Is Elon Musk The Greatest Innovator in the 21st Century

By mentioning the word inventor, you immediately think about one of the great minds, such as Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, etc. In each industry, there is someone who is turning the world around and the way they do things and the things they focus on are simply out of this earth.

They are keeping the world spinning and leading humankind forward. Often, these great minds are widely criticized by the public for one reason or another, but they never seem to care enough to stop working.

It takes some time to pass for the people to see who great minds and inventors are – Alexandra Bell, Tesla, Carnegie – there isn’t any doubt nowadays that what they did for humankind was good. Ask anyone and they will know their name and know for sure that they did good.

Even today, we are living among some inventors who are pushing and doing everything to help us move forward. Some of them are perceived as evil, often based on a distorted image that person has, false information and biased opinion. Some are widely loved, but also widely criticized and one of them is Elon Musk.

Is Musk the very greatest innovator in the 21st century or is he a fraud as many people label him?

He is definitely not a fraud and you can see why we think so!

Tesla Motors

One of the biggest companies Musk is running is Tesla Motors. He has been a fan of electric cars for as long as he can remember and he has turned Tesla into the largest electric car manufacturer in the world. Roughly about a decade ago, he was estimated to fail miserably. Everybody was saying that his mission would be impossible to put into action, but he did it anyway.

Nowadays, Tesla is one of the richest companies in the car industry and they are pioneering mass electric car production. Some other car manufactures did make electric vehicles before Tesla, but those were usually prototypes or models that came out in limited numbers.

According to Musk, who has recently talked to Joe Rogan at his Spotify podcast, he said that it was just a matter of time before the world moved to sustainable sources of energy and he pointed out that they are making it happen sooner rather than later. According to Musk, that’s the biggest value of Tesla.

Not only is Musk pulling the weight in the car industry, but he and his associate make some amazing vehicles. They are constantly introducing new autonomous tech features, the cars are quite fast and they drive amazingly. Plus, some models can dance! What more can you ask for.

We almost forgot to mention his gigafactories and the production of batteries, but let’s not get carried away to much here.

The SpaceX Program

As if leading one of the biggest car companies to glory and revolutionizing the car industry, isn’t enough, Musk also wants to send people to Mars!

This is a big one and we can expect the first people to land on Mars in just a couple of years, perhaps a decade. If we are to believe Musk’s words, 2025 is the year, but he has missed a few dates in the past, so we will not hold him for the word. Even if it happens before 2030, that would be a major breakthrough for humankind.

Already, there has been a massive breakthrough in this field, and Musk has designed reusable rockets, launched it and landed it back on site.

Not only can this cut financing costs, but it can make space travel much easier (space travel, as in going to Mars). Having that ability not to build a whole new rocket each time one lands to its destination is huge. Musk has recently launched his Tesla into orbit and the car’s still floating around in space!


One of the most criticized projects Musk is working on is Neuralink. It is a company that is designing brain-computer interface technology. If it sounds scary it is because it does sound a sci-fi movie-like. The shortest story possible behind Nerualink is that they plan to add chips to people’s brains!

Oh my GOD! We are getting there – we are becoming cyborgs, robots and soon, AI will turn against us and we are doomed. While we should definitely worry about AI and even Musk says so, this Neuralink chip is far from what you imagine.

The longer story behind it is that this chip would help people who cannot use their extremities, who are paraplegic or have some other disorder to become functional again. That is the first goal and it’s not years before we get there. There’s still an entire issue of how to produce the chip, open up the skull and place it at the right position without doing any other damage.

Still the aim is quite humbling – helping others regain some of their motoring functions! How cool would that be? At no point does Musk give the impression that he wants to use this for any other purpose.


Last but not least, Musk was selling a flamethrower. Well, it was Not A Flamethrower, actually. Either way, the Boring Company made a limited number of them and sold them all. Just because he can.

Is Musk a true Inventor?

With all we’ve said, we need to add a few more things. Musk isn’t the inventor we asked for, he is the inventor we needed. But he isn’t just that. He is a modern-age industrialist, a businessman and a great engineer. He is a man full of ideas and he wants to put most of those into the real world.

Being an inventor isn’t an easy thing to do and is ready to give a hand anyone who strives to be like Musk, or who has any idea but doesn’t know how to convert it to a product. Not everyone can do it all, like Elon can, but you don’t need to bother.

How Elon Musk’s Twitter Bio Triggered Bitcoin?

If you want to see the power of social media, you can look at the tweet Elon Musk did by using bitcoin hashtag. When personalities like Elon Musk use twitter, i.e., a social medium to express their thoughts or, let alone use a certain term, it has a very deep effect. Such people cause a ripple, and its effects are apparent. Cryptocurrencies have always been On the radar. Whether it is about the person who created it, or the constant increase or decrease in its process, the volatility, investment or else, you can always see news related to bitcoins circulating on the internet.

We all have heard of the word bitcoin more often. But those who are not well-educated on the topic, here is a quick review. A bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that first made an appearance in 2010. These currencies are unlike the one we use today. In fact, it is unseen and merely a concept that circulates all over the world through your digital wallet. The creator of digital currency is anonyms. However, it is known that this currency was created to change the face of the transactions and businesses all across the world. For more information on the bitcoin trends, visit this site.

What is bitcoin?

There is a reason people prefer to use bitcoin. It is not just a concept that is being hyped up. With time, people have started to understand the importance and use of bitcoins. For one, it is a decentralized system. It means that you don’t have to wait for days, indulge in paperwork and contact different banks and financial institutes to make transactions internationally. So, it saves a lot of time. Also, it saves cost as well. Its transaction fee is very minimal as compared to that of banks. Thirdly and most importantly, it is highly secure. It is based upon a technology called the blockchain technology. This technology creates blocks of information for every single transaction, making it secure. So, there are very limited chances of fraud. Lastly, it makes the transactions super easy. You can use the wallet no matter where ever you are and make transactions.

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is one of the most renown personality of our generation and generation X. He is South Africa born and got his nationality as American later. He is an engineer, industrial designer, entrepreneur, and business magnate by professional. Mainly, he is known for his exceptional knowledge of aerospace technology.

Elon Musk started his journey by becoming a co-founder of the largest electronic payment channel PayPal. Then later, his Chief executive ship started for his firm SpaceX, and now he is CEO of the world largest electronic car company Tesla.

If we sit down and talk about the career and ownership of Elon Musk, then all we can conclude that he took many initiatives and became co-founder for many firms like The Boring Company, Neuralink and OpenAI.

Elon Musk had always been a visionary. His ambition and imagination are beyond the world as we see it. He was just 12 years old when he developed a video game and sold it to a magazine that featured computer knowledge. His passion for the internet and computer grew with age. But in college, he perused a bachelor’s degree in economics and physics.

When he enrolled at Stanford university afterwards, he realized the true potential of internet and computer that has to offer to the words. Here are knowledge and passion helped him understand how much impact he can create on the economy and human lives through the technology.

His economic interest led him starting PayPal, the largest electronic finance system in the world. Other than that, one of his vision is associated with space and Multi-planet species. He started his company by the name SpaceX that has offered affordable rockets with the best space research purposes. His is also designer for his rockets Falcon, Dragon, and Grasshopper. Now he is sharing his technology and vision with Tesla by becoming his CEO.

Elon Musk and Bitcoin

It was on 29 January 2021 that we all saw a tweet from Elon Musk. The tweet was a single line with a hashtag of bitcoin. And it took the world of cryptocurrency by storm. And within ten days, people were speculating about it. Some made assumptions that Elon Musk is investing in bitcoins, while others considered as a sign on something big is coming. The fact about social media is that people use it for open conversations. So, then Elon Musk tweeted, people took their interpretation of the tweet. Whatever the reason, within ten days, bitcoin witnessed a spike. And it wasn’t just any spike. We are talking about the double-digit spike. A single tweet of Elon Musk took bitcoin to a massive flight. In fact, the raise started to occur within 15 minutes of the tweet. That’s the power of Elon Musk, Twitter and of course bitcoin.

People from all over the world took it as a sign of something big regarding bitcoin. Although the bitcoin is continuing to increase slowly and steadily, the tweet changed the pace, and because of the volatile nature of the currency, there was a sudden spike. To make the tweet special, it was also used on the blockchain. The reason said that it was to do something good for the bitcoin community, but either way, the tweet was very much excited.

Because of Elon Musk’s single tweet, people are speculating, whether it is a way of saying that the CEO of Tesla is interested in buying bitcoin for his company. Or he is just complimenting the nature of the cryptocurrency. Whatever the tweet’s real motive is, it has caused a sudden and unbelievable spike in the bitcoin. The spike was visible for ten days, and it opened new doors of opportunity for bitcoin traders and investors. In the end, we can do nothing but get impressed by the power of Twitter and Elon Musk.