All you Need to Know About Parking Lot Light – 2021 Guide

One important thing that every parking lot needs is decent lighting. This lighting has become an essential part of business as it serves a lot of functions from the increase of visibility at night, security, and safety. Therefore, installing the right type and number of these lights and maintaining them is a crucial part of ensuring the right looks while maintaining safety and security.

The Importance of Parking Lot Lights

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Most businesses need to provide safety not only to their customers but also employees who come and leave their offices. When your company does not feel safe, you will find that some customers and even employees will want to select the competitor firms where they can feel at ease and comfy parking and walking to and from their building. Hence, never underestimate the prominence of creating pleasant atmospheres that feel safe for your clients and employees.

With the right lighting, your business can also be safe. With proper illumination of your business, this could help in deterring criminals. Most of the criminal acts that happen in most shopping centers and offices usually take place in the parking lots. However, the granted parking lot lights will not stop all the crimes, but what this lighting could do is that it could significantly decrease them. Criminals will never want to walk on the light where they can be identified. Therefore safer environments help in the prevention of lawsuits.

Planning your parking lot lighting

When it comes to planning your parking lot lighting, this is not something you can handle on your own. You need to call electrical contractors in your region to do this. These are experts who will help you plan your parking lot light installation and even ensure that you have enough lighting for brighter illumination of your parking area.

Most of the municipalities will have some specific requirements when it comes to parking lot lights, illumination distances, and foot candles. These regulations do minimize the amount of glare these lights can eliminate. This is among the many factors that go into planning your light installation and the importance of hiring professionals.

Hire the right person for the job

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When you need to hire an electrical contractor, you will also need to do your homework right. You can ask for referrals from some local businesses and check out on their parking lot lighting. Have the contractors interviewed and even look at some of the essential credentials they hold like licenses, insurances, and experience.

Routine and continued maintenance

After having your lights installed in the parking lots, having them maintained is of great importance. The good thing is that your contractors can aid you in cases of replacements or repairs. Do not be tempted to handle these repair works if you are not an expert, and the outcomes could be deteriorating. Let the professionals have your lighting routinely and continuously maintained.

The top 3 ways solar parking lot lights can help business establishments stay safe and secure

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Most of the crimes, either serious or petty ones, usually happen in the unlighted parking lots. These are among the most popular areas that are targeted by criminals who target individual victims. More so, some of the business establishments could be a high target and get broken in due to the dark parking lots.

Therefore, if you own a business, it is your responsibility to make sure that your outdoor space has the proper lighting, including the parking lot. However, these lighting could cost most of the entrepreneurs a fortune with the lighting bills.

That is why it is crucial to utilize the more sustainable and cost-effective way of a light provision in your outdoor spaces, including the parking lots and other areas of your premises. This can be via the use of the solar parking lot lights.

These solar parking lot lights will capture energy from the sun via a connected wire on the solar panel. This energy that is captured is then converted into electricity and is typically stored in the batteries. This electricity that is stored is whet then lights at night.

By using this kind of lighting feature, most business owners, they could lower much on their electricity bills while still having well-lit parking lots. Below are thus some of the three ways in which solar parking lot lights could help increase the safety and security of your business enterprises.

  • They can help increase night-time pedestrian traffic and a sense of security.

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When you install reliable outdoor lighting, this could help increase people and pedestrian traffic in the area, thus increasing the sense of security and safety. This thus generally boosts customer traffic. At the moment your customers recognize that your business has the best lighting, they will regard it safe and therefore come over again. This can also boost your employees’ morale since proper and sufficient lighting could give them a sense of safety even when they work at night.

  • They can help prevent crime against your property and people.

The good thing with solar energy is that it allows these lighting fixtures to operate even when there is a blackout. And as you know, most of the crimes happen under the unlighted and dark spots. Most criminals will not work in areas where they can be caught easily. Therefore, using solar power to illuminate your businesses will help deter criminals and be able to recognize things that happen in the dark.

  • They can assist the use of other devices such as CCTV cameras installed on your outdoor premises.

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The solar-powered lights help in the provision of better CCTV lighting, enabling clear visibility of what happens in an area at a specific time.

There exist some brands and types of solar LED lights operating at lower light levels for cameras use. Once you connect your cameras to these lights, you can have them switched to the high-powered ones that are motion activated to increase visibility and the distance of the camera’s sight. With this, you can be sure of having clear visibility of what happens outside your business at all times.


When it comes to installing and caring for the parking lot light, this does not need to be a stressful task. Since these lights offer you benefits, hire professionals to implement your installation, and you will have a peace of mind.

The Benefits of Renewable Energy Use

Unlike fossil fuels such as oil and gas, renewable energy sources are unlikely to run out, so they are a more sustainable solution for generating electricity. By using these sources, you can help reduce our reliance on depleting supplies of fossil fuels. Renewable energy can be produced from various natural sources, including:

1. Wind – which uses wind motion to generate power
2. Solar – which uses heat from the sun to generate power
3. Hydropower – which uses the energy from moving water to generate power
4. Biomass – which uses organic matter to generate power, chemicals, or biofuel
5. Ocean – which uses the fall and rise of the tides to generate power
6. Geothermal – which uses natural heat from underground to generate power

In this article, you will be able to read about some advantages of using renewable energy sources. Let’s take a look:

1. It is Eco-friendly

Since it is a clean source of energy, it has zero or low greenhouse and carbon emission. Wind and solar power are considered to be Eco-friendly since they do not emit toxic gases that are dangerous for humans and our environment. It will significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, hence it will cut back on air pollution. If you want to see more information about how greenhouse and carbon gasses affect our world, click here.

2. It is renewable

What this means is that they will not deplete over a period of time and there is zero possibility of it running out. Renewable energy can help countries stay away from fossil fuels which can save them a lot of money. The heat from the deep underground, powerful winds, moving waters, and the Sun can guarantee us a steady and huge supply of power for many years.

3. It is reliable

In the last decade, the use of fossil fuels has dramatically increased. This reliance has led to various security threats to a lot of countries. They cause trade disputes, spikes in energy prices, unnecessary wars, and political disputes. If wind and solar plants are distributed over a vast geographical location, there will be minimal electricity interruption since weather changes cannot be the same at all locations.

4. It generates more job opportunities

This form of energy is cheaper than the traditional sources of energy. Since the first time people used renewable energy, it has created various new and stable jobs that have been added to most economies.

5. Less maintenance in facilities

Once the infrastructure is laid down, there is low to zero maintenance required. What this means is that the owners of the plant will be able to generate bigger revenues while providing people with cheap electricity.


As you can see, there are various benefits that we can get by implementing renewable energy sources into our country’s infrastructure. It is Eco-friendly, cost-efficient, it will lead to better trading deals with other countries, and it does not require maintenance, meaning that you will also be able to save money here. Hence, do not waste any more time and start considering implementing solar panels to your home or business.

Why Go Solar? Find Out Here!

Solar energy is the most abundant energy source that humanity can currently access. Even more importantly, it drops from the sky for free.

Those two factors alone might help explain why even China is pursuing solar energy. As a matter of national interests and energy independence, it’s obvious why governments might care about solar.

An individual might rightly ask, “Why go solar? Are there good reasons why I should?”

Keep reading and we’ll explain why you should, indeed, go solar. 

Why Go Solar? The Environment


The mounting environmental toll of fossil fuels is common knowledge. Just some of the environmental costs include:

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Degraded land from mining
  • Wildlife death from oil spills

While the equipment that captures and converts solar energy into electricity also carries a carbon footprint, it’s minor in comparison to fossil fuels.

Reduced Human Costs


The extraction of fossil fuels through drilling and mining also take a human cost. Coal miners often develop black lung and other chronic health conditions.

The air pollution from burning fossil fuels, such as nitrogen oxides, can lead to asthma and other respiratory conditions. Burning fossil fuels can also increase mercury in the air.

As that mercury passes through the food chain, it can result in neurological problems for babies. Going solar is a small step on the way to eliminating these human costs. It helps in two ways.

First, it helps normalize solar power in the broader culture. That makes it more acceptable and likely to receive governmental support. It also reduces your contribution to the demand for fossil fuels.

Support Local Businesses


Most solar installation companies are small, local businesses. Going solar is one way you can help support the local business economy. As massive chain stores drive other kinds of small businesses out, solar companies help keep business local.  

You’ll want the best solar company in your area. A quick look at the online reviews should help you narrow down the options.

You should consider what services each company offers and whether they offer ongoing maintenance. Solar systems generally hold up well against weather, but they do connect with your electrical system and the local grid. In many locations, you need a licensed electrician for any major electrical work.

Parting Thoughts


There are several answers to the question, “Why go solar?”

You can do it for the environment. You can do it to reduce the human costs of using fossil fuels. You might even go solar as a way of supporting your local economy

In the end, though, going solar is nothing more than getting ahead of the curve. Our current energy solutions can’t sustain us indefinitely. Solar power offers the best long-term solution for the world’s energy needs. 

As solar technology continues advancing, it’ll move beyond panels. Check out our article on the first solar yacht to see an early example of where solar will go.