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5 great ways to grow your business online

A strong online presence is essential for growing any business.

There are multiple ways to develop your business online, but it’s sometimes tricky sifting the wheat from the chaff.

Fear not — here are five of the best.

  • Know your audience

It’s crucial that you have a sound knowledge of your audience so that you can target your efforts.   

Begin by identifying their demographic characteristics such as age, gender, and location. Then dig deeper by researching their online habits, such a social media use.

The more specific you are in defining your target audience, the easier it’ll be to exercise precise online marketing.

  • Content

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To keep your audience engaged and attract new customers, you need to create regular, high-quality content.

Your content should also be personalized and created primarily for your target audience, not your business — use it to position your blog, social media streams or website as reliable information sources customers turn to when they want creative solutions to tricky problems.

For further info on personalized content,  find out more about digital marketing trends from

  • Social media

If you want to have a strong online presence, you’ll need to use social media.

And there are many channels, so you need to work out which ones your audience prefers.

Social media is a great place to publish your content and build up a community of followers — if approached discerningly, there’s potential for your audience to increase rapidly.

Whilst social media is important, it shouldn’t be your number one method for attracting leads because your primary goal is to direct people to your website, so social is simply a vehicle to deliver them there.

  • User-friendly website

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Any business that wants to thrive online needs a website and for most internet users, it’s a reliable indicator of the trustworthiness of a brand.

But a website alone is not enough —it needs to be high-spec and top of the search engines to attract maximum traffic.

So design your website so that it’s customer-centric, think about what they want from you and make it intuitive and accessible.

Maintaining your website’s position is an ongoing job which requires in-depth expertise, so if you don’t have this in-house, check out Attercopia to learn how an expert agency delivers effective web design.

  • Digital marketing strategy

A carefully developed digital marketing strategy underpins all of the above tactics.  

This isn’t as challenging as it sounds — simply defines goals and decide which digital media tactics help you score them.

Aligning your digital strategy with your business goals provides direction and useful metrics to measure your progress against.

Still not sure where to start? check out this five-step plan for creating a digital strategy from the Digital Marketing Institute.

Follow these five tips and your business will grow from strength to strength in the digital domain.

How else can you grow your business online? Share your ideas in the comments section.

Firestrike Review: Instagram Growth Service You Need to Check Out

Firestrike review – Many Instagram growth tools out there depend on large amounts of data to help social media platforms do well. Let’s review Firestrike and take a look at how tools like it predict analytics and algorithms to provide your Instagram with great engagement.

Instagram growth tools have definitely benefited from predictive analytics, and there are now a large number of brands and companies that rely on Google Trends to predict future profits and focus on the right keywords that are going to bring the most success. Additionally, there are other applications that use different strategies to anticipate these types of analytics but are far less mainstream. This doesn’t mean that they’re not valuable, however.

Instagram marketing is relatively new to the scene of predictive analytics. More tools are being developed in this field, which can help big brands grow their presence on Instagram. These tools depend on advanced algorithms that study user behavior and pick it apart to make confident predictions, determining which direction you should take your marketing campaign.

Firestrike Review: Big Data and Instagram Growth Tools go Hand in Hand


Technology is a handy development. This is because it allows us to accomplish otherwise mundane and frustrating tasks with much greater efficiency, which can lead to a leap in progress over time, as well as faster growth. Ultimately, technology makes our lives easier, as well as allowing us to do a lot more than we previously thought was possible.

We already know that technology has helped us dominate the sky and the sea, as well as land on the moon and even connect one side of the world to the other through one primary web. As you can imagine, big groups of data have played an enormous role in all of these successes. There are many people out there that consider the internet to be one of the biggest and final frontiers that we have yet to harness completely. Social media in this way contains an exceptional amount of potential. However, if we want to succeed in this way, we need to have access to the correct tools.

It wasn’t long ago that I came across one of these impressive tools, called Firestrike. I believe that it will appeal to all users of social media platforms like Instagram because it’s one of the best growth services I’ve seen. This is primarily due to their advanced technology, which I will talk about in detail in the review below. Firestrike has been made possible with the huge recent progress made in big data. Hence this review.

Predictive Analysis Means You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder


You’ve probably heard this saying many times in your lifetime, if not more so in recent years. While it may be an overused cliché, there’s a lot of reality to it too. If you can find a method that is quicker and can be done with less effort but still produces the same results, then it should absolutely be pursued.

This kind of commentary brings us to Instagram growth services like Firestrike. Firestrike is an automated growth service that uses artificial intelligence to grow your Instagram. It does this by connecting with the right people, interacting with their content and communicating with them.

Firestrike is a service that’s ideal for anyone who is looking to gain more exposure for themselves or their brand on Instagram. You could be a brand, a business, an artist or even an influencer. The best part of it is that you hardly have to do anything, apart from setting it up initially and then checking in on the weekly reports to see what progress has been made.

What is a Learning Machine?


Using automation for your Instagram growth occurs when AI uses an algorithmic method to learn new things and ultimately become smarter. For a few of you, you might not like the sound of this. However, there’s nothing to worry about, because it’s a safe practice that can actually be quite interesting to watch.

AI that focuses on social media growth, in particular, applies the algorithms that it has learned as a way of improving how it does things for you. This means that it goes through the data that it has collected and uses it to refine its growth strategies, so it’s always improving. You could say that it seems to think just like how a human would if a human was learning something new and trying to get better at it.

Targeting Your Audience

Firestrike uses an advanced targeting feature that uses filters to give it an edge against its competition. You can even personalize the settings of your service so that the growth service is concentrating on the right people for your content. You can also ask it to only interact with content and posts within a certain range of data, whether this is in the form of a specific location or hashtags that you like.  

I would consider targeting to be the most essential part of automation. This is because generally speaking it takes longer to search Instagram for users that are more likely to follow you because they’re interested in your content than it does to just hit the follow or like button. The advantage of automation is that it can do all of these actions within a matter of seconds once your preferences have been set.

More Affordable than Doing it Manually


Take a moment to think about what it would be like if you hired somebody to manually do the work of an automated growth service. This would require them to work every minute of the day, without any breaks or even sleep. This means no sick days or holidays. This sounds pretty impossible to achieve – not to mention how much they would charge.

When you think about it from this perspective, automation looks pretty appealing. It’s like hiring someone who can work non-stop for next to nothing.

Firestrike is also incredibly affordable when it comes to pricing, just like many other Instagram growth services out there. You can get going with Firestrike from only $15 a week, or $39 a month. They even have a supercharged plan for $99 that works at ten times the rate of their regular service, so if you’re someone who is serious about building your Instagram, this kind of price is worth it.  

Final Thoughts


Instagram branding strategies have been hugely impacted by technological growth in predictive analytics, and it’s benefiting everyone who’s on there. This type of engagement is changing the future of Instagram in a number of ways, and it certainly makes executing your engagement a lot easier on your end.

If you’re looking for a streamlined, efficient and affordable way to grow your Instagram, check out Firestrike. They’re a testament to the advantages that automated Instagram growth brings to the table.

7 Creative Marketing Ideas for any Business

The best marketing efforts of the previous year make them seem in like manner – they all did considerably more than simply advance their image. The battles we cherish and that have the greatest effect make us consider the business in the world everywhere, and our place in it. Worldwide and national organizations can do this effectively, however, it’s vital for littler organizations to likewise consider new ideas or creative marketing ideas.

Getting inventive with your marketing efforts after going through the business database can enable your business to pull in new clients. Here are seven of our most loved inventive marketing thoughts that you ought to consider actualizing in your crusades this year and next.
  1.   Discover Giveaway Opportunities That Align With Your Brand

Challenges and giveaways are an extraordinary method to get consideration on the web. Everybody adores winning something and by reliably running fun, minimal effort giveaways, we’ve had the capacity to fourfold the accompanying for one of our customers in the course of the most recent two years. You’ll get a commitment, yet it takes more than that to change over that commitment into deals.

  1.   Give Your Graphic Design a chance to move Your Creative Marketing

On an all-around structured site, the client experience through will be consistent and simple. Yet, imagine a scenario in which that client’s involvement with your site really starts before they snap to your landing page. In the event that you need to be innovative with your computerized marketing ventures, you can’t be hesitant to utilize striking visuals that will catch the client’s eye.

  1.   Draw Back the Curtain With Social Media

For quite a while, “legitimacy” has been developing as a marketing popular expression, and organizations are focusing on it. Everybody is endeavoring to discover better approaches to demonstrate to their clients who they truly are. Web-based life is the best stage for genuineness since it expels the marketing agent.

  1.   Make Content People Want To Read

Nobody goes online to feel like they’re perusing a course reading or a series of key phrases stuck together. In case despite everything you’re stuffing catchphrases into your content, it would be ideal if you just stop that now. The blog is the primary spot clients look when they have inquiries concerning what you do or how you can support them.

  1.   SnapChat GeoFilters

While SnapChat has sort of endured it since their screwed up overhaul some time back, Individuals are as yet utilizing the stage. SnapChat GeoFilters are tremendously undervalued. You can almost certainly get a great deal of good perceiving ability by making a marked and fun GeoFilter.

  1.   Repurpose Content

One major open door any business has is to assess all the content that they possess and begin discovering new and fun approaches to utilize it. Have you composed a blog entry that got a great deal of footing? You can just make it into a video! Split it up and share it in pieces through the internet life and update it for the following year. Google loves crisp content and refreshing performing posts is normally seen in all respects.

  1.   1:1 Video

We are so amped up for the development of coordinated video. There has been a great deal of exceptionally cool things originating from organizations like VidYard or HubSpot around utilizing video to draw in target records. We have begun utilizing them at HIVE for some record based marketing and it’s taking off like rapidly spreading fire.

Video rules our consideration today. However, why stop there? By utilizing personalization in your video, you can acquire thoughtfulness regarding your recordings and guarantee that your prospects watch the entire video.

How B2B marketing can help your business

Business to business marketing, or in short B2B marketing is similar to business to consumer marketing. But in this form of marketing, businesses promote or sell their product directly to another business and not the general public. Here, you may use the same digital channels and tactics as B2C to gain new customers. But, if your targets are other businesses, there are a few differences in the way you will want to market your brand.

Building a B2B marketing strategy

The B2B marketing strategies are always evolving and changing; however, here is a list of the most popular approaches:

Paid Search Advertising/Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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The search engine giants such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing allow you to run text ads on the search engine results page (SERPs). This is one of the best ways to target specific and potential clients who are searching for a particular product or service that is similar to or same as yours. Besides, you can opt for Pay-Per-Click Advertising where you will have to pay only for the click on a specific ad. For example, Google AdWords, and Facebook ads. This form of advertising is cost-efficient compared to other strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you do not want to pay for SERPs, you can use SEO to try and rank pages, blog posts, or website organically. Here, you will not have to pay directly for every click, but getting a specific page to rank high will require some time, as well as effort.

Paid Social Media Advertising

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Almost all social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Snapchat, allow people to run ads on their sites. This is a great way to build awareness with different audiences that might not know about your business, services, or products.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is completely free. It is an organic way to use the social media platform for marketing your business, products, or services. Although organically marketing your brand on social media requires time and effort, it can provide you with excellent results in the long run.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is the art of improving the online user experience. B2B industries usually use CRO to get more conversions, such as leads, chats, calls, and sales out of their website’s traffic.

Content Marketing

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This is another broad digital marketing term. Content marketing covers the usage of content assets, such as blog posts, eBooks, videos, and graphics to build awareness and drive more sales.

Email Marketing

– This is the oldest form of online marketing, and it is still working perfectly well. Robert Duke, marketing manager of Blue Mail Media, says, “Email marketing isn’t going anywhere. More than 90% of U.S customers use emails daily, and thereby it isn’t surprising to see an average of at least $30 returns for every $1 spent. So, you must constantly try this strategy with new practices to keep it alive.”


While there are a lot of good ways to market your B2B company on the Internet, keep in mind that what might work for one company does not mean that it will work for yours as well. Hence, a good B2B marketing strategy takes a lot of trials, errors, consistency, and efforts.

Written by: Emily Johnson

The Flip Side of the Buying Instagram Followers


We are witnessing that Instagram is taking first place among the social media from Facebook, slowly but surely. Today, it is one of the best-known and most-usable platforms for social media. Instagram is a very fun social network, but building a good, popular profile can be a hard thing to do.

It is very significant both for business profiles and individual ones to have a popular page, which is well-known in the community. Most of the time, publishing interesting content is not going to be enough for a profile to become popular. We think that buying followers is the right thing to do, and we are going to make you a list of reasons why you should do that.

Increases the Visibility of the Profile

According to InstaGrowing marketers, the first benefit that comes with buying followers is the increased possibility of a profile to be seen to other profiles that are not following it already. With increasing the number of followers on your profile, your profile will circulate around more unknown people, and there is a high possibility that a significant number of them will start following your profile.

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Also, increasing followers means that you will increase likes on your Instagram posts. When you have a big number of likes, there is a bigger possibility of your profile appearing on Instagram`s Explore tab. The tab is seen by hundreds or thousands of profiles who are not following you at the moment. If your content is good and interesting enough, you will probably gain more followers.

Fast Track to Credibility

Instagram has more than 700 million profiles, so it became hard to see which ones are real, and which ones are not. Ones who have little followers usually prove not credible and authentic. Also, usually, these profiles are pretending to be someone else, and are called “profiles who are catfishing”. Ones who have a significant number of followers are the ones you can trust.

That means the profile is the real thing. However, there is a small possibility of them being fake, but it is way less likely. As we already said, building a successful and popular profile is not easy. So, by buying followers, you can increase your credibility as well as almost immediately. This is especially important for newly created profiles.

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Boosts Business

The most important benefits of buying Instagram profiles is boosting your business profile. We can say that this benefits the final result of two previous ones. This social network became a very good place to start your business. According to statistics, and common sense as well, the biggest benefits from buying followers can be seen on the business profiles.

When you have a business profile, and a large following base, people who would potentially do some business with you, will see you as a credible potential partner. Also, people tend to work with someone that is recommended to them by someone else, who they trust. So, the conclusion is, the more followers you have, the more potential business partners you have. It’s that simple.

Why Is Instagram So Popular?

When we want to talk about the most popular social media in the world of today, we surely need to say Instagram. According to recently conducted researches, it is the social media which is giving the most popular to its users, and its users are giving it much popularity by using it rather than other social media.

Many elements that were invented by Instagram became a part of our everyday life. For example, hashtag, a word you can find in many conversations if you just listen closely. The key for its popularity is its sharing and liking images, but this is just a surface, there is much more to that.

Let us give you a few examples of why Instagram is so popular, and a simple statistic that is representing popularity in one country.

User-Friendly Platform

Let us be blunt, Instagram is the most user-friendly platform of today. Its interface is attractive, easy to interpret, and interactive. And let us be honest, when you are faced with a bad user interface, you are going to value a good one much more, and Instagram is the perfect example.

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Making Simple Images Beautiful

When we are talking about Instagram, it is hard to not talk about filters. They became a highlight of this platform. The user has all the freedom in his creativity and sharing it to its friends and the world. These filters can turn your picture from amateur to a pro.

Making Human Desires True

Psychologists stated that a part of human nature is needed for attention. People like to get some attention for a job they have done. Instagram is offering just that. Taking a picture of your new hairstyle or some meal you are enjoying is just that.

The Marketplace of the New Generation

Instagram definitely became a marketplace. On the platform itself, you can find many online stores and catalogs consisting of products. Using special hashtags can be crucial here. By making the unique one, you can reach out to a target audience, and get more Instagram followers, future customers.

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Popularity Platform

Since it is used by countless people around the world, Instagram is the perfect place to gain some popularity. And some people are doing just that. Plus, the making the picture stand out by giving it a special hashtag, and the platform itself is offering the possibility of sharing more than just a picture, like writings, designing’s, stylists, bloggers, etc.

Before we start talking about statistics, click for more info in Turkish.

Instagram in Turkey

According to statistics, Instagram in Turkey is used more by men than women. 59% of men and 41% of women. Also, it is pretty interesting that 80% of them are in the age range 18-44. And the population older than 55+ years is only 4%. We need to have in mind that Turkey is still a country that has one of the lowest percentages of home internet access in Europe.

However, Turkey is showing signs of becoming a serious powerhouse in the future. Introduction of new technologies like 4.5G meant more access to social media, including Instagram. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform in Turkey, but Instagram and Twitter are becoming much more popular these days.

How to organize social media contests and giveaways


We all know that everybody loves winning. The lottery and the amount of people who participate in it just prove this theory. It’s just in human nature to want to win something without any effort. Successful companies and brands realized this a long time ago and started utilizing a very interesting strategy that will both make people win stuff while and promote their business at the same time. Today we’re talking about online contests and giveaways, what they are and how you can use them to boost your recognition. Let’s start.

What are social media contests and giveaways?

In order to explain the benefits of using them, you first need to fully understand what they are. Social media contests and giveaways are basically something that you host in order to gain the desired recognition for your business while also making your fans or customers happy by giving them the chance to win something. Here’s why these marketing strategies are so effective and useful. When you host a giveaway, you have about five or six prizes for example, but you have more than a hundred people participating in the giveaway.

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What happens is, some hosts make their participants complete a few steps in order to be eligible for winning a prize. For example, the hosts usually require the participants to like and share their page as well as comment something in the comment section (usually a keyword that the host provides) in order to be in the giveaway. By doing this, a lot of their friends and family will also see what they shared and will most likely want to participate as well. From there, your page just keeps spreading and gaining publicity. When you end up giving away the prizes to your fans and followers, you will notice that the amount of publicity and exposure you gained from your contest is worth so much more than what you “lost” by giving away your products.

We all know how expensive marketing is nowadays and in order to gain the same amount of recognition via advertisements, you would’ve paid so much more. SEO Contest uWelcome2019 is an amazing service that you can use in order to simplify your process. The exposure gained from hosting such events is really huge due indirectly adding search engine optimization to your website. People might find your business or service by just searching for “Giveaways in my area” or “Online contests and giveaways”. It’s just an amazing way to promote.

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A really good example of how effective this strategy can be is Air Asia’s giveaway campaign. They posted a giveaway and the person who wins it can get into a plane with as many friends as they want and get a free trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. About thirteen thousand people entered the giveaway, and the post reached more than two million people on Facebook. This boosted Air Asia’s recognition by more than 35 percent. Such numbers cannot even be achieved via standard advertisements.

Brooklyn And Bailey – The Dream Twin Duo

The Internet has had a huge impact on our society, and the past few decades were certainly marked with the use of it. And you can be sure that this is just the beginning – the social media networks are a part of a daily routine for a few billion out there, and the best way to advertise products as well. Given this fact, thousands of people are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs and trying their best to be successful in this industry. What industry are we talking about? The one where you can earn a good income without leaving the comfort of your home. This, of course, doesn’t mean that it will come for free; on the contrary – it still requires a lot of time and effort, but the internet allows you to do what you love and when you love. And YouTube is the best example of it.

With YouTube becoming a major source of entertainment and one of the biggest social networks out there, people all over the world started creating their unique content and we now have hundreds of stars that are above 1 million subscribers. One of the best examples on how you can be young and successful is the dream twin duo of Brooklyn and Bailey. They are yet to turn 20 and already have a list of achievements in this industry. And you know why? Because they were creative and bold enough to give it a shot and show the world what they have got.

How Did The Brooklyn And Bailey Twin Duo Come To Be

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Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight were born in Allen, Texas on December 31, 1999, and that marked the beginning of now-famous dream twin duo. They made their first appearance exactly ten years ago in 2009 when their mother has featured them as a model for her DIY hair tutorials. And since then it was pretty clear that these identical looking twins will make an impact on the YouTube community. They have started their own channel in 2013, at the age of 14, with the main interest being discussing fashion, teen things and doing fun challenges. And of course, their channel sparked major interest very soon after, and in a matter of just a few months, they have reached the 100k subscribers. Charismatic and beautiful, the Brooklyn and Bailey duo was set to become one of the most popular YouTube channels out there. In 2015 their first accomplishment was finally officialized with the Business Insider listing them as one of the YouTube channels to look after – and here we are 4 years after with their community being at more than 5.5 million subscribers. Incredible for a 19-year-old twin duo, isn’t it?

Maximizing Their Potential

Their initial success was sparked by excellent fashion product reviews and DIY tutorials. Very soon after, they started a separate vlogging channel which was a major success as well. As years went by and their popularity grew they decided it is time to max on their potential and have joined the music industry in 2017. They released their first two hits Dance Like Me and Simple Things in the same year, and both did extraordinary on the iTunes USA Pop chart. Music creating was something they were interested in from the young age, and their YouTube popularity allowed them to do so. In 2018 they were finalists in the 10th Annual Shorty Awards competition. Along with that, Forbes listed them as the Top Kids influence stars. Talk about the accomplishment at such a young age!

And though their popularity is constantly growing, Brooklyn and Bailey don’t seem to change and they are staying consistent and true to their community. In 2017 they have launched their clothing merch line and allowed their fans to contribute and pay respect to their brand.


Brooklyn and Bailey, a dream twin duo that goes on to show that the age doesn’t matter. As long as you have the idea, and you are ready to put in the effort, there is no reason you shouldn’t go for it!

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