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Blogging tips and tricks


Blogging has been around for a few years now and it’s become one of the most popular ways for people to express themselves. Regardless if it’s about fashion, lifestyle, fitness or anything else, bloggers always find something to write about. In order for blogging to be fun and interesting, you need to have an audience. What fun would it be to write blogs for just a few of your friends? Getting an audience is not really easy, but it’s also not hard if you know what you’re doing. In this article, we’re going to talk about blogging tips and tricks that you can utilize to get better publicity, write better blogs and hopefully become successful in the blogging zone! Let’s begin.

Be yourself


Like we mentioned earlier, blogging is a way of expressing yourself. Which means that you should never copy someone and try to be what they are. Many people tend to look at their favorite and most successful bloggers and copy exactly what they’re doing. This might temporarily work for gaining a few followers but it will never last long. After a few weeks, everyone will realize that you’re just a copycat and probably stop following your blog. Instead, try to be as original as possible and express your own opinion about whatever it is. If you don’t like that dress that your favorite blogger promotes, you don’t have to hide it. Say it. People will appreciate your honest opinion about things and that’s how you gain a long-term audience and form a community. If you want an example of a blogger that keeps growing by expressing his own opinion and having his unique style of blogging, check Sourajit Saha. Again, don’t copy, just take examples and modify them into your strategies and style.

Don’t get obsessed with numbers


So let’s say that you just started blogging, about a week ago for example, and you’re already discouraged and want to quit because of what your statistics page says. If you keep focusing on daily changes in numbers, you will constantly get stressed, and your blog quality will just keep decreasing. Instead, focus on becoming a better writer, express your opinion better and give quality material to your followers. Be patient, it takes time to achieve the desired number of followers. Every beginning is hard, just remember not to give up.

Make sure your content is easy to share


We’re living in a world where almost all of the fame is achieved through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. With this being said, you should make it easier for your readers and followers to share your content on social media if they like what they see. By using a WordPress plugin like DIGG DIGG for example, you’re making it much easier for your audience to share something with their friends or on their Facebook profiles. Not everyone has the time to copy your link and then paste the URL on their profiles and then click the share button and what not. Make it simple by allowing them to simply click the “Share” button and present your content on their social media profiles. Many people overlook this but it’s actually one of the best and most important tips when it comes to growing your audience.


Why are digital and social networks important


As you already know, social media made us or our businesses connected. We have become individuals who are working and learning in a networked society. We are constantly making connections to people, organizations, businesses, and information resources, some of which we can maintain, some we cannot. When we need to accomplish something, we often seek help from those connections. Working in a networked society means that the connections are no longer just in the real world, but in the digital world as well. It becomes important for us to be able to grow, manage, and activate our networks efficiently if we want to maximize the potential for development in our personal and professional lives. Hence, networks are quite important.

We use social networks in many ways; through them we are able to:

1. Reach out to people and exchange our ideas

2. Find employment

3. Brand our companies and attract customers

4. Raise money for people in need and charity

5. Promote social justice and human rights

6. Form a supportive and loyal customer base

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By building and managing our digital presence, they do not only boost the reputation of your company but give new opportunities.

You might ask yourself, how can you take full advantage of the digital world? Well, it is actually quite easy to learn these things. You will need to know how to:

1. Browse – the knowledge of how to efficiently search for information, media, products, and stores, as well as filter and store the results.

2. Presenting – to be able to use editing, media-capture, communication, and presentation tools.

3. Collaborating – helping others and collaborating with other online is a good way to participate in online communities.

4. Networking – the ability to grow, manage and be active on networks effectively.

5. Safeguarding – to know and understand how to present an appropriate online presence and keep your company safe while doing so.

6. Creating – the ability to reuse or change materials and contents, such as blogging or vlogging.

A new, fun, and worthy social networking site

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There are various companies online that could help you advertise your products, but the one that caught my attention has to be the new up and coming social network called All About Me combines the advantages of BitCoins and gives the users plenty of opportunities to get rewarded. What is interesting about this platform is that it has changed the basic principles of advertising displays and placements.

Every user account is their ad platform, and all their followers become the user’s advertising audience. An ad will be displayed on behalf of the user, not directly on behalf of the clients, which is the usual way on other social networking sites. In the past, networking sites made billions from users’ activity and the content they shared by showing ads, while the users got nothing in return. All of the profit was taken by the companies and none of them shared them with their users. However, today, with, you will be able to be rewarded for your popularity, activity, and content.

Bitcoin – token

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To include the sole idea of the project, will use BitCoin for external payments, while all the payments and user rewards within the site will be carried out with the use of me Token which is the network’s digital token that goes straight into your me wallet.

Worst Social Media Marketing Mistakes


Is your business or brand not getting the attention it deserves? You might be doing these social media marketing failures!

Social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, can be awesome platforms for telling the story of your brand in a visually inspired, artistic way. But in some cases, they can be a laughing punch line.

Remember the Dove transformation ad when a black woman shifted into a white woman after using Dove lotion? Well, we can say it does not really fit with the company’s brand messaging and potentially sends an insult feeling to the huge part of their audience.

How about the Snapchat’s “Would You Rather” ad featuring the faces of Rihanna (Slap Rihanna) and Chris Brown (Punch Chris Brown)? There are social media marketing mistakes out there, and we don’t have enough time to detail all of them.

Instead, take note of these social media marketing mistakes and learn from them. Happy reading!

  • Not determining your goals

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One of the social media marketing mistakes that most companies do. What do you want to obtain and how will you achieve it? With clear business goals, you’ll have an accurate vision of your target as well as determine where you’re heading with your marketing roadmap. This will help you to stay focused and move so quickly as well.

  • Targeting the wrong audience

Social media platforms compose of different types of people. Hence, it is crucial to know who your target audience really is. After all, your sales will come from them. Your target audience is a set of people you want to see, hear, and communicate with regularly. To figure out who these core clients are, ask yourself the following questions:

“What is their average income?”

“Where is your audience located?”

“What are their hobbies?”

“What industry do they work in?”

  • Not constructing a social media plan/strategy

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Let us say you are a home designer, with a goal of designing a property. Do you first build a rough draft to plan out your strategy or go and purchase your supplies and then immediately go to the job site? It is just like social media.

An unidentified plan or strategy will not allow you to tailor your campaigns to your goals. A social media marketing plan is specifically crucial if you’re planning to develop services and products in your business that will meet your target market’s needs. And it’s always a good idea to look into Instagram automation so you don’t need to spend so much time responding to every person when you could be building your business.

  • Not creating video

Social media video marketing is a massive explosion, and you should be taking advantage of it before anything else. Around ninety percent of internet users claim that video plays an integral role in buying decisions. You don’t necessarily have to be very skillful in creating video content. Just keep in mind not to post videos that have low sound quality, gritty, or pointless.

  • Posting crappy photos or stock images

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Be aware of this, or else your audience will hit the unfollow button! Most consumers do not like stock photos or crappy photos in their newsfeed, so avoid posting them. If you really have the need to use stock photos, make sure to pick one that looks like an actual sincere shot and tell a real story.

  • Being tactless

I can say one of the important tips for beginners to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. Never let your tactless side ruin all your effort. Several big brands have fallen into the trap by posting ads on their websites and social media platforms that are completely offensive and insensitive to certain events and groups.

Take for an instance the Dove advertisement we have mentioned earlier. Say no to posts that show violence, sexism, racism, and other related-contents. Using a foul language is also a no-no.

  • Abusing your social media platforms

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Some marketers have a firm belief that posting in various social media sites is beneficial, which is actually NOT. Remember the rule: “Quality over Quantity”. Making one to two publications is enough, just be sure they are well-designed and captivating. All your audience does not spend time on some platforms, despite everything.

  • Ignoring your customers or their feedbacks

Social networks are all about communication. Thus, always be responsive as often as possible. Do not neglect your subscribers and even the reviews and comments. You don’t need to reply too long messages or a question. A simple thank you will bring a good impact both to your post and business.

Your audience wants to feel important, so give it to them. Of course, there are haters and a few hateful comments – you cannot please everyone as they say. Don’t attempt to reply with the same feeling. Instead, respond in a respectful and kind manner.

  • Not being straightforward

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Another worst social media marketing mistake to avoid is generating fake news. If you’re unsure of a thing, keep your hands off the keyboard. Your business will be the one to suffer most if you post false claims or lies even one. AND… don’t plagiarize and copy.

  • Spamming

The most successful social media pages are those that do not self-promote and spam. The false engagement versions or spammy links won’t work at all. Try to engage, provide valuable contents, and get in touch with your share of the audience.

  • Ignoring paid social media advertising

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Yes, social media advertising works and it can help your business or brand to boost. While you need to lend some dollars, the perks still weigh over your cost. These paid social media advertising tools enable you to target with incredible detail. Plus, you’ll get a certain ratio of guarantee that your visitors will see your posts.

There are many options given for paid social media advertising, which include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. There are niche and emerging platforms too, like Houzz, Snapchat, and Nextdoor. If you’re starting on Instagram, make sure you don’t make any rookie mistakes, by following these Instagram tips for beginners.

It is very crucial to review your social media campaigns thoroughly to avoid these and more social media marketing fails. By having a solid marketing strategy and having the right tools at hand, you can establish a brand that is next to none!

How to get your brand’s social media activity right

With over 3.5 billion active users globally, social media is a potentially great avenue for brands to market their products and services. Interest in brands has never been higher, with up to 80% of users on some platforms following at least one brand. The shift towards the use of the internet for many aspects of regular operation has included the business front, and social media represents the marketing channel for brands.

Users have increasingly turned to social media to carry out certain aspects of making purchases. With internet sales at an all-time high, more users are looking to social media to find information about brands and to research product quality. A high number of users are going on social media to seek customer service as well, making it an ideal platform for brands to build on relationships with current clients and develop great brand awareness among potential customers.

Marketing on social media can be challenging for brands that generally do not have a large following. You need to maintain high interaction levels while maintaining professionalism in your relationship with your potential and existing clients. These are some of the basic rules of running a social media page for your brand.

Do diversify your content

Social media activity for brands is a dynamic and evolving process that involves user interaction and engagement, as well as regular posts. Having attracted users’ interest in your brand, you need to find a way to maintain your following. You can do this by sharing interactive, informative and entertaining content.

You may need to consider diversifying your content to keep it exciting for users. You should not be limited in your presentations, and may consider a variety of formats to help to appeal to users in different ways. You should also attach links and embed other brands’ content. Aside from keeping your content diverse, it will help develop brand partnerships, which can increase growth levels for your own.

Do interact with your followers

Your business could grow exponentially by interacting and engaging with your followers. More people are using the internet for customer support, and these customers are more likely to develop a loyal following for brands that offer solutions to their issues. You will stand to grow your brand and increase revenues, as well as develop products and services that suit customer needs by interacting with your followers.

Don’t ignore negative comments

You will not develop a great reputation by ignoring users who may have negative reviews or comments. These users are part of your following, and could be turned into loyal customers by offering appropriate and professional responses to their problems. Ignoring their comments could have a ripple effect, with users’ trust levels in your brand dropping. You should train your team to handle such posts, since this will prevent any careless response that might have harmful implications for your brand.

Don’t excessively market your brand

Your followers are highly likely interested in your brand. They could already be well informed about your products and services, especially when their interest in your brand was developed as a result of a social media marketing strategy. They will not be likely to make more purchases because of an increase in the number of brand advertisements and posts they view.

If anything, overly marketing your brand could push away potential clients. Your brand page will become repetitive and lack sufficient content to maintain user interest. You should strike a balance between interesting content and advertisements to prevent losing your followers.

Do delegate your tasks to a social media team

Having a social media page requires brands maintain high levels of activity, with regular posts and sustained interactions with users. More people are looking to the internet for customer support, research and other important factors that will contribute to their decision to make a purchase. Brands with an active and positive social media presence will be more likely to attract these new users.

You can maintain high trust levels in your brand and attract new followers by delegating your tasks to a social media team. They will be able to handle large traffic levels across multiple platforms, ensuring you maintain a great relationship with your potential clients.

Do consider paid options

Raising your profile through organic campaigns can work, but it will usually take a long time. You should consider taking advantage of some of the paid options available to help increase your brand’s visibility and improve your ability to meet the expected business goals. Paid options vary across social media platforms, and you may need to consider your desired goal and social media platform before choosing a suitable paid advertising strategy.

Some platforms will be extremely difficult to successfully market your brand on because of the challenges that may face relatively new pages. On Instagram, for instance, your follower base will only grow when users notice some interest in your brand. You can consider automatic likes and views to help raise your profile. Ask for auto likes instagram app – free trial to help get your activity on the platform rolling.

Do set up across multiple platforms

Your brand’s visibility will be maximized by setting up pages across different social media platforms. You will be able to reach more potential customers across different channels, which could drive up sales and revenues from each one. Having multiple platforms also allows brands to carry out coordinated efforts, which are more appealing to internet users and may attract a higher following.

While it can be beneficial to take advantage of different platforms, it can also be costly to offer substandard service on either one. You should make sure that you have the capacity to handle all interactions and engagements across different platforms. This way, you will not stand the risk of developing a bad reputation and losing out on potential l clients.

Do monitor your competitors’ social media activity

Your social media presence does not have to be about the competition. However, monitoring their activity will help your brand take advantage of any slip-ups and flaws in their quality and service provision levels, which could help raise your own brand’s profile. Keeping up with the competition also allows you to react to any new product releases, promotions and offers to maintain user loyalty.

Why Your Restaurant Needs an Email Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing, chatbot marketing, and live streaming are all so hot in digital marketing right now. However, trusty old email is still the most powerful way to acquire new customers and retain them.

If your restaurant doesn’t have an email strategy in place, the best time to start implementing one is right now.

Research shows that around 1/5 of the entire sales boost is because of email marketing. That’s because people are actively looking for deals and discounts, and you can easily take advantage of this by getting into their inboxes and making attractive offers. Aside from that, there are several other reasons why you need to get your email game up.

1.  Email is personal

Marketing experts recommend to segment your list of subscribers and send them separate emails based on what they’re interested in the most. This lets you address each person according to their interest and even by their names. For example, if you have a list of subscribers who are interested in your restaurant’s bar area, you can email them about a new commercial ice maker, commercial refrigerator, or walk-in freezer that you got to improve your services. By sending emails that you know they will be interested in, you can increase engagement and boost sales.

2.  Email is cost-effective

Unlike other marketing efforts, such as advertising on TV or social media, email marketing is extremely cost-effective. For every dollar you spend sending out emails, you receive a huge return of investment because of the higher engagement rate. The email also lets you provide follow-up information that wouldn’t normally be available to your audience when using other communication channels by letting you provide links to your website or social media pages.

3.  Email is action-oriented

People view emails as transactions. When people receive an email, they have to do something about it. Either they reply to the email, forward it, send it to trash, or open a link in it. You can take advantage of this by asking them to do something for you and providing a call-to-action at the end of the email. For instance, you can ask your subscribers to send the email to their friends if they find it helpful or direct them to your online ordering page where they can use exclusive coupons or discount codes.

4.  Email is everywhere

More people spend their time checking their email on their phones than they do browsing the Web or connecting with others on social media. That means it is easier for you to reach more of your customers because they’re almost always inside their inbox.

5.  Email is measurable

There’s a wide range of email marketing tools that are available for free or at a premium that let you send out mass emails to your subscribers. These tools have a lot of features, but one of the most valuable is the ability to track how effective your emails are. For instance, you will know who opens your emails, who reads to the very end, what links are clicked, and who unsubscribes from your list. This provides helpful data that you can use to improve your strategy and increase engagement even more.



How Is Riccardo Lex’s Academy Of Social Media And Networks Changing European Business

We are all aware of the impact the internet has made on our society in the past few decades. It is now a staple in the lives of a few billion people and has become a major marketplace and biggest library of information in the process. And as you might now the traditional marketing methods have become a victim of the internet as well – now online affiliate marketing and social media influencing seem to be the two techniques that work the best. Still, till recently many successful European business owners didn’t realize the importance of social media platforms for their company’s success and the trend wasn’t as present as it was all across the USA. That is where a young guy Riccardo Lex found an empty-space and decided to make a huge change.

A young entrepreneur coming from Austria has started as a car mechanic apprentice but very soon realized that his potentials are much above that and decided to try himself in the open world of business ideas. First working in Network Marketing and then as a direct sales manager, he solely focused on gathering knowledge and looking for an empty-space where he could take a risk and go for his business idea. And it happened – as he realized that people in Europe don’t understand the importance of social networks in business marketing he decided to help them by finding the Academy of Social Networks and Media. And what kind of impact has it made till now? Let’s go ahead and see.

How Is Riccardo Lex’s Business Idea Affecting Companies In Europe

Taking a look at a relevant study that was conducted a few years ago we can see that only 30% of European business owners were using the power of social media and networks in propelling their success. On the other hand, in the USA it was more than 70% and the trend keeps on growing. It is clear why social media has that kind of influence. First, it is accessible to all the people around the word – you only need an internet connection and you become a part of it. Along with that social media marketing are a long term strategy and something that is much cheaper than traditional marketing methods that provide only short term results. Last but not least using the power of social networks allows you to get creative and realize what your customers want to see.

Academy of Social Media and Networks has already made quite an influence and we can now see the social network trend on the rise in Europe as well. Successful businesses have only spread their influence to the social media market as well while the smaller starting ones are using it as an opportunity to stay in the game and get recognized. And it is all thanks to advise and strategies that Ricardo Lex’s academy hands out on daily basis. He knows has more than 100,000 followers and is meeting new likeminded people by the day!


There are a few things we can learn from the case of Riccardo Lex. First and foremost, we should always look for an empty space in the area we are working in as it can provide us with an innovative business idea. On the other hand, helping other people and developing a trend that is there to stay is the best way to meet like-minded people and acquire followers that are there ready and waiting for your advice and relevant strategy!


How Can Analytics Boost Your Instagram Profile Growth


From the invention of the internet till now much has changed and online platforms have had a huge impact on the lives of us all. Now, the internet has become the largest marketplace, a platform for free communication and influence, and a major library of information. And though it has its pros and cons when properly used you can reap many benefits out of it. One of the greatest things is that now more than ever you can earn money without having to comply with a 9 to 5 job or the risks of running your company. Social media marketing is one of the best methods there is and Instagram is a major social network with huge potential.

If you manage to grow your Instagram profile to the point where you have hundred thousand followers or even more you are sure to get contacted by various brand names offering you cooperation – they give you cash and you post a photo promoting their product. But before that, you need to put a lot of effort and time in growing your page. Now, apart from certain strategies like daily posting, using the power of hashtags as well as even buying followers to start off, analytics do play a huge role in your social network game. By using the right analytics platform you will get all the information needed to realize the needs of your audience and improve your content.

Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at why analytics is that important!

The Advantages Of A Good Analytics Platform

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 1. Well, first and foremost an analytics platform should be easy to use and navigate. If you went on to search every relevant report point by yourself without using the platform it would take much more time and chances are you wouldn’t be able to come up with the important conclusions that could benefit your growth. On the other hand, a good analytics platform like Famoid will allow you to see the results of every relevant aspect that could have an impact and all that in a readable and formatted report. And a great thing as well is that the information is a daily update so you will not have to worry about the results being updated.

2. This kind of platform doesn’t demand any of your personal info except your username. You don’t have to worry about your password being given out to someone or your profile being at risk as this platform is 100% confidential. Along with that, it is free – unlike some websites that offer this kind of service for a certain fee, Famoid is absolutely free and safe. For Instagram profile audit click here.

3. By getting a daily updated report on your growth, followers, and engagement you will be able to focus on the type of content that has brought you the most success. As you are able to see engagement and growth that followed after each post you will see what is popular and you what your audience wants to see. By following the given metrics you will be able to maximize your potential and the growth results are sure to come. And all that hands-free as you put no effort in developing the analytical report apart from the giving the username.


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 As you can see using a platform that provides you with an analytical report and given metrics that are relevant to your Instagram profile growth can be of huge benefit. It is free and safe to use, and there is not much effort that you need to put in. It will allow you to know what kind of content attracts big numbers, and give you an idea on how to improve your page!

The Benefits of SEO

If you’re a small business, chances are you’ve done everything you can to get your name out there. From extensive advertising campaigns to Facebook ads, social media promotion to direct marketing, you have likely tried every trick in the book to get your business noticed.

Smaller businesses lack the large budget of flashier organizations, so it’s important that your budget is utilized as efficiently as possible to minimize waste and maximize revenue. SEO is the ideal solution to your issues. While it can be adapted to any size company, its simplicity, accessibility, and opportunity to generate free, organic traffic makes it an ideal choice for smaller organizations.

What Is SEO?


SEO stands for search engine optimization, and at its most basic level, it’s a system that can help your website rank in a higher place in search engine results. It helps your business take advantage of the natural, organic traffic which is generated by search engines, so it’s an easy way to draw attention and potential customers to your site.

SEO uses keywords to achieve a higher ranking on search engines, which means that customers who have already expressed an interest in your product and service are directed to your site faster. The benefits are twofold: they can access what they need with ease, and you gain traffic that consists of genuine potential and interest.

The Benefits of SEO

Some of the positives of using SEO include:

  • Increase the legitimacy of your business

As human beings, we are in many ways herd animals. Trends and fashions prove that at times we prefer to follow the crowd, relying on the wisdom and experiences of others to help us make meaningful choices. How many times have you decided to visit a restaurant based on a positive recommendation by a friend, or tried a new lipstick a relative was wearing? Your business can work the same way.


Imagine yourself as a customer who is looking for a plumbing service. You have two choices. The first is a website located at the back end of Google searches, on page two or three. Upon closer inspection, you discover that their social media pages are sparse or missing, the website vague and unhelpful, and you can see no testimonials or reviews. On the other hand, an option comes up right at the top of your search, with a helpful website connected to active and busy social media which interacts and engages with its clients. There really is no choice at all.

  • Increase brand awareness

Similarly, if you are the top choice on every search, customers are more likely to trust and invest in you, increasing your brand awareness within your industry.

  • A cost-effective form of marketing

SEO relies on organic traffic from search results, so it won’t cost you a penny. This makes it particularly appealing for smaller businesses who are watching their budget carefully.

  • Increase the traffic and potential revenue

Good SEO brings customers to your site who are there for a reason: they already need what you are offering, which means you achieve more genuine, authentic leads who are far more likely to convert into revenue.

SEO is big business, and it can transform your organization from start-up to the big time with a bit of work. The best news? If you don’t have time to get to grips with the technical aspects, there are a wealth of options for you to choose from in your area. If you do a bit of searching, you’ll come across many helpful results, such as Scott Keever SEO named Cincinnati’s Best Marketing Agency, and they would be more than able to help take you to the next level of success.

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