7 Pros And Cons Of Using Online Flower Delivery Services

With the expansion of online stores and massive use of the internet today, it is not a surprise that most businesses are active on the network. There are many benefits of using internet platforms to communicate with clients. Also, you can implement effective marketing strategies that are cheaper than some traditional methods.

Besides that, we have to mention the high popularity of social media, where you can promote as well. Therefore, flower delivery is also an excellent option and can be a great way to surprise someone. However, there are certain things that you should know when you are ordering flowers online.

For example, you should look for those stores in your area because the flowers will be fresh after the delivery. If you are interested in this service available in Perth, visit Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some of the main pros and cons of this service.


1. Better Selection Of Stores

It can be especially beneficial in case that you are interested in a particular type of plant that is not available in local stores. For example, if you want to buy flowers that grow on another continent, you can simply look for a store that is delivering them to your country.

Also, you can always compare different stores, check their prices and deals to find the best option. Whenever you are using online services, be sure to check and compare various options to be sure that you choose the best product for the most affordable price.

2. Convenience

The main advantage of online stores is that you can order things from home. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Another advantage is that this can be an excellent option for a gift. Since deliveries became very popular in recent years, the transportation services got better as well, which means that the time for a delivery can be on the same day in some cases.

The average time for delivery is up to two or three days unless you are ordering flowers from another continent. However, even if you are living in Australia, and you want some products from African or European stores, the time of waiting should never be over a week or two. Still, if you want to buy flowers as a gift, you should make a plan to get the delivery on time.

3. It Can Be More Affordable

Since there is great competition in this market, it is not a rare case that some stores will offer you some special deals like discounts, coupons, and more. That is another reason to choose online delivery services and compare them to find the desired flower for the most affordable price.

On the other hand, local stores could offer particular products for a much higher price, especially when it comes to those options that are imported from other countries. countries. Besides that, local stores have additional expenses, which is also a reason why some of them might have higher prices.


4. You Are Not Able to See The Plant

Commonly, people don’t know so much about flowers, and the main factor when they are choosing a preferred option is related to visual features and size. You can go to some stores and choose from a variety of plants and you will see how they look, smell them and determine which size is the best choice.

On the other side, the main problem of online stores is that they could use photo editing to make some products appear better, which can lead to disappointment after you get the delivery. The best way to avoid these issues is to always choose reliable and well-known stores. You can go to the comment section or find some online reviews to check the experience of other customers.

5.  Shipping Time

While you can expect the delivery in a few days when you are ordering from stores in your country, the situation can be a lot more different when you choose an option from abroad. That can be especially frustrating if you wanted to buy a product as a gift to someone. Various factors could make the delivery slower when you are waiting for one from a distant country.

6. Lack of Quality

As we already mentioned, the main advantage of buying in local stores is that you can see the plant. Making a mistake with size or some visual features is not that kind of an issue when compared to the fact that you could get a plant that already got withered.

That can be a case when you get one from another continent. In that matter, you should learn more about various sorts of flowers and their maintenance to see which options are safe to order from distant places.

7. Security

This is a mutual issue for all online stores and services. It is essential to check that the online platform is using safety measures that will protect your data. You will be at risk of identity theft or someone could steal your funds if you choose some unknown and suspicious option.

Therefore, look only for those services with valid licenses, available customer support, name and address, and a wide selection of payment processing methods where you can use a credit card, Pay Pal, e-wallet, and other payment services.


It is an excellent option when you can order flowers online because you will save time, effort, and money. Also, it can be an original way to surprise someone. Furthermore, we expect that even more stores will become available online as well, which will improve the selection and lower the prices even more.

On the other side, you have to be aware of the risks that you could face if you don’t pay attention to where you share your private data and bank account. The first thing to check is that a particular store has required licenses, basic information about the owner, and address. That will significantly lower the chances to face an unreliable option.

5 Things to Look for When Buying Aluminium Ute Canopies

An aluminium Ute Canopy is a structure mounted on a chassis intended for storing and transporting tools, various types of equipment as well as camping gear.

What could be more useful than a Ute that comes with a good setup on the rear side? In case you are looking to buy a Ute Canopy, this article will cover the important things you should consider, also some advantages and disadvantages, plus it will provide you with a comprehensive explanation.

However, if you are in the phase of choosing Ute Canopies you should carefully consider several important things such as their price, weight, and quality. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives that are available to you, but all of these are always susceptible to damage, resulting in expensive repairs.

Which custom Canopy will best suit your vehicle?

A Ute gives you a great deal of flexibility, which means there are a variety of ways you can use the space. The number one thing you should consider is how to set it up properly so that it suits your vehicle. Many people fail to understand this correctly the first time and eventually end up changing it. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is undoubtedly time-consuming, costly as well as frustrating.

In the process of purchasing a Ute canopy, you will notice that the options often offered are whether you need to buy a stock standard plan or you need to adjust a Ute Canopy for your vehicle. It is important to be aware of your wallet and the purpose of the Canopy when you are making a decision. Standard arrangements may have limitations particularly that their space is too large or too small for equipment that is meant to be carried. With your equipment put in a place where it would not be safe, you do not need expensive instruments to bump around in the background during the trip. A customized Canopy can be constructed to accommodate your instruments safely. This plan is also undoubtedly more space saving, which means you can easily adjust future additional accessories.

What do you need to consider when buying an aluminum Ute Canopy?


If you carry excess weight or you are improperly balanced, you may have your insurance reduced or voided, and overall your chances of getting into an accident increase. Utes tend to be poorly balanced, as there is a lot of storage space behind the rear axles, meaning you add additional leverage. Many double cab Utes have bent the chassis due to this. Before going ahead and buying a Canopy, ensure that you receive the weight put in writing, because it is actually the weight you are paying for!


There are many criminals out there, and the safety of the equipment in your Canopy is of utmost importance. Camping and four-wheel-drive equipment do not come inexpensive and they are an attractive goal for those seeking a quick gain. Some Canopies may take seconds to be broke open, and others require a lot of effort, to the point that people do not even bother to try breaking in.

Having a good quality Canopy will be discouraging enough for criminals, as they will not even think about doing it. Placing a quality lock on a Canopy, which is designed to fasten onto the lock before opening the door when forced to do so, is a perfect example of the advanced engineering involved in a well-constructed canopy. In fact, these days, people have the option of getting Canopies that do not even let you pull the lug out without unblocking the Canopy. Therefore, the only way to enter is to use a grinder to cut a hole.


A Canopy would be the easiest option to convert a Ute into a practical touring vehicle. The price can range from 2500 to 4000 US dollars. Accessories and options include air vents to put pressure on the canopy and keep dust out, window screens, roof rack systems, sliding windows, and much more. Therefore, in case you have a limited budget, you may need to be a little pickier.

While there are many options available on the market, from air lockers to electronic lockers, you can assume you will spend up to $1500 per locker after installation. With everything locked down, your four-wheel drive can handle tough terrain. Therefore, you should save some money for the protection under the vehicle.

It is important to have a dual battery system to power the refrigerator, some other accessories, as well as the basic set-ups, which includes the wiring loom, isolator, deep cycle battery, and battery tray. It may cost a minimum of $1000, but it will provide your starting battery with sufficient starting power.

Choose the professional fabricators with a good reputation

While there are some highly skilled fabricators in Australia and overseas, there are also some whose qualifications should be taken away or those who have no official qualifications. If you are searching for Canopies, you will find out that there are professional companies like that are dedicated to creating Canopies of high quality.

In the end, even the most talented fabricators do not always manage to get the best experience of their product usage. This means some things are not considered during the design and construction phase, making it frustrating when it comes time to use them. However, businesses that have been working on this for a long time have a good understanding of what will break, where the vulnerable spots are, as well as they find the best way to make the Canopies more functional.

The advantages of an aluminium Ute Canopy compared to fiberglass or steel Ute Canopy are some features such as the lightweight of the material aluminium, also the fuel usage and carrying capacity are less affected than with a heavier Canopy, as well as the fact that it is very stable with high wear resistance.

Remember that adding a Canopy to your Ute will affect the GVM (net vehicle mass) maintenance, steering, and towing capacity. Regardless of the fact that an aluminum Ute Canopy is very lightweight, there is still an additional load on your vehicle. In other words, think about how this will have an impact along with the things you are able to place in your Ute, including people, animals, accessories, equipment, as well as the weight you can tow. If you are going to put something on your Canopy, make sure it has an assessed and recommended roof rack.

How to Deal with Survivor’s Guilt when Living in Another Country

Thousands of immigrants in this country have to deal with the guilt of leaving people behind, sometimes in disastrous conditions. They are fathers, mothers, and children looking for hope and opportunity. In many cases, they might have a plan to bring them over, but the period in between can be difficult to deal with, and there’s nothing that’s guaranteed either. What can you do if you’re struggling with survival guilt as an immigrant?


Causes of Guilt

The Guilt experienced by survivors usually occurs when someone has been through an unusual event. Also, immigrants often go through a similar kind of guilt. However, you should take note of the fact that not everyone who has been through such an event will develop such guilt. Numerous factors combine and are responsible for the development of survivor’s guilt after they have survived a traumatic event.

  • When the person is suffering some other mental conditions that include, anxiety or depression.
  • When the person already has gone through a similar kind of trauma, such as childhood abuse.
  • When friends and family are not supportive enough.
  • The person shares a family history of several similar psychiatric problems.
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol.

A lot of researchers have concluded that survivors often imagine their role in a particular event, and this is how they develop feelings of guilt.

Tips to Cope up with Such a Situation

Today, we are sharing a few tips and tricks that are proven to help people cope up with survivor’s guilt that they are experiencing. They can also deal with other trauma-related symptoms effectively.

However, we strongly recommend that if a person feels that they are not able to cope with the symptoms of guilt or if the episodes are severe than expected, then they should seek professional help. As an immigrant, there are several different kinds of guilt that people often develop. Let us know a few tips that will help people cope up with the survivor’s guilt that they are suffering with.

Keep in Touch

The most important thing you can do is make sure that you stay in touch with the people back home as often as you can. Thankfully, we have many tools to do that easily these days. WhatsApp is perfect and allows anyone with a data plan to communicate fast and cost-free. We would also suggest that you get a phone for anyone who doesn’t have a mobile back home so you can stay in touch and make sure that it has a decent data plan.

Remember Who You’re Doing This For

Never take your eyes off the prize. If your goal is to bring your children back and they are struggling back home, make sure that you take care of them, but also remember that you’re doing this for them. Remind them daily that you’re thinking about them and will not leave them behind. You also have to be ready to look after their financial needs, so you will need to look at ways to send money online if they need help. Make sure that you use a reliable service, such as one at, with many locations to make things as easy as possible for them.

Look at Who’s Truly Responsible

You also have to put things into perspective and look at the true reason why you’re here. You aren’t to blame for bad governance or lack of security. You can mourn for those who have to suffer but don’t blame yourself for trying to find a way out. The most important thing is not taking personal responsibility for bad circumstances that are out of your control.

Express Your Emotions

In many cases, immigrants learn how to show a strong face when dealing with adversity. But if you’re alone in a foreign country and have no one to fall back on, you need to find an outlet. Some decide to go for therapy, but that’s not something everyone has the means for or is comfortable with.

If you want to get through these rough times, you need to learn how to express and face your emotions. It’s okay to cry from time to time, or maybe you feel like screaming. Either way, you need to find a way to let it out. Then, we would suggest you start working on building a support system. Look for organizations dealing with new immigrants and refugees. Also, try to reach out to others in your community if it has a strong presence where you are. You’ll have the chance to build and get support from other people who are or have been through the same ordeal as yours.

If you had to leave friends or family behind for a chance at life, don’t feel guilty. Always remember the true causes for it and let them know that they are close to your heart.

Accept the Emotions and Allow Them as it Comes

Though survivor’s guilt is not always practical, it is often treated as a reaction to an incident that a person has gone through. The person should permit the emotions that are surfacing and accept them as they come. Such people need some time to bear with what is happening in their life. Patience is required to process the fear, guilt, grief, etc.

If such feelings become overwhelming with time then they should learn some coping techniques, and if it becomes unmanageable, then the survivor must seek professional help.

Using Mindful Techniques

It is critical that people who have experienced trauma should be aware of some mindful techniques. People who have immigrated to a different country, away from their loved ones often suffer from intense guilt particularly when they have flashbacks or go through moments of unbearable and intense feelings. Some grounding techniques will also work for them. They can try scrunching the nearby available fabrics in their hand while concentrating on their breath, and take note of sounds from both inside and outside of the room.


Self-care will help people deal with survivor’s guilt to a great extent. The guilt that they are going through is often frightening and overwhelming. A few activities will also help them feel good that includes creating art, listening to soothing music, self-pampering, etc. People also feel good when they help others and bring a smile to their face. However, with the right tricks and tips, you can easily overcome this.

4 Quick Ways to Secure Your iPhone

iPhones generally offer powerful security and privacy, but it never hurts to go the extra mile.

Apple’s devices are reliable, sure, but you never know when a security vulnerability might pop up and make it easy for hackers to steal important data from you. Or when you might accidentally lose your iPhone, and the wrong person finds it.

How do you go about improving your iPhone’s security, though?

We did our research, and came up with the best four ways to do that:

1. Use a VPN

VPNs are online tools that hide your IP and encrypt your Internet traffic.They’re an invaluable way to secure your iPhone whenever you surf the web – especially if you use public WiFi (which is often unsecured, i.e. it doesn’t use any encryption).

Wait – what does “unsecured” mean, exactly?

That anyone can spy on your traffic when you use those networks. Hackers can use packet sniffers to capture your packets. If they’re good enough, they might even manage to steal login credentials and credit card numbers from you.

Not only that, but cybercriminals could set up their own fake WiFi networks, and trick your device into connecting to them. Or they could see what sites you’re supposed to connect to on regular WiFi networks, intercept your traffic, and send it to phishing websites instead.

Pretty scary stuff, right?

Well, with a VPN, none of that can happen anymore. It encrypts your traffic, so hackers can’t spy on it. They can try, sure, but they’ll only see gibberish. For example, they won’t see that your traffic is heading to “” or “” Instead, they’ll just see random stuff like “HfrEDGF43GFkgr54KF.”

And that’s not all! By hiding your IP, VPNs let you hide your digital footprints to avoid creepy ad tracking. That, and they can keep you safe from DDoS attacks by doing that (hackers can’t use your IP to target you with them anymore).

How to Find a Good iPhone VPN

This can be a bit tough since there are just so many VPNs out there. Even if you’re only considering the top providers, you still have around 10-20 services to check out. And doing that involves testing their speeds, seeing what security features they offer, checking out how good their support reps, reading their ToS and Privacy Policies, and more.

But don’t worry – we have a nice shortcut for you. To find the best VPNs for your iPhone, just click here. It’s a guide that talks about the best iOS VPNs on the market. They test them thoroughly to make sure they offer excellent security, great privacy, and fast speeds.

2. Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is your best line of defense against malware infections.  The good news is that iPhones getting infected with viruses is a rare thing to see. The bad news is that it still can happen.

So, it’s better to take extra security measures right now. All you need to do is install an antivirus program, and you’ll be all set. This security software will regularly scan your device for signs of malware. Whenever it detects any suspicious files or code, it automatically quarantines it.

Also, antivirus programs can act like firewalls since they can block your connections to malicious websites (like fake sites used for pushing, for instance).

Our favorite provider is Malwarebytes, but there are many other reliable antivirus services on the iTunes store.

3. Update to iOS 14.4

Still running iOS 14.3?

Then it’s time to update to the new version – right now!


Because Apple recently announced they fixed three critical vulnerabilities that were present in 14.3. Those flaws are no joking matter:

  • Two of them would allow a hacker to run any commands they want to in Safari through phishing methods. Basically, they could force the browser to send your traffic to fake, malicious sites.
  • One vulnerability affected the OS kernel (the heart of your operating system). By using malicious apps (like a simple fake stopwatch or weather app), hackers could gain elevated privileges in your device’s OS. Translated, that means they could get access to sensitive data (phone contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more).

And those three bugs were just the tip of the iceberg! You can check this support article to see what other security issues Apple fixed with the 14.4 update.

How to Update to iOS 14.4 on Your iPhone

Not sure how to do it? Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, and tap
  2. Pick Software Updates.
  3. Then, tap Download and Install.

That’s it – now just wait for the update to finish the download and install process.

4. Turn On Find My Phone

This is feature is a must-have. If you ever lose your iPhone, or if someone ever steals it from you, you’ll have a backup plan. Basically, this feature lets you track where your iPhone is.

But wait – there’s more!

With Find My Phone, you can also remotely erase your iPhone’s data. So you never have to worry about some no-good thief ever getting access to your passwords and credit card information.

Here’s how to enable Find My Phone:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap your name, then tap Find My
  3. Tap Find My iPhone, and set the Find My iPhone option to the on position.

And if you ever need to remotely erase your data, here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into the Find My iPhone app.
  2. Pick Select your iPhone.
  3. Tap Actions,then tap Erase iPhone.
  4. To finish up, tap

Now, your device will automatically erase the data when it connects to the web.

How Else Can You Secure an iPhone?

Know other methods to make your device safer? Then go ahead and mention them in the comments below. If they’re good enough, we might even include them in this article and credit you!

And if you found this information really helpful, we’d really appreciate it if you could share this article with other people, or if you could offer some feedback in the comments.

All you Need to Know About Parking Lot Light – 2021 Guide

One important thing that every parking lot needs is decent lighting. This lighting has become an essential part of business as it serves a lot of functions from the increase of visibility at night, security, and safety. Therefore, installing the right type and number of these lights and maintaining them is a crucial part of ensuring the right looks while maintaining safety and security.

The Importance of Parking Lot Lights

img source:

Most businesses need to provide safety not only to their customers but also employees who come and leave their offices. When your company does not feel safe, you will find that some customers and even employees will want to select the competitor firms where they can feel at ease and comfy parking and walking to and from their building. Hence, never underestimate the prominence of creating pleasant atmospheres that feel safe for your clients and employees.

With the right lighting, your business can also be safe. With proper illumination of your business, this could help in deterring criminals. Most of the criminal acts that happen in most shopping centers and offices usually take place in the parking lots. However, the granted parking lot lights will not stop all the crimes, but what this lighting could do is that it could significantly decrease them. Criminals will never want to walk on the light where they can be identified. Therefore safer environments help in the prevention of lawsuits.

Planning your parking lot lighting

When it comes to planning your parking lot lighting, this is not something you can handle on your own. You need to call electrical contractors in your region to do this. These are experts who will help you plan your parking lot light installation and even ensure that you have enough lighting for brighter illumination of your parking area.

Most of the municipalities will have some specific requirements when it comes to parking lot lights, illumination distances, and foot candles. These regulations do minimize the amount of glare these lights can eliminate. This is among the many factors that go into planning your light installation and the importance of hiring professionals.

Hire the right person for the job

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When you need to hire an electrical contractor, you will also need to do your homework right. You can ask for referrals from some local businesses and check out on their parking lot lighting. Have the contractors interviewed and even look at some of the essential credentials they hold like licenses, insurances, and experience.

Routine and continued maintenance

After having your lights installed in the parking lots, having them maintained is of great importance. The good thing is that your contractors can aid you in cases of replacements or repairs. Do not be tempted to handle these repair works if you are not an expert, and the outcomes could be deteriorating. Let the professionals have your lighting routinely and continuously maintained.

The top 3 ways solar parking lot lights can help business establishments stay safe and secure

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Most of the crimes, either serious or petty ones, usually happen in the unlighted parking lots. These are among the most popular areas that are targeted by criminals who target individual victims. More so, some of the business establishments could be a high target and get broken in due to the dark parking lots.

Therefore, if you own a business, it is your responsibility to make sure that your outdoor space has the proper lighting, including the parking lot. However, these lighting could cost most of the entrepreneurs a fortune with the lighting bills.

That is why it is crucial to utilize the more sustainable and cost-effective way of a light provision in your outdoor spaces, including the parking lots and other areas of your premises. This can be via the use of the solar parking lot lights.

These solar parking lot lights will capture energy from the sun via a connected wire on the solar panel. This energy that is captured is then converted into electricity and is typically stored in the batteries. This electricity that is stored is whet then lights at night.

By using this kind of lighting feature, most business owners, they could lower much on their electricity bills while still having well-lit parking lots. Below are thus some of the three ways in which solar parking lot lights could help increase the safety and security of your business enterprises.

  • They can help increase night-time pedestrian traffic and a sense of security.

img source:

When you install reliable outdoor lighting, this could help increase people and pedestrian traffic in the area, thus increasing the sense of security and safety. This thus generally boosts customer traffic. At the moment your customers recognize that your business has the best lighting, they will regard it safe and therefore come over again. This can also boost your employees’ morale since proper and sufficient lighting could give them a sense of safety even when they work at night.

  • They can help prevent crime against your property and people.

The good thing with solar energy is that it allows these lighting fixtures to operate even when there is a blackout. And as you know, most of the crimes happen under the unlighted and dark spots. Most criminals will not work in areas where they can be caught easily. Therefore, using solar power to illuminate your businesses will help deter criminals and be able to recognize things that happen in the dark.

  • They can assist the use of other devices such as CCTV cameras installed on your outdoor premises.

img source:

The solar-powered lights help in the provision of better CCTV lighting, enabling clear visibility of what happens in an area at a specific time.

There exist some brands and types of solar LED lights operating at lower light levels for cameras use. Once you connect your cameras to these lights, you can have them switched to the high-powered ones that are motion activated to increase visibility and the distance of the camera’s sight. With this, you can be sure of having clear visibility of what happens outside your business at all times.


When it comes to installing and caring for the parking lot light, this does not need to be a stressful task. Since these lights offer you benefits, hire professionals to implement your installation, and you will have a peace of mind.

The Most Important Service Trends for 2021

According to Groove, engaged clients spend 60% more per transaction and buy 90% more often than non-engaged customers. Going into 2021, the spotlight for businesses is on engaging with clients and improving the service experience.

An integral part of succeeding at this goal is to understand the most important service trends for 2021. With that in mind, this article will discuss the top areas your company should address to better engage with your clients.

Crisis Management

The COVID-19 pandemic made us change the way we do business. Going into 2021, companies must ensure that they’ve got a clear crisis management plan in place. They must then communicate the details of the plan to the clients that it affects.

Having a clear crisis management plan reassures clients that the firm is doing its best to keep them safe.

Enabling Remote Teams

According to SupportYourApp, one of the most important service trends is to enable remote teams. With modern technology, it’s simpler than ever for your team to work from wherever they’re most comfortable.

According to Forbes, allowing consultants to work from home may improve productivity levels by as much as 47%. It may take a little shuffling to get the service mix correct for the client, but having a happy team is well worth the effort.

Companies may even allow their customer service divisions to work remotely. For those firms without the resources to do so, outsourcing client support is a viable alternative.

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service Chatbots

The start of the pandemic saw a rapid uptake in customer service chatbots. We can expect this trend to continue as businesses increasingly streamline their operations.

While artificial intelligence cannot match human interaction yet, it comes close. Close enough, that is, to answer simple queries. Chatbots may become valuable service representatives, on-call twenty-four hours a day.

For those more complicated queries, firms will continue to rely on live support instead. Our new normal will be a hybrid of human and bot support.

Self-Service Options

In 2021, we’ll see the rise of more independent clients. These are customers who prefer to find the solutions themselves before contacting client support. Providing your clients with a robust set of self-service options is one of the most important service trends because it helps your customers save time.

Interactive menus, automated responses, and a comprehensive knowledge base work together to provide your clients with the self-service support they require.

Customer Success

Customer success is not a new concept. It is, however, one that’s becoming increasingly important. Clients are becoming increasingly intolerant of companies that don’t help them reach their desired outcomes.

Companies must reach out to their customers to ensure that they understand the product features and get the best use. Such communications must be kept distinctively different from sales calls, as the focus is on providing service for the client.

Customer Service via Social Media

Businesses must provide support where its most convenient for their clients. Today social media assists them in doing that. While many companies balk at the idea of allowing the public to lodge complaints on an open forum, the benefits outweigh the risks.

These benefits include:

  • Publicly answering complaints demonstrates your commitment to customer service.
  • Improved engagement with clients as you may answer queries and share resources with them.
  • Taking proactive steps to deal with confusion about a new product or service.
  • Acknowledging positive reviews leaves a positive impression on the client’s mind.

Using Video

Until now, video has been primarily reserved for marketing. Going into 2021, brands will look for ways to harness this tool for customer service as well. We’ll go beyond the typical tutorial video and move into:

  • Live streams where clients may pose questions
  • Courses that explain features
  • Troubleshooting videos
  • Face-to-face support via video chat

Live Client Support

While more customers are willing to try self-help options, they also want to know that live support is there if they require it. Consumers today expect companies to provide 24/7 support, even if it’s through a chatbot.

It’s beneficial for the business as well. When a client has a query that they cannot resolve with you, they’ll find someone who may assist them.

Personalized Service

Again, the lines between the marketing and service worlds are blurring. Going forward, businesses should start to look for ways to personalize the service experience.

It starts with full access to the customer’s interactions with the company. Service consultants should be able to see the client’s purchase history and what they’ve browsed through online. Agents must also be able to access all the relevant data pertaining to queries, complaints, and returns.

Issues that the client experiences today may well be due to this past data.

Firms may simplify the process by categorizing clients in terms of buying behaviors and demographics. It may be helpful to create personas for the customers and see where each client fits.

The benefit of doing this extra work is that agents may then provide personalized recommendations based on past purchases or service issues. Where, for example, the client was unable to grasp a particular feature, consultants may provide simpler alternatives.

Consultants may also see which promotions spurred clients to take action in the past and offer similar ones.

Increased Security

Today’s client is far more tech-savvy. They understand the risks of sharing their data and look for ways to protect their information actively. This, and the increased propensity for businesses to allow remote working, means that firms must ramp up their cybersecurity efforts.

They should review their cybersecurity protocols and physical security protocols to ensure that there are no gaps.

Final Notes

2021 promises to be an interesting year. The service trends that we see coming to the fore are nothing ground-breaking. As in most other years, they’re items that have been developing for some time. The difference this year is businesses must be proactive in adopting the trends.

COVID-19 has made the business environment even more competitive, and firms cannot take the chance of falling behind.

7 Big Problems With Cryptocurrencies Everyone Should Know

Blockchain technology has been praised for creating open markets and fighting corporate policies. Cryptocurrencies challenged traditional financial institutions offering better and more transparent transactions for users. Still, there are some downsides to digital coins that became apparent for the past couple of years. Investors have been buzzing that cryptocurrencies need more regulations implemented, even though creators of digital coins are firmly denying the proposition. However, they admitted having some problems with blockchains and are claiming that further decentralization will solve it. Here are some major problems with cryptocurrencies that users are complaining about.


As blockchain technology becomes more advanced and sophisticated, so do the hackers. Security has been the most worrisome aspect when it comes to trading and investing. More decentralization of the open markets has been offered as a solution to the problem, but many are not convinced. On the contrary. Investors are asking for a more regulated system that will ensure at least some degree of protection from the cyber-attacks. Creators and investors are at odds right now about how to protect currency exchanges, but they will need to find a common ground soon since cyber criminals are on the rise since 2018. As a matter of fact, exchange encountered 15 times more cybercriminal attacks in the past few years.


There have been many fake digital coins floating on the market looking for naïve users to scam them. This damaged the credibility of every legitimate cryptocurrency and justified critics’ stands. The most famous fraud was OneCoin when scammers caused damage of over $3 billion to the investors. The trust between creators and investors was at the all-time low, and many gave up completely from trading with crypto coins. Some speculators claim that almost 80% of all coins available are a scam. This is very harmful to the overall reputation of the major digital coins.


This became a major issue lately when it was revealed that 80% of all coins are in the wallets of 20 people and companies. Of course, just like in a traditional financial system, no one really knows exactly who they are beyond rumors. Transparency is urgent now more than ever with all frauds that plagued the crypto world in the past years. Still, creators and big investors are keeping such information under wraps leaving ordinary users to question and fueling gossips that it’s all a scam from the get-go. Small businesses are left with several coins here and there and the majority of coins are in the hands of a few powerful people, just like in a banking system that we all know. With the lack of transparency, accountability quickly vanishes. Trading and investing with blindfolded is not only a risk, it’s worse than gambling. So, not knowing who holds the coins, and if things go south there will be no institutions to file complaints, has put off many traders from investing.


Recently, the king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, lost its liquidity for tens of millions of dollars, when its price took a dive on the market for more than $1,500 in minutes. This volatility is something that investors fear the most. Fluctuations of the prices are common for stock markets, but crypto exchanges have been notorious for major ups and downs. This environment leaves powerful investors with the doors wide open to manipulate the prices and availability of the coins. So, the whole decentralization talk becomes obsolete. Lack of liquidity and stability makes prices drop a lot and no one can predict it. To check out the latest movements on the market go to


Anxiety over fraudulent coins caused creators and markets to delay transactions until the trader can confirm it. This is not something investors sighed up for originally. Speedy and much cheaper transfers were one of the reasons many companies, especially retailers, began accepting cryptocurrencies. These delays are beating the purpose of switching from regular bank transactions to crypto markets since in the end, it comes up with the same amount of time needed to complete the transfers.


Just last year Korean coins launched a bot that manipulated the supply and thus, prices of the coin once a week. The fraud was revealed quickly and stopped in time before any major damage occurred. This is just one of the examples of how investors lose trust in open markets, where there are no regulating bodies to protect them from scammers. Korean scam caused a ripple effect on every exchange market, not just the one in Asia. The seed of doubt was planted in every trader’s mind and the trend has been ongoing. Occurrences like this harm the whole idea behind free markets and currencies that are going to be available to everyone. Creators of the coins defend their stand by claiming that no market is bulletproof from cyber-attacks, which is true, but that goes against their original stance that cyber currencies are safe and secure.


Open markets have been accused of being unprofessional and unstable due to the lack of regulations. Many countries took some actions to make cryptocurrencies part of their rules and laws, like SEC in the United States. Many investors and supporters of the digital coins have been calling for more legislation that will protect them from criminals and hackers. Creators are firmly against it saying that will beat the purpose of the whole idea of open markets. For now, they are on the opposite sides and the resolution is not even on sight. In the meantime, regular folks are left to fight the storm of cybercriminals and fake coins by themselves.


The idea about the currency that is free of any laws and regulations worked a decade ago when there were a few coins available and the market was pretty simple to follow. Today, many saw the opportunity to cash in by dealing with fake digital money and scamming people. On the other hand, users have to bear part of the responsibility also. Many thought that entering open market investing in crypto coins is the easy way to make millions overnight. The problem is, cybercriminals came up with the same idea.

Cloud Faxing: Determining the Right Online Fax Service

Fax machines have always been an essential tool for businesses when it comes to sending and receiving relevant documents. Today, this revolutionary communication tool is even more effective and secure with cloud technology. Cloud faxing allows businesses to send and receive faxes through email and enjoy seamless integration with their day-to-day workflows.

With an online-based faxing service, there’s no fax machine, no printing, no fax phone lines, and no busy signals. You only need an internet connection and a mobile device or desktop to enjoy online faxing. If you’re wondering whether it is the right choice for your business, here are some considerations to help you choose the right service.

Assess Your Needs


How many employees in your organization need faxing ability? How many pages or documents will you be sending and receiving in an average month? Do some of your employees telecommute? These are some of the initial questions to consider as you choose a cloud faxing service. Assess your needs to determine what cloud faxing package and pricing option best suits your needs.

In real practice, versatility and functionality are critical components of cloud faxing. Your employees can easily send and receive documents from any internet-enabled device, such as PC, tablet, or smartphone, from virtually anywhere. Faxes can be stored and accessed safely in the cloud and printed when needed. To learn more about how cloud faxing works, you can check out eFax.



When choosing this service for your business, you’ll need to assess your security needs. Will your online faxes remain private and secure? Does the cloud fax service assure you of secure, encrypted delivery of all your important faxes? Look for added protection that provides maximum security for both important and confidential faxes.

Whether you want a secure way to send and receive legal contracts, loan paperwork, real estate documents, financial statements, or more, an online fax service offers the perfect solution. Faxes are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox, and can only be accessed from a secure server using unique login credentials.

Network Reliability and Redundancy


If cloud faxing will be critical to your day-to-day business operations, is your network infrastructure and internet connection up to the task? Do you have a back-up plan in case things don’t work as expected? These considerations are as crucial to the decisions you make about it as other technology products you use.

A properly configured network infrastructure and fast and reliable internet connection are critical to getting the best out of your cloud faxing service and any other cloud-based solutions for business. Focus on building an agile communication plan for your business first so you can deploy and implement a reliable online fax solution quickly.

Integration With Cloud Storage Services


Cloud storage has become a critical business tool today. Integrating cloud faxing with cloud storage not only helps you archive existing documents, but also creates new documents with word processing apps and spreadsheet apps built into the cloud service. Take an example of Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s Office 365, which are quickly becoming core business tools.

Some online faxing services offer automatic archiving of documents too. When evaluating different types of cloud faxing services, look for one that offers easy integration with cloud solutions that suit your business operations. Integrating such apps helps you enhance workflow and ensures a seamless process of making, creating, and faxing documents.

Seamless Implementation


The last thing you want is putting your business on hold while a new solution is being integrated into your business infrastructure. How disruptive is the implementation of the cloud faxing service you want to work with? The right solution should not disrupt your day-to-day business activities for long periods. The process should be seamless and involve little downtime.

The best cloud faxing solutions guarantee quick, easy, and pain-free implementation. Solution setup should only take a few hours, and no system disruption should be expected. Just like other cloud solutions, connecting to the service requires only an internet connection and a web browser. If you need specialized integration with other business systems, that can also be executed.

Consider Usability


When you invest in a cloud faxing service, you need to manage and control your faxing operations easily. What tools are available to do so? Your fax service solution should provide a practical and convenient tool to manage your account and ensure secure sending and receiving of faxes. You should get access to a secure web interface to manage your account.

This comprehensive administrative tool should allow you to tailor fax operations, manage corporate document templates, analyze faxes, and archive data that can be stored and searchable online for a specific period. The right tool should provide the flexibility and autonomy you need to manage your cloud fax account.

Seamless Fax Search With Real-Time Visibility


How easy is it to track and search your fax documents? The ability to search, view, and track the status of all transmissions in real-time should be an essential component of your cloud fax solution. Choose a solution that allows you to easily find any fax you’ve sent or received using date, recipient name, keywords, and other parameters.

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