Top 5 Smartphones To Expect In 2021

2021 is going to be the smash-hit year for smartphone lovers. With the world of smartphones evolving at a rapid pace, there is always something waiting to be launched. Folding phones which are the most anticipated trend, pop up selfie camera to make displays even bigger, in-display fingerprint scanners and a bunch of rear cameras, we will be witnessing many new advancements in the market along with higher specifications.

So, if you are planning to upgrade your smartphone in 2021, here is a list of the best 5 smart phones that are expected to be introduced this year. Good news for you, will come up with potentially every voucher and deal to help you buy any of these smartphones at discounted prices.

#1 Samsung S10 and S10+


Samsung is expected to release a new phone in its flagship series, S10 and S10+. This new handset is tipped to come with an infinity display, three rear cameras, integrated 5G network connectivity and probably a vibrating display for audio. Nevertheless, we may have to wait a couple of months to get hands on this smartphone.

#2 OnePlus 7

According to the rumours, OnePlus 7 is slated to release this year in May or June. OnePlus too will follow industry trends on headphone ports, display notches and on-screen fingerprint sensor. Moreover, the flagship will run on the latest Qualcomm platform along with 10GB or more RAM. The company plans to come up with two variants: one with 4G LTE and another with 5G connectivity.

#3 Apple iPhone XI


We don’t know what Apple will call its next iPhone, but we already know that it is not going to be a 5G phone. Apple plans on integrating three back cameras and augmented reality functioning in its latest iPhone, and probably there will be not much of a change in design. However, Apple is expected to release out its first 5G handset in 2021.

#4 Nokia 9

Nokia 9 has been in rumours for a long time since 2017, but now it is anticipated to be launched in 2019. The leaked video of this flagship confirmed that the phone will have 5 Zeiss cameras on the back and a 5.99 inch display. We still don’t know what are these cameras for, but we assume that they are for ultra-wide and macro shots.

#5 Sony XZ4

Sony hasn’t announced anything about its latest flagship yet, but we are presuming it to be XZ4. Sony is likely to equip XZ4 with the Snapdragon 855 hardware to make it the most powerful phone. A system of three cameras will be a huge change, and you can expect better zoom, wide angle and low light photos.

#6 Honor View 20


Honor recently launched its first smartphone with a ‘hole punch’ display in China. There will be in-display hole in the phone for the front camera, which is going to be the big trend for 2019. The smartphone will also have a 48 MP rear camera. Offering technologically advanced yet economical priced handset, this is going to be trend setter in 2021.

How Smartphones Have Transformed Our Lives

We live in an era where it is nearly impossible to imagine our lives with our smartphones. They store everything that is relevant to us, give us access to information at all times, and help us connect with anyone with just a tap on the screen.

While most of the changes that have been brought upon us because of a smartphone are quite evident, the major emergence is of the multitasking culture. Could you have imagined a few decades ago that you can have an important business meeting from the comfort of your home through a video-conferencing application in your phone?

When we start examining the impact of a smartphone on our daily lives, it obviously sheds light on the drawbacks related to smartphone addiction and the mental pressure for constant connectivity. But considering how this invention has made our lives so convenient it would be wrong to discredit it and call it a negative impact on an average user’s life.

We have listed below the positive impacts of smartphones and how they have transformed our lives.

Enhanced tracking:

Imagine losing your phone in the 90’s. There was absolutely no way to retrieve a lost CDMA phone back in the day. With smartphones, it became easy to track a stolen or lost phone with the help of enhanced tracking through IMEI number.

The IMEI number of a smartphone is a 15-digit unique code that shows its current location. It is also very beneficial for those buying pre-owned and refurbished phones. Through an IMEI checker, you can verify if the phone you are buying was stolen or blacklisted in the past.

Visit the website to check the IMEI for free.

Better communication:

The biggest advantage of a smartphone has been the ability to connect more deeply with others. With the shift to video calling, it’s become easier to have seamless conversations with a person without feeling the distance.

Considering how handy smartphones are, connecting with anyone has never been easier. Add to that the ease that comes with the instant messaging options and we have a way to convey things without the need to make a call.

Easier Socialisation:

Most smartphones today have ready access to every social media platform out there. These platforms, that emerged as a popular way to connect with existing friends and make new ones, have made socialisation incredibly easier now that they are available on smartphones.

Not to forget, the access to social media platforms on smartphones, combined with other smartphone features like the camera, have enabled many of us to boost our influence on social media.

This particular feature has completely transformed the way social media marketing is done. Marketing with the help of micro-influencers is a popular and effective marketing strategy that is currently being employed by some of the most well known brands in the world.

The socialisation aspect is not limited to these social media platforms. These days, one can even find romantic interests online through one of the many dating apps that are now available.


With the introduction of eLearning, learning new things has become a cakewalk. With the ability to pick up the phone and log into an online course at literally any hour of the day, it is now possible to learn the most complex as well as the most basic things at your own pace.

The eLearning courses can be accessed from any device from anywhere in the world which enhances the entire learning experience. A working student can quickly study in between office hours during breaks by just opening an elearning module in their phone.


Modern smartphones are being increasingly used to settle debates. Whenever there is a debate between friends, it can be settled by looking up authentic and verifiable information on the web.

With access to the web on our smartphones, we are practically carrying the entirety of human knowledge in our pockets. This information is easily accessible and readily available. The best part is, most of the information available on the web is absolutely free to access.


Smartphones are currently the biggest source of entertainment. You can read books on your smartphone, watch live sports and get access to news from anywhere across the globe. You can even spend time watching an episode of your favourite TV series while traveling to work.

With the introduction of interactive multiplayer games on smartphones, it has become a favourite way to unwind after a stressful day at work.

Smooth planning:

Smartphones have allowed us to save valuable time by providing options to organize important information. With the option to store and access important documents, it has become possible to stay on top of things without feeling stressed.

There is no mental energy or time wasted in maintaining a mental checklist of everything that you need to do in a day as you can just make a to-do list on your smartphone and carry it along with you. This has ultimately made it possible to be productive throughout the day.


Most modern smartphones are GPS enabled with a map application pre-installed in them. Thanks to this, anyone that has a smartphone never has to get lost. Moreover, the need of asking for directions from complete strangers has diminished.

Thanks to modern smartphones, one can find their way even if they are in a place or city that they have never been to in the past. This is especially advantageous for those who routinely travel to different cities and countries for work and for vacations.


Smartphones are undoubtedly a major asset as they bring us closer to our loved ones and store everything we can think of — from the contact numbers, to the images & videos, as well as reminders about important events. Not only do they make our lives more organized but also are big time-savers.

Life without smartphones is almost impossible to imagine for most of us. Which areas of your lives have smartphones made easier? How do you use them to your advantage? Tell us in the comment section below.

When It’s The Right Time To Get Your Child A Smartphone


Since the advent of technology, parenting has become more comfortable. Whenever the children are crying or causing trouble, parents often hand them their smartphones and get busy with their work. Yes, technology has resolved many issues not only for parents but also for children. But it has caused irreparable damage too.

Smartphones have created a smart age where people are glued to their phones for the longest time. Humans have certainly become overly reliant on their phones. Whether it is about having a conversation with someone or remembering things to do, the smartphone does everything.

Nonetheless, it is essential to realize that smartphones have intruded on private spaces and disrupted socialization. When it comes to children, parents have to decide the right age to provide smartphones to their children.

Children and smartphones

Nowadays, you can see smartphones in the hands of most children. Some of them even have high technology gadgets. Most of the studies show that children spend 70% of their day viewing or playing electronic devices.

The screen time that children spent on smartphones poses several harmful effects on their bodies and minds. Even adults can be seen dealing with a lot of diseases and disorders due to smartphones.

Till six years of age, children’s brain functioning can be molded in any form. The most dangerous thing with excessive use of smartphones is that there is no bar on what to watch and what not to.

Parents are not aware enough of the harmful effects of smartphones on their children. Many applications like Youtube have taken the initiative of introducing restrictions for smartphones being used by the kids. If you want to control smartphone of your child, check out this site.

Pros and cons of smartphone

Technology advancement only betters the functioning of society. However, excessive use of anything can be dangerous. Following a few points to explain how smartphones have positive as well as negative effects on children:


  • Children get to learn about new concepts and applications through smartphones.
  • There are several poems, stories, and lessons available on video; this can help children in enhancing their visual memory and learn quickly.
  • Smartphones help in enhancing the technical skills of children because they have seen the functions since birth.
  • They can get a classroom learning experience at home without using traditional books.
  • Parents can always keep in touch with their children and now their location to ensure their safety.


  • When children are given smartphones and tablets at an early age, they tend to get addicted. Researchers say that smartphone addiction is seen as a major problem amongst youngsters and school-going children.
  • Smartphone addiction can also lead to several mental health issues. This is also because children do not go outside to play anymore. Typically, they are stuck with their smartphones playing games online.
  • Excessive screen time can lead to headaches, fatigue, and other physical health problems. If significant attention is not paid to the children, such damage can become irreversible.

What do the researchers say?

Researchers have claimed that smartphones have done long term damage to children’s minds. It can be seen in their lack of attention and capacity to manage stress.

The experts have provided guidelines and manuals through their articles for parents to decide the time and age when smartphones should be provided to children. This is because smartphones have an internet connection. Everyone knows that the internet is a wild space where children can do anything and know about everything.

If the children are provided smartphones at an age when they are mature and smart enough to deal with the realities of life, it will benefit them and contribute to their future growth.

Harmful effects of the smartphone on children

There are various harmful effects of smartphones on children and adults. Since children start using them at a fragile age, they have a long term impact on their mental health.


Smartphone addiction has harmed several relationships. Parents tend to leave their children with smartphones for hours. This results in the distance between them.

Considering the generation gap, parents must have conversations with their children from time to time to build a good and healthy relationship. Otherwise, the children will tend to indulge themselves on the internet more and more.

Poor academic performance

Children have to suffer academically often because they spend more time on smartphones than reading books and studying. From 1 to 6 years, children are at the risk of getting into bad habits.

Sitting for hours with the smartphone and playing online games without making time for family and themselves can lead to harmful effects. Lack of recreational activities leads to students performing poorly in academics. Things like drawing, playing outdoor games, and studying course books can lead to better academic performance.

Sleep disruptions and medical issues

Sleep is essential in the initial years of human life. Lack of proper sleep degrades the brain’s productivity. If children are busy playing online games, surfing through the internet, and talking to friends online, their sleep cycle gets affected.

This leads to several medical issues at an early age. Children are at significant risk of obesity and other illnesses. Moreover, this can have a substantial impact on their physical and mental health.

Which is the most suitable age?

Parents often think about when is the right time to give smartphones to their children. To determine their age, they need to strike a balance between the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones.

Usually, researchers and experts recommend that the perfect age of providing smartphones to children is 15 years, which is when children have attained puberty; hence they have a road ahead for maturity.

When the children are mature enough to understand what is good for them on the internet and what is harmful, they can protect themselves from the negativity.

How much is too much?

Parents have a clear understanding of how mature their children are. Most children request their parents to get smartphones because of peer pressure. But it must be the parents’ discretion to determine whether their children can handle all the risks of smartphones.

But while taking care that parents do not give smartphones to their children early, they also have to make sure that it is not too late. Parents can not always be scared; they have to show some trust and faith in them. Parents must realize how much is too much.

Age is just a number, and it is true. But parents need to see if their children are mature enough. If your child is not mature enough to deal with the realities of life, then smartphones will only have a negative impact on him or her.

After all, smartphones aren’t smart enough

Smartphones do not provide many restrictions because they do not have a demarcation between adults and children. The ideal age for children to get smartphones is 13 with supervision and 15 without any supervision from parents or guardians.

Even when the children are under the supervision of parents, there should be limited use of smartphones for children and adults. The parents should make regular checks if children are provided with smartphones before 13 years of age for education purposes.

The best way to decide when smartphones should be provided is by weighing all the factors that affect the children. If you can determine the necessity of a smartphone in your child’s life, then the decision will be much easier.

TCL 10 Pro Review: Tech Giant Launches first Turkey Smartphones

The world of smartphones is always on the change, and you are subject to come across some of the best ones in town. It is really important to learn more about the phones and then head for the main one here. There are various important phones available, and TCL is all set with its new items over here. For that, you are cordially invited to catch up with the best team from the TCL section. The TCL 10 Pro is one phone, which is the first of its kind. It is one of the major Turkey Smartphones that you are likely to come over here for sure.

Eye-catching hardware:

Let just say that TCL 10 Pro is known for its eye-catching hardware. It comprises a slick design and comes handy with a well-integrated quad-lens camera. However, this phone is known to have its snag as well, which you need to be associated with. It is one oddly calibrated AMOLED displayed phone, where the camera provides inconsistent results.

It is not that of a bad phone, to be honest, but there are some features that you can get in some other models within the same price range. But, if you are looking for the best Turkey smartphone to get hands-on, then TCL 10 Pro is always the prime choice for you to consider. The benefits are more than enough to make you happy and satisfied with the purchase you made.

One best flagship phone:

It is not that difficult to state that this TCL 10 Pro feels and looks amazing. Even though it has some rough edges, but you can easily wave those away if you start focusing on what this phone has to offer.

  • The curvy AMOLED display comes with a quad lens camera. It is also known for its dapper design, which is more than enough to create that perfect first impression.
  • Some of the little touches like Google Assistant button, flush camera module, 3.5mm headphone jack are some of the impressive features for you to watch out whenever you are dealing with the best flagship phone like this one.

Some flaws to watch for:

Just like its positive side, it has some flaws to it, much like any other smartphone available in the market. The AMOLED display of this phone will exhibit one sickly green colored tinge, and it is not that bright as you want your smartphones to be. Just under that screen, you will find that sluggish and unreliable in-display fingerprint sensor. For some people, it is no doubt a bit of frustration, to say the least.

For some people, the svelte design of the phone might not be the right choice for you to consider. It is known for its pronounced ridge on the bottom rear edge, which others might find not that easy to work with. Apart from these simple points, it is really hard to find any fault with this smartphone. When compared to some of the other models, this one is known for its amazing software, great performance, and amazing battery life. On the other hand, this phone has fewer faults when compared to other branded items, which are even higher in rate than this one.

The customized UI at your service:

This phone is supposed to have the custom UI from TCL, which is the most promising example of Android tinkering. Moreover, you will come across various stock OS from Google from this one phone. But, there are high chances that you might get a smattering of bloats ware, while some of the bespoke features like edge interface and more seem to be born from the early era of the curved displays.

  • You are likely to enjoy the best performance of this phone. It has amazing processing power, which is hard to find at such an affordable rate.
  • The battery performance of TCL Pro 10 is a masterpiece. You can easily use this phone on a daily basis without any charging issue. There is no room for wireless charging, but that is common with most of the smartphones these days.

A balanced feel in hand:

The best part is that you are going to enjoy a balanced feel in the hand when you have this phone to consider. It has all the necessary dimensions, which will match some of the major other top-class brands like Realme X2 Pro and OnePLus 8.

  • This phone weighs at around 177g and will have a pleasing heft to it. The best part is that this phone is not too heavy, just like you have asked for it.
  • This company has worked pretty hard to give this phone the basic feel and look of the flagship. It has the entire metal and glass sandwich body, which you can find in some of the best and big brands out there.
  • You will find some differences in the build of the phone for sure, but that is nothing to be worrying about. Just like other top brands, TCL has worked hard to create a masterpiece of smartphones like this one.
  • Even the design of the camera module of this phone is one major improvement. However, the opinion is subject to vary on the current attractiveness of horizontal strip design, which remains completely flushed with the phone standing out.
  • Then you have the implementation of a waterfall styled curve, which is perfect and most interesting among major customers. It will feel like the screen is melting right off the right and left edges, which is one cool feature to look at.
  • Some might like the practice of such a display, and others do not. But, it is arguably one of the most amazing looking smartphones from this company, which can outsmart most of the other phones in no time.

With this phone’s launch in the Turkey market, this company can always believe in growing its production business to yet another level. If you are looking for some best help with the phone selection, log online, and get some help now!

Why Can’t You Throw Your Computer in the Garbage?

Computers don’t last forever. They start to glitch and their batteries die out. Their screens crack and keys pop off of their keyboards. But, when you’re thinking of upgrading to a new model, you can’t pick up your laptop and shove it into the nearest trash bin. Your old, out-dated computer is considered e-waste, which means that it should never go near a landfill.

What Is E-Waste?

The term e-waste stands for electronic waste — it covers everything from laptops to smartphones to vacuum cleaners. Technically, any electronic device that you can think of will be lumped into this category.

The reason why you can’t throw your electronics out with the garbage is that they contain toxic metals like lead, chromium and cadmium, which are harmful to the environment. The materials will leach into the nearby soil and groundwater, and they can also contaminate any of the surrounding garbage. So, things that are meant to go to the landfill, like plastic wrap or worn-out socks, will be exposed to these toxins and become just as hazardous.

E-waste can also affect the health and safety of anyone who comes into close contact with it. Side-effects include respiratory problems, decreased lung function, behavioural issues, increased miscarriages and reduced birth weights. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the public that children are particularly vulnerable to e-waste exposure because their bodies are still developing. The pollutants could have a stronger impact on them and cause permanent damage.

This is not a local problem — it’s a global one. Communities all over the world are struggling to cope with the levels of e-waste that they produce. In 2014, the United Nations reported that the world produced 41.8 million metric tonnes of e-waste. By 2016, that statistic ballooned to 44.7 million metric tonnes. With the growing dependence on technology and the pressures of consumer trends, it’s easy to say that those numbers are going to keep growing until there is a widespread initiative to change.

Minimize Your E-Waste


It’s difficult to grapple with these statistics. You’re just doing what everyone else does when they’re done with their electronics. In a tech-centric world, you’re going to toss out your smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices almost every year. You’re just one of the billions adding to the pile. It’s a drop in the bucket.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference. You can change how you approach your personal contribution to e-waste. You can quickly shrink your input to that massive pile, and hopefully inspire other people around you to shrink their own. If you don’t know where to start, follow these steps to minimize your e-waste levels as soon as possible:

Recycle Your E-Waste


This doesn’t mean that you should shove your laptop into the blue-bin. E-waste requires special recycling services in order to prevent hazardous substances from reaching the environment. You should go to a scrap metal recycling company like Canada Iron to safely and responsibly dispose of your e-waste. They are a part of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) program, which aspires to help the government tackle the mounting e-waste issue.

And the best part about bringing your old computer to this recycling company? You can get paid for your contribution. They will pay you for electronic items (including computers) because they contain valuable metals like gold, silver and copper that can be recovered during the recycling process. What a great motivator to help the environment!

Consider Repairing over Replacing


Unless your device is completely useless, you can try to salvage it before tossing it away. Go to a support centre or a local repair café to get it fixed — at the very least, it can buy you a few more months of use before you need to get an upgrade. Maybe all it needed was a different battery or a replacement part to function like normal.

Take Good Care of Your Electronics


Another simple way to reduce your e-waste levels is to take good care of all of your electronics so that you can keep them for longer. Even extending a device’s lifespan by a single year is a great goal to set.

But how do you do that? It will be different for every item. For a smartphone, you could follow these tips to keep it in top condition for as long as possible:

  • Get vinyl skins and protective cases to protect them from physical damage
  • Perform software updates to improve security and performance
  • Do not download any apps or files that could contain viruses
  • Keep the device safe from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold)
  • Delete unused apps and files that can take up unnecessary storage

The kinder that you are to these devices, the longer they’re going to last.

Be Mindful About Your Spending


Mass consumption is partially to blame for the e-waste problem. People want to follow the latest tech trends. They buy the newest devices to hit the market even though they have ones at home that perform almost the exact same functions. Then, they get tired of those electronics within a year — that timeline is way too short.

Try to be mindful of your spending when it comes to electronics. Ask yourself, do you need the latest wireless speakers, or do you want them? Are you getting the hottest tech because it’s necessary for your everyday life, or are you following a fad? Are you going to get tired of this brand-new item in a few months, or are you going to appreciate it for a long time? Shaking off the pressures of mass consumerism and constant advertising could help you scale down your environmental impact.

It’s easy to unplug your old computer and shove it into the garbage bin, but that’s not the right way to get rid of it. Now, you know that throwing your electronics with the rest of your trash is hazardous to the environment. When you bring your old device to a specialized recycling facility, you can guarantee that it’s disposed of properly and that you made the environment a little healthier, safer and greener.

How Phone Tracking Can Improve Your Kids Safety?

The debate around children and their frequent unmonitored use of smartphones has raised a few questions lately. Both parents and experts agree that children that are not old enough for smartphones should not use smartphones in any way shape or form.

While both parents and experts agree on this, there is one plus side to children using smartphones. The only plus side it would seem is that you can call or text them regardless of time. And while children might not always pick up the phone, or text back, we can always have peace of mind by using phone tracking software.

As children become more and more independent, they tend to rebel against their parents. Children are young and, dare we say, curious to say the least. This poses a problem for parents as dangers lurk behind every corner of the internet.

How Does Phone Tracking Work?

Most smartphones, nowadays, are fully equipped with GPS capabilities. This is the least smartphone manufacturers can do to provide you with some information about your whereabouts. We frequently use apps such as Google Maps on our smartphones to help us navigate the city or when we go abroad. GPS uses location tracking software that gives us a real-time position.

According to FoneTracker, every smartphone in the world has GPS capabilities; however, this is only the most basic of phone tracking capabilities.

In order for parents to improve their children’s safety, they would need a software that specializes in phone tracking.

How Can Phone Tracking Software Improve Your Kids Safety?

Smartphone tracking software comes with dozens of useful features that can monitor everything that your child does while on the internet. Some of the most basic of features that virtually every smartphone tracking software has are:

• GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a feature that allows parents to instantly locate and see the whereabouts of their children.

• Message Tracking

Parents can use this software to monitor every message their children sends and receives along with additional information such as who the sender/receiver of texts is, the time the message has been sent, the date, and the content of the message.

• Call Tracking

Work the same was as message tracking. The call tracking feature allows parents to track any incoming and outgoing calls, along with any deleted or ignored calls. Furthermore, this feature also displays the time, date, and duration of the call and some software even records the content of the call.

• WhatsApp Tracking

WhatsApp tracking allows parents to view content from any WhatsApp chat between their children and the person who is texting. It allows parents to view all the multimedia files that have been exchanged between the two people, as well as, any past conversations that have been deleted.

• Social Media Tracking

Social media tracking has become a very popular feature for most smartphone tracking software developers as extra importance has been placed on today’s social media world. Every kid has some social media account, which is the nesting ground for trouble. If someone wishes to do harm to your kid, he would do it through some social media channels. This feature allows parents full control of their children’s social media activity, and it works the same as the WhatsApp tracking feature in a way that allows you to view chats.

• Web Monitoring

Everything that your kid does through a web browser can be viewed through this feature. Activities such as websites visited, bookmarks, etc will all be displayed.