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What Skin Type You Have?

Most commonly people start using beauty products without knowing whether they are gonna suit them or not. Whatever beauty advertisements they watch, they get in the influence and give it a try. Experimentation is good though but it is really not helping in this case. Exploring and understanding the type of your skin is always very helpful. It makes you feel confident about the products you are using on your skin. It also lets you explore which beauty products will work for your skin type so you can use it accordingly. You will opt for the products which are right for you like moisturizers and other beauty creams.

Basic Skin Types:

There are 5 basic skin types. Starting from oily skin type to sensitive one, we are going to discuss each one by one here. For more information visit AA+ Reviews.

  • Oily Skin: Such skin types produce oils especially on the T zone of the face. These skin types produce excessive oil hence look greasy and shiny. They are said to be acne-prone skin types.
  • Normal Skin: Such skin types are nor too greasy neither too oily. They are said to be the balanced ones.
  • Combination Skin: People with this skin type have some areas which produce excessive oil like the nose, chin while other areas are normal or even dry like cheeks.
  • Dry Skin: Dry skin is not able to produce enough oil that’s why it is patchy and looks dehydrated.
  • Sensitive Skin: As the name is enough to explain anything. It usually appears red and dry. People with sensitive skin might feel itching or discomfort if not handles with proper care.

How to Determine your Skin Type:

The Bare Face Method:

One of the easiest methods to determine your skin type is to check it bare. Wash your face with a good cleanser and do not apply anything on it afterward. Observe your face after 30 minutes. If it looks shinier, it means your face has produced oil. Contrarily if it looks dry and patchy, it lacks oil-producing glands.

The Blotting Sheet Method:

Place a clean blotting paper on different areas of your face and press it. Hold the paper against the light and see the amount of oil absorbed by it. The more it absorbs oil the more it will appear on the blotting paper.

How to Take Care of Your Skin according to your Skin Type:

Dry Skin Type:

As your skin cells are not producing enough oil and sebum. The first step to keeping dry skin healthy is to hydrate it properly. Use a generous amount of moisture on the skin. Because dry skin is very much prone to a faster aging process. Hence more you moisturize it more it will look healthier. An important thing to keep in mind while buying beauty products for dry skin is to get chemical-free products. Such products can damage dry skin more than anything. Go for products that contain no chemicals. You can also use beauty products available under different renowned brand names.

Oily Skin Type:

Oily skin has excessive oil, so dealing with such skin type is very tricky. The more oil your skin is producing the more it becomes vulnerable to acne and breakout. This is because excessive get blocked into the pores and thus results in pimples. So you need to be very cautious about the selection of the products for oily skin. You must not buy products which help secret oil more. Also, search for anti-clog products. Otherwise, they can cause more breakouts. Try to clean your face properly on a daily basis. Be careful in selecting face wash, it must not be very harsh on the skin. Use gentle scrub at least twice a week to exfoliate dead skin cells. You can also use clay masks sell by many beauty companies like Kiehl’s face clay mask.

Combination Skin Type:

The combining skin type is a little hard to handle because you have to deal with 2 or 3 skin types simultaneously. While buying beauty products for such skin types, go for the products which are made for all skin types. Such products will neither produce excessive oil nor will they make your skin too dry. All you need to care for such type is to keep a balance between the two skin types. However, Kiehl’s face clay mask along with a soothing face mask will be a good combination.

Normal Skin Type:

Normal skin type is one of the easiest amongst all to deal with. You don’t have to worry about the frequent breakout, nor have to think about flaky dry patchy skin. All you need to maintain this type of skin is to cleanse and moisturize it properly. Keep the skin completely hydrated and well-nourished all the time. Try to protect your skin from sun rays. Use good quality sunscreen in a day. Follow a night care routine as well. You can use good quality moisturizer or oil at night. Kiehl’s daily facial creams are the best products to be used for normal skin types.

Sensitive Skin Type:

Sensitive skin types are though difficult and need a little extra care. They are one of the most uncomfortable skin types. Such skin types are very weak inside hence are prone to skin problems easily. Skin cells are always at risk of getting allergies and other skin problems like redness and itching. When it comes to taking care of such skin type, you need to put a little more effort to do so. As already sensitive skin cells if not handled with care can cause problems that can be of serious nature as well. Use skin products with gentle and mild formula base. Fancy products can cause irritation and redness to your skin. Before trying any new product, perform a patch test beforehand.  This can prevent you from any serious consequences afterward. If you come across any allergic reaction while using a product, go to a dermatologist or any other skin specialist. Do not experiment with your skin at home in such a case. For sensitive skin types, you can use Kiehl’s non-comedogenic face oil to get better skin.

We are sure that these tips will help you in understanding your skin type and thus maintaining a good skincare routine accordingly.

4 Tips on How to Protect Your Skin During the Summer

The sun is dangerous. We all need it, and we all want more of it, but it poses a very real risk to your health if you’re under its blazing rays in excess. According to Cancer Council NSW, UV radiation is the main factor that causes skin cells to become cancer cells. Direct exposure, and boatloads of it, can increase your risk of getting cancer exponentially.

What’s more is that sunburns and frequent untreated sun exposure can welt your skin, leave you with scars, and make you develop blemishes and “sun spots”. Sun spots and blemishes are mostly harmless, but they can look unsightly and they are also indicative: if you have a lot of sun spots, it means you’re exposed to UV radiation enough to cause damage to your skin—frequently.

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If you are concerned about preventing damage to your skin, avoiding cancer, or you simply want to keep your skin looking rather youthful, it’s important to protect it. Your skin is your largest organ; just as you’d pre-emptively try to protect your other organs, it’s smart to do the same with your skin.

Take Frequent Shade Breaks

Besides wearing thick garments, shade is the greatest protector against damage from the sun.

But when it’s summer and you’re trying to have some fun, you don’t want to stay indoors or in the shade. You want to soak up some rays and feel the heat on your skin. The pursuit of protecting your skin shouldn’t come with sacrifice. After all, you want to protect your skin so that you can enjoy life.

A worthwhile compromise here is to take frequent shade breaks. What this means is that if you spend half an hour in the sun, maybe spend ten to fifteen minutes in the shade afterwards. Switch back and forth and you’ll give your skin necessary time to repair any damage from the sun. You can also use these breaks as an opportunity to drink some water, reapply sunscreen, and maybe have a snack.

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Apply Sunscreen Rated Above SPF 15

Sunscreens that have an SPF of 15 meet the minimum standards of the FDA. But authority figures in the field of UV radiation and dermatology all agree that this probably isn’t good enough.

It’s important to apply the right sunscreen. Some brands are dishonest about how much protection they truly offer, and some people also buy sunscreen that’s rated too low. If you have particularly sensitive skin or you’re in an unusually sunny environment, it’s important to use sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 50. More, if you can.

Keep in mind that a higher SPF doesn’t mean the sunscreen lasts longer. It just means that the cream is blocking more UV rays. You still need to re-apply the cream regularly to maximize coverage, and it’s still important to take shade breaks. No sunscreen blocks all UV rays. No matter how strong you go, you’re still absorbing UV radiation.

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There are two kinds of UV radiation: UVB and UVA.

UVB rays cause sunburn and are the biggest culprits in skin cancer risk while out and about in the sun.

UVA rays are what cause more casual skin damage. UVA rays tan your skin, create blemishes, and cause wrinkles. To a lesser extent, they also still contribute to sunburn risk.

Many sunscreens only protect against UVB rays. You can increase your protection against the sun by purchasing sunscreen that is advertised as “broad spectrum”. This will tell you that the sunscreen protects against both UVB and UVA rays.

While it is safer to avoid tanning, it may be the case that tanning is important to you. If it is, a broad spectrum sunscreen will hinder the tanning process. Go with a regular sunscreen if you want to keep doing it, but consider going with a stronger SPF as a compromise.

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Use an Umbrella with Proper Sun-Blocking Fabric

Did you know that many umbrellas don’t protect you completely from the sun? It’s an unfortunate truth, and it’s one most people don’t know about. If you’re the kind of person who likes lounging underneath a patio umbrella, you’ll be displeased to know that it’s likely you weren’t blocking all the harmful UV rays.

This isn’t necessarily a big deal; after all, sun exposure is sun exposure, and many people do enjoy that. Just look at the people sunbathing at all hours of the day! But if you’re looking to keep your skin healthy, it becomes important to give your skin the chance to heal. You already know to take frequent shade breaks, so let’s take that a step further.

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When you’re in the shade, make sure the shade is actually protecting you!

The best way to guarantee this is to use an umbrella that is built with proper sun-blocking fabric. The Skin Cancer Foundation lists several umbrellas that can protect you, and many of these can do so in style. There’s no reason to look drab while taking care of yourself. High-quality umbrellas like Sunbrella Umbrellas, available at,   that are properly rated can go a long way towards guaranteeing that your skin gets the chance to recuperate from a jaunt in the sun.

It would be more foolproof to wear thick clothes, but anyone who’s spent some time in the sun in the middle of summer knows this to be a poor choice. Temperature regulation is important, and running around is a bit of a task if you’re huffing and puffing because of your clothing. You can keep the layers off and still be safe if you use a properly rated umbrella.

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Make Sure You’re in a Place with Lots of Natural Shade

Up to this point, you’ll have undoubtedly noticed a trend. It is true that the best way to protect your skin during the summer is by utilizing shade. There aren’t many foolproof ways of guaranteeing your skin remains unblemished and undamaged while maximizing sun exposure. We aren’t quite there yet.

So this means it’s good to be redundant. Specifically setting aside time to be in the shade can be a damper on the mood when you’re having fun. You likely have memories of childhood when you groaned after being told to come inside for a while just as the games were getting really good. And this still rings true today; shade is better than any other intervention or remedy, but it can be a drag if you’re constantly stopping the fun.

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An alternative is to spend your time outdoors in a place that has a lot of natural shade. If you’ve seen the canopy of a forest, even by a clearing or field, you’ll have also seen that there’s a healthy pattern of sun and shade. In some ways, this can be a more effective means of minimizing damage from the sun.

Be warned: Constantly flitting from shade to sun from one moment to the next is helpful, but it isn’t total protection. You will still need to take shade breaks—just not as frequently as you ordinarily would if the sun exposure were perpetual instead of intermittent.

Sometimes this isn’t possible. For example, a beach will likely not have many areas that possess “natural shade”, but that’s where your umbrella comes into the mix. Otherwise, try to plan your events and engagements in places that offer a lot of natural protection. This is a great idea if you know you won’t remember to take as many shade breaks as you should, or if you simply just don’t want to take that many breaks.

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What’s Next?

Armed with these four tips, you’ll start enjoying a life with a significantly reduced number of sunburns. The Aloe Vera bottles you keep for treating your burns will fall into disuse, and you’ll start noticing that your skin looks great even after spending weeks in the sun.

Try to make protecting your skin as non-invasive and routine as you can. The biggest obstacle to proper care is often obligation and effort; if you feel as though you have to force yourself to take care of something, your incentive and motivation to follow through—consistently and regularly—will waver.

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So make the choices that turn this affair into one that barely registers as a task. As mentioned above, if you know you’re not going to be able to take as many shade breaks as you should, plan your outdoor activities in a location where this is less important. If you know your skin is sensitive, use stronger sunscreen. If you know you’ll be in an area where there is no shade, get an sunbrella umbrella that will protect you from the sun.

Bake these choices in until they become a habit and you’ll be prepared to enjoy the summer months without feeling as though you’re cramping the vibe. It can be tough to be safe while having fun, and it can be a juggle sometimes. Keep your inclinations and preferences in mind as you move forward, and make the decisions that guarantee you’re protecting yourself as best you can no matter what.

Some luxury electric shaver for sensitive skin

Technology is an amazing thing. We are using the advancements of technology to get most of our day to day work done. Out of those technology powered appliances that we use in day to day lives, electric shavers hold a prominent place out of them.

A variety of electric shavers are available out there in the market for men to purchase. But if you have sensitive skin, you need to be extra careful about the shaver you purchase. In fact, you are strongly encouraged to look for an electric shaver, which is designed for people with sensitive skin.

How to choose the best electric shaver?

An electric shaver is a device which is in almost all the houses today because men use these devices to shave their beard as it can be used for a longer time than normal razors and there are many more benefits. So as a result of that, as mentioned before, there are many electric shavers available in the market. But the thing is that you cannot make sure, all these products are effective and good to use.

There are some products which are not good for use, and when we consider its product quality, that is low. So how can you pick the best electric shaver for you? Well, when it comes to choosing the best electric shaver, there are some important factors that you have to consider. Following are some of those factors that you have to pay attention to when choosing an electric shaver.

What brand should you consider?

A brand is a very important factor to consider not only when choosing an electric shaver, but also for all the other products because it plays a very crucial role when it comes to the quality. There are lots of electric shavers’ brands available in the market and there are some brands which managed to build a sound reputation in the market because of their high-quality products. So, always go for such a brand and you will not be facing any issues while shaving because they deliver the best.

When you look at the electric shaver brands, you will come across some luxury brands as well. If you are interested in experiencing the premium quality of electric shavers that come under the luxury brands, you are encouraged to opt for such models.

It is true that you will have to spend additional money to purchase an electric shaver that falls under a luxury brand. However, the benefits that you can get from a luxury electric shaver is valuable and you will not be sorry for paying extra. In addition to that, you can get a great feeling when you use them daily as well.

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Wet vs. Dry shavers

When it comes to electric shavers, there are some shavers that can be used to dry shaving and there are some which can be used to wet shaving. And there are some shavers which can be used in both cases. Dry shavers deliver super-fast shaving experience and it is very convenient too. As for wet shavers, you should apply some gel or foam to have a smooth experience. Now that you know that, you can find the electric shaver according to your liking.

If you have sensitive skin, you are encouraged to go ahead with a wet shaver. Then you will be able to get a hassle-free experience when you remove your facial hair.

Foil Vs. Rotary shavers

There are two types of electric shavers available; foil and rotary. Usually, the foil type of electric shavers is suitable for men with shorter beard and for those who prefer to take care of it daily. This is integrated with a thin curved blade and allows you to have smooth and convenient shaving. When it comes to rotary type, this has three or four round heads which move in a circular motion and this type suit best for men with long facial hair who do not practice regular shaves. This is another aspect you should think about.

Charging Time

Charging time is another essential factor that you have to consider when choosing an electric shaver. Some electric shavers come with a rechargeable feature, and some come with useable battery feature. The ones with rechargeable batteries provide a longer battery life. Because if you choose one with less battery life, then you will have to charge it all the time which is not good at all. So pay your attention to this factor too.

Cleaning procedure

When it comes to shaving, it is imperative to clean your razor, because if you don’t do that you might have to face some issues after some time. And cleaning your device daily can be tiresome. So pick an electric shaver which can be rinsed and cleaned easily. Some electric shavers come with built-in cleaning processes, so you do not need to worry about the cleaning at all.

So you should get an idea on how to choose the best electric shaver for you. However, now that you know some of the things we addressed you will not find it difficult to choose the right shaver. You need to be a bit more careful when you are investing your money in an electric shaver for sensitive skin. However, the tips that we shared above will be able to help you with making the decision and you will not have to worry about anything.


Korean Men’s Cosmetics Brand PORMANS Launches New Products

Korean men’s cosmetics brand ‘PORMANS’ has launched an all-in-one essence and body wash for men. Tone-up all-in-one Essence is a men’s all-in-one cosmetics that can treat skin in one step from lotion, essence, and tone up. It has the effect of being instantly toned up when it is applied, and it can even be a whitening effect when used continuously. Glacial milk of Iceland and deep sea water are contained, so skin can be moisturized.

All-In-One Nature Wash enable to wash hair, face and body at once.
It can solve 3 things at once, shortening the time to wash, and the men who are annoyed to wash every day can wash easily and have a satisfactory response.

Ingredients are made of natural ingredients, patented atopic skin, and patented hair and scalp protection.
At the moment of launching, Korean men showed an amazing response, and purchase can be made through PORMANS official homepage.

* Product Name: PORMANS tone up All-in-One Essence

Ingredient 1 Water texture essence by Hawaiian deep sea water and glacial milk of Iceland delivers fresh hydrating and moisturizing skin.
Ingredient 2: Indian mulberry leaf extract, snow lotus extract, banana extract and grapefruit extract enable to care the skin.

* Product information
1) One step product for Skin + lotion + essence + toning up
2) Dual functional products with brightness and wrinkle improvement that delivers not only instantly tone up but also a whitening effect from sustained usage.
3) A moisturizing texture as like lotion and instantly natural toning up when applied.
4) Man’s all-in-one cosmetic that enables to simply manage the skin.

* Product Name:: PORMANS All-In-One Nature Wash

Ingredient 1: Contains ingredients to help protect hair, protect skin and scalp, and improve dermatitis.
Ingredients 2: Natural body wash containing about 20 natural ingredients.

*product information
1) Products that enable to wash hair, face and body at once
2) Contains about 20 natural ingredients, making it easy for people with sensitive skin.
3) It is a natural body but excellent in bubble power and cleaning power.
4) Man’s all-in-one cosmetic that enables to simply clean the skin.