Should you buy an electric skateboard for your children


Riding an electric skateboard can be an interesting, fun, and enjoyable thing for your child or children. It can also help with getting them outside more and spending some time in the fresh air. But when you are looking for or considering to buy your child an electric skateboard, there are some things to consider before actually purchasing one, and some of these things include:

How experienced is your kid?

If your child is not yet fully familiar with electric skateboard or skateboards in general, you should probably opt for buying a standard single wheel drive board. These ones are the cheapest ones, as well as the ones that are the easiest to use. If you choose to buy this type of board, you can actually determine if your kid enjoys electric skateboarding. After they get a hang of it, you can consider buying them a more advanced model.

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However, if your child is already experienced skateboarder, you might want to think about buying a standard dual wheel board. They will offer higher speed, but keep in mind that they can accelerate faster as well. They can accelerate so fast, that there is a possibility of your child falling from the board. So, if it is the safety you are concerned about, you might want to avoid buying these types.

No matter how experienced your kid is, you will most certainly want a board that has good brakes. These boards come with electric brakes or mechanical ones, but most models have the electric brakes.

Where will your kid ride it?

Almost all boards will ride along smooth and straight roads. But, not all types can handle unpaved surfaces or hills. If your neighborhood is surrounded by steep hills and slopes, make sure that the board will have enough power to actually climb it. If your little one will be skateboarding on unpaved roads, you will want to buy a model that is made specifically for these kinds of roads. They often come with pneumatic wheels which will provide good traction and they can be ridden on both paved and unpaved surfaces.

How far and long will your kid be skateboarding?

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Each electric skateboard has a specific distance range that will determine how far it can travel without the need to recharge it. If your child decides on skateboarding for a longer period of time, you will want to make sure that the board will take him to the destination, as well as back home since there might not be charging options along the way. Check here to find best electric skateboards under $300

Other things to considering

The size and weight also matter. When it comes to the weigh, of course, getting a lighter board is better. The children will have an easier time handling it and if they drain the battery, it will be easier for them to carry it home. When it comes to the size, the electric boards will be smaller for children when compared to the ones made for adults. Hence, getting a smaller one is a good start for your kid. If you want to read more about the size and weight, you can click here.

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Also, if you live in an area where there is a lot of rain or wet weather, you will want to get one that is water resistant. However, you should keep in mind that most manufacturers advise not to ride an electric skateboard during rain, even if they are water resistant. If you are planning on traveling with the board, make sure that its battery complies with the TSA restrictions. Some boards have batteries that are quite large to take on a plane.


These are some things that you should consider when thinking about buying an electric skateboard for your kid. After all, you will want them to be safe, but you probably also want them to have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and do some physical activity and with these boards, you get everything in one product.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Your Kid

The growing up for children all around the world is much better when they are introduced with a sport or a hobby at a young age. According to the experts, children who start developing habits in individual and collective sports have a much better chance in future professional life than those children who did not have any such activities. It sounds logical when you think about it.

At a really young age, they start thinking about their obligations, which are usually concerned with school, obstacles in front of them, how to overcome different situations and reach targets. This is what one part of growing up is supposed to give them, a familiar environment to recognize in the future and the options to handle the situation the best way possible. The educational importance is present in this part of growing up, with the future practical implementation of the knowledge being the most significant benefit.

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When allowing the child to choose a sport or a hobby you need to have an open mind and accept their ideas – at least take them into consideration. Skateboarding is an attractive offer for any kid in the world, a sport, hobby or a future profession. They will learn how to skate and they will meet new kids who hang around in skate parks. Firstly, this is a sport that puts the entire body in motion – all muscles are working and developing. Secondly, things change fast when you are on a skateboard, it will force them to think of a way to improve and continue skating – an educational factor that cannot be disregarded. Thirdly, they will gain other skills such as decision-making and improve their motor abilities.

This is why it is crucial not to mistake skateboarding with a rebellious waste of time for children. Because it will benefit even their awareness of safety when using the required helmet and equipment in the process of learning. You can take a look at the top ten lists of sports for children, such as Daily Top Ten Lists to confirm this method has worked before and will work in the future as well.

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The moment when you have taken the decision to purchase a skateboard, we have a few suggestions to make it as simple as possible. On the first place, set a budget for the skateboard and the safety equipment your kid will need. The skateboard needs to be good, but not of the highest quality as they just start learning. Don’t get fooled by the colorful boards made to impress the children, the first skateboard for your kid should in our opinion have a large board with quality wheels on it. This will allow your child more comfortable control, better handling, and easier balancing when they start skateboarding. As he takes his skills to another level, he will be able to choose a suitable skateboard.