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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are systems designed to keep you safe when your last measures fail. We all hope for the best, but emergencies can be unprecedented and dangerous, so keeping safe is a priority that cannot be compromised on. Having a panic button installed in the office is a simple way of staying free from trouble. It is also one of the most advanced security systems in the world, so it is a nice idea if you are considering an investment in this product.

  1. Access for All

It is always a nice idea to install a panic button where everybody can access it. This way, a person in the office may use it quicker, enabling a better response. In the present day, panic buttons, much like everything else around us, have evolved, making them better and smarter. Newer systems came with wireless panic buttons and enhanced security features that provide better service.

  1. Acts as A Quick Response System

The obvious task of a panic button is to provide quick response to emergency situations. This is why a large number of schools invest in them nowadays. In an office block or building, the press of the panic button in an emergency, such as a fire or a break-in can quickly attract the attention of the rest of the staff as well as the authorities. This can in turn help in the timely evacuation of people working in the unit, allowing a greater number of people from avoiding a potential safety risk. You can even do a drill in the office after the installation of the system to allow your staff to adapt to the technology.

  1. Everybody Feels Safer and It’s More Economical

People working in an office are more likely to feel safer when they have a panic button system installed. Several companies spend several sums of money on expensive security systems, which may not be able to deliver according to purpose all the time. The panic button can be silent or noisy, and in the case of high-security office arrangements, like a bank, for example, a silent button would be able to do a good job by alerting the authorities immediately. A single panic button system keeps costs down while ensuring the safety of all in the office complex.

  1. Better Performance in Audits

Audits are compulsory for commercial ventures. They are used to evaluate the performance of the firm and serve as a means of informing potential customers about the quality of the organization. Security systems can be seen favorably in audits because they help in sending out the message that the firm and its authority cares about its well-being and seeks to protect those who work for it.

  1. Maintenance Is Never A Pain

Panic buttons are not new products. They were developed for commercial spaces several years ago but have definitely evolved to be better. Maintaining a panic button is no trouble at all. Firstly, if you choose a wireless system, it will come without the trouble and high cost of replacing wires from time to time. If anything goes wrong, it could be solved easily. You need to test your system after given periods of time to avoid any trouble during a real emergency situation. Many organizations require regular safety drills to be conducted as part of their routine.


Panic buttons contribute to the environment in your office even when they are not doing their job. With a bit of luck, they won’t have a lot to do either. It just counts for the quality of your office and indirectly builds the impression that you care for your staff. People accept that they feel safer in offices which have extra security systems installed, and it allows them, in turn, to focus on tasks better. In the case of an unfriendly situation, you still get to be a step ahead of the elements, keeping the firm safe and secure.

The Best Security Software to Protect You

Whether you’re looking to get a security system for your home, business, school, restaurant, or any corporate or private building, it’s always best to do some research before making your decision.

Security systems differ in terms of what they offer. Some systems require contracts, professional installation, hardware, and customer support, while on the other hand, you have systems that all you have to do is install the software to an existing smart home security device, and you’re good to go.

Price for this type of software depends on what you actually need. We have added a few companies that can offer you impressive solutions in this department so you can check and see the fees and prices.

1.    Ring Alarm

The first security software on our list is Ring Alarm. Coming from the latest in home security software, Ring Alarm comes with a hub, keypad, motion detector, and contact sensor. The sensors are used to track movement, like windows opening, and can be placed anywhere around the house or business offices. You can bolster your security by installing Ring’s doorbell or a front door camera. The whole kit starts at $199, and I should say that’s quite a reasonable price.

Ring offers other products such as the Alarm Smoke and CO Listener, Dome Siren, and Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor. The company is growing big on the market and promises that you’ll be able to connect other smart devices in your home with your system.

source: talkandroid


Like Ring Alarm, SimpliSafe comes with a security hub that has alarm monitoring, sirens, and motion sensors for detecting movement, flooding, fires, and other unwanted natural disasters. You can purchase an additional camera with SimpliSafe, but the whole point of SimpliSafe is to keep you safe through the sensor-loaded hub. Installation for SipliSafe is easy, and it’s the perfect solution if you want to protect an apartment or a smaller house.

source: cnet

3.    Athena Security

Athena has smart security software cameras and alarm systems that use human-computer vision. The whole point of this security software is to understand the threat before it happens. Athena uses next-generation camera software that will identify if someone is pulling a knife or a gun and notify the monitoring service or police about an intrusion into your home, business, restaurant, school, or corporation.

Their A.I. analyzes data and studies behaviors of past crimes to understand when a crime is going to happen. Their service offers 24/7 live computer watching and with Athena, there are no false alarms.

source: digitaltrends

4.    Vivint

Vivint offers the latest tech in home security software that is fully compatible with Google products.

They offer thermostats, for temperature monitoring in case of fire, cameras, doorbells, motion sensors, and smart locks. Each of these products could be bought separately, but if you are going to get a new system for your home then consider getting the whole bundle. Vivint is highly recommended for houses that are short on smart devices. The Vivint system needs to be installed professionally, so installation is something that comes with the price.

source: techhive

5.    Abode

Abode comes with a hub device, door and motion sensors, cameras, and key fob for easier entry. Setup and installation are very easy with all you need to do is to install the app to monitor your cameras and sensors. You can upgrade with more sensors and cameras at any time, as well as choose between 3-day, 7-day and monthly options, which is a great way of saving money.

source: norelservice