched. Furthermore, the US is home to Silicon Valley which inspires up-and-coming software engineers to give this career a go. Many of today’s biggest tech companies started as a small startup in the Valley and plenty of new ones are launched every day. Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google and Uber are just some of those that made it. These businesses keep reaching new heights and developing new products, whether it’s a variety of AI assistants or introducing AirPods.



When you think of China, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It probably isn’t space exploration. However, China is the first country to land a probe on the dark side of the moon. They also launched the Hongyun Project, where they sent a satellite into space in order to provide stable internet access to the rural regions of the country. Furthermore, they are utilizing solar power to the fullest by building solar expressways and floating solar power plants. And we cannot forget to mention the company that creates 3D-printed buildings!


Finally, another country that is amazing at space science – Israel. In addition to that, they have also developed quite an innovative defense industry and the first drone with real-time surveillance. The agriculture industry is another thing Israel can be proud of as they have managed to maximize the crop’s growth in a naturally arid area of the world.


Plenty of other countries are achieving outstanding results as well. For example, France is even offering incentives to people to move there and open their own tech startups. With all the recent developments, our future is looking quite interesting.

How the Technology of a Smartphone Spy App Can Be Helpful

As a technology enthusiast, there is a good chance that you’re always keeping up with the latest advancements in technology. And, there is a good possibility that you’re constantly looking for ways that these advancements can improve your life. The truth of the matter is that technology can be very beneficial for the average individual. In fact, everyone should think about reaping the benefits of owning and using a smartphone spying app. Within this guide, you’re going to learn more about how a smartphone spy app can be helpful for the average individual.

How It Works

First and foremost, you should take the time to learn about the basics of the technology. How exactly does it work? Well, the concept is actually pretty simple. When you use an SMS tracker, you will be able to install the app discreetly on the target phone. It will be hidden away. After that, you will be able to use your own phone to track said phone’s activities. Depending on the app that you use, you’ll most likely be able to track the phone’s SMS messages, conversations from messenger apps and even GPS coordinates. The possibilities are almost endless. Using this type of technology will prove to be very beneficial in many situations.

You’ll find out more about the situations in which smartphone spy technology can be helpful.

Cheating Spouses

There are plenty of men and women who are going to cheat on their spouse. This is completely normal, and it is something that you’ll want to know about early on. Otherwise, the problem is going to linger, and that is going to make the heartbreak even worse. It is always best to find out about the cheater as quickly as possible. This will make it easier for you to break away from them and keep your sanity. SMS tracking technology can indeed help. Once the app has been installed on your spouse’s phone, you’ll know exactly what they’re sending and receiving via text messages.

This can help you catch the cheater red handed before it is too late. You can even use the GPS tracking features to find out where your spouse is going and who they see behind your back.

Monitoring the Kids

As the old saying goes, kids are going to be kids. This is completely true. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to put up with their nonsense. As long as you’re proactive and are willing to use hard discipline, you can rectify the situation at hand pretty easily. Of course, you have to catch your kids lying to you ahead of time. You need to know what they’re doing and what types of trouble they’re getting into. This is why you should be using a good text message spy app. With one of these apps, you’ll be able to track your kid’s activity no matter where they go or what they’re doing.

You’ll know exactly who they’re chatting with and you’ll know where they’ve been. This information can be immensely beneficial when it comes to keeping your children in line. You can use the app to determine if they’re doing anything illegal or are attending parties when they should be at the library. If you want to be a better parent and you want to make sure that your children are obeying, you should most definitely use this technology to your advantage.

Tracking Your Employees

In some cases, employers are going to provide their employees with cell phones. This is very wise. It provides you with a way to keep in touch with your workers around the clock. If you need to reach them in the middle of the night, you just need to call the cell phone that you provided. This is also beneficial because it is going to enable you to keep a closer eye on your workers. Before distributing the phones to your workers, you should make sure that they have all been fitted with spy software. This technology will allow you to track your workers’ activities when they’re on the job and away from the office.

If they’re goofing off at work, you’ll know about it. You’ll also be able to determine when your workers are trying to steal your company’s trade secrets. Suffice to say; cellphone spying technology can be very beneficial in many situations.

SOVREN Receives $1,150,000 Funding To Launch Regulated Blockchain Securities Platform


On Friday 7th of December, Sovren announced that, led by Chaintechplc (a blockchain fund) they have raised $1,150,000 through a Seed funding round.

What is Sovren?

Sovren is a London based startup company that is building a challenger platform. Platform’s function is capital funds raising for Enterprises on Blockchain and AI technologies. Through this app, you can access to anyone, wherever they live in the world, you can trade, 24/7. Sovren gives access to billions of untouched Stock Exchanged wealth. This way, it also eliminates “the middleman” and financial structures that interfere with the listing of securities. Sovren also gives equity issuance control to companies through smart contract technologies. This app allows you to buy and sell stocks and Tokens. Use Sovren E-Wallet to pay wherever you find yourself. Without liquidating your investments, you can borrow money against your portfolio. And finally, with emotionally intelligent Va Zova, you can trade with confidence.


“Our mission is to make the trillion dollars of illiquid assets, liquid and available to the global trading market. Blockchain and AI technologies will streamline fund raising and investment businesses that to date have seen very slow progress for innovation, specifically when it comes to making use of the best technologies to make investment more accessible to a global audience to build and create wealth. “ said Avijeet Jayashekhar, founder and CEO of Sovren.

“My main motivation for launching Sovren was driven out of the fact that I have always felt investment and wealth building was an exclusive market controlled by the few. I entered the Blockchain space as I felt it will break this mould, for the first time wealth was being built by global communities of investors, investing in projects they believed in, not controlled and distributed by the few “ said Wynand de Jager, founder and CTO of Sovren.

Through Blockchain based mobile app, stocks and STOs, Sovrens goal is to produce a secondary Security Token market so that you can trade safely and securely.

Sovren founders are happy to announce the next step in their continued growth. They hope that, by appointing Mr. Peter Kudera as a new member of the board, who had a long and successful career as a businessman (and in Blockchain), with his plethora of experience in business, will help Sovren with their ambitious aim becoming a reality. On what Peter Kudera added, that the global market is ready for the beginning of a new financial evolution era. “It empowers business owners to raise funds through innovative regulated products other than just traditional equity or debt issuance”. Then adds how traditional Stock exchanges will be shacked by fund raising, trough fractional ownership of security assets. Mr. Kudera is looking forward to working with Sovren, and being part of their mission to regulate digital markets.

In the near future, Sovren will be raising another $2 million. They hope it will close present investment round and increase the business growth. With that kind of funding, mainstream investors will have accessible financing and investment with the full suite of products.

You can check more about their work on their webpage:

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