General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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Lost Gold of World War II Reveals New Secrets

Lost Gold of World War II, the new quest series on History channel, can be your newest addiction if you are a true World War II fan. If you are interested in revealing history mysteries from World War II you must watch this series on History Channel. In this series, History Channel wants to find… Keep Reading


Season 3 of Shinmai Maou No Testament

The fans are waiting for the Season 3 of Shinmai Maou no Testament for almost three years since The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST was premiered. After that on March 28, 2018, another OVA episode was premiered. And on April 1, 2018, the 12th volume of the original light novel series has been published… Keep Reading


Why Season 4 of “Overload” could be delayed?

It still isn’t confirmed whether “Overload” will have its fourth season this year. The Madhouse studio remains quite because they still don’t know how big the new installment is going to be. Up to now, there were three books fitted into one season, but now the problem is that the story is much bigger and… Keep Reading


What Can You Expect from Netflix in March 2019?

We are going to present you with what you can expect from Netflix Australia in March 2019. Original Series • Northern Rescue (01.03.2019) – John West and his three children decide to move to his hometown called Turtle Island Bay after the death of his wife. • The Order(07.03.2019) – In order to avenge the… Keep Reading


Cobra Kai Season 2 – 10 New Episodes

Based on The Karate Kid film series created by Robert Mark Kamen, Cobra Kai is a comedy-drama series that was first released in May 2018. Given that the first season was such a success, it was soon announced that the series would be renewed for Season 2. To be more precise, it was already after… Keep Reading

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