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How to Increase the Number of Instagram Followers

It’s exciting when you start your Instagram account, and it’s exciting to imagine all the followers that you can get. But in reality, reaching the first 10,000 Instagram followers can be more tricky than you can imagine. This is because no one has a clue who you are, or what you do.  You will need to prove yourself to a lot of people, new people that will follow you for your content. But with this guide, you could be on the course to that first 10,000 following in just as little as six months!

How to Increase the Number of Instagram Followers

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1.    Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Joining engagement groups is best suited for beginners, and it has seen some Instagram newbie accounts to have an increase in Instagram followers dramatically since joining these groups. Sticking to your niche is preferred rather than joining huge engagement groups

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2.    Start Reposting Content

Start looking at the numbers, find content that has gone viral, repost it, and that’s it. It’s that easy, and it can bring you a lot of followers if you hit the right content. Make sure to credit the owner of the content, because posting without permission is strictly prohibited by Instagram and it can get you flagged.

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3.    Try to Get Promoted on Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed has a massive audience, and if you can get yourself posted on Buzzfeed, then you are shooting for the stars. Buzzfeed embeds Instagram posts into their website content, and if you can get somehow writ and article for them, then you can get a huge Instagram following just from that.

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4.    Buying Instagram Followings from

Buying followers can also be beneficial for your company. Buying Instagram Followers from is easy, and it even works for any social media service. You can buy with Safe Charge and PayPal, and you will get instant followers delivery. sells both followers and likes and guarantees a full refund if any disruption occurs.

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5.    Ask Customers to Share their Photos

If your Instagram account is your business, then you can reach out to smaller customers in your niche and offer them to monetize their accounts by taking pictures with your products. You can give them customer referral links and offer them a commission for every sale they score through that referral link. The best part is that the possibilities are endless and your imagination is your limit.

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6.    Having a Constant Style is Everything

Much like what my girlfriend says about her Instagram account, having a constant style or theme offers more to the table than branding. It creates this place where people will visit just to see your content and your style! Sticking with the same style will create consistency and will raise the awareness of your Instagram account, subsequently increasing the number of followers.

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7.    Ignore the Hashtag Rule

Experts will say that anything else than 5 to 11 hashtags is bad for your post. Well, ignore that and put as many hashtags as you can as long as they are relatable to the content. Placing close to or right to the maximum number of hashtags available, 30, will work just fine for you. If the hashtags are closely related to your niche, then you will have more chance of someone stumbling upon you by simply searching the hashtags. This will increase the chance of someone following you.

Instagram Engagement Is Killing it – 20X More Than Twitter!

You have one day and $250 to spend on creating a social media creative. Which social network would you spend that time and money on?

Facebook? But, Facebook’s organic reach is down drastically after changes to its algorithm.

LinkedIn? But, it is still primarily a B2B marketing channel.

Google+? Well, it is a graveyard. There maybe counter-arguments, but that is the truth.

Twitter? Good choice, but you can do better. Much better.

Instagram would be unanimously your best bet. Why? Crazy engagement – Forrester research proves it. You can be sure you are going to grab eyeballs – guaranteed. Marketers, if you are not on Instagram already, you are missing out on a lot. Don’t take my word for it. Let the numbers below prove it to you.

A key point before we delve into this Instagram vs. Twitter engagement face-off:

Likes are easy to give on Instagram. As are favorites and retweets on Twitter. While these count towards engagement, a very important parameter of your followers’ engagement with your brands is the number of responses, you receive in terms of comments (Instagram) and replies (Twitter). And, though Twitter does not give a reply count, our visits to the posts proved that they were too few to actually be considered.

The number of comments on Instagram was what threw us off. Someone posting a comment, actually implies a very high level of engagement, because it involves a significant amount of effort when compared to hitting the like, retweet or fav buttons. We also analyzed and made sure none of our analysis included any fake engagements, e.g., purchased Instagram comments.

How we calculated engagement (Interactions):

On Twitter: Number of RTs + Number of Favorites

On Instagram: Number of Likes + Number of Comments

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#1 Oreo’s Twitter vs. Instagram Engagement

Oreo has a really cool social media marketing team.  They put up some of the most creative posts out there on their social media networks. We found two that overlapped on their Twitter and Instagram channels – one an image, the other a video.

The numbers speak for themselves.

These Oreo coated strawberries got 22X more engagement on Instagram than on Twitter. Comments: 449!

The video below witnessed a spike of 29X engagement-wise on Instagram as opposed to Twitter.

Follower Counts for Oreo:

On Twitter: 836K

On Instagram: 2.5M

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#2 NatGeo’s Instagram Engagement = 20000% More Than Its Twitter Engagement

National Geographic need not even try to get followers. Followers find NatGeo whichever social network it goes to. I personally follow its Instagram account very avidly.

For an answer to my initial Instagram marketing question, I had a look at NatGeo’s Twitter account as well. They don’t seem to share a lot of images on there. A few that they did were not the same as the ones on their Instagram account. We, therefore, took the ones that were similar and compared them and were the results astounding?!

Both the shots above are awesome, but the one on Instagram got 289005 interactions more than the one shared on Twitter. Additionally, there were almost 2500 comments on the Instagram image! The only difference we could ascertain was the difference in the networks where they were posted.

Both of the images above are those of a Green sea turtle. Different angles and the Instagram one probably looks more picturesque. However, a 20447% higher interaction count is hard to ignore. Not to mention 8670 comments. 8670 comments. 8670 comments. Twitter’s total interactions couldn’t match that!

Follower Counts for NatGeo:

On Twitter: 22.4 M

On Instagram: 95.5 M

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#3 Volkswagen’s Posts Replicate Instagram’s Marketing Power

Volkswagen does a good job on all social networks. It had a few replicating images on its Twitter and Instagram channels. Here’s how two of those posts performed:

Same photos both, but the engagement ratio is 1: 28. Same goes for the one below:

Follower Counts for Volkswagen:

On Twitter: 132K

On Instagram: 4.8 M

For brands and marketers that have been asking “Why Instagram?”, really you don’t need any more proof, do you? You do? Oh well! Alright, check out Starbucks’ and Nike’s Twitter vs. Instagram engagement results.

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#4 Over 100K Instagram Likes For Starbucks’ Instagram Posts

Starbucks is one of the most referred to when any social media analysis is done because they are really good at it. Several case studies have been written on this topic. Let’s see how their performance measures up on Twitter vs. Instagram.

We’d rather not do the calculations here, but Instagram far outperforms Twitter engagement-wise.


Here’s another image that went on both, Starbucks’  Instagram and Twitter with slight modifications. The number on the right speaks for itself:

Follower Counts for Starbucks:

On Twitter: 11.4 M

On Instagram: 17.1 M

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You cannot, repeat cannot, ignore Instagram. If you want your business to not miss out on the opportunity to engage with your existing and potential customers on Instagram, create an account on there pronto. Instagram marketing is an absolute essential. It’s huge, growing at an amazing pace, boasts of over 1000 million users and is “the” network for businesses to establish their presence on.

Skip Tracing Tools and Techniques

Debts are that part of the economy that is reached to an alarming stage, several companies and businesses have shut down due to the accumulation of debt and their inability to pay it. The bad choices of investments or product or services lead to the accumulation of debt as your initial investment won’t provide you with enough to pay off the debt. If you are struggling with such a situation, then the debt collection agencies may help you to fix this problem while ensuring that your business is not affected by the non-paying debtors.

Among these tools are Skip tracing tools and techniques. Skip tracing is a term that describes the method of searching for whereabouts of a person in real time. This is a very cost-effective technique to look for the consumers or debtors who are on the run. Here are some of the skip tracing tools:

  1. Search engines:

These can be helpful in searching for the person you are looking for. Google, Yahoo! Or Bing are the search engines that will find the person you need, the information provided can also be filtered to date so that you receive the latest information. You can also search for the mobile number of the person instead of just the name. Additionally, there is an option to type their registration to search for them, also add inverted commas to the specific information so that the search engine focuses on it.

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  1. Social media:

If the person likes to be on the social media and he shares private information on social media then Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus will make you find some important and confidential information about them such as their address, school name, phone number, date of birth, place of work and more. Well, this is not the case for everyone as many people hide their information from the general public. However, you will get the clues about their whereabouts from their social media accounts.

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  1. Yellow and white pages:

White pages will let you know the phone number of a person if you know their name and suburb. The information is generated with the help of Telstra senses, therefore, it is more updated than others. However, you will only get the mobile number of a person, you have to combine this data with other tools so that you may know more about that person. On the other hand, yellow pages will provide you with the addresses as well as contact numbers of a person if you are aware of his workplace.


  1. Email checkers: or will enable you to check that the email address is valid or not.


  1. ABN lookup:

The ABN Lookup web services have been made available by the Australian government, and it includes name lookup and ABN Lookup. It allows you to perform various services by using ABN or ACN.

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  1. Who is Melbourne: is the site that will help you to know the owner of domain names and their staff.

There are many tools, types of equipment and techniques that the debt collection agencies utilize to recover the debt while following the rules and guidelines. Make sure that you select the best tools and technologies.

Instagram Marketing Tips – Useful For Your Business

Social media is crucial to developing your business, but it takes a certain knowledge and know-how in case you want to bring your company additional profit. Instagram is one of the networks, which is perfect for the online activities of your firm, and can help you allot. The number of monthly users exceeds 800 million, and it has been one of the fastest growing social media out of all. One of the things that you should note is the fact that it can be quite tricky and slow when starting from scratch. The beginning is always the hardest part but you could search for an Instagram account for sale that would allow you to jump-start your business.

Why should Instagram draw your attention?

First of all, it is a powerful and easy mobile sharing platform, and users spend time watching photos or short videos not longer than one minute. In a fast-paced world we live in, perhaps that may be enough for your products or services to be noticed.

Secondly, younger generations are moving from verbal communication to online communication. As much as we personally love it or hate it, this is what is going on. Visual media is quite dominant at the moment, and even though that may change in the future, photos are a powerful tool a lot of marketers use.

Below you can read five tips on how to improve the status of your company through Instagram. Here we go:

1. Customized Content for Target Audience

Instagram is primarily visual, but it is linked to Facebook and Twitter. You can use it in a way to connect all three and create a circle that will lead your customers perhaps from a stunning photo to additional information on Facebook, for example. Think of how visuals that are related to your product or service can attract potential clients.

Here, it is important to mention the use of filters. You need to be professional about your photos and those posted in a hurry will be skipped. Everyone is capable of using filters and a few additional minutes you spend while posting can only do you good.

2. Direct People to Links

Linking in Instagram is specific because links are not allowed in photo captions. However, you can always insert a link in your bio section. Adding a link to the website of your company or the landing page of the current marketing campaign is simple, and you never know how many people will actually click on it.

Imagine what would have happened if people saw the photo you posted and they liked it, but they have no idea where to go next and find more about your company. This is why having a link matters.

3. Limit Text to a Minimum

Unlike content marketing, where it is natural to have a lot of text, you want to reduce it to a minimum in your Instagram posts. The images should be clear and concise, and they need to do a lot of talking. Nobody is going to read any longer posts and even the shorter ones on Instagram. It is enough to add meaningful captions that will supplement the picture, but the photo should be your priority.

4. Engagement Opportunities

The hashtags are not a rocket-science, and they should always be included. If you are not certain which hashtags to use, check out what your competition is using. Also, don’t forget to follow new people and accept followers. Moreover, the clients you already have should be informed about your activities on Instagram.

5. Keep Testing

With social media, trends keep changing every now and then, and it is important that you track your progress and adjust your tactics accordingly. Also, test out new options if the old ones are not working and see if that brings any results. Only by tracking your activities will you be able to improve your Instagram page and consequently up your revenue.

How To Promote Yourself Online

Social media is a great way to start promoting your business on the web. While these platforms are a perfect tool to build your foundation in this turf, you are not limited to them. To reach out to your audience, you might have to extend your efforts away from social media. Read on and see how to get started.

Blogging and Vlogging.

Social media revolves around brief content. For instance, Twitter limits the posts you can write to only 140 characters, and users can easily bypass any post that is very long on Facebook. However, advertising yourself entails more than just posting snippets. By starting a blog, you get the chance to develop detailed content and express yourself better to your audience. You should also engage in blog submission.

A blog enables you to blend text, graphics, images and expound more on the ideas you wish to put across. Vlogging allows people to see your face and personality while allowing you to speak about what you like and develop unique content in video format. You should keep these two within the stipulated limits, but that still offers you more freedom. Aside from that, developing content helps for SEO.

Web-based Career Fairs.

Creating connections on the web does not have to be done through the people following you and the shares you get on social media. Web-based career fairs and networking occasions can jump-start your career and allow you to display your curriculum vitae and raise any valid concerns to the right people about various issues affecting the industry. Be well prepared for these occasions by having your cv ready, doing some homework on the people involved and understanding the industry details. It also helps to think of some questions and comments during the preparation so that you can authoritatively participate in the conversations. What other thing can help you grow? Enrolling for an online master of science in communication advances your skills and opens doors to several networking opportunities all over the nation, with both like-minded individuals and prospective clients.

Hosted Internet Events.

It is not right to participate in online marketing occasions only. If you have a massive following on your blog and social media platforms, you could try holding your event. It does not have to be as sophisticated as a web-based fair or networking event, but it is a fantastic method of gathering some useful contacts and brainstorm about some hot topics. Consider doing it based on a blog in that people post their thoughts on a specific topic after a week or month. You can take advantage of online tools such as InLinkz to get a record of all participating bloggers. One good thing about these records is that they make it straightforward for new entries to join and everyone gets traffic as a result of it.


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