5 really useful smartwatches functions

Not a single gadget has worn the label for a stupid toy for so long as a smartwatch. First of all, the manufacturers themselves, who are positioning a smartwatch as a phone, tablet, and iPad in one set, are to blame for this.

In this article, I will look at 5 really useful features of smartwatches.

Useful features of smartwatches

Probably, you heard that smartwatches can:

-receive calls;

-work with the phone book;

-enter messages by voice;

-connect to Wi-Fi;

-take pictures;

-play music;

-pave the route.

Perfectly! But why spend a few hundred dollars on the thing that almost repeats the modern smartphone?

We dare to assure that no. There are really useful features that make Smartwatches not just a fashionable smartphone app, but a completely useful and stand-alone gadget. Let’s see

Message Management

All smart watches are equipped with this option, even budget watches such as SmartYou and Huawei Watch. This allows you to read SMS, messages from social networks and monitor calls directly from the display of the gadget.

This significantly saves time and allows less distraction, for example, from work. Especially helps control messages from the clock behind the wheel of a car or in a crowded minibus. Agree, it’s easier to reject a call from your hand than to try to get a smartphone.

Fitness Tracker


If you monitor your health and form, a smartwatch will help you a lot with this. They have a built-in heart rate monitor, pedometer and calorie calculator. It is also possible to install fitness programs to your taste – Starva, Google Fit, which monitor all physical activity for the day.

The ideal fitness watch is Apple Watch – it is equipped with the programs “Activity”, “Training” and constant reminders of the need to flex muscles. They can also be used in water, for example, in a swimming pool to monitor swimming training.

There are other waterproof smartwatches that you can find at Most of them work on the Android Wear OS and testing has shown that gadgets with this OS are almost as good as the famous Apple Watch. For example, Garmin vivoactive 3 work up to a week without recharging.

Alarm Clock


This alarm clock is as smart as the clock itself. Thanks to the accelerometer, it monitors your activity all night and wakes up in the fast sleep phase. So you have the opportunity to wake up more vigorous and full of energy.

Cool, right?

And you will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that it wakes up a smartwatch gently, just like a mom!

Functional sleep trackers are equipped with a Pebble and Withings Activite Pop watches.

Pay Pass Payments


Go to the store, pick up a basket of goodies, present your wrist to the cash register and pay for the goods in a matter of minutes – have you not dreamed of this at least once?

With Apple Watch it is quite possible. The watch is equipped with the Apple Pay payment system, to which you can attach several cards and pay with one touch of your hand.

If you prefer a smartwatch with a different OS, then Samsung Gear S2 will suit you. They can also pay for any goods through terminals with NFC.

Synchronization With Smart Technology


And this is generally a super function. Just imagine: you can brew coffee and start your favorite song by clicking on the appropriate application in the clock. In this case, not looking up from a laptop, playing with a child or cleaning.

It sounds fantastic, but smart things are easily synchronized with each other thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For example, Moto 360 watches can switch music in the Google Music playlist, Pebble – turn on, turn off and adjust the brightness of Philips Hue light bulbs, and Apple Watch perfectly controls kitchen appliances and even starts cars!


Smart watches can be compared with smartphones, only the first ones are more compact and have their own characteristics.

If the first models of watch phones could only be calculators or translators, then the current devices are worn on the PC hand. Gadgets support the installation of third-party utilities, managed by mobile OS. They can include a camera, a thermometer, a barometer, a compass, a telephone, a GPS, and many more other useful things. For more smartwatch models visit this websites.

4 Steps To Generating Sales Leads With Bulk SMS Marketing


Marketers are always searching for new and different ways to approach their potential clients and present their products and services. Online SMS marketing campaigns are really no different from any other marketing channel and should be integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

In this article, I’ll outline the best way to launch an inbound text messaging campaign that generates a flood of new sales leads.

1. Build Your Buyer Persona(s)

A buyer persona is a fictional character based on the commonalities of a specific target group of customers.

Each customer buys your product for different reasons, for example, a health club will attract people who want to lose weight, need to rehabilitate an injury, want to prepare for a specific sport etc.

Each of the above groups has different motivations and is seeking a different outcome so will only respond to specific messaging.

You want to pick a specific group and convert them into a character so that when you’re creating an SMS campaign you know exactly which hot buttons to push to get them to take action.

2. Craft An Offer That Your Persona Can’t Refuse

Img source:

Now that you have your buyer personas in place it now becomes easier to come up with offers that are irresistible to each persona.

What is an irresistible offer?

It’s an offer that is highly relevant to a specific goal that your buyer persona wishes to achieve.

For example, which of these offers is more appealing to new moms?

  1. 8-week boot camp.
  2. 8-week boot camp for women.
  3. New Moms! Get back into shape in 8 weeks with our new MommyFit Boot Camp.

The last offer would work best because it speaks to the problem (women who gained weight during pregnancy), offers a specific time frame (8 weeks), and offers a solution (lose weight quickly and get back to your previous shape).

Come up with a general offer and then keep reworking it until it speaks right to the problems and desires of the person you want to attract.

3. Set Up Your SMS System

Img source:

We know who we’re going to target, what motivates them and an offer that matches the result that person is looking to achieve.

Next, we have to set up our online SMS lead generation system.


First, decide on the keyword that you want to use in your promotion. Be sure to make it short and relevant to either the person’s goals or to the promotion itself.

For example, if you have a 50% off special happening in-store then you might just use the word 50% as your keyword:  “Text 50% to 8887 and receive a 50% off coupon to use in store during December.”


The shortcode is the number that people will text your keyword back to in the above example the shortcode was 8887.

Customer group

This is simply a contact group. Each person that texts your keyword back to that specific shortcode will be placed into this contact group so you know exactly who they are and what offer they responded to which makes follow up a breeze.

4. Get Eyeballs On Your SMS Promotion

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This is the easy part. Now that you have everything ready to go it’s now a matter of getting as many eyeballs onto your SMS promotion as possible.

Take a look at where your potential customers are interacting with your business and place your SMS offer in that space, common areas are:

  • Website
  • Email newsletter
  • Blog posts
  • Paid ads
  • Social media
  • Influencers
  • Store POS
  • Window signage
  • Neon sign which you can check on this site
  • In-store etc.

New sales leads will begin to flow in and your SMS list will continue to grow, allowing you to send out effective text marketing campaigns to continually generate more sales for your business.