Why is Milk Diet Becoming so Popular for Weight Loss?

The onset of obesity is now epidemic, and it is also linked to the onset of type 2 diabetes and the increase in the incidence of various other diseases.

In the last few years, a large number of pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted around the world have suggested a possible link between dietary calcium intake and maintaining adequate body weight, even losing weight.

It is a fluid that mammals create in their mammary glands to feed their little ones. Mammalian babies drink it until they are strong enough or old enough to hunt their own food or eat what their parents usually eat.

Humans also have this ability, which is why we began to explore the interesting world of milk from other animals, in the hope that it will continue to nourish us throughout our lives, not just in the beginning.

In cases where this diet is used as a preparation for Gastric bypass surgery, it must be prescribed and supervised by a doctor. Otherwise, health problems can occur. The goal is to reduce the liver in this way so that the surgeon has an easier job and a more transparent area. One way to achieve this is to consume fat and glycogen with this diet. Of course, it can be used in other cases, only less strictly.

Why milk?


Skim one has very little fat and calories but also contains nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and B-group vitamins that are essential for good health.

These are some new studies showing that milk calcium and whey proteins can also help weight loss by increasing fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.

Cows and soy contain proteins that support muscle growth and regeneration.

One cup of milk is considered one meal.

We will present to you all the benefits of this diet and milk in general and then you will understand why this approach to nutrition is becoming increasingly popular. Also, research the other diets, because that’s how you best determine what works for you. You can do this at specialist sites like

Benefits of diet

Does not contain extra sugars


It is sweet naturally, so no sugar has to be added. Doing so will reduce your intake of refined sugars and reduce your calorie intake.

The link between calcium and weight loss


Many studies have shown that the connection between consuming more calcium and weight loss. As calcium intake is generally insufficient, this will solve this problem.



For thousands of years, it has been thought to be good for detoxification. This can be a detox that will take several weeks. This is certainly a must for anyone who lives in today’s modern, polluted world.

Benefits of milk in general


It is the best source of calcium and phosphorus available in nature. That is why it is recommended in the diet of both growing people (children and adolescents), and those who need faster tissue repair (postoperative and post-traumatic flows). The recommendation for all people is to drink from half a liter of skim milk daily.

There is around 100 mg of calcium in 100 ml. The daily requirement of the organism is between 700 and even 1,200 mg, depending on age, gender and health. If we did not consume it and cheeses, it would be difficult to bring enough calcium into the body, since all other foods are much poorer in calcium and this amount does not exceed twenty mg as much as soy milk.

The best utilization of calcium is from milk. And this is not the case with plants and other foods. Then most are thrown out of the body when the intake is from plants. Protein levels are also high and very well utilized in the human body. Over 85 percent. The importance of amino acids should not be forgotten. They are essential for tissue renewal and growth, for boosting immunity, for creating many elements in the blood, all of which cause the body to be stronger for all that it is exposed to.

The latest recommendation for those who have high blood pressure drink at least half liter daily, due to the high calcium content, which has the effect of lowering the pressure.

Lactose-free milk


There are many differences between regular milk and lactose-free. Lactose-free is milk with decomposed sugar (lactose) by the lactase enzyme added in the production process. The lactase enzyme breaks down the sugar lactose to galactose that our body absorbs through the digestive tract. People who are lactose intolerant (mostly lactase deficient) have gastrointestinal problems when consuming lactose-containing dairy products. Lactase injected into lactose-free creates a sweeter taste.

For people who are lactose intolerant, cow’s milk can cause digestive problems and cramps in babies and adults, however, by replacing it with lactose-free, these problems stop. And most importantly, the body will still receive the same nutrients from it.

Lactose-free contains absolutely identical properties as well as nutrients found in lactose-containing milk. Consequently, proteins are exactly the same. If you are otherwise allergic to cow’s milk protein, don’t drink lactose-free either because it contains identical proteins.


  • Rice, on the allergenic side, is the most suitable substitute, the least grown and very nutritious. It is much more watery than cow’s milk and has a grainy texture.
  • Soy is derived from soybeans and is a great source of protein and calcium. It is also the best replacement when cooking, given the same consistency – just make sure you take the unsweetened version.
  • Almond is much more expensive than cow’s, but it’s full of magnesium, selenium and vitamin E. Like rice, it is much more watery but tastes better.
  • Protein powder from whey is the best source of protein. You can take it with water or milk. It used to be used only by athletes, but people began to use it massively when they saw all the pros.


During this diet, do not overdo the activities that make you tired. You will be consuming a few calories, so you should not be subjected to much effort over the course of your life. Showering is also helpful in reducing hunger and cleansing the body. You can use this diet once a month for 2 to 3 days.

Carbohydrates: The Big Myths Busted

Carbohydrates get a bad rap. There’s so much conflicting advice out there about if we should be eating them when we should be eating them, and which carbs we should be eating. It’s no surprise we’re confused.

Which myths are true, and which are lies? Read on to find out, and don’t feel guilty the next time you order a pizza from Food Panda home delivery or the next time you go to McDonald’s. 

It’s all about the GI

Carbs are often referred to in terms of their ‘glycemic index,’ which refers to how long it takes for the body to process the food. The lower the glycemic index, the better, right? Not always. Some high-GI foods are packed with other nutrients such as fiber and protein, and some low-GI foods, like chocolate, have much lower nutritional value. Which do you think is a healthier choice? 

Only complex carbs are good

We’re often told that we can eat carbs as long as they’re ‘complex’ carbs and that these are the only carbs that are good for you. This is simply untrue. White bread, for example, is a complex carbohydrate.

Simple carbohydrates, often much-maligned, can be just as good for you as the complex ones. Both apples and bananas are simple carbohydrates. How ‘good’ a carbohydrate is for you usually depends on how processed it is. Some complex carbohydrates, such as mass-produced whole-wheat bread, can be packed with additives to help it last longer. Clean unprocessed carbohydrates are always a better choice.

Limit fruit intake

Some diet plans state that we should limit our fruit intake because it’s high in sugar. Yes, fruits are carbs, and yes, they have high sugar content, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t eat them. The sugar we eat in fruit is all-natural, and it’s not the same as adding refined white sugar to your coffee. Fruit sugars aren’t the enemy, and studies have actually shown that eating a lot of fruit can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Fruit is also packed with delicious healthy fiber, so a snack of kiwi or strawberries will keep you fuller, longer.

The less carbs, the better

In recent years, low-carb diets have been believed to be healthier, but this isn’t the case. We need carbohydrates to function, and cutting them out of our diet entirely is just as unhealthy as cutting out fats or proteins (yes, we need fats, too!)

Carbohydrates are especially important if your diet plan includes a fitness regimen. It’s carbs that fuel the body for exercise. Don’t skip them. Making a healthy, balanced choice is always the best way to go.

All carbs are white

White carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, and potatoes have the worst reputation of all carbohydrates, with people thinking their high sugar content and high GI immediately leads to weight gain, but you guessed it. It isn’t true. Yes, existing solely on these kinds of foods will make you gain weight, but a little of everything in moderation is fine.

It’s also a myth that these starchy foods are the only kinds of carbohydrates. Carbs are found in whole grains, too, plus fruit, vegetables, and legumes. These healthier carbohydrates are lower in calories and have higher nutritional content.

How To Take Care of Your Teeth in Winter

It’s a well-known fact that freezing temperatures can cause a lot of problems for your skin. However, freezing temperatures can also wreak havoc on your teeth, as the chances of developing dental problems in the winter are drastically increased.

Ask any dentist and he will tell you that you need to take extra care of your teeth during the winter months. Oral health is essential, and we’re going to tell you how to do it.

1. Brush Softly

Winter months can be particularly devastating for those with sensitive teeth. The cold makes your teeth even more sensitive, and quick temperature changes can cause you pain. So because of this, a good tip, for those with sensitive teeth, would be to change their brushing style and take a more soft approach. Your gums will be most affected by the winter, so you need to brush more gently around them. Another thing you can do is get toothpaste that is recommended for sensitive teeth.

2. Drink Lots of Fluids

Staying hydrated during the winter months is not only advised but beneficial for your oral health. Dehydration can mostly be noticed in the winter months after waking up. As homes start heating, the air gets dry pretty quick which leaves your mouth particularly dry when waking up. Maintaining fluid levels in your mouth helps reduce bacteria from ever developing. So a good tip would be to always drink plenty of fluids before waking up and always take a glass of water with you to bed.

3. Wear Mouth Guards

A rather unusual tip on winter oral hygiene, but we’ll mention it like it that focuses on a particular group of people. Namely, according to, a mouth guard is very handy for those that play sports during the winter. The easiest way we can cause injuries to our teeth is when playing sports like football, basketball, hockey, etc. So a mouth guard for playing sports during the winter will not only secure your teeth, but it will also drastically decrease the chances of visiting the dentist.

4. Drink Less Hot Cocoa

Let’s face it; winters are not winters without a nice cup of hot cocoa with the family. But this might not be the smartest thing to do as cocoa contains chocolate, which is full of sugar. Sugar, on the other hand, is bad for us as it creates decay. We’re not saying you should entirely quit drinking hot cocoa, but simply limiting the intake can make a huge difference. If you still want to drink hot cocoa, there is a sugar-free version that you can always opt for. If your throat is sore and you need to drink something hot, why not go for tea and leave out the sugar?

5. Wash Your Hands Frequently

During the winter months, germs stick to the warmer things. Your hands tend to be warmer than most things outside, which cause germs to be attracted to them. However, germs can also travel, and they do with every handshake, everything we touch, etc. So a good tip for the winter periods would be to frequently wash your hands to keep the germs at bay.

How to Start With Ketosis

When speaking about options in weight loss, there is too many myths and stories that have proven to be wrong in the end. This article is about one specific method of changing your diet that actually works to the benefit of your general health. Ketosis or ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low or if possible without carb diet. When you hear how these sounds don’t be afraid. This is just another habit that can make your body be in better shape and sharpen your mind as well.

For the beginners in this topic, we suggest opening your thoughts as well as your eyes to resemble improvements that can be achieved with a keto diet. The general idea of the issue in hand is to switch “fuels” which your body already contains, which will, in the end, bring you the result you wanted in the first place. As simple as it sounds, it is depended on the style of life and above all, the new diet to implement in your everyday activities. Understanding the bigger picture in this is essential for your future decision making, which will help you quickly handle the changes in your life.

Understanding your body needs converts carbs into glucose which are contained in the food we all eat, makes as addicted to specific tastes and our body to the “fuel” it keeps burning – sugar in this case. Ketosis is the state of the body where the liver in the absence of sugar on the blood automatically changes the required “fuel” to burning fat and using the proteins from it. You can visit here to get more details on ketosis and how to start it applying as soon as tomorrow.

When you’re running a calorie deficit, ketosis diet can help your liver to break down cellulose automatically. Note that your body or better to say liver will only start turning fat into ketones when your glucose is lowed to a minimum, or gone from your cells. The body reacts like choosing a survival method, the alternative is the fat burning process capable of turning dietary fat into chemicals called ketones. They will keep our body going and functioning in the same manner and even better. This is a procedure that will require time depending on the physical shape of the person involved. This can take up from 3 to 7 days, but for the results to be recognizable on anyone who follows the steps is a maximum of 6 weeks.

Involving a fitness program can speed up the weight loss because you will lose energy from sugar in your blood and start burning fat to replace the “fuel” needed. Have in mind that sugar can lift you up quickly and give you strength instantly and then vanish, leaving you to feel week, sleepy, nervous and almost depressed. We recommend lowering or eliminating foods that can bring to the mentioned states from above like potatoes, salad dressing, and mayonnaise, avoid white sugar in any products. The ketosis diet will be recognized in some changes that you will feel such as 8h pause through meals, having energy that burns slower and keeps you going, even the sharpness of your thoughts with increased concentration.

The Benefits Of Quitting Sugar And How To Cope With The Withdrawal

Eating is a thing that keeps us alive, and I guess most of us do love delicious food. We all have our preferences, but the food industry being huge there is something to satisfy everyone’s craving. Now, the problem with this is that a lot of processed foods or regular sweets contain a lot of sugar.

While sugar may be a good source of energy sometimes, the white refined one is among the four white deaths (fat, sugar, white flour, salt). The thing is once you eat products that include it you feel satisfied for a few minutes, and then you want more – that is how you develop an addiction, and sugar one is pretty serious.

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Eating products that are filled with processed sugar on a regular basis will certainly cause a number of health issues in the long term. The studies suggest that sugar is actually much more responsible for people being fat than eating actual fat.

There are even diets where you completely exclude carbs and just eat fats, and protein like the Keto diet and people claim that it keeps your weight down and energy up! So, excluding the white sugar should be the way to go, and there are multiple benefits to it.

But it isn’t that easy, and the sugar withdrawal symptoms can be pretty harsh. Let’s take a look at what are the benefits of no sugar in your diet and how t cope with the withdrawal!


What Are The Benefits Of Excluding Sugar

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  1. First, and foremost your insulin sensitivity will certainly improve. Sugar is known to make our insulin receptors insensitive thus increasing the glycemia in our blood and causing damage that can in terms lead to diabetes. Thus, not eating sugar is the main one method to prevent that.
  2. Along with that, you will surely lose weight! Sugar contains a lot of empty calories that just stick to your body and turn into fat (if not burnt on time). Also, it creates cellulite as it lets the water hold on to your body. Excluding it will make you feel slimmer and more toned!
  3. You will not age as fast. The problem with sugar is that it also increases free radicals in your body, and that can in terms lead to skin aging, the release of carcinogens, etc. If you want to look like you are at the 40s even when you have 60+ be sure to remove sugar from your diet.
  4. Along with that, your energy levels will be high, and you will be feeling much better both mentally and physically. Excess sugar leads to energy crash in terms of forming lethargy, or anxiety when you don’t have enough sugar around. Believe us excluding it will make you feel better on any level as you will be taking the energy from the whole food and fruits instead of the processed sugar!
  5. While most people experience cravings in a period of less sugar intake, believe us once you get off it you will start eating People that didn’t eat sugar for a longer period of time didn’t have any need for sweets, and in terms, they were quite sick of it even when offered. It is simple, your body gets used to the fact that it doesn’t need white sugar to survive and your mind makes you disgust it.
  6. In the end, you will be sleeping much better as there are no midnight sweet cravings around.


The Symptoms Of Sugar Withdrawal

Though excluding sugar shouldn’t be that hard, it still carries a few harsh sugar withdrawal symptoms that will last a week or so:

  • During the first few days you will be feeling fatigued, week, and probably even depressed. When the sugar starts leaving your body, and you don’t take any more to keep the levels up your body will crash. As for past years, you have used sugar as your main source of energy it will now be confused, and need some time to recover and figure out what to do. Luckily, your body is smart, so it won’t last long.
  • Along with that, you might be experiencing serious headaches and muscle aches. It is normal, and just a sign that the sugar withdrawal is ongoing. It just shows how powerful and physical the sugar addiction actually is.
  • In the end, you will probably be a bit moody and easily irritable. Same as with all addictions when the substance is leaving your body you will be more nervous as your body is craving the same and sending impulses, but don’t worry, you WILL overcome it!
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Tips On Overcoming Sugar Withdrawal

  1. First of all, include exercise and be constantly on the move. Exercising will make you feel much better, and it will raise your energy level. Also, once you are done with the workout and see all those muscles pumped up, you will be feeling guilty even thinking about sweets, so that is a good way to make you stay away from sugar.
  2. Along with that, including a lot of healthy recipes to replace your cravings. You can use certain fruits and stuff like carob, and cocoa to overcome the sugar cravings. And all of these are healthy! Also, try to consume more protein than your previous diet included.
  3. In the end, get out and hang out with people, it will make you forget about your crisis!



It is clear that eating sugar can easily turn into an addiction, and no addiction is good. Thus, although you will be fighting with the sugar withdrawal symptoms be sure that you have enough power and will to overcome it all. The crisis will not last for over a week, and the benefits you are getting are for life!