Why Is Watching Sports on TV Better Than Being at the Stadium?

As screens are still within reach, watching live sports is an interactive activity. What’s driving us to search for them? To find out, we met NFL and sports enthusiasts in Denver and Chicago. By unpacking second-screen habits during the big game, advertisers will offer more immersive ads.

There’s no such thing as going to a venue, eating snacks and nuts, and hearing the audience roaring. Yet watching sports on TV is a much more pleasurable experience anyway.

Better Quality

The sudden surge in the popularity of mobile has unlocked the way to this drastic change in behavior. NFL Streams can be watched through mobile devices and even on televisions from home with impeccable resolutions and sound quality. you can login to to watch the stream in HD.

More Satisfaction

There is no rational explanation for someone paying an astronomical ticket price for watching televised matches live. It is pleasant to follow matches in the comfort of your own home. You’re sitting on your cozy sofa, having a beer you purchased at a reasonable price, and watch the match with your friends and family on a TV with close-up shots and replays that can be paused and replayed. That certainly sounds more entertaining that crowded arenas.


The entrance fee threshold for watching a live match is too huge for comfort. Organizers often charge a considerable fee to make a profit. Resellers will sell the tickets for even more. Consequently, when they are sold out, individuals who want to go to the matches can’t.

At international venues, the average price for the most common and cheapest of alcoholic drinks (like a domestic beer) is almost $8. Depending on suppliers and endorsements, alternate beverage choices at the venue could be restricted.

A selection of snacks, sausages, burgers, popcorn, quesadillas, and much more can also be produced in the household kitchen or ordered via home delivery at a fraction of the cost of what arenas and stadiums will charge you. To transmit the match’s sound in the kitchen, connect a portable sound system to your home theater equipment.

Noise effect

At a venue, games are influenced by a large group of cheering supporters. It gives the players a psychological boost. You cannot contribute to cheering on your team from home. However, at home, you also don’t have the distraction of a large cheering crowd!

When exposed to ambient noise, viewing on a premium home theater device gives you an atmosphere that is impossible to beat. You watch every match wonderfully with high-definition footage.

You can hear details like actions called on and off the stadium with high-quality sound systems (or an audio system with an adjustable base and volume). There’s no chance for you to experience that level of clarity from even the best seats in the arena.

Better Media Telecasting

With a large variety of video equipment, live NFL broadcasters have increased their performance. There are also sideline video cameras, aerial camera systems, and sky camera systems above-the-field. The feeling at residence goes beyond what you will get in the match watching in a stadium.

A perfect way to enjoy a football match with family and friends is by inviting them to your place. Talking to your family at home is better than in a noisy arena. You can ask someone to join you in watching the games without purchasing any expensive tickets.


There is no place like home.  A cozy seat or couch wins a hands-down against a cheap plastic seat with minimal legroom. Also, you don’t have to bother with the weather situations and face the elements. Meanwhile, your car sits in your garage instead of an expensive parking spot – not to mention the cost of gas to drive.

In your home theatre, in ways that the venue environment will never contend with, you will make the experience come alive. To pause and play movement freely, decrease and lift the sound, you can use your screen. In multiple spaces, also connect the audio if you allow wireless speaker systems with a device. When you have fifty thousand people screaming, talking, hindering your viewpoint, it’s tough to pay attention to the match.

Statistical Reports

In the 2014 World Cup final, 18 percent of searches for football, players, and teams happened on mobile devices. During the 2014 UEFA Champions League match, 63 percent of those searches were on a smartphone. And this percentage is growing consistently every year.

The 2018 World Cup is sure to be one of the world’s most mobile-powered competitions to date, analysts report. Fans connected worldwide through social media sharing links, posts, and live footage with other fans.

Boosts Morale by Audiences

For any real sports lover, watching sports in venues is one of the most exciting events. Excitement and anticipation build as you are waiting to see what your beloved team’s sporting can accomplish.

Thousands of applauding supporters who are just as enthusiastic as you are will support their team cheerfully, that no residence in the world can give. It’s a fantastic thing to go out and support your favorite teams or players. It is worthwhile for many fans.

But the atmosphere at the stadium isn’t appealing to everyone. Some could claim that the home theater of today offers the perfect way to watch a football match.

Final Thoughts

It is more comfortable to watch sports games on TV than to go to venues to experience them. To watch a sports game at the venue, you have to drive to the sports complex from your house.

These activities cost you a lot of money, time, resources, money for fuel, parking rates, and tickets for sports games. In turn, when sitting comfortably on your couch and playing your matches, you just have to pay for energy when you watch the play.

It is not as lovely as the field, the participants’ vision, or the desired circumstances. Getting together with your friends and family at home to watch the match together has its appeal.  You can revel in the joy and excitement while still be able to have a conversation.

For most individuals who love the warmth and enjoyment of watching football at home, this is a safer option during these tough economic and pandemic times.


For a smaller cost, the living room will bring more entertainment and a healthier climate. Instead, you can invest the cash you save from the tickets into an audio system device to make you the favored weekend location for all your friends and relatives.

How To Play Ping Pong: The Basics That You Need To Learn

A proof of this is the number of people that want to learn its ropes. Well, if you are one of them, you might need to have a grasp first of the fundamentals of ping pong.


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The way to win in ping pong is quite simple: a player has to reach eleven (11) points. Before 2001, the score that is needed to win the game is 21 points, which is quite exhausting.

There are several ways on how you can score in ping pong. Of course, the basic idea here is to outmaneuver your opponent.

You can either make them hit the net or make their turns miss entirely.

Ping pong matches are usually in the form of best-of-five, best-of-seven, or best-of-nine. Each set will be decided by whoever scores eleven points first.

You can learn more about the essential ping pong rules by checking out the policies given by the International Table Tennis Federation.

Equipment and Players

Singles play requires the participation of two players. They have to go against each other.

Meanwhile, doubles will pit two players against a set of two players. However, it is possible that two players can go against a single player, especially during recreational matches.

When it comes to the gears, you are going to secure three things: a table, a set of balls, and a pair of rackets.

If you want to play on standards, the ball you need to get has a weight of 2.7 g. On the other hand, the official paddle or racket should be black on one side and red on the other.

The table, which is the most crucial equipment here, should be 9 feet (length) x 2.5 feet (height) x 5 feet (width). Based on the ITTF standards, the table should have dark green or blue coloration.

You can visit KingKongPong to explore some of the finest ping pong tables that you can get for professional and recreational use.

You should also invest in sports and cross-training shoes if you want to move comfortably.

Basic Skills

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Just like in any other sports out there, ping pong has its own fundamental aspects that you need to master. The first that you need to master is the grip or the manner you hold the paddle.

I do recommend that you master the grip first. You have to learn the proper way on how to do it; otherwise, it would be difficult for you to change or adjust your grip later on.

You might find a comfortable way to grip your paddle. But if it is not correct, then it will just burden your gameplay.

The worst part of it is that it will cause you to be stuck on the beginner’s level. That’s a bad thing if you want to improve or polish your skills in this game.

At this point, you need to learn the appropriate “Ready Position” and other fundamental strokes and ball control. These are the pivotal techniques that would enhance your proficiency and familiarity with the game.

Of course, you should not also forget how to master the basics of serving. One should know that the right way to serve is compliant with the standards given by the ITTF.

Some Basic Rules

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  • The first player to score eleven (11) wins a set. The players will agree as to how many sets they would need to play.
  • The players will do a toss coin to determine who will have the first service.
  • A player will be given two serves per turn. When serving, the ball should be held by an open palm; it should also be tossed no less than six (6) inches up.
  • The service ball should bounce once on the service side and must not hit the net. It must reach the other end and bounce once before it can be hit by the receiver.
  • If the receiver cannot hit the ball, then a score will be given to the other player.
  • A set is won if one player reaches eleven points with a lead of two points. If the match reaches 10-10, both players will serve in turn; they will keep on doing this until such time a two-point lead will be established.


These are the essential aspects of ping pong that you need to learn. While they may appear overwhelming, keep in mind that you don’t need to learn them at once.

In fact, the more you play ping pong, the more these things will come to you naturally.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

A Popular Irish Professional MMA Fighter Conor McGregor


Conor popularly known as the “Infamous” is a popular Irish professional MMA fighter but also a professional boxer. He is currently the best in the UFC lightweight category, and he also had a professional boxing match against five-time world champion Floyd Mayweather.

Private life:

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He was born on July 14, 1988. in Kramlin, Dublin. He grew up in the suburbs of Dublin, where he also attended primary and secondary school. McGregor has two sisters named Erin and Aoife. He is 175cm tall and weighs 70kgs. When he was 12 years old, he started boxing at the Kramlin Boxing Club. Before boxing, football was the first sport he trained. In 2006, he moved to Lucan with his family where he met coach Tom Egan and began training mixed martial arts with him. During his martial arts training, he was living on welfare, receiving only 188 euros. Before competitions in professional MMA , he also trained Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Capoeira and Kickboxing. His sports hero was Muhammad Ali.

When it comes to his opponents, he has made extremely harsh statements, he is known for that and yet in his private life he advocates for human freedom, he was one of the main promoters of same-sex marriage in Ireland. He also has his own fashion line, collaborating with renowned designer David August.

In addition to his parents, a great support was his wife Dee, who did not leave him at the time, although he lived hard. The two are famous in Ireland and even their murals are painted in the O’Connell Street. He has a son Conor Jack McGregor Jr. with her who was born on May 5, 2017.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) & UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Career:

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As an eighteen-year-old, Connor entered the MMA cage in 2007 against Kiran Campbell in the Irish Ring, defeating him in the first round. This fight opened the door to professional MMA fights for him. With new coach John Kavanagh in 2008, he started training. After his first defeat, he tried to move his career in a different direction, but with the great insistence and support of his mother, he then continued his trainings in MMA.

He signed a contract with the UFC in 2013. That same year, he won his first Knockout Evening Award in the fight against Marcus Brimage. After a ligament injury he sustained during one fight he retired until 2014. That same year, upon his return, he was awarded the title of “Best Fight of the Night” in a match against Diego Brand. Then the lower prize money he won from matches with famous boxers, of course, all had media coverage.

In September 2014, after signing a second contract with the UFC, he inflicted his first defeat on Dustin Poirier in the ultimatum cage. The fight earned him another award for “Best Fight of the Night.” Connor didn’t stop, so he won the third best fight of the evening award in January 2015 in a match against Denis Siver.

McGregor was then scheduled to fight against Chad Mendes instead of Jose Aldo, who retired at the last minute due to injury. The match was held in Las Vegas in front of more than 16,000 visitors. McGregor defeated Mendes in the second round by technical knockout and received another award for “Best Fight of the Night.” Finally, on December 12, 2015, a match with Aldo is scheduled in Las Vegas. He once again proved that he was the best and he also won the fifth prize for “Best Fight of the Night”. Unexpectedly, McGregor suffered his first UFC defeat and third overall when Diaz forced him to surrender. Despite the defeat, McGregor was awarded a whopping $ 1,000,000. The rematch took place in August 2016. Connor won by decision of the judges and won another award for Best Fight of the Night.

In 2019, it was announced that he was retiring permanently and had his last fight in October 2018 where he suffered defeat. He officially finished his career with 25 matches, 21 of which he was the winner and 18 of them with a knockout.
On one occasion he stated that he did not believe and had no rituals before the match, believing that they were some “form of fear”.

McGregor against Mayweather:

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Over the years, he became more successful and did not hide his desire to face world champion Floyd Mayweather. The match is finally scheduled for August 26, 2017 at the T-mobile arena in Nevada. Just two days before the start of one of the most anticipated boxing matches of the decade, it was announced that Mayweather and McGregor will also fight for the WBC Money belt (World Boxing Council), which could earn them $ 100 million. In front of more than 14,000 spectators, McGregor was defeated by a technical knockout in the 10th round.

Conor McGregor Net Worth:

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Now he is known for living the high life. He makes a lot of money and spends it just as quickly. He owns very expensive cars, several properties, and just his summer house is worth as much as $ 2,995,000.
July 11th. In 2015, when he beat Chad Mendes at the UFC, he made $ 5 million. Defeating Jose Aldo that same year earned him $ 12 million. He reportedly earned between $ 10 million and $ 15 million in fighting Nate Diaz. As the media further reported in the next fight against Nate, he made $ 25 million, $ 7 million fighting Eddie Alvarez, and a whole $ 50 million fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018.

His total UFC earnings to date are approximately $ 115 million. Between June 2017 and June 2018, he earned about $ 14 million in copyright from companies like Burger King, Beats by Dre … etc.

According to his encrypted statement on the social networking site Twiter, he will be retiring to focus on new business ventures such as his Proper 12 brand. If this is indeed true, throughout his entire boxing career, Conor has earned exactly $ 235 million.

Things you need to start your archery hobby

Starting a new hobby is always exciting. It can be anything you want – from any type of physical activity to some creative work such as writing or painting. Archery is not as popular as football or playing the piano which is why we will dedicate this article to it.

Learning archery is extremely fun, but it can be a bit challenging especially if you have never tried anything like it before. But don’t be alarmed. It is not something that is difficult to master which makes it suitable for all ages. We are going to tell you about some basic pieces of equipment you need to start with this hobby, but if you want to read more articles about it and find some additional tips visit

Obviously, the very first thing that you need is a bow. There are many types of archery shooting meaning that there are different kinds of bows, but you should go with the ‘Recurve Bow’. Due to its simple design and comfortable grip, this one should be your choice if you are just starting to learn the art of archery. As you progress and improve your skills, you can switch to other bows that will further challenge you and help you develop your abilities.

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In addition, you will need a bow stringer. This piece of equipment is important because it is the only way to ensure your safety when stinging a bow. It uses your body weight to bend the bow to a certain degree so that you can string the bow without any trouble. You shouldn’t do this on your own for the first time, but instead, ask a professional for help in order not to hurt yourself.

Furthermore, once you have found the best bow for you, you need some arrows. Again, they come in different types and are made of diverse materials such as wood, aluminum, carbon, and an aluminum/carbon combination. Our advice is to purchase these at the same time when you buy a bow. Since there are many different kinds, the seller will recommend the best one for you, based on the type of bow you have chosen, its length and your physical strength. It is of utmost importance that the arrow is the right size, because, otherwise it could not only slip off and damage the bow but also hurt you.

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The third thing you need is a target. You have to point your arrows at something, right? When it comes to its appearance it can be whatever you want. However, there are three main parts of it – a boss (which is usually made of rubber and its purpose is to stop the arrow), a target face (you can get a bit creative here), and a stand (it has to ensure that the target stays in place).

Lastly, we have to mention some protective gear. When practicing, you should use leather gloves or finger tabs in order to protect your fingers from painful blisters. What’s more, you should also get an armed guard. Depending on your preference you can choose to cover only your forearm or even the entire arm. From time to time, the string can slap you, which is something that you probably want to avoid. Also, you should also invest in a chest guard that will protect your upper body area.

All in all, this is some elementary gear that you will need if you are thinking about learning this skill. Clearly, as your technique improves you will have to invest in some new equipment.

If you are looking for arrows reviews and advice visit this site.

Crictime Live Streaming Cricket Scores

The Cricket World Cup has recently ended and all the fans of this sport have had the opportunity to watch very exciting and tense games during more than 40 days (May 30-July 14) for the duration of this tournament in England and Wales. We believe that cricket fever is still present in many fans around the world, first of all, because a large number of matches in various high-quality cricket competitions and leagues such as those in India, England or Bangladesh are coming. Some of the competitions that will certainly be very exciting are PSL, T20, Test, PSL, IPL, ODI, CPL, and BBL. So, it’s important to find a way to watch all those games that will be very interesting, for sure.

So, in order to help you with this quest, we decided to introduce you one of the best live cricket streaming sites in the following article, through which you can also track live cricket scores. We think of Crictime. So, if you’re ready, let’s start.

What is Crictime?

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As we have said, Crictime is one of the best sites that support online streaming cricket, which is certainly a number 1 sport in many Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sure, the most important fact is that you can watch the best matches in cricket leagues completely for free. Another advantage is that you can watch these games on the Internet on your smartphone, tablet or laptop regardless of where you are. In addition, you can also see the latest changes in the results of all the matches played at that time, but also the schedules of all those that are yet to be played.

What are the benefits of using Crictime Live Streaming Cricket Service?

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Well, first of all, this service is totally free. Simply, although it is incredibly interesting to attend spectacular games and watch them live at the stadium, the fact is that not all fans can buy tickets. Therefore, an alternative solution is needed, and one of the best is on

In addition to watching the live game, you will be able to track some statistic data and the results of other matches that may be played at the same time. Well, can you get all that information at the stadium? We wouldn’t say that it is possible to be present in several places at once. Also, if you expect a match, at Crictime you can check the full schedule of all the matches you are interested in.

Simply, Crictime provides all the necessary information, but also the best matches for all real cricket fans. Another very important fact is that unlike some other live streaming sites where you have to pay a subscription to watch your favorite sport and avoid ads in the middle of a game, at Crictime, you get it all for 0$ and completely ad-free.

So, that’s all you need to know about this popular live streaming cricket service. We hope that this text will help you and that you will be able to enjoy the cricket right now.

The new Toyota 86 Hakone Edition will introduce the British Racing Green to the USA Market

Several months ago, the famous Japanese brand introduced the British Green limited edition of their 86 sport compact vehicle. The car has a British racing green paint job on the outside, and a special black and tan combination as the interior colors. The look is further detailed with a set of bronze wheels and large red Brembo brakes. The car only used to be for the Japanese market at first, but Toyota brought it to America under a different name.

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The USA section of Toyota calls it the Hakone Edition, after the famous Hakone Turnpike in Japan. The brand issued a press release that reads, “This famous stretch of road is on the top of many bucket lists, and Toyota is paying tribute to this iconic spot, as well as other international sports car driving, with the 86 Hakone Edition.”

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The rest is practically the same as the car for the Japanese market. The same LED projector-beams serve as headlights, the car has the same color-keyed power mirrors, while the chrome dual exhaust is also unchanged. Furthermore, the cars have identical vortex generators on the front fenders. Interior features are the same as on the 86 GT, meaning a dual-zone climate control, cruise control, heated seats, push-start ignition, and remote keyless entry.

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One difference is that the North American version does not have the bright red Brembo calipers, nor does it get full-leather seats. The power output is the same as in the Toyota 86, which means 205 horsepower and 156-pound feet of torque from the 2.0-liter boxer 4-cylinder engine.

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The price is unfamiliar as of yet, but the regular 86 GT costs under $30,000, and the newer TRD special edition is more expensive at $32,470. Therefore, expect the Hakone Edition to be near this.

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15 Interesting Quotes by Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is a world-famous MMA fighter, and one of the most recognizable athletes in modern sport. He was born on July 14, 1988, in Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland. In his decade long career, he has a record of 21 wins out of 25 matches, 18 of which by knockout. In addition, he has won and held numerous titles and belts. Outside of the sport, he is known as one of the most controversial and entertaining fighters to ever enter the octagon, or sport in general. Many fans and experts consider him the greatest MMA fighter ever, and one of the great success stories.

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McGregor really started from the bottom, while now, he is sitting at the top of the sport. As of this year, he has an estimated net worth of around $110 million. The MMA fighter has often talked about retirement, and it is newer 100% familiar whether or not he will fight again. In the meantime, here are some of the most popular and useful quotes by a great champion of the sport. These can really be the words to live by, and can make you a champion in your area of expertise!

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Conor McGregor Quotes:

“We’re not just here to take part. We’re here to take over.”

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“Nothing good ever comes from worrying or sitting there feeling sorry for yourself… keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good.”

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“Be grateful with everything you have and you will be successful in everything you do.”

Img Source:

“I keep having vivid dreams of success. Then it’s time to sleep.”

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“It’s not really that much big of a deal – you brush it off and you come back. Defeat is the secret ingredient to success.”

Img Source:

“Life is about improving and getting better.”

Img Source:

“Doubt is only removed by action. If you’re not working then that’s where doubt comes in.”

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“I was always a dreamer, and my first ambition was to be a footballer. I’d be out in the field doing drills after it got dark at night. So I had that passion to get somewhere and a drive to do something. I did love football and was always more into playing it than watching it. When I found combat sport, however, it just took over. It’s non-stop now.”

Shannon Spake – A woman in sports


Shannon Spake can be considered as one of the best women sports journalists and correspondents in the USA.

Personal life

Shannon Spake was born on the 23rd of July in 1976. She is currently 42 years old. It should also be noted that both of her parents were born in the USA as well and that she is of Caucasian ethnicity. We should mention that she was raised in Florida, the USA. She finished her education there, i.e., she finished Piper High School, and she graduated from Florida Atlantic University. We should point out that the first very contact with correspondence and reporting was during the time she was an intern in a talk-show from Miami and the main host there was Neil Rogers.

Img Source:

Her beauty

It should also be noticed that she is a very attractive and beautiful woman and that this also helped her in her career. This beauty is the reason why people like to see her on TV, and we need to admit it that everyone wants to see a beautiful woman interested in sports. Apart from her professionalism and right corresponding, her beauty and looks have also made her one of the most popular female correspondents in games of all times. According to some polls, she is rated among the five most desirable and accessible female correspondents in terms of sports in the USA. We need to be frank and admit that her body line is a pleasure to see on TV. Regarding her height, we could only add that she is 5 feet and 6 inches high. It has been noted that she had beautiful legs when she attended several ceremonies.

img Source:

Early career

We all know her as a woman who has dedicated her life to sports and correspondence from sports events. But it should also be noted that she started to be on TV long before that and that she also had some prominent roles there as well. First of all, we should mention that she used to work as an on-air reporter on CBS and Nickelodeon. The shows she worked for were The Early Show and Bryant Gumbel. Apart from these she also had a role as a production assistant on MTV.


Even though it is not expected from a woman, she has been interested in both journalism and sports form an early age. This is why she pursued this career. She finally got her breakthrough when she started to work for Speed Channel. On this channel, she was a co-host during the NASCAR Nation which took place from June to November in 2005. She also was reporting from the first period of the race that took place from February to June 2005. Apart from this, she was also involved in a talk show called Back Seat Drivers. During this show, she was also a co-host alongside with Mart Smith, a renowned online columnist.

Apart from this job, she also had several other ones. To mention a few, we should point out her involvement in WCCB, which was located in Charlotte, NC. In the same city, she also had another job in Carolina Sports and Entertainment Television.

Img Source:


NASCAR has been the peak of her career and something that marked her correspondence in sports. She was a reporter in the NASCAR pit from 2007 to 2014. Her contribution to both NASCAR Countdown and NASCAR Now is tremendous, and it increased both its and her popularity at the same time. 2008 was the year when she got her chance. Namely, she was pointed as a full-time put reported for the races that were aired on ESPN in relation to Nationwide and Sprint Cup races.
It should be noted that she was the primary reporter for this during its airing on ESPN. She continued to do this until 2015 when she stopped because her house, i.e., ESPN, lost the right for broadcast to another house, i.e. to NBC. She was so kind and so professional that ESPN loved the worked she did. This was not without the reward since this house offered her a contract that she accepted. It should be pointed out that the deal is for several years.

Img Source:


2016 saw an announcement that this media house recruited her and that she would be involved in broadcasts that would include events connected to college football and basketball.

Love life

When love life is in question, we need to mention that Shannon liked to keep this private and secret. It is sure that a beauty like her had won the hearts of many people, and that a lot of them wanted to be with her, but she never revealed any information regarding her partner or people she dated at that time. This practically means that there were not any affairs not controversies regarding her love life during her career since we knew nothing about it! The first time people found out that she is actually with someone was when it was announced that she would get married. She finally decided to tie the knot in 2008.
Regarding her marriage, she also likes to keep these things private as well. She does not reveal much about her family and their whereabouts. The things that we know are just pieces of information that she shares. First of all, it is known that she got two children during her marriage and that both of them are twins. Furthermore, we know that her husband is called Jerry McSorley. The details of their wedding are also not known. We know that the pair tied the knot and said “yes” in Ireland.

Img Source:

Social media

It can be concluded that she is having an excellent and happy marriage. This can be concluded from some photographs that she shares on Instagram from time to time depicting her, her husband and their children smiling. Apart from Instagram, she is also known to be using other social media, most commonly Facebook and Twitter.