Tech Winners and Losers in a Time of COVID-19

Although unfortunate and unexpected, the COVID-19 pandemic is showing us where our technology is failing and where it’s doing its job. Just a few months back, no one would have guessed that so many people would work from home. Or that we’d have to deal with the outdated COBOL unemployment systems. Spending weeks and even

Key Technologies That Can Help Prevent an Environmental Crisis

Every waking day, the world gets closer and closer to a critical stage of environmental degradation. The modern human lifestyle has had a devastating effect on various aspects of the natural world. Flora and fauna are constantly being pushed on the edge by the everyday demands of energy and technology. At such a time when

Top 6 most Impactful Education Technologies of our century

Let’s face it! The world is changing way faster than most of us could have imagined, and technology is at the center if it. A decade ago, smartphones were not as popular as they are today. But, the fact that you now today use Google Maps on android or iOS gadget to zoom into places