Drupal for Business: Undeniable Benefits 

Today, businesses need well-designed websites that work flawlessly on any device. Without an online presence, impressive sales are unattainable. Drupal 8 is a powerful system used by hundreds of corporations and small businesses worldwide. With this CMS, the creation and management of content is a breeze.

Businesses that use Drupal enjoy growing revenue, as clients are attracted to their sleek sites and apps. Cutting-edge development solutions from are impressively profitable. As many popular programming languages are supported, the potential for digital expansion is undeniable. This is not limited to the internal market. Drupal allows you to add languages with ease and extend business for the foreign partners. This is one of the many benefits delivered.

1. Improved SEO

Websites are promoted through Search Engine Optimization. This set of tools and practices is aimed at pushing sites to the top of the Google ranking. This means users see your brand in their search results when they type in a relevant keyword. Higher positions translate into boosted traffic and revenue.

Google ranking is based on a sophisticated system. If your site uses on HTML5, it automatically ranks higher. This is because its subject is more easily deciphered by the algorithm. As Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 supports HTML5, the advantages are clear.

Drupal allows you to create efficient URLs based on the content. In the past, URLs like “” were common. Now, SEO-friendly addresses look like “” These URLs are preferred by search engines. An automated module for Drupal called Pathauto generates special URLs that match the content they lead to. Overall, Drupal is one of the most SEO-friendly systems for content management. 

2. Sites Fast Loading

Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 are highly optimized. They allow using the minimum efforts of the server. Powerful caching features and the BigPipe ensure speedy and smooth operation. As the cache stores the necessary data to re-use it for the next session, unchangeable elements (such as the corporate logo) remain immediately visible. As a result, pages are quick to load. 

Faster loading time brings two-fold benefits. On the one hand, users can browse through your catalog and place their orders quickly. Eventually, this results in higher revenue for your business. On the other hand, higher speeds contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The connection has been confirmed by both Walmart and Amazon in two separate studies. This established correlation between page load speed and revenue. For Walmart, the latter rose by 1% for every 100ms of speed improvement. Amazon found out that an additional second of loading time may cause $1.6 billion in lost revenue. 

Consumers expect a website to load quickly. If it does not, they are likely to leave it. In a study conducted by Econsultancy, just under half (47%) of respondents said they expected to wait no longer than two seconds. Moreover, an overwhelming majority – 88% – of visitors faced with loading issues are less likely to make any purchase on the site in question. Drupal can ensure this does not happen to you. Today, page loading cannot be underestimated. 

3. Connection to Third-party Systems

Online stores are conglomerations of diverse functions. A successful e-commerce site is connected to multiple third-party systems. These allow payments, control of inventory and management of orders, etc. 

A Drupal-based website can be easily integrated with multiple solutions, such as BigCommerce. The technology has been evolving to provide improved integration. In the past, it required contributed modules. Now, even the Drupal core gives opportunities for seamless integration. Drupal sites communicate with third-party applications through dedicated web services. Importantly, this works for any programming language or operating system.

Enjoy smooth communication with other systems and reach several goals at once. Thanks to CRM integration, employees cope with multiple tasks with minimal effort. Meanwhile, the payment gateway prompts visitors to spend more, and delivery services make your e-store their favorite. Drupal is powerful enough to cope with multiple areas at once: e-commerce, email marketing, relationships with clients, planning of enterprise resources, etc.

4. Easy Editing of Content and Features

As the Drupal admin panel is so responsive, opportunities for customization are unlimited. Creators may perform in-line editing without leaving the page. Thanks to the modules, available images are easy to resize, and the media is embedded with little effort. The same applies to any layouts and blocks. 

In-line editing is an important benefit for content creators, as it saves time and effort. Previously, they would click through to every element they wanted to change. Now, editing is a piece of cake, as it is achieved directly from the front end. 

The Drupal Core includes a handy feature called Quick Edit. This allows content editing on the live website. Another core feature, CKEditor, has a special Media Embed Module. As the name suggests, its purpose is embedding of external resources (e.g., images, videos, tweets, etc.).

5. Engaging the Mobile Audience

Nowadays, consumers prefer to interact with companies via smartphones. Drupal is used for web-based and native apps for both iOS and Android. Thanks to REST API, communication between apps and sites is smooth. 

Portable solutions form the core of this system’s philosophy. Drupal is a convenient and flexible CMS, which means developers may create and enhance web resources with ease. Drupal-based sites are responsive and pleasing to the eye whatever the screen size. 

The Bottom Line

Drupal is an incredibly flexible and powerful CMS. Customization is simple, as features are easy to replace or add. Developed and enhanced by a global community of experts, Drupal 8 and new Drupal 9 have plenty of benefits. 

Businesses that build sites on Drupal are bound to see impressive results. Smooth navigation and quick loading not only contribute to visual appeal, but they also bring a revenue boost. With this system, companies grow their customer base quickly. Consumers order products and services through efficient sites and apps. They become repeat buyers, as their experience is enjoyable.

The Top 10 Business Startup Ideas 2020

Having the great startup idea is extremely important when starting a new business. Choosing to do what they love and are passionate about over having a well-paid job they are not into, is what people do these days. Seeking happiness instead of a high salary while living in a big city must be well planed, in order to have enough to survive, so choosing the right business and great startup idea is a key.

It is certanly possible to start a new business without having top startup idea, but it will cost you a lot more to do it. Most of the successful web development companies and mobile development companies have had relied upon some of the best startup business ideas, so it is safe that this will save up your money and gain you more.
We came up with a list of the best startup business ideas, and if you follow these strictly, you are guaranteed to have a successful new business. So let’s start.

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1. Social Media Management

As it has been shown in praxis, social media is a great platform for best startup business ideas. Numerous companies use it for their business. What comes across as a problem, many companies don’t have time or knowledge to manage their social media.

When mastering this area, which is now the most important part of marketing, you can add tons of value to your business. It also helps you boost sales, and get more clients over the time.

You can even learn more strategies and models while following other influential people and companies on their social networks.

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2. Vacation Rental System

Many owners do not want to have to store, clean, list and take care of arriving guests, so this new startup business idea is in rising. With many options on where and how to advertise homes, you have a list of various rental platforms which can help you to promote homes.

If your performance goes well, you might be able to earn between 20 and 40 percent of the gross rental rate. Having more households in your portfolio which are managed good, can earn you a lot of money. That is why we included this startup business idea in our list.

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3. Flipping Websites

If you need fast earned money, flipping websites might be the right job for you. It involves buying and selling sites on existing platforms, which are sites dedicated to this. You need to do a lot of research to know which sites are worth buying and selling, but once you learn all that, it comes easy and it is a direct way to earn you money.

Selling entire websites or auctioning domains, it is up to you. Platforms like and are one of the best for this kind of startup business.

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4. Gadgets Repairing

These days almost everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet. They are used to surf Internet, communicate, do an e-commerce business and so on. Once these devices break, their owners need help, that is why gadgets repairing is one of the best startup business. It doesn’t matter where you live, since now you are able to order parts of smartphone or tables, to replace it with broken part, or even instruction kits from gadgets repairing companies so you could repair any type of electronic smart device.

With increasing number of electronic smart devices’ owners, this job has a bright future.

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5. Tourism Guidance

If you are living in a tourist area, this job is a great idea. Sites like TripAdvisor or Viator are the ones with the biggest audience when it comes to matter of traveling, so advertising your guided tours on these sites is a safe way of attracting the largest potential audience. And before advertising your tours, you can get a help about services and prices from another sites.

Being engaged with this startup business idea via making picture and videos which nicely represent the part of your tour, with correct hashtags so people can find everything easily, is what will make you business grow fast.

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6. Monthly Box Service

With a large choice of box services these days, this startup business in on the rise. If you already have a business, each month you can use hand-selected pieces from your industry to send them in a unique box. It can be done with cosmetics, gourmet foods, toys, clothes, wines and so much more.

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7. Online Educational Courses

Internet is commonly use for learning and gaining new skills. And you can use that, to provide people with excellent instructional material. Making educational content for online courses and learning can earn you a lot of money.

There are various platforms to do that next to a large number of websites designed for selling educational courses. Some of them are Udemy, Coursera,, Teachable and so on. On some of these sites you can sometimes lose money from your courses since they are giving promotional discounts. But you are also free to make your own website.

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8. Online AD Maganement

Facebook, Google and YouTube ads have become the dominant in the game of pay-per-click advertising, so learning how their ads work might make you PPC master, and by spending $1 you can earn $2.

Reaching the right audience is what this is all about, and of course having the best offers for them. It can even be learned on certain sites.

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9. Web Development & SEO

This startup business isn’t something that will attract everyone, since there are many variables at stake and more than 200 algorithm classification factors.

However, with much at stake, there is much to gain too. If you become very good at this business, it will increase your incomes a lot. Selling services or building your own sites with affiliate links looking for passive income, it is up to you. This is one of the best startup business idea because you can make an enormous amount of money.

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10. Online Coaching Services

If you are an expert in any field, you can become a coach, and in that way earn yourself nice salary. Your services can be provided through Skype or in person.


With Internet users rising, any of the startup business ideas above is the great one. It will help your business grow and earn you a lot of money. Of course, you need to follow the right manner.

Best SEO Ideas in 2020

All social media fads might get old fashioned at some point, but the lucky news is that strategies for attacking online audience will always be a top notch!

What are the best ways to attract visitors to your website?

Here are the top 5  ideas  for attracting an online audience:

1. Irresistible Content is Always

Ask yourself this, would you gain any online audience if your content is bad?

The more creative and irresistible it is the more audience you will get.  It’s your job to introduce topics people are eager to read and know about, make sure you write content that will leave people asking you for more.

What do you think is more important than the content itself?

Headlines are more crucial. If your headline is not catchy then no one will make an effort to click and read what’s inside! Make sure you catch the first eye viewer by special catchy headlines and then put a huge effort into your content.

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2. Why would people spend time on your website?

Internet surfing websites are now full of interesting topics and some even offer free fun services, so what to do next?

Offering a Unique Selling Proposition is the perfect solution to gain attention to your website, Offer your audience a clear case about your website.

  • Do you feel that you can be a part of this marketing development fuss? Well, you can start by involving in fresh SEO job positions; you can check LinkedIn and for a variety of SEO job opportunities.

3. Make Them Come Back

Attracting audience to check your websites is not enough, your target must take a deeper level of continuation, at the beginning they were impressed by the headlines and images and some contents that’s what made them check the website, now you have to make sure they come back to you for more updates and features.

How can you make your own traffic and get a loyal audience?

  • Let your visitor subscribe
  • Connect them with your social media accounts
  • Make some of the content exclusive for subscribers only
  • Keep on reminding them to register and subscribe (in a smart catchy way)
  • Make you sign up offer extraordinary
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4. Play it smart with search engines (SEO)

If you can exceed this step, then you are halfway short. How?

  • Google keyword optimization
  • Concentrate on Google’s popular keywords
  • Make sure Google likes you, how? Use Google webmaster tools or simply offer a sitemap
  • Put optimized content before link building to gain longer SEO success
  • Do not be slow! Being fast is now a major factor in search rankings

5. Make it presentable and functional

The first step in attracting any visitor to your website a charming visual view, you should always take care of giving your audience a total comfort while surfing your website, disturbing colors, fonts and images will make the visitor leave your website in seconds before digging in your marvelous content.

You have to also make your website functional, like allow your subscribers and audience to share your content (under the law of copyrights) and make sure you make a long term goal satisfaction review tool to see if your audience is happy with your services and website.

If you’re interested you can check for job opportunities in the UK and The US. Do not hesitate!

  • When you decide to make your own website, be sure to take everything into consideration, the purpose of building a strong functional website is not only to be highly ranked in search engines, it’s your job to make it effective and useful. Web development is making your dream come true on virtual platforms.
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The author of this text is:

Aya Silawi, an employee in JobLang Company. Holding a position of a content writer. She offers essays assistance to a wide range of clients both locally and internationally. 

Why SEO Is One Of The Best Things To Invest In (2020)

Since the internet was founded it slowly started making its way in our lives and now it is a staple for most people all around the world. It is a huge library of information, the biggest marketplace and probably the best platform for marketing as well. We can witness that big retail chains are closing down their stores and investing in online selling services. From the fact that you are saving time to the fact that it is much cheaper, benefits of online selling/buying products are numerous. And if you own a product-selling website or a blog you are aware of how important it is to invest in good presentation.

Now, when it comes to web presentation there are two key things – first, there is the responsive web design and the second one is SEO. Visit and find out what the responsive web design is. We would say that both are equally important and that one shouldn’t go without another. Now, unless you are a web design or an SEO expert yourself we would recommend you to hire a specialized agency that will do the optimization work. Believe us – it is one of the best investments you can make.

Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at why and how is SEO still relevant even in 2020!


The Benefits Of SEO 2020

1. Though trends like keywords and link-building are always going to be relevant when it comes to the SEO, each year brings changes and new methods and in 2020 we can expect a steady increase in mobile search and voice search optimization. Certain SEO changes are always changing and you will want to hire an agency that is always up to date and is going to assure that your website has the best possible presentation at the time given. A major benefit of SEO is the fact that your website will have an increase in And there is no doubt why – with the relevant keywords and tags your website/blog will be coming on top of all related search results.

2. Along with that, with the right SEO, you are sure to get an increase in ROI as well. Imagine that for example 2% of the customers that have visited your website went ahead and bought a product. On the other hand, once you implement the relevant optimization you will be getting visits from your target people and those that are actually interested in what you have to offer. This will result in an immediate increase in ROI, that will just continue it’s growth as time goes on.

3. Also, the SEO along with web design will allow for a user-friendly and responsive website that will once again attract more visitors.

No one likes waiting more than a few seconds for a site to load up and if your website isn’t mobile optimized you are at a huge loss. The SEO marketing agency RD Internet that is based in Cardiff but offers international service gives an excellent example on how optimization and online marketing is done.

4. Last but not least you are building brand awareness. This is especially important if you are new on the market and have unique products to offer. By including the right keywords and tags you will be at the top of search results and people will start connecting your brand’s name to a certain niche. And of course, if your website pops out on the first page of search results people are much more likely to put trust in it than if it was on page 4/5.


5. One of the great things about SEO in 2019 is that digital marketing agencies and SEO agencies are always putting out content to try and predict the big SEO trends in 2019. According to ALT Agency – Who are an SEO Agency Birmingham – The big SEO trend this year will be around updating old content. This means going back, removing any spammy or unpopular blog posts, merging half decent blog posts together and updating them with fresh content for 2020. ALT Agency is seeing this working very effectively and seeing websites jump 2-3-4 places in Google in just a few days after making this change.


As you can see SEO isn’t going anywhere and it is sure to have a huge impact on the online market in 2020 as well. That is why along with investing in responsive web design it should be a number one priority on your list. And though it is a long-term strategy believe us it will pay off!

5 Ways the Experts are Driving Traffic in 2020

Ever since I spent a year learning something I could have learned in 3 months, I decided that I will always hear from the horse’s mouth. It really makes life easier to just know exactly what so and so did to reach point A than to do it by yourself with no guidance and end up in a ditch. If you are running a start-up, here is my message to you, Traffic will be the bloodline of your website and without it, your business will come tumbling down.

Google makes 500 changes to its algorithm every year which keeps changing the rules of driving traffic. To beat Google at its game, you need to know exactly what the tactics are. If you are not in for the heavy lifting, Australia ranks in the top 5 list for the World’s best SEO experts so I would say, look for a good SEO Company in Melbourne to take on the weight for you because trust me, it’s no walkover. But if you are ready to offer the best of your energy and time, here is what to do

Guest post


One of the best ways SEO experts build traffic is by Guest Posting. Guest posting establishes your website as a credible source of information. The rules to successful guest posting are that you write helpful content and get it published on authority sites.

To get on sites with a high DA(authority sites) you need to do outreach to get writers that contribute to those sites and aware them about your expertise or your products and ask them to link to them or talk about them in their articles. Another way is by directly contacting Editors of the sites in question and offer to contribute as an expert.

For example, if you are a fitness coach you could approach the New York Times and offer to share advice on fitness. It’s easy for you to get in that way. In return, you could talk about your services and maybe slip in a link and boom! Traffic will be flowing like a river.

Run a mobile-friendly site


This year Google confirmed that 50% of all web users access the internet using mobile devices. such as phones and tablets. You don’t want to miss out on this traffic just because your site couldn’t load on a phone. Unless a web visitor is desperately looking for a product you offer would they wait for a slow unresponsive site to load.

Customers will in most cases get off an unresponsive website and look for a competitor. Running a mobile-friendly website will significantly improve your ranks in search engines.

Apart from better ranking, a mobile-friendly site will:

-Improve your brand identity

-Enhance user experience

-Boost website traffic

-Reduce bounce rates

-Increase your customer base

Email marketing


A successful email marketing campaign targets not only new but also existing and lost customers. The campaign should lead the subscribers to your site, encourage them to take on your offer and lastly convince them to purchase. For better web visibility, integrate email marketing with social media marketing.

Offer your clients a satisfying experience and they will give good testimonials, promote your products on social media and take part in your referral program to drive more leads to your e-commerce business.

Use On-Page SEO

Start by creating well-researched, high-quality and SEO-optimized content that blends keywords naturally. Choose keywords that relate to the products you are selling. You can carry-out keyword research to find out. Also, design highly engaging Meta descriptions that pique your readers’ interest. The more the numbers of readers you get to click your URL, the higher the traffic you drive to your blog.

Pay for Ads


Ad’s are a must-have for any serious traffic driving website. It doesn’t mean that you will pay for the ads sit back, relax and let the ads work. You have to put in the work in all other areas. Pay for custom-made Ads and other promotional content which is easily shareable to reach your target audience on different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Test different Ads to know which one drives the most traffic to your blog. For your ads to bring in results, it’s better to hire an SEO expert like Premium SEO Auckland so that you create perfectly targeted ad campaigns for the best results.

Parting shot

As you strive to enlarge your online customer base, consider using hashtags which are an effective strategy to pick out your ideal client. Additionally, use appealing infographics to capture the ever-decreasing human attention span.

Appealing infographics will increase your social shares as well.

7 Key Steps To Take When Starting a New Travel Blog

Although it seems difficult and complex, designing a travel blog can, in fact, be quite simple. And, if you are thinking about creating one that you’ll use for writing about your adventures, you might find the step-by-step guide below quite useful. Let’s take a closer look at the steps that you should take when starting a new travel blog:

Step 01: Choose a Suitable Name

Naturally, the very first step that you should take is choosing a suitable name for your blog. The title must be moderately short, simple to memorize, write & type, and something that will stick in people’s minds. You should also avoid adding numbers or hyphens to the name, especially since you won’t want to explain what it means.

You should also try to bypass using terms that are similar and overused in the entire blogging world. Yeah, you can choose something similar to “Wandering Steven” or “Wanderlust Anna”, but, you should be aware that it won’t stand out from the crowd and that they might already be used by other people. Hence, choosing something that is unique.

Step 02: Pick a Website Building Platform

The next thing that you should choose is a website building platform. This platform allows people to develop a site, insert the content they produced such as pictures, videos, articles, and so on. Naturally, there is a wide range of free platforms that you choose to utilize, but consider choosing the most love, used, and popular options, WordPress.

WordPress is not a platform that can enable you to simply drag & drop things, yet, it is quite user-friendly and it doesn’t require coding. It is also customizable, meaning that you have the opportunity of optimizing its speed in order to rank higher when using some SEO strategies. Additionally, there are various free themes and if you want to see a few of them, check out

Step 03: Get The Add-Ons You Need

The add-ons you choose to install will be extremely helpful for you and your travel site. Basically, the ones you choose will add extra traits to the blog. Most of the ones you’ll find are free, however, there are some a bit more advanced ones, that might require you to pay a small fee. When it comes to the things you can choose, it will entirely rely on you and your needs.

For instance, Akismet will shield your pages from bots and spammers that leave random comments, Yoast SEO can help you optimize your article, while WP Rocker speeds up your blog, which means that it will perform better. These are only some of the hundreds you can get, hence, do some digging before you install them.

Step 04: You’ll Want to Make an Online Character

Once you get it up and running, the next thing you should do is to create an “About Me Page”. Trust me, this will be one of the most visited categories on the blog, especially since individuals will want to know more about who you are, the story you can tell, and an explanation of why they might want to continue tracking your adventures.

A thing worth mentioning is that you should also create social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube. This can allow you to reach more people, hence, expanding your loyal audience. And, it’ll also make it simpler for people to distribute the things you post to your blog.

Step 05: Compose The First Article

Once you understand and do the aforementioned steps, it is time to start writing high-quality content. When starting out, one of the best things you can do is to publish at least two to three articles every week. But, there is one key thing that you should always remember and follow – QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY.

This is why you must give yourself enough time to create perfect and useful posts that will have a major impact on your audience. You’ll definitely want your content to inspire people, but, they also need to contain useful tips that people can utilize when they are traveling.

When starting out, you can choose to, for example, tell people more about yourself. Or, you can share your packing strategy, your research on a specific country or place, as well as what your travel essentials are. Additionally, you can share what your all-time favorite place is, give interesting advice on what people can do when they travel, show some incredible photographs, and so on.

Whatever you choose to write about, it can allow you to figure out and comprehend how WordPress works, including how to publish photographs, how the header works, and all the other important details and formatting that is required when publishing on this website.

Step 06: Consistency is The Key to Success

As mentioned earlier, you should post at least two or three articles per week, but, some people can also choose to share daily – especially if they have traveled a lot in recent years. All in all, you should try to be as realistic as you can, especially when it comes to what you can manage to do. Being consistent will build a stronger relationship with your followers as well, which is something a lot of people strive to do.

Step 07: Consider Creating an Email List

When starting out, one of the most important things that you should not skip is building an email list. Now, you might be questioning – why must I do this early on? Well, by doing this, you’ll be able to connect with your readers better, and you can have a strategy for reminding them that you are still there.

It is relatively cheap to build your email list and the only thing it will require is patience and time. There are various tools that you can use for creating an email list, hence, make sure that you utilize them. This will allow you to notify your readers about new posts and adventures.


By following the tips mentioned in the article above, you’ll be able to make the entire process of starting and creating a travel blog easier, cheaper, less time consuming, as well as less stressful for yourself. So, now that you know what you should do, do not waste any more time. Instead, start from the first step in this article, which is to choose a name for your site!

How to Start a Personal Finance Blog in 2020

Personal finances are one of the subjects that everyone is interested in. We all have some sort of financial problems. This doesn’t cover people that are not able to afford current things. People that have enough money also do not know how to properly organize their budget. Because of that, they look for help in different ways. Logically, one of the ways to boost their knowledge about this topic is education via the Internet.

There are many blogs out there that are analyzing the same situation. However, the good thing is that you do not have to be an economist to run this blog. Everyone who knows how to organize his personal finances can share his knowledge online.

Despite that, this is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach their audience. Let’s say that you are a business owner or a startup that is selling shoes. At first glance, it seems that shoes and personal finances do not have anything in common. Yet, you are an entrepreneur and you know how to finance world functions. You maybe do not have a diploma for that, but you have enough experience to share valuable pieces of advice.

Anyway, running a blog in today’s world is tough. A huge number of them will cover the same topics as you and they will be your direct competitors. Here are several different ways that will help you win your competitors.

Organize Your Content

We believe that there are many pieces of information that you want to share. However, your content needs to be properly organized. First of all, you need to decide on a current niche that you will analyze. You can pick between general investing, stock investing, real estate investing, etc.

Still, we encourage you not to stop there. It would be a lot smarter to find your “micro-niche”. If you pick a real estate investing, then pick only one part of the entire field. In that way, you will attract a current target audience that will become your loyal fans one day.

Still, that doesn’t mean you should start with micro-niche immediately. Start with general topics and check how everything works. Ask your followers for feedback and see which demands they have. That will help you to decide on one niche and after that on a certain micro-niche.

Pick an Attractive Domain Name

Well, the first thing that the first-time visitor will see is the name of your website. Because of that, the domain name has huge importance for your promotion. Many people make the mistake and use the basic name for their blog. For example, is not something that you should use.

Your domain name must be creative. There are 4 pieces of advice that we want to share with you. First of all, the domain should be short. In that way, people will remember it easily. After that, it should somehow be related to your niche. When you establish a brand, you can use something unusual. Besides that, the domain should contain “.com”. However, if your target audience is from a current region or country, then use a domain that is suitable for that part of the world.

Finally, many personal finance bloggers use their personal name as a domain. In that way, they are working on their self-promotion.

Determine Which Pieces of Information You Will Share

Well, before we start talking about the technical side, this is the crucial step. After you determine your niche, it is important to plan the purpose of your blog. There are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself before publishing the first blog post.

The first question is – why you want to run a personal finance blog? Logically, that will ensure you reach your target audience in a lot better way. Yet, that mustn’t be your main priority. You truly need to share valuable pieces of information there. More precisely, the audience needs to be the main focus.

After that, you need to plan the purpose of your blog going to be. Are you willing to share your journey to financial freedom with others? Are you willing to make their lives better than ever? How are you going to ensure these two things?

You need to answer these three questions. Without those answers, your blog won’t be effective enough.

Design and SEO – Two Crucial Factors

We suppose that coding and web programming is not your expertise. However, design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two factors that will have a huge impact on your success.

First of all, the design of your website needs to be user-friendly. Do not forget that many visitors will visit your website via their mobile device. Because of that, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. If the first-time visitor is satisfied with the design of your blog, then he will start reading the content.

Well, the content itself is something that brings success. We recommend you divide text with subtitles to make it easier for reading. Despite that, do not use long sentences and paragraphs. The sentences should not be longer than 20 words while paragraphs should not contain more than 150 words.

Anyway, something that is even more important is the technical side of your blog. More precisely, you need to try to reach the first page on Google. The only way to do that is to boost your SEO performances.

You need to know that a couple of factors influence your SEO rankings. The most important ones are keyword stuffing and link building. People usually type common phrases and terms in the search box on Google. Thanks to different keyword research tools, you can find out which phrases they currently look for.

Despite that, link building is equally important for your SEO. Despite that, links through content will make the content itself more engaging. There are two types of links that you can use – internal and external. The internal ones are those that lead to another place on your website. Logically, the external ones lead to the place outside of your website that can be helpful for the reader.

Many years ago, Google’s algorithm was supporting blog posts with a lot of external links. Today, things are a bit different. It is more important which links you place in your content. Because of that, we suggest you hire agencies like that will help you with link building.

So, it doesn’t look so hard, right?

5 Web Design Elements for Traffic Boost in 2020

When you want to improve your website, SEO and web design must go hand in hand together. In staying on the top page in SERP, this requires extensive work to rank your site. If you dwell much on search engine optimization, you might forget that your web design is being taken for granted.

Don’t settle on your current visual layout; you should create something that could help the viewers navigate your site efficiently. Evaluate your page and consider the comments of the users. Imagine yourself in their shoes and think of a solution that could provide a better user experience.

As a general checklist to start, here are the valuable 5 web design elements that you should keep an eye on.

1. Improve Your Website Speed

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Have you found out the culprit on why your page keeps on loading slowly? Well, there are several things that you should check. First, you should have a regular cache clearing to remove unnecessary history and data. For instance, if you’re using a WordPress tool, you can follow these steps.

  • Go to Your Settings
  • Look for the Web Plugin for Cache
  • Then finally, click on the delete cache

There are various plugins that you can use to clear caches, such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. By using these tools, it will be easier to navigate in the dashboard, and it only takes a few clicks to delete the data.

Second, you should optimize your images. Yes, that’s right. Even though you love high-quality photos, you should still need to compress its resolution so that it won’t cause your web to lag. We suggest that you should use vector images rather than the raster ones.

Vector graphics are programmed through mathematical codes, formula, and geometric primitives resulting in a high-resolution image. Some of the formats that it supports are SVG, AI, PDF, EPS, and DFX. In contrast with the raster graphics, these photos are created through pixels such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF. By knowing the differences between these images, you will know which photo to upload that gives an HD resolution with a low data space.

Lastly, you should check your plugins. Identify the apps that you need and remove unnecessary plugins. You should also do a testing phase to check on which app slows down your website speed.

2. Develop a Competitive Visual and Appealing Site


After you finished checking the first bullet, you may now proceed with the design layout and structure. What is the primary purpose of web design? Is it for a visual representation or attracting viewers?

Design is intended to make the viewers be able to read your message. You don’t have to explain what it’s all about. By just merely looking at the images, layout, and structure of the website, it sets out a clear purpose to drive the viewers with a better visual experience.

How are you going to improve the design? Here are the hacks to level up your web visuals.

  • Choose a responsive background with a reasonable low data space
  • Make sure that the fonts are readable and visible
  • Use bullets and short paragraphs for your contents
  • Place your ads properly
  • Adopt a modern design that works for computer and mobile formats

3. Use of the Negative Space

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A negative space indicates the blank portion of the website. Whereas the positive space, this area includes all the elements of the website, such as contents, images, and more. In the new phase today, negative space becomes an essential technique in attracting a site visitor.

If your website displays too many images and contents, it makes the eyes look confused as to where to start navigating. It is important to use negative space to show your content in a presentable, legit, and readable way.

In using this technique, it does not only focus on the space between the paragraphs, sentences, or images. Sometimes, the negative space is also being used to lure a viewer to visit the site. If you inculcate the 8 seconds rule, you will understand how impatient the viewers are. As the term suggests, it only takes 8 seconds for a site visitor to decide whether he or she will navigate the website.

If you want to keep the visitor interested, you should use negative space and highlight the main headline of your website. Could you keep it simple yet substantial?

4. Make your Website’s Platform Mobile-Friendly


According to the statistics, around 3.5 million people are using smartphones this 2020 year. It means to say; more people are using mobile than computers.

The reason is obviously due to mobile’s handheld usage. You can watch videos, stream channels, and surf the internet anywhere and anytime if you have a smartphone.

For web developers and designers, it is a must to keep your content compatible with mobile devices. If its layout and structure look messy in the smartphone, it would affect your viewers’ interest and may result in a higher bounce rate.

To unleash your website into a mobile layout, you should test it first before launching it to the public. In this way, you will know if its display looks presentable and professional in a smartphone device.

5. Guide Your web Visitors using a Sitemap

Have you consulted an SEO Specialist? You’re probably wondering whom to seek advice for on how to make your sitemap well-designed and SEO friendly. Well, let me tell you the basics and see the results for yourself.

According to Joelhouse, Sitemaps are essential elements of web design because they help in guiding the viewer in navigating the site. It does not only refer to a dropdown list menu and toolbar, but also an essential part of the SEO.

A well-mapped website can be easily tracked and analyzed by Google. Both the internal and external links are also essential to make your site visible to the public. A sitemap contains internal links that guide the online visitor on which section to click and to look for.

Juggling all these 5 elements is undoubtedly a challenging role to take. You must balance all these features to make your website visually competitive and boost its traffic. If you know how to put all these things in one place, then you have the edge to succeed in your ranking.

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