Several Spanish Phrases To Learn Before Traveling To Barcelona

Are you planning to travel to Spain/Barcelona? Then you will have to learn the basics of the local language spoken there. By comprehending the Spanish language, you will obtain an added advantage while you are on your trip. It will help you in your future outings as well. Spanish is a language spoken in several other countries that include Equatorial Guinea, Costa Rica, and large parts of South and Central America.

Even if it is just plain “Hello” or “Goodbye,” you should learn to speak Spanish while traveling to Barcelona. Learning Spanish is relatively easy, but it is impossible to learn the language one year in advance of your travel. To become fluent, you will have to take classes to go on a vacation, but this is something which is not possible. By learning a few phrases that are used daily, you can speak Spanish to the required.

Learning and Practicing Spanish is a better idea since you will understand what is going on. You will also get a context of what the locals are talking about among themselves. Moreover, when you are traveling for a break, learning the local language is highly recommended. You can also befriend a few locals by knowing their spoken language. Smash the Ice by knowing a few useful phrases in the Spanish Language, and enjoy the conversation.

Few Useful Phrases In The Spanish Language

The leading language of Barcelona is not time-consuming or stressful. Instead, it is an incredibly easy language that will make your stay in Barcelona a lot easier. Below is a compiled list of the common phrases that are used in day to day lives. It will help you do the basic talking when you are on a break. So even if you don’t have someone around to help you find something, you can do that alone. The phrases are translated for your convenience so that you will understand what the Spanish phrase means.

From the day you book your tickets till your departure, even if you spend some minutes it is enough. Few minutes of practice every day is enough to keep the essential phrases in your memory. By learning the local language, you will experience the incredible feeling of being on vacation.

Below Listed Are A Few Phrases –

We will start with some classic phrases that will help you speak Spanish. The most common one includes Hola. We have been familiar with this term, and have heard it quite often. Hola is the Spanish translation for Hello. You can also opt to learn more about the Spanish language from​m​

There are a few other stock phrases that we often use in our daily lives that include –

Buenos días – Good Morning

Buenas Noches – Good Night or Good Evening.

Hasta Luego – While separating when we say, “See you later.”

Por Favour – Please

Muchas Gracias – A way to express gratitude, when we say ” Thank You.”

Only knowing the basic “Good afternoons” and “Good Evening” will not work. To take the conversation forward, you will have to learn other conversational phrases as well. We continue with a few polite conversations that you will need to interact with others.

Well, and what about you? – Bien, y tú?

Do you know how to speak English? – Hablas inglés?

I am not able to understand – No entiendo.

I like to visit Barcelona! – Me Gusta, Barcelona!

These were the basic ones. You will need something to eat when hungry, whether you need some tasty tapas or are craving an incredible paella beside the sea. You will have to know a few phrases to ask for what you want to eat. Find them below:

Starter – Primero

La Carta – Dishes in the Menu

Dessert – Postre

Lunch – Almuerzo

Dinner – Cena

Water – Un Agua

A glass of wine – Un vaso de vino

Bread – Pan

Can I have the bill, please – La Cuenta, por favor.


When you are done with the delicacies of Barcelona, it is time for some shopping. You must have heard a lot about the markets in Spain. Barcelona is world-famous for the fantastic stuff it offers to the tourists. For sure, you will not miss the spree of visiting the attractive stores of this beautiful place. There are several quirky boutiques for people who love shopping. Get to know a few phrases that will help you along in your shopping in Barcelona.

Where is the trial room – Dónde está el probador?

Does your shop accept credit cards? – Aceptan las tarjetas de crédito?

I will like – Me gustaría

Medium – Medio

Large – Grande

Small – Pequeño

I will have to buy more solution for sun tan – Necesito comprar más crema solar!

Now, to shop, you will have to move in and around Barcelo. To and fros from a place will need some more phrases to learn. You should be able to make the driver understand where you want to go. Barcelona has so much to do and see.

Excuse me – Perdona

Where is …..? – Dónde está

From where will the bus leave for the airport? – De dónde sale el Aerobús

I need to get a taxi – Necesito Un Taxi

Derecha – Right

Izquierda – Left

Entrance – Entrada

Open – Abierto

Where will I find the best ice cream in Barcelona? – Dónde Puedo comprar el mejor helado de Barcelona?

Where can I find a food restaurant in Barcelona? – Dónde Puedo encontrar un buen restaurante?

So are you waiting for someone to teach you? Don’t wait! Start learning on your own. However, there are a few words, and you may find it difficult to pronounce them. Don’t worry, watch a few tutorial videos online, and you will know how to pronounce words in Spanish accent.

The Bottom Line

You can look for a place to stay in the country as it has some of the best hotels and resorts for the tourists. You can also rent an apartment in Barcelona to obtain the best benefits and also enjoy the freedom of staying in an apartment. With several options available, you will not have to face many difficulties in this new country.

4 Most Powerful Languages in the World

Since the dawn of time, humans have had some form of communication between each other. In those times, humans didn’t use a language with logical sentences and letters, but they still did have some form of understanding through certain sounds and gestures. Several thousands of years needed to pass until we finally made some kind of advancement in our communication. People started forming letters and words that had a lot more meaning to them. Basic wording for things such as water or food started to be a common thing.

Many millennia later, we finally reached a level where we can easily communicate with each other. Just the idea of how advanced we have become in forming reasonable sentences is simply amazing. There are no other species on this planet that have developed such a way of communication. It is even crazier to think about this once you find out that we might be one of the youngest species on this planet.

Once tribes started to develop in much more complicated social groups, the way of communicating started to develop and split into other categories too. The people up north would start speaking in one type of language while those south in some completely different.

Sometimes, it sounds some languages are so unlike each other, it is like they’ve come from two different planets.

The fact that there are more than 6,000 languages that are used on a daily basis around the world, is a crazy idea on its own. If you want to know which ones are the most used and the most powerful, make sure you keep reading.



I think it is safe to say that English is the most known language on the entire planet. Sure, it doesn’t have the largest amount of native speakers, but wherever you go, you will find someone that knows how to speak English. They may not be fluent in it, but they would still be able to understand most of the basic stuff.

Studies have shown that there are more than 350 million native speakers of English. Combine these 350 million with the other 1.2 billion second-language speakers and you get a total of 1.5 billion. This number tells you just how popular English is around the planet.

Many people think that Mandarin should hold that first place of languages in the world because it has almost a billion native speakers, but the population that understands Mandarin is concentrated only in China. You won’t find people understanding Mandarin in Europe or America. This is exactly why English is believed to be such a powerful language.



Like we already said, Mandarin has natively spoken by almost a billion people around the planet or more accurately, in China. There are also around 200 to 300 million second-language speakers which are a pretty big number too.

What is interesting about Mandarin is the fact that it is actually a group of Chinese languages that are spoken all across China. Think of it like this. The accents of English used around the world sound different, but it is still the same thing. You hear the same thing but pronounced in a different way. It may be a bit more difficult to understand someone with an accent, but with enough effort, your mind will be able to decipher the accent. Well, the dialects used in Mandarin completely change the way some words are said and the way some sentences are formed.

A person that originates from southern China won’t be able to understand Mandarin used by someone that originates from northern China. Both of them live in China, both of them use Mandarin, but they have will have a difficult time understanding each other.



Swahili is the official language in five different countries including Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. However, it is used in a lot more countries located in Africa. It is recognized by millions of people on this continent. The exact number of Swahili speakers is not known, but experts estimate that it is somewhere between 120 or 150 million.

Many people would argue that Swahili shouldn’t be on this list, but I believe that it is interesting enough which is why it deserves a place on this list. The idea that you can use Swahili to get through every single country of Africa is something that you cannot do with any other language. Sure, you could move across the entire United States of America with the use of English, but that’s just one country. With Swahili, you can move through 30 different countries and people will still understand you.

These days, a lot of people have started to learn Swahili because they’ve understood just how powerful it is. If you are one of those people that understands just how important Swahili is, you can find additional information about it at KL Translations that may help you delve deeper into the science behind the language.



Another very interesting contender on this list is Spanish. Experts believe that Spanish is spoken by almost 500 million people around the planet. It is in fact, the second most spoken native language right after Mandarin. Just 600 years ago, the only Spanish-speaking language was Spain, so the total amount of native speakers in that time was only about 8 to 9 million. But, once the Americas were starting to be explored and developed, Spanish speakers started to spread.

Today, in South America, Spanish is the official language of 20 different countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, and many more. Because it is so easy to learn and it is such a fluent speaking language, it easily spread around the entire South American continent. This is why it deserves to be put on the same level as Mandarin or even English.

So, if you’re interested in becoming bilingual or even trilingual, you can choose any of these contenders we mentioned above. Whichever you pick, you will definitely find yourself in a situation in the future when you will have to use it.