Steve Jobs

Why Indian Entrepreneur Should be Optimistic in this Economic Crisis

If you have owned a business before, you must be well acquainted with the numerous risks that come with it. These come in various forms from the moment you wake up in the morning: you are meeting creditors and investors to fund the business, you are marketing your products and services, struggling to pay your

Ten Influential Tech Leaders That Have Reshaped The World

The ever-increasing technology options offered to us by some powerful, creative people, give us the opportunity to change the way we run our business and personal lives. Yes, this is also known as disruption. Deciding on ten of the most influential leaders is not an easy task, considering how many have contributed to the leaps

Top 16 Things You Did Not Know About Steve Jobs

For someone of his stature, a legend in his field, Steve Jobs was amazingly private. Some of these facts might be familiar to you, but others will surely surprise you. He is one of those great minds who changed the world. Therefore, here are 16 things you maybe were not aware of when it comes