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Why Is Netflix Popular?: What You Should Know About Netflix’s Success


The popularity of Netflix is growing fast, especially during the pandemic. People can spend more time watching the streaming platform because they are at home most of the time.

For those who are not familiar with it, Netflix is an American streaming service. It offers a membership system that lets subscribers watch a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and many others. The purpose of the platform is to provide entertainment to its members at the comfort of their homes.

As Netflix continues to serve its members, additional subscribers continually grow in the USA and internationally. Statistics show that as of 2019, Netflix gained 106.1 million and 61 million subscribers outside the USA and in the country, respectively.

To help you understand how they got this far, let us learn the reasons for their success:

1. Purchasing Back Catalogs of Production Houses

Netflix started in 1997, and they provided DVDs through snail mail. They were the first to offer a service to distribute DVDs via snail mail. But the one key thing they did back then was to buy the back catalogs of production houses.

They approached these media companies to express their desire to buy movie and TV show licenses. This gave people the access to older movies and TV shows that they cannot find in stores anymore. Production houses were also able to make extra income from Netflix’s purchases.

When Netflix started their streaming service, they already had the rights to many movies and TV shows.

2. Offering Affordable Memberships

The fact that Netflix was able to purchase back catalogs at a lower price is already a good investment. They can continuously earn from these back catalogs, allowing them to get high returns.

They began their streaming service in 2007, which is also the year LCD TVs became popular in the USA. This allowed people to watch content from Netflix on larger screens. As a result, it encouraged more Americans to subscribe to them.

Aside from that, people were finding Netflix to be a cheaper alternative than to watch in movie houses. The key point to having their millions of subscribers is keeping their single package budget-friendly. Because they already have the licenses to many movies and TV shows, they get high revenues from offering low-priced packages.

Over the years, they kept a reasonable price for their streaming packages, making them more attractive to millions of people.

3. Having Original Content with Smart Software

Because of the great revenues they gained from millions of subscribers, Netflix decided to develop its own content. In 2013, they produced their first TV series called House of Cards. What they did on the time of the series’ release was release the whole season at once.

Netflix knew they could release all the episodes at the same time unlike satellite channels and cable TV. This strategy attracted the subscribers to watch the series because all episodes were already available. House of Cards was a success, and it led them to produce many more original series like Stranger Things.

Along with producing original content, Netflix started to invest in smart software. The tool monitors members’ watching habits, so Netflix can recommend related content to watch. This is beneficial to subscribers because they do not have to look for related content anymore.

The software also gathers data that Netflix can analyze to create new seasons for some old series. They know that a lot of people are watching Gilmore Girls and Arrested Development. This made them create new seasons for the said classic shows.

4. Using One Network for the World

As of February 2019, 190 countries already have access to Netflix. This makes the company one of the brands that quickly became popular across the globe. Regardless of where you are in the world, you have the privilege to choose any of their plans.

However, it is important to remember that not all of their content is available in all countries. Netflix is paying licenses for each of its content. So, it is understandable that the USA has a wider content library than other countries.

In countries with streaming restrictions, Netflix can only provide fewer movie titles and TV shows. They are also providing content in different languages such as German and Spanish. This allows users who speak the same language to want more related content in their language.

Helpful Tips When Binge-Watching on Netflix

Now that you know the secret behind Netflix’s success, it is time we give you some tips when binge-watching. It is understandable if you cannot help but binge-watch on Netflix considering they have a lot of great series.

Follow these tips below:

1. Stretch Before Watching

Because you will be watching for longer periods, it is important to do some stretching before watching. Take deep breaths, and relax your mind and body. Perform light stretching, so your blood can circulate properly. You need this type of preparation to allow your body to relax and stay calm.

2. Dress Comfortably

To gain the full enjoyment of binge-watching, change your clothes to something comfortable. You do not want distractions from your itchy clothes when the scenes are already intense.

You can change into your sleeping clothes like pajamas or anything cotton. You can also grab a blanket to make it more comfortable.

3. Get Some Food

Chips, popcorn, or sodas come in handy when you feel hungry or thirsty while binge-watching. You can even have cold drinks with lots of ice which you can place on bottles like this so you can recycle them. Do not forget to include a bottle of water, so you keep hydrated.

4. Choose the Most Comfortable Position

Whether you are watching on your bed or a couch, it is important to be in the most comfortable position. It is also essential to change positions from time to time. This is to keep your circulation going when staying in the same spot for a long time.

5. Make Your Experience Fun

If you are in a group, make sure to engage in conversations, so it gets more fun and exciting. You can even bet on what will happen next, so the fun gets more intensified.

If you are only watching alone, remove some distractions around you. You can close your blinds to make the room darker. You can also turn your phone on silent mode, so you will not hear the notification tone.


Now that we know Netflix’s secret to success, it is not surprising anymore if they are popular worldwide. Their line of business is unique, and their desire to achieve their goals is strong. Their marketing strategies were on point that helped them become what they are now. If you are planning to subscribe to Netflix, research any streaming limitations in your area. This way, you get to know whether Netflix is worth the price for you.

Most popular Netflix TV shows

Netflix has enough content to meet everyone’s needs and preferences and keep them awake and entertained for weeks. As soon as you finish binge-watching one amazing TV show, Netflix is a perfect place to start searching for another one to replace it. No matter what your preferences are, Netflix has it all: comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror and it truly seems like an inexhaustible source of original and classic content. If you’re not ready to commit your time to a new TV show, you can always choose one of the terrific movies and enjoy for an hour or two. We’ve prepared some of the most watched and highest rated TV shows to help you with your search for the right one.

Breaking Bad

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It’s an obvious first choice. If you haven’t watched it yet, go do it right now. You can continue reading the article later. With the rating of 9.5 on IMDb, and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as stars of the show, Breaking Bad won the hearts of millions of people around the world. It is a drama following the life of one high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) that teams up with a junkie, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), and the two of them alone start cooking and selling premium blue meth. Walter was diagnosed with lung cancer which is, mainly, why he decided to start cooking meth. However, after a couple of episodes, or seasons, you’ll come to realize it is in fact so much more than that. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have amazing on-screen chemistry and it seems as if they were born to play these parts.

Better Call Saul

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If you like Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad, then you’re going to love this one as well. Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, is a crooked, highly charismatic lawyer that helps out Walter White and Jesse with their legal difficulties. Better Call Saul is an origin story of Saul Goodman, explaining to us how he turned from an ambitious, enthusiastic lawyer named Jimmy McGill to a criminal lawyer named Saul Goodman. The story takes place in Albuquerque, placed a few years before Breaking Bad.

If that’s your cup of tea, there are Netflix video downloaders out there which can help with downloading full HD videos from Netflix in pretty neat quality.

The Crown

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This show depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the moment she succeeded her father, much earlier than anyone expected. So far, two seasons have been released and now we’re waiting for the third. Elizabeth marries the Duke of Edinburgh, Winston Churchill does not approve and so the story begins. During the first two seasons, you get a glimpse at not only Queen Elizabeth’s life, but also her sister’s, Winston Churchill’s, her uncle’s who has abdicated the throne, and many others. There is everything, from Churchill’s re-election and the Princess Margaret messy love life to the toxic London smog of 1952 and Commonwealth tours. If you ever wondered what goes through the head of the Queen, this is as close as you’ll get to find out.

The Returned (French: Les Revenants)

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This French supernatural drama takes place in a small mountain community where everything seems nice and normal until the dead start coming back. No, it’s not about zombies looking for brains, but rather about the reuniting of families with their long-lost loved ones that don’t even realize they have been dead for years. As those that have returned continue their lives as if nothing happened, their families and friends work hard to figure out what happened and how.

Stranger Things

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This fantasy drama, sprinkled with bits of horror, has captivated thousands of people around the world. A boy disappears in the most mysterious way and only his mother, a police chief, and his best friends are certain he’s not dead, as everyone thought, but alive in some strange, terrifying place looking for a way back.