Stone Age

Using Realistic Dinosaurs to Design Your Dream Stone-Age Garden

There is no denying the fact that a beautifully-designed garden can add so much to your home’s interior décor. Not only it beautifies the exterior of your home but also lets in positive energy inside. With the emergence of primitive plants and realistic dinosaur models, the trend of creating a personalized dinosaur theme garden is on the rise.

Yes, colorful flowers and rockery enhance the look of your home, but a fully customized stone-age garden can literally amaze your guests and visitors. The best bit? You don’t have to break your bank to achieve your desired theme-based garden. In fact, with little investment and creativity, you can design your dream garden in no time. How? Let’s explore

Using Realistic Dinosaurs to Design Your Dream Stone-Age Garden. Also, you can find some great ideas for your grade on Unika Stenhus.

According to OnlyDinosaurs, Animatronic dinosaurs are a great way to upgrade any home’s exterior décor. Whether you’re renovating your existing garden or constructing one from scratch, you should consider incorporating a realistic dinosaur theme to make your décor stand out of the crowd.

Primitive Plants

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Ideally, you should look for primitive plants to achieve your desired prehistoric look. These plants include Mosses, Ferns, Gingko trees and Cycads. Asparagus, Gunnera, and Junipers can also be added for an ultimate stone-age look.

Creating a prehistoric garden is very similar to building a conventional garden, but you’ll find the final results surprisingly different and unique.


The rockery is yet another exciting element that can help you achieve a real-life dinosaur garden for your home. Try to build rockery all around your garden except for the entrance of course. Also try to pick colors that are darker, redder in tone. Once you’ve successfully constructed a garden and rockery for your place, now is the time to look for other elements that can add a more realistic feel to your outer place.

Realistic Dinosaur Models

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Obviously, a stone-age dinosaur garden is incomplete without some ferocious, wild dinosaurs. Today, there are many online vendors that offer life-like realistic dinosaur models that are astounding to be used as your ultimate prehistoric garden accessory. These models can move, turn heads and roar to give real-time prehistoric experience. Try to invest in a few realistic models of your choice including baby dinosaurs, T-Rex, cerapoda or any other type to match with your rockery and overall garden theme.

As there are many vendors out there, you have to be extremely careful in picking the right one so that you can get the best of the best options within your budget. Get in touch with your vendor and share your requirements. You can either pick anything from their catalog or can also order personalized dinos on request.

Other Accessories

Apart from these basic things, you can also purchase a smoke machine to fit beneath your fire-spitting Robosaurus to make it look even more real and functional. Also, make sure to install lighting that perfectly matches up with your overall theme. A well-lit pergola or gazebo can also add a unique touch to your garden. Also, you can cover some space to make it fit for all seasons.

Benefits of Constructing a Realistic Dinosaur Garden for Your Home


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Unlike other conventional garden themes, dinosaur garden is unique and trendy. It gives you an opportunity to experiment with hundreds of ideas to build a full-fledge prehistoric garden of your choice.


Custom dinosaur gardens need not be too fancy or extravagant. Not only they’re super easy and doable for your home but you can also build one if you own a school. Just make sure you pick the right types of plants and the best dinosaur models to give your place an authentic feel.

Makes a Great Party Venue

A dinosaur theme garden inside your home or school can be used as an ultimate party venue. Especially, you can arrange a great Halloween bash or an outstanding theme birthday party without spending any extra money.  Just ask your guests to dress in a customized dinosaur walking costumes to make the entire event look more picture-perfect.


Dissimilar to other complex interior designs that require continuous maintenance and care and hefty monthly budget, looking after your custom dinosaur theme garden is a no-brainer. The realistic dinosaur figurines are too easy to install and you don’t have to invest in much time to keep them in good shape.

Final Words

A personalized dinosaur theme garden can elevate the interiors of any home architecture. They add an element of uniqueness and panache to your overall home décor. Kids and adults love them alike. Just be certain to do the proper research beforehand to unearth more unique ways to transform your plain and boring outer space into something really inspiring and electrifying.

What other things you think can be added to your dinosaur garden to make it look more realistic and lifelike. Please drop your feedback below as we would love to hear back!

The Stone Age: The Paleolithic Age

At the beginning of the Paleolithic Age, humans were still living in caves. By the end of it, they were starting to form towns and develop agriculture.

The Paleolithic Age or Old Stone Age spans from roughly 2,000,000 BC to 10,000 BC. It was followed by Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age), which lasted until 5,500 BC and Neolithic or New Stone Age, which ended in 2,500 BC. It was marked with the inventions of the first tools and weapons that helped early humans survive their harsh and unforgiving environment filled with large predators.

Geologically, the Paleolithic Age coincides with the Pliocene and the Pleistocene. The Pliocene was marked with constant continental drift. It was at Pliocene that North and South America became connected, and the Mediterranean was created by the collision of Africa and Asia. Ireland separated from Britain, which was covered by glaciers.


The Paleolithic Age is one of the longest periods in human history, covering almost 2,000,000 years. The changes that happened during The Paleolithic were gradual. In the beginning, human population was mostly concentrated in Eastern Africa. By the end of it, humans have spread throughout Europe and Asia and have crossed Beringia land bridge into Americas. It is divided into Lower, Middle, and Upper Paleolithic Age and marks the final stages of the human evolution. It was during this age that Neanderthals went extinct and modern Homo Sapiens became the dominant species of the humans.

Most humans during the Paleolithic Age were hunters and gatherers. Their diet was limited to what animals they could hunt and fruit and berries found in nature. The first primitive spears allowed humans to pursue bigger pray, even organizing large hunting parties that were able to bring down even mammoths, whose extinction coincides with the end of the Paleolithic.

The first tool made of stone were knapped, meaning chipped from the stone and obsidian. In the later period, tools and weapons were made form other materials as well, including bone, wood, and leather, but very few of those survived.

The nature of hunters-gatherers society left humans with plenty of free time, something later agricultural societies lacked. This led to the first appearance of art in the form of cave drawings, primitive jewelry, and rock art. The first religious rituals were also created during the Paleolithic Age, mostly for burial purposes.