The io Genre Continues to Go From Strength to Strength

The io extension has become synonymous with the minigames variation for many years now. These simple but popular games now have their genre, and as a result, their massive following.

In general, io games are uncomplicated and straightforward. They can be multi-players, and they are very fast-paced, exciting games. It would be harsh to just describe them as basic, but part of the io genre’s appeal is their simplicity.

The graphics aren’t generally the best, and they don’t have all the great music and appealing glitz you get from the mainstream gaming world. But they are strangely appealing in their way.

With io games generally always free, there is obviously going to be no huge investment in advertising, graphics, and soundtracks, etc., like you, get with mainstream gaming.

This makes comparing io games with top of the market games like Call of Duty, etc., the equivalent of comparing apples with pears. They are just totally different genres, in totally different stratospheres.

Agar Has Paved The Way For Others In the io Genre

The success of games like has set high standards in the popularity stakes if nothing else. Agar is simply a game where you are a circle that goes around consuming other circles.

As you consume, you grow in size, and then you can split in two, to attack dual fronts. With such a basic game, is it any wonder that hundreds of io games are available?

But with hundreds of io games to choose from, finding one that suits your gaming needs can be difficult.

Keeping things simple seems to be key to the popularity of the io genre, and that’s exactly what popular games like have done.

Based on nothing less than the game, Snakes, players of Slither simply have to slither around a board eating as much as they can, to grow in size, and more importantly, collect points.

If your snake’s head collides with another snake’s body, you are out of there, so you need to stay alert.

A simple and basic game, but very useful and surprisingly addictive, Slither almost sounds like a major advancement in technology compared to Agar.

Another popular io game is, where you have to run around gathering up food, which slowly grows the size of your death all.

Once your death all reaches a specific size, you can then launch it at your enemies (otherwise known as fellow gamers).

Even if you’re not the greatest shot in the world, fear not, as you have the chance to hit your enemies as the deathball returns. The deathball swings backward and forwards like a pendulum, giving you multiple opportunities to score a hit.

Players can have hours of fun reaping destruction on their opponents. Again, simple but effective.

Playing Raid Land Can Also Be Great Fun


According to, Raid Land is another strangely addictive io game. It’s a game that can be played alone or as part of a team.

Set in a forest, you are a warrior type character, who fights with a sword, pike, or bow-and-arrow. Your character needs to master the art of combat as well, as it’s a game combining shooting and fighting.

There are three sets of warrior characters available to you, with more emphasis on archery. You are best to focus more on archery, as this is the dominant way of fighting in the forest. After all, just think of Robin Hood!

It’s not as simple as just being an archer, though. Otherwise, that’s what everyone would do. You don’t have an endless supply of arrows just flowing off the end of your bow. You have to reload yourself.

It’s during the period of reloading and aiming that the archers are susceptible to attack, and this is the balance you need to weigh up.

On the one hand, as an archer, you are fleet-footed and can take your opponents out from a distance, avoiding the need to get involved in one-on-one combat. While on the flip side, you are a sitting duck while you are reloading and easily taken out.

Another character mode you can use is Viking. This is where you use your pike or sword. With one swipe of your weapon, you can take out an opponent, but beware when you are far slower in Viking mode and are a much bigger target for any dead-eyed archers out there.

If you come across an archer who is busy trying to reload their bow and arrow though, you’re in business, as with one fell swoop, you can instantly take the combatant out.

The overall aim of is to try and take out as many of your enemies as you can while earning more gold than any of your fellow gamers.

Finding gold isn’t too difficult. It’s placed at various points within the forest, and you are guided, thereby GOLD inscriptions placed around the woodland.

It’s when you get to the gold that the real fun and games start, and as a gamer, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that getting your hands on the gold isn’t as easy as it sounds.

First up, the gold is guarded by soldiers who will attempt to shoot you as you approach, and they are a very good shot. So be warned.

And secondly, you are up against your gaming buddies who are also looking to get their paws on the expensive loot. This is the point of the game where you need to put your skills to the test. This is where the real battle ensues.

You can also get your hands on the gold by taking out your enemies and stealing it.

All this makes Raid Land a real PvP game, where survival of the fittest is the name of the game.

Be aware that each game also has a time limit on it, so you can’t waste time faffing around.

This is another reason why an archery mode is a good option, as it’s far quicker to shoot your opponent from a distance with your bow and arrow than it is to head over towards them, and then have to get involved in one-on-one combat.

The time restrictions also mean that while playing Raid Land, you have to be quick and precise, making intuitive decisions.

Choosing the best warrior mode for the relevant fight is also important, but most importantly, it is making sure your shot is sniper accurate when you’re in archery mode.

The ultimate aim of Raid Land is to be the player who has the most gold in your character’s pocket at the end of the play, as that makes you the winner.

Top 8 Multiplayer Browser Games In 2018

Multiplayer browser games are quite popular, and they are easy to play. All you need is an internet connection to access them, and that is why players love those. They don’t require any kind of setup, and you don’t have to host anything.

Such games are no-hassle, and there are tons of them. If you cannot determine which one to play, we are going to help you out. Here are top 8 multiplier browser games. It is your job to pick your favorite and start having fun.

1. Viking Village: Party Hard

In this simple yet immensely fun release, you are a Viking that is punching other Vikings to stay on top of the leaderboard. However, you also have the option to hurl objects scattered around the arena and throw them at your opponents. Various abilities can be unlocked which makes the game even more compelling, but we leave it to you to check it out.

2. Blast Arena


If you remember Bomberman, you might be old enough to play games on your browser, but the nostalgia is too strong, and it is hard to resist. Blast Arena is the version of this iconic game, and you and three other players try to survive but also to destroy each other. A lot of things hide when rocks are destroyed.


If you love sharks but the latest technologies as well, this might be the right game for you. You swim through the ocean with a shark that has a laser attached to its head, and you can zap other sharks. If you miss, your shark might be destroyed.

4. Isleward

Even though this doesn’t look like a multiplier game and the resolution is quite poor, don’t be discouraged. You select a character and you are located in the city of Strathford. You need to explore and level up by killing low-level monsters, but you can also convince others to join you on your journey once you find someone along the way.

Getting tired, aren’t you? In case you need a break you can always check Ufabet and see their offer, and later on return to find even better games. We have just warmed up!


You start off as a small snake eating dots littered around you. As you progress, you will grow larger and wider, and you can force another snake to run into your body. This will cause them to vanish leaving a lot of dots behind them that you can collect.

6. War Brokers


This is a first-person shooter and besides a deathmatch, there are some missions as well. Besides killing your opponents, you might be tasked to stop them from launching their missiles. Different guns and machines can be unlocked over time and vehicles can be found on the map and used.

7. Transformice

This one is quite simple but heavenly for those who adore browser multiplier games. You are a mouse, and you need to get to the cheese. However, you will only do so if you cooperate with other mice. If you are selfish, the whole squad will face their deaths.

8. Town of Salem

In case you are familiar with Mafia or Werewolf (which we assume you are since you are reading this article), you should definitely try the Town of Salem. It has the similar feel to it as the two games we mentioned and the roleplaying game challenges to you be a liar and mislead the others. There are a lot of roles, and this one never gets old.

It was hard choosing only eight games. In case you want to add more, feel free to suggest other titles in the comments because we must have forgotten something.