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What Happens When We Touch Something Infected?

Self-isolation, social distancing and staying at home are necessary measures in the fight against the coronavirus. However, it’s also necessary for a member of a household to go to the grocery store once in a while, where there’s unavoidable contact with articles that were previously touched by a lot of people.

What if we touch something infected from a store shelf?

Experts claim that even if that happens, your hands are not an entry point for the virus. If we wash our hands afterwards, we are taking appropriate preventive measures. What’s important is that we don’t put a freshly contaminated hand on our mouth, nose or eyes.

What if we eat something infected?

The first hypotheses were that the virus came from infected groceries from a farmers’ market in Wuhan, but later research excluded that possibility. It has been confirmed that it isn’t possible to get the disease that way.

The Scientists Discovered the Key Symptom of Coronavirus

A team at King’s College London looked at responses from over 400,000 people reporting suspected Covid-19 symptoms to an app, and they discovered that the most common symptom of coronavirus is the loss of smell.

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According to the study, the loss of smell was noticed among almost 60% of patients who were tested positive.

Professor Claire Hopkins, president of the British Rhinological Society, and Professor Nirmal Kumar, president of ENT UK, said: “We think these patients might be some of the hitherto hidden carriers that have facilitated the rapid spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, these patients do not meet current criteria for testing or self-isolation.”

Because of this, the scientists concluded that this symptom might be a better indicator than fever.

Besides, experts also warn the public to pay attention to their eyes since irritations can be caused by the coronavirus.

Chris Evans Revealed he and his Family Might Have Contracted COVID-19 but he didn’t Self-Isolate


Chris Evans said that he ‘thinks’ he and his family had contracted COVID-19 last month after they experienced a ‘really weird cold.’

When he spoke on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show on Tuesday, he also admitted that he did not self-isolate since none of his symptoms fell in line with the NHS-advised dry cough and high temperature that would need quarantining.

The broadcaster (54), who has sons Noah (10), Eli, (8), and 18-month-old twins Walt and Boo with his golfer wife Natasha Shishmania (40), said: ‘I think I’ve had it [coronavirus]. I’m not saying I’m qualified to say this, though.

‘So many of us had this really weird cold two or three weeks ago and if four out of five most prominent people on the telly talking about coronavirus, if they can get it – they’re only mild symptoms, a bit of a sniffle and dry cough…’

He explained his reasons for not going to quarantine: ‘I didn’t get the fever or the dry cough, that’s why I didn’t self-isolate. Noah had the fever, and he self-isolated before we all had to for 14 days.

‘But by that time, Tash had this cough, and almost everybody you saw on telly reporting on the coronavirus looked red-faced and runny-eyed – I think lots of us have had it!’

How to Save Money During Coronavirus

Use this period to save on gasoline, dinners at restaurants, travel, treatments at beauty salons. Some parents will not even see and pay nannies for a while, who regularly babysit for them.

This tense and stressful time is hard for us all, though some sociological interpretations say that the corona has brought about some “positive” changes, such as spending most of the time with family, slowing down the pace of life, spending less money.

Now that citizens, or workers, are in large numbers “stuck” at home, we can say that “better conditions” for savings are being created. And to wish, we have nowhere to spend money: movement is restricted, and restaurants, clubs, gyms, malls and other places – do not work.

Those workers who did not get fired during this crisis, who work from home for full-time and full-time pay, have a high chance of putting more money into savings accounts at a bank, or in a “black days” drawer. There are almost no unexpected costs, and the only things we stand out for each day are food and hygiene products.

Business Insider allocates five costs that we otherwise have, which are now, in self-isolation, “disabled.” You can turn that money into waste.

1. We don’t drive; we don’t pour gasoline

How often do you refill your petrol, in normal circumstances? At least once a week. Some safely and more often, it depends on how far they travel to work and where they all go in the car after work hours. Those who pay for parking or garages every day know how much it can cost, and now it is gone. If, by the way, you take the ride and now work from home – you will also save for a monthly stamp or day tickets.

2. It can be done at home

We rarely count the amount of money we spend on “outside meals”, whether it be bakeries, restaurants or canteens at work, and we spend almost as much on coffee to go or socialize in cafes. Neither will these costs for a while. Although in normal circumstances, we have the time and the conditions to make our meals, and to have lunch or dinner at home, many employees who work all day – they don’t do it. Plus, there is the money we give when we go out on weekends, go to the movies, the theater, and other fun places.

3. Travel? No, for a while

The borders of the countries are mostly closed, reservations are canceled, people are sitting at home, and the tourism sector is mostly suffering. For a while, we will not look forward to traveling and touring countries around the world, but will, therefore, save the money planned for just that. Some may undoubtedly set that amount aside for travel when possible, and in the meantime, some may find it more meaningful. In any case, as long as money is in the drawer – the money is safe.

4. I am my “housemaster”

Because of the state of emergency, wellness centers, beauty salons, gyms, and all other facilities are closed, we will have to do treatments ourselves, exercise at home, or relax in the tub. This discomfort, however, can have its benefits: you will save big money every month because it hates you to take care of your hair or nails on your own. The good thing is that gyms will “freeze” your membership fees, but you will still need to be a trainer for a while.

5. Nannies on break

Many parents work overtime and are unable to pick up their children from kindergarten or school on time. They do not have grandparents available, so they are forced to hire nannies, for whom they have to give a lot of money every month. Now that work from home is introduced almost everywhere, it will not be necessary. Even though you are dedicated to working during the day, you must be at home and able to look after the children and then have a whole afternoon just for them. Make sure you use “nanny money” later on wisely.

SHOCKING! Man Infected with Coronavirus SPITTING at Officers!

Police officers from Greece were put into quarantine after an incident that took place in Athens where a man claiming to be infected with coronavirus had spat in their faces.

A 26-year-old man who has recently returned from London was arrested yesterday in Voula in the south of Athens for breaking car mirrors. While he was being apprehended, he spat in the officers’ faces after telling them that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

The charges against him are, among other things, breaking the obligation of a 14-day self-isolation period.

Greece currently has 624 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with the total number of victims being 14. The country has induced a state of lockdown to attempt to contain the spread of the virus. Starting today leaving the house without a permit is restricted, warranting a €150 fine.

Idris Elba Quarantine Rap Song: The Long Road 2

Looks like Idris Elba has found a way to cope with his self-isolation due to him being infected with COVID-19, better known as Corona Virus. Earlier this week, he announced that he was tested positive for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

The famous actor who lesser known as a music producer and DJ released an almost four-minute song on his Instagram profile on Friday. The title of the song is “The Long Road 2”. In the description of the video, he wrote, and we quote, “Creating is living right now”. Also, he wrote another sentence, stating that music is his therapy.

The topic of this newly released song is Elba discussing his self-quarantine. He spoke about this being the right time for a direct talk, and him being quarantine in his spare room. This all led him to let some thoughts out.

Later in the song, he discusses the declare of the national emergency by President Donald Trump last week. Also, he raps about viral videos that show self-quarantine Italians who are singing from their terraces. Ultimately, he says, what a week.


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Music therapy.

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Back on Tuesday, he answered some questions from his followers on Twitter. He stated that his wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba, was also tested on the Coronavirus and that her test showed her negative on COVID-19. Later in the live stream, he talked about him being by Tom Hanks’ public speaking about him being positive on a virus.

Just to remind you, last week Tom Hanks released a statement where he says that both he and his wife, Rita Wilson, were tested positive. Elba claimed that he felt it is important to be transparent about his condition, and that he is worried about people not taking this new virus seriously. In the end, he said that he is worried that the world will slide in the panic, and that common sense will be at loss in this case.