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Difference between Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is most often compared to Forex, or foreign exchange trading. Forex, like cryptocurrency, is a type of trading currencies. Chance, on the other hand, knows no borders. Because of its current success, many market participants have switched to the crypto market. After the day, whether you trade Forex or cryptocurrency is a conscious choice based on your objectives, finances, and asset allocation. Both industries have their own scope and value. There are many things that are similar in both while some are different. There are, nevertheless, a few main distinctions between both the groups.

Scope of both industries:

Forex trading is a massive and very good industry, while cryptocurrency trading is a relative novice. Forex trading often includes intermediaries, dealers, and other organizations who take commissions at any transaction stage. While for the crypto trading market you do not need any third party like a bank dealer, organization or bank to make trades. Another main difference between the two is the availability of Forex’s volatility against the no volatility in crypto – particularly once you get away from one of the most famous currencies. There’s also the issue of safety.

Fluctuation and Consistency

Forex also loses the same volatility as cryptocurrency, making it difficult to profit from minor variations in currency fluctuations. However, this has the advantage of having widely accessible flexibility. In other terms, it’s relatively simple to exchange one currency for the other.  Orders like this are usually filled almost immediately. Because of Forex’s large regular volatility, many pairs exist, even though they are minor currencies. The forex market’s liquidity also guarantees that big transactions do not significantly alter a single process’s market value.That makes it not only reliable but a constantly profit giving market.  Big transactions in bitcoin have a significant effect on the price.

Although crypto’s value can fluctuate for bulk transactions, deal with bitcoin, and lower coins, it has virtually no entry barriers. It’s extremely simple to get started trading cryptocurrency, and several social media platforms enable users to hop right in and keep negotiating almost immediately. if an investor with high value of shares in the market takes his investment out like it did some days before when elon musk has taken out his money out of the market. the price of bitcoin went down from sixty thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars which has affected the whole market and small investors has white washed from the market because they did not survived by the high fall of value.The payments are normally much lower than Foreign exchange payments, and there are no costs involved since there is no intermediary. Big regular swings in crypto fluctuations are also probable and popular, making it much easier to sell low in the afternoon and trade up in the afternoon. Learn more  on

Enforcement and protection

There is yet another significant difference in meaning. The distinction is one of defense. Cryptocurrencies are a fairly new concept, with all of the dangers that come with new emerging technologies. There are several news reports about cryptocurrency becoming compromised, robbed, or lost due to technical difficulties. Because of the blockchain technology immutability, such acts are exceptionally hard, if not unlikely, to undo. In the same way that forex trading involves swapping one asset with another, cryptocurrency trading does. The cryptocurrency and managed forex accounts comparison markets, on the other hand, are affected by different factors.

Also, there are few, if any, rules governing cryptocurrency trading. As a result, traders can be vulnerable to fraud and dishonest conduct without any redress. Having your finances compromised and robbed is a terrible feeling, and it’s even worse because there is no chance to have your cashback. In fraudulent transactions, most forex trades come with insurance, and the law normally regulates broker funds. Cryptocurrencies, unlike currencies in the Forex sector, are not protected by a central authority. If anyone hacked your wallet or account you can never claim your money or get it back because it is not controlled by any authority or organization which makes it not secure for individuals and small investors. They’re hosted on the internet and are protected. Also, the network creates cryptocurrencies in return for people who work to protect the network and verify entries in return for virtual money. Crypto miners is the term used for such individuals who invest in bitcoin.

Which Is The Wiser Choice?

All Forex and crypto trading have their very own set of advantages and disadvantages, as well as costs and benefits. In particular, Forex trading is far more efficient, safe, and controlled than other types of trading. Crypto trading promises much greater yields than Forex, albeit at the expense of Forex’s sustainability. This ensures that experienced traders with a high investor sentiment will make far more money in crypto than they do in Forex without contending about the same level of informed participation. In particular, forex trading is much more safe, controlled, and stable; nevertheless, crypto trading can provide you with greater yields. Both are really risky trading and require a sound knowledge prior to investing.


The two economies are close only in that they’re electronic money trading platforms. Because of Forex’s volatility versus crypto volatility, investors would need different investment strategies for each. In the context that they are electronic commerce methods of money, the financial systems are very close. To begin dealing, everything you need is complete information about this market, as stated earlier, because this field can be risky and beneficial at the same time.if you want to earn more with investing less in the market then the forex is the best platform for you. but before getting into any market do a deep analysis and the best way is to learn about the forex market and how it works is to start with the demo account. If you feel that you are good with a demo account then you can open a live account with any trusted exchange for live trading.

Why You Should Use Social Media?

The concept of social media is something truly unparalleled in the history of mankind. The reason is that nothing ever could connect people as fast as these can these days. Sure, most people immediately think about Facebook or Instagram when they hear this term. But it needs to be said that these are not the only ones. Older generations remember platforms like Myspace, which was pretty popular in the mid-2000s.

It needs to be said that Myspace was used mainly for exchanging music. However, we can see that the concept has shifted from the initial idea. Today, we have Facebook and Instagram who had their shares of changes and updates for a variety of reasons. At the same time, now we have a new emerging powerhouse called TikTok.  It shares some resemblance to these two, but it has its twist that makes it truly unique.

If you have an account on TikTok and you want to increase the number of followers on your account, be sure to check Now, we would like to talk about the reasons why you should use these. Meaning, what are the benefits you can reap from having an account. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these.

What are the Main Reasons?

It needs to be said that there are two types of benefits you can reap from having an account on the social media platform. Let’ see what they are.

Social Reasons

First, we would like to talk about personal benefits. When we say personal benefits, we are saying that you can use these to stay in contact with people who are not living near you anymore. Especially family members. Sure, having frequent communication with them even though they are miles away from you will make this fact much easier to comprehend, we are sure of that. Therefore, choose the one where you have the most of your friends and family, and you can start talking with them immediately.

Business Reasons

On the other side, we have business benefits. Since we are living in the digital era, there is no business in the world that can be successful without having a properly organized social media account. The reason is rather simple. Social media are used by billions of people from all over the world. Therefore, the pool for your new customers is practically endless. The only thing you need to do is use a proper strategy and you will see that it is possible to reach these benefits quite effectively. Now, let’s take a look at some of these business benefits in greater detail.

1. Enhanced Customer Service

The first benefit we would like to discuss is enhanced customer service. The reason is simple. Whenever customers need some kind of information on the products they have bought from your brand, they will send you a message on social media. As you can see, this is a pretty easy and effective way to establish a communication between brand and a customer.

Plus, there is no limitation to how many messages can be sent. Above all, it provides a chance for brands to get to know their customers a little bit better. That way, you will have a great insight into what they should invest their efforts to increase the sales and profits. Therefore, customers service is one of the reasons why you should have a social media account.

2. Low-Cost Marketing

As you probably know, any kind of marketing will require some investment on the behalf of the business owner. That’s why these platforms are a great way to market your brand. The reason is that you can do it for a reasonable price, but the effect will be much higher than with any other marketing service. Since you know that there are billions of people on these networks, there is no wonder why this is one of the greatest advantages.

3. Reputation Boost

Reputation is a key factor in leading an effective organization. While this may look like an easy thing to do, we assure you, it’s not. The reason is that the competition is quite steep online. Therefore, you will need to stand out as a reputable business. Otherwise, you will be just one of those businesses that cannot distinguish themselves from a wide array of similar ones online. That’s why having an active account is something that will make a great difference.

4. Increasing Sales

As we’ve already said, using social media marketing tools is not something we would describe as a hefty investment. At the same time, using these can help you to significantly increase your sales. The more effective it is, the more people will talk about it. Ultimately it ends in higher sales, and more importantly, revenue. That’s why you will need to take a look towards making the best possible business account, that has a response to all the questions.

5. Snowballing Website Traffic

Last but not least, we would like to say that having an account on these platforms can provide you with a chance to increase your site’s traffic. That’s why the link to the website will be shared all over the internet, and people will have a chance to open it whenever they come across it. Sure, not all of those who visit will be interested in what you have to offer.

But that doesn’t matter as long as the traffic is increased. It needs to be said having an active and efficient social media strategy is a great addition to the overall Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Through them, you will have a chance to see whether your brand is popular as you want it to be, and what you can expect in the future, according to the predictions and trends.

The Bottom Line

Here, you can take a look at a couple of reasons why you should use social media networks. We do not doubt that you will find all of these interesting and that they will be a key factor in your decision on whether you will use them.

How Social Commerce Is Changing Online Shopping?

Online shopping or e-commerce has become one of the key pillars of the global retail industry. As per Statista website, by 2024, e-commerce sales would be 21.8% of the global retail sales. The website also reveals that in 2020, over two billion people did online shopping, and e-retail sales crossed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars globally.

The ease with which users shop online today has primarily boosted the online shopping industry. Moreover, with the convenience of mobile phones, the e-commerce platform is churning more profits than ever. As per, almost half of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile users.

Recently, a new trend has emerged in the online retail industry, i.e. social commerce. It implies boosting online shopping on social platforms. In this article, we have explained what social commerce is and how it is changing the online shopping experience around the globe.

Social commerce – the new way of making online sales

Social commerce means buying a product on social media directly. For example, buying a product on Facebook after learning about it from other users and influencers.

Here users don’t visit the company’s site for purchase. E-retailers are making use of growing your Facebook with Vervebook to gain a competitive edge in the social commerce domain.

Unlike social media marketing where brands promote themselves on social platforms to drive traffic to their business websites, social commerce is about creating e-commerce channels and integrating them with different social media platforms.

Nowadays, you will often see certain products being displayed on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with an option for “Buy Now”. Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the business account of the retail business and you can place your order through social media.

Thus, social media channels are proving to be a boon for online retailers as they not only help drive traffic but also increase the number of prospective leads and buyers with 100% assurance.

How is social commerce changing the online shopping industry?

With the rise of social commerce, it’s expected that by 2027, social commerce will reach $604.5 billion which is an overwhelming figure (

Social commerce has changed the user psyche and behavior

With the introduction of social commerce, a shift has been noticed in the mindsets of the customers. Previously, retail businesses used to promote brands and products on social media channels. The users were directed to the main website where they were able to explore the products further for buying. In such a scenario, businesses were getting the traffic they had planned for even though the sales weren’t increasing as expected.

However, with social commerce, the process is not as long as the details of the products on social media posts. A user, if convinced, buys directly from social media rather than wasting time contemplating and then backing out. Hence, from a business’s point of view, there will be an increase in both traffic and sales.

Next, let us check out some ways in which social commerce can change the online business industry around the globe.

Social media platforms integrating social commerce features

Different social media channels have different technologies using which e-retailers can integrate the purchase channels directly with their social media account. For example, on Instagram, businesses can make posts that will be identified as shoppable. These posts will appear on the walls of both the followers and the target audience. People will be able to directly purchase the products, all thanks to the convincing post features you can take advantage of.

Similarly, if we consider Facebook, they have the product tags feature that helps in getting more and more leads for e-commerce business. Product tags help businesses establish a relationship between the brand and the business channel which further increases the sales.

Shopify is another social media platform where businesses can establish sales channels. This particular platform comes with several features using which you can post your products and convince the users to buy them immediately.

Next on the list is Pinterest. Pinterest has partnered with Shopify to sell online in over 25 countries. This partnership has enabled Shopify to take advantage of over 450 million Pinterest users. They have introduced features like multi-feed support for Catalogs and others to build interested audiences. The rich Pins feature helps to synchronize the information on the company website and social media posts. YouTube also offers opportunities to upsell to users through affiliate links, links in the description box, ads in between videos, and also influencer videos.

Visual Content and Social Commerce

For posting products on social media channels, companies are using attractive, and enticing visual content in the form of pictures, GIFs, videos, and so on. With the integration of multimedia, businesses are trying to convince and captivate their target users thus enhancing their shopping experience.  The idea is to penetrate the users’ mind. In short, the shoppability quotient of the content is heightened. For instance, creating vibrant shoppable galleries to woo more customers.

In contrast to traditional methods of retail business, social commerce (in this case visual commerce), allows the users to have a virtual experience of the products they are looking to buy. Once the products meet their requirements, they go ahead and check reviews and buy them, there and then.

It is also important to optimize multimedia content using the right keywords, hashtags. Product details and price.

Reviews by influencers and users

Integrating the influencer channels and supervising the insights on each post is yet another social commerce strategy. Influencers help to build trust amongst the followers and target audience and eventually help the business grow. Ecommerce business owners are aware of this new trend and run social influencer campaigns frequently.

Influencer reviews act like peer recommendations and are very impactful in convincing people. They can be in the form of posts, stories, and videos on social media accounts. They help users to get the clarification they need about the products and play a key role in helping one make a purchase decision. If you haven’t tried brand influencers for your marketing, try today. Don’t miss out on this impactful way of encouraging online shopping!


Buying trends are changing. Social commerce is trending these days and is changing the way people shop online. Businesses are learning these new marketing trends and integrating them into their marketing mix. Plan your social commerce or social selling campaign today!

Why You May Need a Random Name

Why should you use a random name instead of your real name? Today, you see more people using nicknames instead of their real names. Many of these people use these names for various reasons. For example, on Facebook and other social media platforms, many people prefer using their aliases. Also, many gamers who participate in online games use their nicknames.

How do You Come up With a Random Name?

There are different ways of coming up with a random name. Some people brainstorm to come up with a fancy nickname that would suit them. However, trying to come up with the perfect alias can be sometimes difficult, depending on the purpose it is intended for. That is why many people using a name generator tool.

An online tool like can that easily helps you come up with aliases. Instead of cracking your brain for a nickname, you can use name generator tools to come up with as many names as you want fast. Assuming you need a fantasy name for online gaming purposes, you can use a fantasy name generator to come up with such. Name generators are usually fast and easy to use.

As previously mentioned, people use aliases for many reasons. However, some of the common reasons why many people use nicknames are as follows:

Character Names

Maybe you’re a writer, and you need names for characters in a book you’re writing. Some of the characters in your book may require unique names. For that, you can easily use name generators to come up with such unique names.

To Prevent Identity Theft

Today, a lot of membership sites require people to sign up with their names and other details. Such details could get into the wrong hands, leading to identity theft and other similar issues. So, to prevent such, many people prefer using an alias or nickname when signing up on such websites.

Testing Purposes

People also a wow name generator for testing purposes. Maybe there’s a site that you do not know how it works and requires a sign-up before you can access some information. In such cases, many people may not want to use their real information at first. They would use an alias to sign up on the site, and once they find out the site is reputable and useful, they can now use their real names to create another account.

Naming Ideas For Pets

Coming up with the perfect name for your pet can sometimes be difficult, especially if you want a unique and uncommon name. The names many people give their pets are very similar and common. Instead of using a common name, you can come up with a Roman name. All you need to do is use a Roman name generator to come up with one.

For Social Media

Over the years, the use of social media platforms has increased. Today, almost every teenager and adult have an account on social media platforms. Many young people prefer using nicknames instead of their real names on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others because they believe it’s trendy. So, if you are also looking for a nice name that you can use for social media, you can use a wow name generator to come up with one you like.

Real Name is Difficult to Pronounce

Many people whose names are difficult to pronounce or spell usually use a nickname that is easier to pronounce and spell. For example, an American may find it difficult to pronounce some Asian names, such as Chenglei, Zhuhee, and many others. Asian people with such names usually adopt nicknames that are easier to call. So, if your name is a bit difficult to pronounce or spell, you can online name generators to come up with a lovely name.

Your Name is Taken

Another reason to use an alias or nickname is if your real name is taken. Maybe you want to create an account on a site, and another person who bears the same name has already used the name for their account. When that happens, you can use a name-generating tool to generate an alternative name that you can use to register.

For Alternative Accounts

Another common reason many people use nicknames is for alternative accounts. Assuming you already created an account using your real names on a site, and you need to create a second account on the same site, you can use an alternative name to create one. However, coming up with a name that you will like may be somewhat challenging. For that, you can easily use online name generators to come up with one that you will like.

Stage Name

Assuming you are planning to become a musician, one of the first things you need to decide on is the stage name that you’ll be using. The stage name you adopt can make all the difference in your musical career. It would be best if you considered using a name that is unique and easy to remember. However, coming up with the perfect stage name can be quite challenging because you’ll have to personally come up with different names that you can choose from.

Using a fantasy name generator online can help you come up with the perfect stage name fast. This saves you the time and stress of coming up with different names yourself. Also, name generators will provide you with tons of names that you can pick from.

Random name generators are commonly used these days by many people for a wide range of purposes. One of the major reasons many people use them is because they are very easy and fast to use. In fact, you don’t even have to create an account to use them. That said, you can use them to generate as many names as you like within a short period. Whenever you need an alias for online gaming, to create an alternate account, or for other purposes, all you need to do is use online name generators.

The Importance of Videos in Content Marketing

Marketing and advertising in general are hardly the same things they once were. Although commercials and video material used for content marketing have been around for decades, they have not been nearly as popular nor dominant as they currently are. The modern days we live in are filled with visual media and it surrounds us no matter what we do or where we go. Thanks to the advancements in information technology and the wider adoption of modern gadgets and hardware, as well as all the new social media platforms and the fact that everyone uses them, videos have never been more crucial for learning, getting news, having fun, and in marketing.

Brands have realized this years ago which is why you are seeing cleverly integrated adds all around you. As most of them are actively shifting to videos as an effective tool for marketing, it is crucial to understand their importance in content marketing. If you have a business of your own, chances are that you could be doing better with your marketing strategy especially when it comes to the modern means of getting your message to the world. Identifying the methods that make your brand stand out can further boost the engagement and help you down the line. In this article you can learn exactly what you need in order to do so. In the following sections you will find the five most important reasons why video-based content marketing can exponentially grow your brand.

1. Increased ROI

The return on marketing investment, or ROI, is crucial for any type of marketing campaign. In the content marketing space, video-based content provides higher ROI on average than any other form of content. Although the ROI is highly dependent on the quality of content and the strategy implemented, the rise of smartphones has added a great degree of ease into the once much harder act of video creation. Most viewers prefer videos that provide more information about the product or service offered by the business while keeping it entertaining. Considering the finer aspects of video creation, content marketers can keep their costs low and maximize the ROI simultaneously. Since everyone has a smartphone nowadays and they use popular apps every day, using the modern means of digital marketing is not only better for your marketing investment return but it is easy to implement and use.

2. Drastic Boost to Engagement

Statistically, videos on social media platforms generate around 120 times more shares and engagements on average than the combined impact of content based on text and images. What is more, an average modern customer prefers videos to both reading and looking at images anyway. Video-based content goes a long way in establishing a solid relationship with the client and also fostering trust and reliability of the brand. Providing consumers with videos that are very likely to be shared ensures that a larger audience gets introduced to your brand while strengthening the loyalty of your existing and returning clients. All of the top social media agencies strongly recommend the use of videos in digital marketing as much as possible since it yields so much results and benefits for any type of brand.

3. Improved Search Engine Optimization

Videos have been proven to increase the engagement a brand has with the customer base, thereby resulting in more time being spent on websites and social platforms of the brand. The time spent on the website boosts the search engine profile of the company, resulting in better statistics of the brand and a higher rating on search engines when a user looks for something related to the brand. Optimizing videos for SEO with accurate information in the description and the right tags will ensure that your website is one of the top 5 to be listed when a client looks up industry-based keywords. You can relatively easily boost the search engine ranking of your website by ensuring that videos on your website contain the right keywords, meta descriptions and titles, as well as thumbnail images. They should also be the right length since too short and too long marketing videos are not the favorites among the crowd.

4. Better Sales and Conversion

As observed by one of the leading digital marketing agency services in Thailand, videos used for content marketing drive both the sales and the conversion for the business. How we hear you ask? The human brain is largely visual, meaning most of the information about the world we get comes through out eyesight. This should be used by companies, and it is, which is why video-based content is popular among most users. If directed correctly, with the right amount of explanation about the business and the products or services they offer, videos can keep clients engaged for hours at a stretch, and definitely longer than either text, speech, or images. This high-level engagement further leads the users towards making a well-informed purchase decision with increased satisfaction.

5. Easy to Grasp

With most industries being primarily driven by media, consumption of video-based content is at its all-time peak. Best of all, the peak is continuously rising and there is no end in sight in terms of how much more the videos will become important for the contemporary individual. Studying a product or service in great detail is a time-consuming process, and in a fast-moving society like ours, videos serve this purpose in the lowest time possible. Video-based content is now accessible to individuals through their pocket devices and stable internet connections, both of which are readily and cheaply available all over the world. These are no longer luxuries but necessities without which the person would be at a large disadvantage. Because of this, it is easier for users to connect with the brand and also grasp the idea it is trying to transfer to them about the product or service more quickly, and countless times more efficiently.

Videos that are not optimized to suit the audience’s requirements can harm both the business and the brand image. Hence, it is essential to curate the videos effectively and avoid them hurting you instead of helping. As the most preferred social media agency in Thailand, IBEX can help you achieve that and much more on your way to a wider and more diverse customer base!

How to Improve Customer Experience in eCommerce Stores

As more and more shoppers seek convenience, a vast purview of options, and fair pricing, eCommerce shopping has slowly come to alter the retail industry. Consumer activity in eCommerce has been so furtive that the industry’s revenue is expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021, indicating that the dramatic move away from conventional retail will not be reversed anytime soon.

As such, delivering a stellar eCommerce customer experience today is not only advantageous to companies but also a necessity. As an increasing number of people shop online, their standards for a positive customer experience grow. According to research by PwC, 73% of all people consider customer experience to be a crucial component in their buying decisions, but only 49% of U.S. customers agree that they provide a good customer experience. In order to help eCommerce organizations close that gap, we have assimilated a list of five tips in this article that will help you understand how to improve customer experience for eCommerce.

1. Build a user-friendly website

The most crucial element in running an eCommerce store successfully is its website. This is because your website is usually the first touchpoint in your prospective customer’s journey, and thus you have to ensure that the first impression people have is a good one.

You can do this by building easy-to-navigate web pages that allow your customers to gain an intuitive grasp of how to proceed on your website to browse products or seek the services they need. As such, the UI of the website should be categorically organized, much the same way a physical store is. Also, ensure that the search button is easily discoverable and links to all your resources.

Building an easy-to-use website with a well-designed search bar can not only allow customers to find what they need but also makes for a great customer experience. Take the example of Zara’s website. It places the search bar in a way that it is big and clearly visible. In addition to that, it also lists its product categories as a carousel so that the user can skim through them easily to land upon the category that they want to shop.

2. Use upselling & cross-selling strategies

Providing items related to your customers’ purchases is also a very effective way to improve the customer experience for your eCommerce store. However, while doing so, ensure that you don’t bombard shoppers with every relevant product there is, but rather push items to your customer that will complement their shopping cart.

You can also craft compelling CTA(s) and provide offers to customers to persuade them to buy more or higher-priced items. Again, make sure that the frequency of your messages is just right since incessant upsells could alienate clients.

By providing high-value discounts and complimentary items, you can tie people to your eCommerce store so that they buy regularly and become repeat customers. Dollar Shave Club is the perfect example of this. Their confirmation email above shows you how it not only allows customers to know about an incoming shipment but also upsells other complementary products.

3. Employ chatbots to reduce cart abandonment rates

Were you aware that as many as 88% of shopping carts of eCommerce stores are abandoned by customers, irrespective of the industry they belong to?

Many a time, customers add products to their cart without fully understanding what they want or how and which product could fit their needs the best. This makes customers hesitate to buy a product that they might not be satisfied with later. What’s more, buyers could also be confused about different aspects of your website, such as what’s the return policy, how many payment options there are, among others, which often arises as a result of lack of customer support.

In order to help buyers understand these things, you can employ a chatbot to provide customer support to buyers at every hour of the day. Retail chatbots are not only available round-the-clock, but they also remind buyers about products in their shopping carts by tracking them from the time they add products to their cart and activating cart reminders to encourage them to make a purchase.

When it comes to choosing a chatbot for ecommerce stores, there are plenty of players in the market. But Acquire’s Chatbot and Intercom’s conversational platform are industry leaders.

4. Build a great community on social media

According to a study from IAB, around 90% of consumers claim that they would recommend a brand and its products to others after engaging with them on social media.

This is great news for eCommerce store owners. Social media not only allows them to interact with customers through their unique brand voice but also gives them a chance to retarget customers. By being active on your social media page and engaging customers on a daily basis, you can build a dedicated community of followers.

Take Black Milk Clothing, for example. The brand has a host of Facebook groups across the world, along with a huge group called “Sell, Swap, Buy”, with more than 15,000 members.

The brand uses its Facebook page very wisely, sometimes even featuring Instagram photos of their customers wearing or flaunting their products. This maneuver serves a double purpose: it makes existing customers happy and also gives prospective buyers a chance to see what their products look like on real people, giving them more incentive to buy their products.

5. Provide excellent customer support

As said above, the power of excellent customer support can never be understated. And while chatbots come in handy to service customer queries at odd hours of the day or even handle an inordinate number of basic inquiries simultaneously, it doesn’t quite provide the interpersonal connection that a human does.

A customer with a defective product is obviously going to be comparatively more emotional. Having them engage with chatbots could potentially leave them sulking because of the lack of empathy, prompting them to leave you a bad review. That is why you should ensure that your customer support personnel is always equipped to quite literally save the day for your customer, and in the process, save yours too.

At the same time, be extremely pedantic about who you place your faith in since these support personnel are the face of your brand for your consumers. Educate your support team personnel in the art of customer support through real-life examples and exemplars. Take Zappos, for example. Known for having an obsessive focus around its customers’ experience, Zappos is often the benchmark for providing customer support, along with, of course, Amazon.

Shown above is just one example of Amazon‘s many successful customer support stories, where a customer support personnel services the customer while roleplaying with them, adding an extra dimension to their experience in the process.


When everything’s said and done, delivering a satisfactory customer experience is certainly no cakewalk. It is a continuous process that involves tailing the customer on their buyer journey and helping them at every stage in the process. It also involves understanding your audience well and creating the right support systems for them to enjoy a good experience shopping with you.

Car Accident Lawsuit: How You Can Protect Yourself


Immediately after a car accident, you probably aren’t really thinking about the possible legal battle that lies ahead. Instead, you are most likely focused on other things. The damage to your vehicle and any injuries you may have sustained probably occupy much of your thoughts. However, it is important to consider the legal ramifications immediately, as well, because you should already be taking steps to ensure the best possible legal outcome.

At the Scene

Immediately following a car accident, there are several steps that you should take both for your legal case as well as for your physical well-being.

Stop Your Car

The first thing to do after a car accident is to pull your vehicle off of the roadway. You need to come to a complete stop and shut off your engine.

Check for Injuries

Once you are safely out of the road, you should check to see if you are injured. The adrenaline from the accident will likely mask any pain you might be feeling, so it is necessary to do a physical and visual check of your body. After examining yourself, you should check on any passengers in your vehicle.

If you have no passengers, or if everyone is fine, carefully exit your car. Make your way over to check on anyone else who was involved in the accident. If anyone is hurt, call 911 and follow the instructions of the 911 operator.

Call the Police

If you already called 911, then the police should be heading to the scene. Otherwise, you will want to call the police now because you will need to file an accident report.

Talk to Any Other Drivers Involved

You will need to talk to anyone else involved in the accident to exchange insurance information. While doing so, be careful about what you say. Never admit fault. Avoid talking about the accident in general. You might both be nice, honest people not looking for a legal battle. However, when it comes time to file insurance claims and pay medical bills and repair costs, things can quickly grow contentious.

Gather Information From the Scene

Take pictures of everything and write down information about the cars involved, weather conditions, and anything else that could have played a role in the accident. If there is missing road signage, then the city could be liable for the accident rather than either driver. According to Biby Law, the more information you can gather, the easier time your lawyer will have when building your case.

File an Accident Report

Talk to the police when they arrive on the scene and file an accident report about what happened. Do not lie in the report, but also don’t incriminate yourself.

After Leaving the Scene

Your job in protecting yourself does not end at the scene of the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you feel like you are uninjured, it is imperative to receive a thorough medical examination after a car accident. Many injuries are hard to immediately detect. Skipping an examination only to discover a problem days later can damage any claim for compensation you might make. The delay provides for reasonable doubt about whether the accident was the cause of the injury or not.

You should let paramedics at the scene check on you, and whether they feel you need to go to the hospital or not, you should still go in to get a more thorough exam. Beyond the legal implications that can arise from delaying medical attention, there can be severe consequences for your health.

Talk to a Lawyer

Contacting a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles is essential to your protection after a crash. A lawyer can immediately begin to advise you. They will help ensure that you don’t do or say anything that could hurt your insurance claim or your legal case should you go to court. If you were clearly not at fault for the accident, the other driver’s insurance company may try to contact you within hours of the incident. Click here to get in touch with a car accident lawyer in LA.

Insurance companies hate to pay out claims and have a whole bag of tricks to get claimants to undervalue their claims or make it so that they can deny them entirely. When you hire a lawyer, they will immediately take over all discussions with the insurance company. That way, you don’t have to worry about messing things up yourself.

Talking to a lawyer early also helps them to begin their investigation into the accident while the evidence is all still fresh.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Whether you were at fault or not, you need to contact your insurance agency after a crash. You don’t have to go into specifics. You just need to report that you were in an accident.

Stay Off Social Media

Do not share anything about your accident on social media. Even if you think your post is harmless, it could end up coming back to bite you. When investigating an accident, social media has become a favorite tool for insurance companies and lawyers looking for material they can use. Even if your settings are private, there is no guarantee that the things you post on your account cannot be used against you in court.

Avoiding social media altogether following an accident is the best course of action. Even a post that you feel is unrelated could be used against you. For instance, if you are making a claim about an injury and pain and suffering, but you put up a post saying, “Feeling great!” a week after the accident, it will cast doubt.

Overall Advice

Anytime you are facing the possibility of any sort of legal dispute, the best thing you can do is to keep your mouth shut. The first thing your lawyer will tell you will be not to talk to anyone. Beyond social media, you shouldn’t talk to friends about the accident beyond the basics. You can tell them that you were in an accident and that you are going to live.

Obviously, your spouse needs to know more details, but most people don’t. You can fill others in on all the details once the case has settled.

12 Most Important 2021 Social Media Trends You Need to Know

The only inevitable characteristic of social media represents it’s ever-changing nature with almost always brand-new upcoming trends and ideas. It makes it really exciting for all of us to predict or see the up-to-the-minute fads. It is always exciting to foresee how much of an influence will a trend have or what will endure the most impactful thing on social media in the present day. The following are the few social media trends that are presumably going to take over in 2021.

Important Social Media Trends

Influencer Marketing Creating Buzz

Social media influencers are going to expand and produce a more massive impact. Research shows it is one of the most important social media trends and will increase by 59% this year. The presumption is already in the power of influencers. This is going to be the year of genuine influencers with more original content, of those who will be considered to be more real and show the legitimate content to their viewers. The reason behind it is the idea that such influencers will present and promote items that they had personal experience with. Viewers not only just follow reviews about products, but also get to know the product’s authenticity. The point of significance is that the influencer’s plan of action should be in congruence with the marketing plans of the brand as well as with brand representation. For this to happen, one must be absolutely clear about their brand’s vision and should let the influencers send out the message to their viewers through their own distinct ways, while still sticking to the brand’s objectives.

Shopping on Social Media

Shop til you drop!

Not in 2021, though, as you can easily shop while scrolling through social media apps.

Shopping craze among the audiences never goes out of the question. It is one of the significant factors that leads to user interaction with the brand. With online shopping taking over the world by the storm, the easier your brand gives its users access to a shop, the better it gets for you. Advertising on social networking apps such as Facebook or Instagram has proven to be extremely beneficial. This is why the opportunity to shop right there with a few basic steps has derived a remarkable response. If you come across something that has seized your attention, you can purchase it right away with a single tap. This hassle-free experience is definitely going to be a trend that stays put.

Improved Customer Service

While marketing a brand or a business, after having an audience appointment, the thing that carries out the most important role and should be considered an absolute priority is the service that you provide to your customers. Being available and responding to your customers queries right away is definitely a need of the hour. In this modern-day life, where time is literally money, one has to keep up with the fast pace of social media life. To keep your customers and consumers captivated, it is of high significance that customers receive a response as soon as possible.

Do not MISS out the opportunity to engage potential customers!


Cater for multiple queries at the SAME TIME!

Once introduced, in the beginning, chatbots could only answer a few customers’ queries by responding to the cue words that were considered as the most asked questions.

However, in the previous year, after taking into account the feedback from consumers, companies have modified their chatbots in a way that they comprehend questions proposed and provide answers by searching through available information online. They not only provide quick solutions but also respond to multiple queries what will be a challenge to a human.

User-Generated Content on Social Media Platforms

User-generated content adds to the value of your brand like nothing else. Enjoying something posted by a customer or consumer is likely to develop an increased trust than content that comes from the company itself. To get this extending, one should stay engaged with the users and provide consumers occupied in activities that urge them to generate content. There are many good writers at professional essay writing service  who will write professional essays for you   or help you with generating professional content.

Live videos

From the day they were introduced, live videos have been capturing the attention of the users ever since. According to research, more than eighty-five percent of people actually prefer to watch live streaming rather than reading a blog or a post. Therefore, we will certainly watch more live streams this year.

Paid Advertisements

With competition growing, companies have been advertising on every possible platform to reach out to the audience. And with social media sites being the center of attention, each business has invested in promotion and advertising through social media. Entrepreneurs are using paid advertisements to get closer to their audience and this has proven to be tremendously effective, which is why this seems to be a growing trend in 2021 as well.

Augmented Reality

Big companies like IKEA have been using this technology to produce a broader and more clear vision to consumers about their products and their utilization. Augmented reality is an advanced tech that we can make use of in the most beneficial way for a business. It allows RAND to present its products in the most effective way possible. However, due to investment limitations and tech barriers, this has been used on a small scale. In 2021, we can anticipate more use of AR.

Ephemeral Content

Drawing the audience’s attention through stories or content available for a limited time is proven to be an effective way. Viewers are exceedingly fond of brief and genuine content, whether it is a story or a short video what  will carry on as a trend as well.

Social Media as Discovery Engine

Using social media as a leading platform through which you seek out to your specific target audience is proving to remain an overwhelming success. Taking advantage of this and leading people straight through social media to being a customer is something all entrepreneurs should go for.


Micro-videos represent a trend that viewers are going to keep up with. Who doesn’t consider a compact version of prolonged videos uploaded? Almost everyone. That is why micro-videos are a present-day social media marketing need that entrepreneurs should invest in.

Audience as a part of content

The relationship built with customers is the primary focus of any influencer or entrepreneur, and in order to enhance the quality of that relationship, it is extremely important for entrepreneurs to connect with their viewers at an individual level and find ways to gain their confidence which will ultimately act as a cause of the success of their business.

In conclusion, these few social media trends will keep up in 2021. However, change is the only and certain thing. Innovative ideas and ever-growing interests will surely come into view as time passes. However, these tools will prove to be an efficient strategy to obtain the output you wish for.

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