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Top Subreddits of 2020

Social media is the front wall of the Internet. Reddit is the best social platform that collects the best images, music, and videos. It is the most fascinating source of reading with thoughtful and serious comments of professionals on all questions. It has just one flaw, at a point, its use starts to take too much of your time. Initially, it scares away a spoiled user with its outdated design. However, as you get used to it, you will be surprised by the convenience and appearance of its mobile app. Here we have collected the best subreddits of 2020 in 7 different categories including;

  • Best Educational Subreddits
  • Best Fitness Subreddits
  • Best Music Subreddits
  • Best Fashion Subreddits
  • Best Subreddits for Women
  • Best Subreddits for Men
  • Best Meme Subreddits

Best Educational Subreddits of 2020

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This subreddit is to learn some new stuff, including facts from all areas of knowledge. You will be able to impress your colleagues with the breadth of our horizons at the right time. Open it and learn something new now!


Higher studies now have devalued strongly (in terms of economics). Now only lazy people don’t have any certifications. The reason behind this is the painful fashion of higher studies that isn’t that much necessary. If you don’t want to take lectures in college or university, this subreddit can be one of your best educational sources. It includes scientific facts and their explanations, and it is the best source to fill your brain with loads of information on any subject.


For people who don’t like to read, but they like to perceive knowledge visually, this page is the best. Occasionally GIFS are the best tool to grasp certain phenomenon. This page contains lots of such examples.


In a couple of decades, global changes have occurred with knowledge. Those who can understand the spirit of modern education start to study with diligence. Those who are still studying in the older way get disappointment and rejected modern science. For such people, this subreddit is the best source to follow to get all the help regarding the process of education and learning. On this page, you will find concerns about people and learn how to solve those difficult problems related to studying.


This is an ideal subreddit for people to learn, but they don’t know where to start. This page contains thousands of tutorials that help you to develop and upgrade skills in many areas including, playing guitar, baking cakes, designing, and much more.

Best Fitness Subreddits of 2020

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Here you will find lots of content on fitness, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle.


It’s the best place to show you and look at others’ bodybuilding achievements.


Here you will see millions of posts on a healthy diet and proper nutrition. You can ask questions and learn from the experiences of others.


To meet likeminded people in the field of sports, bodybuilding, fitness, and health don’t hesitate to check this subreddit.


If running is your hobby and you take part in races, read this subreddit to get information, latest news, and opportunities regarding this sport.

Best Music Subreddits of 2020

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This subreddit is for Jazz music lovers and help you find your favorite music.


This subreddit is best for inspiration. It helps evaluate original songs and enjoy minimalism music.


Here you will get a monstrous mix of all in a row. If you don’t know what you like then go to this page, you will get all here.

Best Fashion Subreddits of 2020

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This subreddit contains current fashion trends, news, photos, fashion shows, reviews of latest trends, photo shoots, and StreetStyle to keep you abreast of all new in the fashion world.


If you want to know what people from different parts of the world think about fashion, this page is yours.


Fashion is a controversial topic, and this can be understood by any brides prices, singer, actress, blogger, fashion models, or anyone in media. To know what ordinary people think about certain fashion go to this subreddit.  

Best Subreddits for Women of 2020

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The more perfect you are in your relationships, the more points you collect in his eyes as his wife, girlfriend, or a future mother. This subreddit is for a woman who is serious about her relationships.


If you like to learn how to communicate with people and groups, with words or without words, through body languages, gestures, and personal appearance, this page will help you to master in socialization.

Best Subreddits for Men of 2020

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Like women, men’s fashion also has a right to exist. This page stands of rights and wrongs for men’s fashion.


This pure male subreddit contains everything about how to develop self-confidence by reading stories of real men.


For those who like gadgets and technological innovations, this subreddit will help them to know about innovations first-hand and their reviews by real users.  

Best Meme Subreddits of 2020


To look for economic realities humorously, go to this subreddit and read truthful jokes on latest economic subjects.


Most memes are forgotten in a week or two. This page collect evergreen memes that have not lost for quite a time and are still interesting after years.

Is Coronavirus Making Monsters out of People?

People need to control themselves.

The Coronavirus brought something all over the world, something that very hard to control – panic. And with fear that’s spreading everywhere, people started panic buying groceries. The sight of empty shelves is now regular, and toilet paper is nowhere to be found. With the panic buying, there has been real chaos going in the store.

If you are one of those people that are buying things that they don’t need or buying too much stuff and not leaving anything for others – why are you doing that?

Do you ever think about other people? Do you ever think about the staff from the store, and how are they feeling daily? They need to work hard every day, be kind to people, explain to everyone why there isn’t any toilet paper left, even if it’s not their fault. And they are doing that while being scared for their life because of the virus.

Almost everyone on this planet saw the photographs of a crying cashier from an Australien supermarket. It shows the negative side of everything and the reality that cashiers all over the world need to deal with.

The cashier is in tears while being comforted by a woman that was shopping there. And she was crying because another angry customer attacked her.

In Australia, where this photo came from has been an enormous shortage of products in shops and supermarkets, and people are furious because of it. And because of their anger, they are yelling and being rude to cashiers, other workers from the shops, and even other shoppers.

There has even been some physical fight between shoppers because there wasn’t enough toilet paper and disinfectants for everyone.

A lot of people are reacting after they’ve seen this sad photograph. And they are commenting that cashiers and store workers are humans and that they need to work for living in this challenging situation. Most people on social media platforms agree with that and that they need to show respect to them.

A woman shared her story on social media. She commented she went to another store in the uniform from a store where she is working.  And that a customer screamed at her because there wasn’t any toilet paper left.

Who is the Best Organizer Among Kardashians?


The Kardashian family knows a lot about organizing the household, most definitely. Even though every member of the family has pretty strict and rigid schedules, the Kardashian-Jenner family really keeps their family as clean and fresh as it can be. This is done just in case they need to show parts of their house on social media. This means that all members of the family surely have exceptional organizational skills. However, we are wondering who is the king of the organization among them.

Well Organized Family

The maintenance of their household pretty much runs in their blood. Over time, every one of them showed their clean fresh parts of the household on social media. Naturally, all of them have gorgeous homes, but that doesn’t mean they are not organized well. Stars of popular reality tv show are following pretty strict rules when it comes to one particular area in their mansions. We are talking about kitchens.

Since every one of them enjoys preparing delicious meals, they have pretty strict rules about maintaining the kitchen space. All of this in order to keep it fresh and comfortable at the same time. Even though this can be hard due to their children running around, we can say with the utmost certainty that their kitchens always look top-notch.

Over the years, they even talked about this and gave their fans little sneak peeks into their private life every once in a while. Kourtney Kardashian, who has her own lifestyle website Poosh, talked about her organized pantries and even shared a few tips on how to make the maintenance both short and effective. She stated that even though this level of organization can make some people uncomfortable, it is really just a set of rules that need to be followed.

She also talked about her mother having labels on baskets, which say what is in them. Moreover, she is using several different glass jars for storing grains and cereals. A couple of months before her statement, Kim Kardashian West provided her fans with a sneak peek into her newly-done cupboard. However, this was followed by comments about her having no food in her new home. Like her older sister, the founder of SKIMS, likes to run her household on a high level of organization.

She has cereals stored in glass jars, boxed food and snacks are stored in her wine bars, and some sprinkles are sitting on top of multiple turntables. Even though she keeps her panties and kitchen pristine, she showed that she can have low organizational skills sometimes, we saw that when she posted a picture of her closet with is literally filled with clothes.

Khloe Kardashian is the King of Organization

Even though we talked about her sister Kourtney and Kim, the verdict is that Khloe Kardashian is the king of the organization when it comes to maintaining the household. She frequently talks about her wanting to always have all parts of her Calabasas mansion in mint condition. We had the pleasure of seeing her neat pantry and her ultra-tidy bedroom. Looks like the members of the Kardashian family are pretty good at keeping their homes in perfect condition. However, looks like Khloe is the best organized one within this big and popular family.

Everything you Wanted to Know About Ines Helene

This beautiful social media celebrity from Sweden is known as The Swedish Unicorn. Ines Helene became famous on Instagram by posting photos of her self in gym clothes. Here we are going to talk about everything that you wanted to know about her, her personal life, and some interesting facts and secrets.

Early Life of Ines Helene

Ines Helene is from Sweden, but she was born somewhere else. She was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina on February 4, 1992. But because of the war that was happening in that part of the world, her parents decided to migrate. They started a new life in Sweden. Ines was raised there alongside her younger sister, and she doesn’t remember her homeland at all.

When Ines was younger, she helped her dad when he was selling newspapers around their neighbor, and she also worked in nursing homes with older adults. Meanwhile, she completed her high school education in Sweden and decided to move to London to pursue higher education.

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In London, she enrolled at the Univerity. She wanted to graduate in Business Finance, but in the meantime, she became famous, and she paused her studies to focus on her modeling career.

Ines Helen’s Career


Ines Helen managed to do something that many girls would love to accomplish, she became famous on Instagram just by posting photos of her in gym clothes. Of course, she managed to do that because she is gorgeous and attractive looking.

Ines Helene now has more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram, and her fans love her very much. But that’s not all, Ines Helene is not just a superficial girl, she is also a Human rights advocate, and she also collaborated with World Aid Active.

Does Ines Helene have a boyfriend?

Currently, Ines Helene is single, and she is enjoying her life, not looking for a man. Some rumors were going around that she was in a romantic relationship with some celebrities. The stories were about her and both the rapper Drake and The Weeknd.  Those rumors were not the truth. The Swedish Unicorn never dated Drake nor The Weeknd, or they are just hiding that very well.

How much money does Ines Helene earn?

Like other famous social media models and influencers, Ines Helene is earning much more than she would be making if she was living in Sweden and working a regular job. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million. That’s a big difference, but she is very private, so it’s not easy to come by this kind of information.

The central portion of her net worth comes from her modeling career, but also ads and endorsement campaigns.

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The Most Beautiful Photos of Paige Spiranac

The attractive Paige Spiranac is a significant theme in the golf world, but not because of the games, but the attractive appearance. Paige is considered the sexiest and most bustling golfer in the world, often wearing provocative costumes with a deep neckline and playing in them. The girl is so hot that her every activity is followed by the watchful eye of thousands of her followers on social networks.


Paige Spiranac, 26, is an American golfer who, through a combination of golfing knowledge and looks, has become world-renowned, with more than 2 million followers on social networks.


However, beauty can also be an accident, and how critics on all sides, believe it or not, those who have fallen for an attractive golfer, telling her that she only brings provocation to the golf course and nothing else. She has come to the forefront of interest even after she has sharply opposed the strict regulations on women’s golf, namely the ban on shirts with a broad neckline, short skirts.


Often, precisely because of her physical appearance, Miss Spiranac has been a topic as an example of how a girl can be successful, not the only way is through hard work, but also physical appearance.

After her nude photos leaked some time ago, Paige Spiranac decided to stop day-to-day worries about whether her ex-boyfriend would publish anything in the private archive. After that, she was partially nude for “Sports Illustrated,” one of the world’s most famous magazines, and then posts the same photo to herself on social media.


Paige Spiranac Net Worth

Despite all the stories circulating, this young lady is very successful and makes a lot of money from paid posts on social networks. Her net worth is about $ 1 million after deciding to retire from professional golf and devote herself to social media posts.


Did Christina Hendricks Finally Join Instagram?

Christina Hendricks used to be one of those people who weren’t into Instagram. However, the actress finally decided to change that, and got on board with the photo and video-sharing social network.

During her interview on Popcorn with Peter Travers, Hendricks talked about experience of joining Instagram and she said: „I got on Instagram. I finally broke down with a little help from my friends. I’m slowly easing into it. It’s fun. I’m enjoying it. But it’s work.“

The Good Girls star compared having a social media platform to having a whole different job.

She also added: „You sort of feel like you want to share yourself and be true to yourself that, you know, your image and personality is so manipulated by interviews and magazines and these kinds of things. So this is your platform to just say, ‘This is who I am.’ And it’s not being manipulated by anyone else. This is just me.“

The actress talked about other people’s assumptions which aren’t true, saying: „I think a lot of people sort of assume that I’m Joan from ‘Mad Men,’ that maybe I’m a bit more stern or a little more uptight or maybe a little more put together. I’m a mess. I’m a barefoot, jeans wearing, dropping things on the floor girl. I’m not nearly as sort of put together. I think people think maybe I’m prissy. I’m not.“

A third season of the crime comedy-drama television series, Good Girls, premiered in February, and Hendricks said that there will be many plot twists.

During the interview, she talked about her caracter, saying: „I play your typical Midwestern mother – middle class, hardworking, organized – but found herself sort of on autopilot and lost maybe sight of her dreams and what her needs were.“

„It’s a quirky show. It is quirky and weird and fun and has great music. And it’s dark. And it’s an interesting tone that you haven’t seen before. And I really think it’s unique,“ the actress concluded.

Email Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Small businesses need to utilize all the means necessary to be able to succeed and establish a stable position on the market. New methods appear all the time. Some are more, some are less successful, but a strategy that has proven its value multiple times is email marketing. Creating a valuable and effective strategy is of the essence. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Attract people to sign up

If you strive towards making the email marketing your central strategy to promote your business, you will need people to sign up for the email list. First, think about the problem that your customers want to resolve. Then, present them with the idea of the possible solutions as this may trigger the curiosity factor and increase your chance of getting a new member on your email list. 

Make sure the sign-up box is somewhere where people can easily see it. Also, you might want to think about integration with the social media profiles, where people can instantly get all the information they need. The simplicity is usually what you need because people appreciate an easy approach. 

Give rewards

People love rewards! It’s in our nature. If something is free of charge and easy to get, we are there. Use this to your advantage. Offer new members a prize after they finish the sign-up process, such as a free ebook or a discount for the most popular products. This is usually all it takes to persuade someone to follow through, but make sure it is something that will be valuable and useful to your customers, otherwise their interest will disappear very fast. 

Get familiar with the regulations

Law requires all businesses to provide a simple mechanism for unsubscribing and it is regulated by the Act called CAN-SPAM. If someone requests to unsubscribe, it is your duty to make it possible in the following ten days, if not instantly. In case you fail to comply with this regulation, you may end up paying a fine, which is certainly something you don’t want. 

Learn from email marketing data

Don’t let your data go unnoticed. When you start running a small business, you may end up overwhelmed pretty soon with all kinds of demands, requests, problems and day to day issues. However, it is necessary to stop for a moment and focus on what’s important. Analyzing your email marketing data is the essence of achieving success. If you are not sure how to do that, you can always leave it to professionals, visit eSputnik for more information. 

Don’t forget social media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are now our reality. Everyone has a profile on at least one of these platforms, which is why it’s necessary to establish a presence on all of them. The companies that realized in time that social media is here to stay and made it possible for their customers to reach them on these platforms profited significantly. Just the idea that the business owner dedicated enough attention to lay everything out for their customers, tells a lot about the approach and the future of the cooperation. 

The customers will surely appreciate your effort to constantly inform them about all the new products, services, meet-ups or anything else that is important for your customers. Not only that, but this approach increases the chance that the customer will see something interesting that will inspire them to buy and probably even recommend your company to a friend or colleague. This significantly widens your network and the span of potential customers.

Keep it very simple

No one wants to be piled up with information. You must be aware of the habits your consumers have. Think about the average customers – they will probably check their email on the go while they are waiting for a bus, a meeting or a meal. They probably have just 5 minutes and they don’t want to spend it all on emails, so they will just open the emails, scroll through and move on to something else. If the information is laid out pretty clearly and without the use of long, hardly understandable formulations, you are on the right track. When you think about it, the biggest and most successful companies use short slogans that made them famous, so as Nike would say – Just do it! See, 3 words, but so effective.

Keep your emails regular

In order to be on someone’s mind when they need a service or a product, you need to have a schedule of sending emails, or they will completely forget about you. Send the emails weekly or monthly. Make sure you create the right strategy and keep the balance, so don’t get too pushy and annoying, but still be there when necessary. This is sometimes hard to achieve, but again, here comes the importance of data analysis – it can help greatly. 

Provide quality content

Content is everything. If you don’t provide quality content, everything else won’t matter. You must give your customers the information that they need, packaged in an interesting way. If all you offer are empty promises, you will lose them just as fast as they signed-up. This will result in an enormous loss of time and resources.

Each of these steps is very important and its implementation requires time and dedication. It is easy to give up when obstacles appear, but all of them can be resolved with the right approach. If you think you are not skilled enough to execute the entire strategy, then delegating this task may be a wise choice. One thing is for sure – email marketing carries huge potential and shouldn’t be overlooked. 



Facebook Tools to Help you with your Business on this Network

Social media websites are known to be one of the best places to expand your business. It is more than obvious that nowadays you have to ensure your presence on the internet if you want to reach new milestones and new audiences. Every follower on your Facebook page is another potential customer.

Statistics show us that businesses following the latest trends are a lot more successful compared to the ones that don’t. Frankly, all of the latest trends are heavily connected with social media and the internet. Long gone are the times when running a business without a website and social media presence was a viable option.

Today, people want to access your information from their own bed, so if they want to know more about your business, they expect you to have a website or a Facebook page.

If you are currently new in the entire business-running field, and you want to learn more about it, we recommend reading until the end of this article. We’re going to take a look at some of the best Facebook tools that can help your business grow, so let’s not make this introduction any longer and jump straight into the content, shall we?


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A company called Hootsuite made a tool called AdEspresso, and it is probably one of the most useful things that you’ve seen in the entire field of AdManagement. This tool gives you a complete analysis of everything that’s going on with your advertisements at the moment, and it allows you to change things up in real-time based on your needs. All of the prices, conversions, clicks and everything else that you need are displayed clearly in the UI.

The best feature about it? You can run “test campaigns” that will give you a better insight on whether your real campaign is going to be successful or not. It is mainly used for Facebook, but you can use it for other social media platforms as well. Instagram is really popular these days, so that’s always a good option for your business.


This is something that is considered as the “next level” of Facebook ads, and here’s why. ShortStack allows you to visually edit all of your campaigns that you’re running on social media, but that’s not all.

We already know how important it is for your campaign to be interactive and engaging for your community, so ShortStack offers you an option to create really interesting forms of campaigns, such as giveaways, contests and even quizzes.

If this is what you’re after, definitely take a look at this wonderful creation. You will not be disappointed by the number of choices ShortStack offers you. It might take you some time in order to learn how things function, but after that it’s just straight-forward quality marketing.

Facebook Pages

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Facebook itself is really user-friendly and helpful when it comes to running advertisements and campaigns. You will always get some useful tips and advice from their algorithm, and for beginners, this is more than enough.

On the dashboard, you can see how each one of your marketing campaigns is performing, as well as the money you’ve spent or “earned” from the views and clicks. A great place to start if you are new in digital marketing.

Facebook Link Debugger

Digital Marketing agents are facing a very common problem when they’re posting things on their Facebook pages. What’s even funnier is that you are probably aware of this problem as well, because you don’t really have to be a marketing agent in order to experience this at least once in your life. Here’s what we’re talking about.

Before you post something, you are always customizing it in order to get the best-looking thumbnail, description, location and all of that. Well, sometimes you do everything right, but after clicking that blue “post” button, the post looks completely different. This is where we all tend to get pretty frustrated and start deleting things from our feed. Well, imagine what happens to a person who has to post over a hundred things per day, it’s just absolute madness.

Luckily, the Facebook Link Debugger is here to save the day, and it is pretty much safe to say that this tool is amongst the most useful ones on the entire website. So, if you are interested in learning how to use this, you can visit kontentino and learn some more in less than five minutes.

The infamous Post Planner

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Nobody can afford to be in front of their computer the entire day, just to post something that was scheduled to go live in 4:35AM. In order to avoid wasting your entire time in front of your screen, people invented a tool that’s called Post Planner. This one allows you to schedule every single one of your posts and get them to publish themselves automatically without you having to do it manually.

What’s even better is that the Post Planner includes a lot of other useful things as well, so it’s not just a post scheduler. Checking which publishes perform best and changing up your campaigns are all useful options that are available for use.


If you want a more advanced approach to analytics and learning how each one of your posts are performing, Buffer is the ultimate tool for that. You can see all of the required and vital information for your campaign in one simple and amazingly-designed dashboard. This includes all of the clicks that you’re getting, percentage of engagement on your post, impressions, like to dislike ratio as well as other useful things such as comments, shares etc.

If you want to use one tool for everything, Buffer is great for it because it also allows you to schedule your posts, meaning that you can go on a vacation while your social media website remains active and self-posts all of the things that need to go live.

That’s it for today’s article, we hope that you liked our list of useful tools, and we wish you good luck with your marketing campaigns. Remember to use each one of these to the fullest and you’ll be amazed with the results in no time.

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