Megan Barton Hanson and Chelcee Grimes Broke Up Again?

A couple of days ago, rumors about a break up of Megan Barton Hanson and Chelcee Grimes are once again a subject of discussion on social media. The reason is that the on/off couple completely deleted all of the content that featured the other one. The couple was reunited once again back in November 2019. It looks like that this coronavirus self-isolation that hit all of the world, inflicted a serious blow to their relationship as well.

After an announcement that they are in a relationship once again, they started posting numerous images on their social media accounts. This lasted until a couple of days ago when we could see that both of them deleted all of those images. This isn’t the first time for this couple to break up and reconcile shortly after. However, we haven’t witnessed this drastic removing each of these from their lives. What we know is that Chelcee is currently located in Liverpool, where is she has been since the beginning of the lockdown.


At the same time, Megan remained in London. Maybe the situation is that the couple decided to break up for some time ago. However, recently they unfollowed each other on social media. This looks like a sign that things haven’t been perfect between them. This can be seen in a post that was on Megan’s Instagram profile. She quoted Hunter S. Thompson. In her post, she referred to something that may be a thing meant something in the past, but that in the long run, there is no explanation. Some of the followers were quick to realize that she talked about her relationship with Chelcee Grimes.

On the other side, we can see that Chelcee Grimes is focused on her fitness and training sessions. As you are probably aware of, she has a perfect figure. In one of her posts, she talked about how a quarantine life is something that fits her and that she wasn’t as inspired ever as she is now. There are several more clues that could provide us with some of the clues regarding their relationship. Chelcee posted a song lyric that talks about a girl who is smiling when she looks at her partner when it goes away for good. In April, she wrote that some people are trash that couldn’t be recycled at all.

Even though the situation is clear when it comes to their relationship, we can only guess what is going to happen in the future. This is not that happened for the first time in their relationship. Maybe they will reconcile once again after this lockdown is finished.

Trump Wants to Leave the White House!

The world crisis everyone is facing at the moment, affects even the biggest leaders.

There are many preventive measures the citizens are advised to follow. Things like good hygiene, disinfection, and self-isolation are effective and crucial. With obeying these measures, everyone is in fact, saving lives. Nevertheless, the experts constantly point out that staying at home is one of the most important preventive measures. These measures apply to all, including the president of the USA. According to some sources, president Trump finds it really hard to stay at the White House during these difficult times.

On March 28th, the president travelled Norfolk, Virginia, and on March 6th he stayed in Florida for three days. Those two short trips have been the only ones, and Trump is apparently frustrated due to the fact that he must follow the rules of self-isolation.

Trump, like everyone else wonders when the crisis will be over. The president seems to be optimistic according to Tim Murtaugh, communications director of Trump’s campaign. He stated “The coronavirus will pass and the president is looking forward to getting back out on the campaign trail and holding rallies. We will get back to those rallies. Never fear, the president is certain that we’re going to be back out there speaking directly to the American people.”

From the White House, it was reported that new ways in which the president may travel are being considered. They are thinking about a safe way in which the president could visit health centers in the USA which have had around 50.000 casualties.

According to NBC one senior administration official said “Like many Americans, the president is looking forward to travel when it is safe to do so.”

Kourtney Kardashian Explained Why She Doesn’t Wash Her Hair

The reality star Kourtney Kardashian is going ‘au naturel’ during self-isolation, and she is allowing her hair to build back its natural oils!

The 40-year-old just revealed one of her beauty secrets she practices in quarantine!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said she had gone down to wash her long hair only once a week. After her friend Sarah complimented her gorgeous, high ponytail, Kardashian confirmed, “I haven’t been washing my hair, as you know.”

Her dark hair looked so healthy and shiny, and it turned out it was not thanks to a miracle product. It was just her natural hair oils!

“It’s actually amazing because it has your natural hair oils in it. So they’re [already] there, and I just push it up,” Kourtney added in an  Instagram Live.

Even though not washing your hair seems like the easiest thing, the Poosh founder has some additional information for those of us who might want to try this at home. “I’ve been using the silk scrunchies, so it doesn’t damage your hair,” she continued.

Silk is beneficial for hair of all types; it protects strands and reduces friction and pulling, which can cause breakage. Even though the oil does wonders for hair health, those who are prone to breakouts should be a little more cautious in order to avoid irritation on the forehead — but Kourtney has a solution for that as well.

“The [hair] oil could get on your pillow, and it did kind of make me break out,” she admitted. “So I’ve been using our Aquis hair turban on the silk side, which is the leopard side. So it’s the silk on your hair: I wrap it, then I can sleep on it,” Kardashian said, referencing the Poosh x Aquis Rapid Dry Hair Turban in her exclusive leopard print, which dropped last August. This super-absorbent towel can also dry hair 50% faster, and it reduces frizz.

She Followed All the Rules But Still Got Corona – How?

Rachel Brummert was infected by COVID-19 despite not leaving her South Carolina home for three weeks. Since she also has an autoimmune disease, she was extra careful and took all the precautions seriously. She self-isolated and her only interactions were with her husband, a woman who once brought her groceries and a pharmacist.

But despite taking all the possible precautions, the unlucky woman started experiencing coronavirus symptoms last week, and after the anamnesis and the test, it was determined that she has the coronavirus.

Regardless of the fact that she had no physical contact with the woman, it’s suspected that’s how she got the virus because Rachel wasn’t wearing gloves when handling the groceries. Rachel told reporters that she sincerely hopes that she will recover at home since she’s heard a lot about respirators and is scared of the hospital, especially due to her primary disease. She reported that she had all the characteristic coronavirus symptoms like fever, headache and coughing.

Besides the woman with the groceries, Rachel had brief contact with pharmacists three weeks ago before quarantining. Also, she receives mail every couple of days, but whenever she does, she uses gloves. She wasn’t even ordering food.

Park Hyun, a 48-year-old University professor had a similar experience. He claims that he took all kinds of precautions, but still caught the coronavirus. He went to the gym 5 times a week but he maintained personal hygiene by frequently washing his hands and excessively using disinfectants.

Park recalls that he was naive when he thought that the pandemic wouldn’t affect him and that he was wrongly confident. He advises that we should be extra careful, but we shouldn’t panic or fear the virus.

How to Deal With Quarantine Life According to the Psychologists?

Being self-quarantined can affect our mood and metal health. If you are wondering how to protect your sanity during these times, take a look at below to see what the psychologists advise.

Many people have started to feel anxious or depressed during the self-isolation. It seems that quarantine is even harder for those who are used to spending time outside with friends, or those who do not work from home. Changing your lifestyle and habits so quickly and drastically can affect your mood throughout the day. However, the psychologists agree that there are certain methods which you can apply in order to improve your mood.

First, if you are feeling sad or confused, remember that it is completely normal to feel that way. In fact, the majority of people will experience boredom, sadness or even mood swings. What can we do in order to make it a bit easier on ourselves?

The psychologists advise that one of the solutions could be creating a to-do list for each day. It doesn’t have to be a long and hard-to-achieve list. You can basically take one step and the time and put just a few easy chores on it. It will help you focus on those things instead of overthinking and worrying. Besides that, once you are done with that, and once you have completed your tasks for the day – you will feel good about yourself. Also, relaxation after this will come as a reward so you will actually enjoy it.

Another thing which might be helpful is physical activity. Not only does it positively affect our mood, but it also makes us release the energy. After a good work out session, or tidying the house, you will feel tired and ready to relax.

Making yourself busy and doing kind things for your loved ones will also make you feel better. For example, you can cook for your family or video-call your friends. This will also make you feel like you are not alone in this whole situation.

The key thing, according to the psychologists, is to create your relaxation time in such a way that it functions as a reward for what you have achieved throughout the whole day. Therefore, once you have completed the tasks you have chosen for the day, you can do what you like the most – watch movies, read, have a long bath, etc. In this way, you will appreciate relaxation more, and more importantly, you will not get bored by ‘doing nothing’.

Celebrity Homes Perfect For Self-Isolation

Self-isolating for most of the global population means boredom, arguing with your family members and feeling cramped in our tiny homes. However, some people have it way better – these celebrities live in houses which have everything you could wish for, and quarantining there doesn’t seem bad at all.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The pair bought their glamorous house for 19.75M dollars, but the current estimations are that this property is now at 60M. Recently, the couple revealed the interior of the mansion – it is entirely minimalistic, completely white and clean. Consisted of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, a vineyard, cinema and a 1000 square foot outdoor pavilion with a pool, the property currently sits at around 4.5 acres.

Ed Sheeran

The singer and his wife own a luxurious estate in Suffolk worth 3.7M dollars after buying out their neighbors and purchasing their properties. Ed is known to be a person that loves animals so naturally, there are wildlife ponds, chicken coops and plenty of room for his other pets. The estate also includes a cherry orchard, a gym and swimming pool, and many other activities.

David and Victoria Beckham

Having a house worth 31M certainly make quarantine less boring, just ask the Beckhams. Their beautiful home in London has everything a family could need, including a private part of the house reserved for their son Brooklyn. They are understandably proud of their home, as they have spent a lot of time decorating it to perfection.


Adele purchased a Beverly Hills mansion back in 2016, along with many other homes throughout the U.S. and the U.K. This mansion is perfect for family living, which is exactly what the singer was looking for, as she has an 8-year-old son. It includes an outdoor pool and spa, along with a train set and a treehouse perfect for her child.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Quarantine Villa in Madeira

Currently, a highly-popular footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, is in self-isolation in his luxurious villa in his native town Madeira. He is surrounded by his four children Mateo, Cristiano Jr., Alana Martina, and Eva Maria and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Since they arrived in Portugal, both Cristiano and his girlfriend shared some kind of a sneak peek into their property on social media. We can say that it has blown us away.

The living room provides a direct sight to the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, it features an open-plan staircase that is leading to the mezzanine that has stainless-steel banister and glass railing. That dining room has high ceilings that are spanning to the top of the second floor.

When it comes to the color scheme, the couple decided on the modern grey, black, white, and cream palette. Moreover, sofas are in sand hue, grey walls and grey carpet, and dogtooth cushions. Also, we can see a black marble-topped table that has a large house plant and a diffuser on top of it. The question of the lighting is resolved with several globe pendant shades that hang of several different heights.

Outside of the villa, the couple has their own rooftop pool. We witnessed it in a post that was posted on Georgina Rodriguez on her Instagram profile. The picture features Cristiano Jr., the eldest some of the famous footballer.

In the bathroom, we can see some black marble tiles and flooring. Also, we can see a large freestanding bathtub, which was turned into the jacuzzi. In one of the posts, we can see that the bathroom features LED lighting at the bottom of the room.

Naturally, as a professional sportsman, Cristiano Ronaldo his own home gym, where he keeps his physical condition in the best possible shape during self-isolation caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. On his Instagram post, he posted a picture of himself in his home gym and he wrote in the description that if someone every dreamed of playing for millions of people around the world, now is their chance. Also, he added, that we should play inside, which is a common message during the coronavirus pandemic.

Selena Gomez’s Trainer Revealed her Secret for a Perfectly Toned Body

While all the gyms and studios are closed during self-isolation, it does not mean that you can’t get some sweat on.

Now is the perfect time to get a workout that is approved by Selena Gomez herself.

Her trainer, Shannon Nadj, showed us a 15-move pilates sequence, which can easily be done at home, no equipment needed.

Carefully follow her two videos in which she demonstrates a great 30-minute workout.

If you like these moves, then you can check out Nadj’s studio, Hot Pilates, when things get normal again, of course.

Go grab your fitness leggings and start!

You do 10 reps of each movement and then repeat the entire sequence 3 times.

  1. Cat-Cow Warm-Up

On all fours, position your shoulder over the wrists and your hips over your knees.

Then inhale up into the spine as you arch your back, lift your chin and chest, and gaze upwards.

  1. Fire Hydrant + Leg Extension

On all fours, stack the shoulder over the wrist and bend your other shoulder. Square off your hips.

Lift one leg hip-high, then extend and stretch it back. Keep the abs pulled in and isolate your glutes.

  1. Single Leg Pelvic Lift on Toes

While you lie on your back, raise one leg up and place the toes on the floor, while keeping your shoulders down.

Keep the pelvis square while using your glutes to lift and lower.

  1. Ab Crunch Toe Tap

You should initiate this move from the center core. While lying on your back, place the hands behind the head with elbows wide and lengthen the back of your neck.

Then curl your head up, lift the legs into table-top and squeeze them together. Lower and lift your head and legs together.

  1. Ab Twist Straight Leg

Scoop the abs while lifting and stretching one leg up as the opposite arm reaches the toes.

  1. Side Plank Hip Dip With Twist

Stack the shoulder over the wrists. Keep the neck long and hips square. Lower your hips and exhale as you twist your torso.

  1. Kneeling Chest Expansion

Kneel tall, and stack the shoulders over the hips.

Reach your arms shoulder-height while hinging back. While working your arms and shoulders, open the chest wide as you come back up.

  1. Lunge Stretch

Step forward, and keep your knee over the ankle. Stretch the opposite arm up and also stretch the front of your body and hips. Keep the abs scooped in and the shoulders down.

  1. Double Squat Jump

Stack the shoulders over the hips and knees over your ankles. Don’t forget to land lightly when you jump.

Keep the abs scooped in and isolate the glutes for a total of 10 jumps.

  1. Ski Squat

Stabilize your standing foot and then sit into a deep squat. The opposite leg should reach out and in.

Keep the hips square, and abs scooped while placing weight in your standing heel. Try not to bounce and try to keep your shoulders back and down.