Top 5 Aussie Souvenirs to Bring Home from Sydney in 2020


Australia is a wonderful place to live in and an even more interesting place to travel. What you can experience on this massive piece of land on planet Earth, is impossible to experience anywhere else. It is so big and diverse, you can see all kinds of different animals and even experience several different climates. But, traveling to Australia, especially if coming from the Americas or Europe, is quite rare considering the expensive airplane tickets. So, if you are visiting, make sure you grab a couple of Aussie souvenirs from Sydney.

However, picking a souvenir that is unique to Australia or Sydney is not that easy. When you enter a souvenir shop, there are all kinds of different things that you could easily find back home. What is the point of buying an item that you can find in your own country? That is right, there is no point in doing that.

This is why I wanted to write this article and share the most unique Aussie souvenirs to bring back home from Sydney in 2020.


I boomerang is something that you can purchase from probably every country on this planet, but the ones that you can find in Sydney are a little bit more unique. Boomerang is a very important symbol and part of the history of this massive piece of land.

If you have not seen a boomerang, it is quite an interesting object. It was very commonly used as a weapon and as a hunting tool in ancient times. Because of its unique curved shape, when properly thrown, it comes back to its user. It is made in this way to ensure that the hunter will be able to recover his/her tool after throwing it.

So, you are probably wondering what makes the boomerangs in Sydney so unique. Well, they surely are quite different than anything else you have seen because they are usually painted in a very specific and detailed way. This painting/drawing technique was very popular in ancient times and this is probably the only place where you will be able to find the use of that technique.


Sometimes, bringing home a souvenir does not always have to be some ancient or historical object that is in some way tied to the country or location. Sometimes, bringing food that is connected to the culture of the people in that country is also very unique. So, if you want to bring the most Aussie type of food back home, you should grab a jar of Vegemite.

This is a type of spread that is very heavily used by Australians. The taste of Vegemite is very specific and most people will not like it at first. It is salty and a bit better, but once you get used to it, it goes great with a piece of toast.

When you bring it back home, make sure you tell everyone that wants to try your Vegemite that it is salty and that it is not marmalade or jam. It looks a lot like a jam or marmalade in my blade, but it is the exact opposite.

It may not be the most interesting product you can bring back from Sydney, but it is definitely something very special to the city and the country.

Tim Tams


If you are a fan of bringing food back home then here is another option. Tim Tams is a very popular type of food in Sydney. It is a simple packet of chocolates/biscuits, but it is so tasty and it is quite cheap. For just 1.5 or 2 AUD, you can get one packet. So, why not stock up on several packets of Tim Tams bring them back home.

Unlike Vegemite, everyone will like this chocolate.

Kangaroo leather

What is the first animal that comes up in your mind when someone mentions Australia? It probably is a kangaroo. If it is not, you should probably change your mind about that and ensure that it is kangaroo the next time. They are indigenous to New Guinea and Australia.

The government believes that there are more than 40 million kangaroos living on that huge continent right now.

This is probably the reason why the kangaroo is the symbol of this country and can even be found on their currency bills. It is a very important piece of Aussie culture.

So, if you truly want to bring back and Aussie souvenir, you should definitely consider getting a kangaroo leather product. It can be anything you want. A lot of people enjoy buying kangaroo leather hats. But you also have the option of getting a belt, some boots, or even a jacket. Some souvenir shops sell plain kangaroo leather. But, before you decide to buy anything, you should probably do a little bit of research on souvenir shops as suggested by

Ugg boots

Whenever roaming down the streets of Sydney or any other city in Australia, you will notice one thing about the residents of this country. Almost everyone is wearing Ugg boots. At first, they were just another piece of very comfortable footwear, but they are now a fashion statement. Ugg boots are now part of the Aussie culture.

So, if you truly want to bring in a souvenir back home, I would suggest you buy a few pairs of Ugg boots. Keep in mind, they might not look the best, but they are very comfortable and will keep your feet warm throughout the cold winter days.

A cricket bat

Cricket is a sport that will remind you of baseball, but it is nowhere near how baseball is played. The players use bats, similarly to baseball, but the rules are very different. This is also an important part of the Aussie culture. It is a sport that is primarily played in Australia, New Zealand, and India. You will not be able to find teams or cricket-related souvenirs outside of those countries.

So, why not grab a cricket bat when going home?

There are a lot more things you could buy as an Aussie souvenir from Sydney, but I believe that these five items are the most unique and interesting ones.

Top 10 cities to visit in Australia

Australia is one of the most elegant tourist places. It is the land of beaches, kangaroos and nature spots. If you have planned a trip to Australia this year with family, this article will definitely help you. You can embark your journey to Australia by visiting the following cities.


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Sydney undoubtedly takes the first position on the list of must-watch cities of Australia. It has everything which completes your journey. Filled with awesome beaches, Sydney is a developed city in Australia.

It is blessed with beautiful nature spots, ancient rocks, and other heritage sites. Many tourists visit this city for surfing, kayaking, and other water sports.

Alice Springs

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The next on the list is Alice Springs. It is famous for old museums and art galleries. You can witness some of the huge rocks like Uluru and the Olgas. It also has many stunning landscapes and greenery which you must not miss. Alice Springs is situated in the heart of the country.


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Melbourne is one of the most developed cities in Australia. This city has an art gallery, beautiful beaches, nice restaurants, cafes, vintage shops and streets with the artwork. You can taste some of the best Australian cuisines in Melbourne. In addition to that, you can enjoy watching different species of animals and birds and experience the stunning views of the city by road trip.


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A city with royal culture and heritage, Darwin is something which you cannot afford to miss. There are ample national parks such as Kakadu and Litchfield which have many bird and animal species. Another tourist attraction is Darwin is the Tiwi Islands. This city has buildings having Asian and Aboriginal architecture.

Gold Coast

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If you want to enjoy the real nightlife in Australia, do visit this city. Gold Coast is a colorful city in Australia with delicious restaurants, nightclubs, and discos. Besides that, it has many natural places like Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and rainforests. Many people from different parts of the globe visit here for surfing, beach sports and playing water sports.


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The next on the list is Perth. It is one of the most popular cities in Australia with a rocking life. You will find many cultural spots, night clubs, bars, restaurants and nature places. Perth has a lovely climate throughout the year because of which people visit here to enjoy the holidays.


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Wines, wildlife sanctuaries, mountain ranges, islands, and art galleries are special characteristics of Adelaide. It has species of animals such as wallabies and koalas. This city has many tourist spots such as McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, and Barossa Valley. The best time to visit Adelaide is from May to October. You can enjoy giant whales on the Fleurieu Peninsula.


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The next on the list is Brisbane. It is one of the most elegant cities in Australia with a pleasant climate. If you love music, visit this city as it is the music capital of the globe. Apart from that, this city is popular for activities such as biking, hiking, and kayaking. This city has structures and buildings constructed with the theme of Queenslander architecture. It is one of the amazing cities to view in Australia.


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Cairns city is home to Great Barrier Reef which is a must-watch attraction. This city has numerous dense forests, rainforests and natural spots to explore. Many people visit for activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. You can visit Cairns aquarium where you will view the different species of Great Barrier Reef.


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Located in south-east Queensland, Bundaberg is a business hub of Australia. It has several stunning national parks and islands. Some of the best sight-seeing locations in Bundaberg include War Memorial, East Water Tower, Burnett Bridge, and others. You can find many well-known museums such as the Hinkler House and Bundaberg Railway Museum in this city. For more information about the places to visit in Bundaberg, you can go to