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Easy Self-Care Tips to Start Your Journey to a Healthier Life

In a world where everything seems to be moving at a swift pace, it is easy to lose yourself in the hustle. Grinding and being productive will mean nothing if you lose your health. At LiveTray, we know how important it is to love yourself and give yourself a break. Today, we will share some

How to Enhance Your Lifestyle in 2020?

Many people consider a New Year as a fresh start and a chance to change and do things differently as opposed to the previous one. This is why many people have at least one New Year’s resolution of what they would like to change or improve in their lives, although many also fail to fulfill

Effective Self-Care: How To Do It Right

We live a few years in this world if that is life in the right perspective because if we do so, we could imagine how irrelevant our lives are. To live those few years, it is imperative that we take optimum care of ourselves because it is our lives that we live and not of