Honest Tips on How to Afford Study Abroad

Studying in a new country, you have never been to before is amazing, and once in a lifetime opportunity that you should grab with both hands. Not only do you get to travel, but you can also study at a new college or university and make new friends. It is an experience that you will never forget. Plus, it contributes to the degree you are studying for.

But the reason not everyone studies abroad is because of the price. It can be very expensive to go overseas when you are already a student and paying tuition fees. Though, do not give up on your dream yet. There is away. We know how to afford to study abroad and have some good tips to help you from applying for scholarships to writing papers for money online.

Apply for Study Abroad Scholarships

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity for learning and broadening your horizons. But not everybody can afford to do it on their own. This is why scholarships exist. Their goal is to help talented students get where they want to go with some extra cash for funds. Some of these awards are based on your own personal circumstances, whereas other awards have to be earned through your grades. Do some research on the scholarships that can apply to your situation. There may be one that you can get that will help fund your trip overseas.

Do not forget that most financial aid received from college and universities still applies when you are studying in another country. Every school will be different. But if they have recommended the exchange trip, then it is likely they will still offer you the financial aid that is assigned to you. Make sure you check this so you receive the right amount and it can make your life easier.

Apply for Jobs

When you are in your new country, you can always apply for jobs and earn some money. This is a good way to fund your new living experience. There should be lots of part-time jobs around the city or even at the college or university you are studying at. So, have a look and apply for some when you are out there. Of course, you are a student and it can be difficult to balance your part-time job and studies. Since a job is very important, you may not have a lot of time for your homework and writing. Though, you can choose writing papers for money instead. You can click here to find out how you can do this. When you write papers for money, you can combine the two together and make the most of your time.

Choose an Affordable Country

Some countries have higher living costs than others. This may make your time studying there more difficult. For example, going to school in the UK or Switzerland can be costly when you think about living expenses. The currency exchange rates will not do you any favors. The best way to make your trip more affordable is to choose a bit of cheaper destinations around the world. This could include places such as China and Mexico. There are still some excellent schools that you can enjoy.

Fundraise Some Cash

Instead of asking family and friends for money and not offering anything in return, you can consider fundraising and earning the cash. This can help to go to college abroad, whether the money goes toward your plane tickets or a couple of months of rent. There are lots of fundraising ideas you can consider. This includes having a dinner party, completing a marathon, selling your art, creating an online funding page or taking part in charity work. You will be surprised how supportive loved ones can be when they see that the money will be used for good.

Create a Budget When You Are There

It is easy to get carried away when you are living and studying in a new country. But if you do not have the money in the first place, then you have got to be careful about how you spend it once you are there. You are going to have tuition and book fees to pay for, as well as rent and plane tickets. Groceries will also become a significant expense. These are going to be the essentials you have to pay for when you are in another country. So, you have got to travel smart. Create a budget that you can follow when you are away. This can include the amount of money you will spend on food each week and how much you want to have left at the end of the month. It is time to plan the budget to ensure you are able to live comfortably.

Look Out for Study Abroad Loans

It is possible to get a loan for your educational trip. There are lenders who can offer you a loan if you can give them reassurance. Taking out a loan can be a good way to have money in your account for emergencies. Of course, you have got to budget to ensure you do not waste the loan. You need to be able to pay it back or you could face bad consequences. Only choose this as an option if you are going to have a source of income when you are in a new country.

Enter Competitions

Students can take part in different types of competitions to earn some extra money. For example, this could be an essay writing competition or a sports challenge. Either way, if you think that you have the skills to succeed, you have got nothing to lose by entering. You could end up winning and this can fund your trip abroad. There is always the possibility of winning so keep trying in the runup to going away and see what happens!

Study in Canada: Step-by-step Guide For International Students

Canada is regarded as one of the top places for people to study. For international scholars, this is not an exception, as the country has gone a very long way in offering study programs to those who are not part of its official residency. Studying in Canada For international scholars in the past was never an easy process. However, with the many programs and institutions willing to accept international students, everything has been made to come with a lot more ease.

Canada is home to many of the best universities in the world. A good number of these universities provide spots for international scholars to gain knowledge from their country. As an international student, there are some things you need to accomplish before obtaining a chance to study in Canada. 

Education has become a major part of the world. With the many tools created to aid learning, educational institutions have experienced greater ease at teaching scholars. For more details about one of such tools, check here.

A good number of people around the world understand the many benefits of studying in Canada. Over the years, the number of international scholars has seen. According to the CBIE, Canada had recorded a 154% increase in the number of international students from 2010 – 2018. Today, this number continues to rise and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Studying as an international student in this country comes with a lot of requirements. To make such a task easier, we will discuss some of the steps involved in this article. 

How to Study in Canada For International Students

Studying abroad is a great way to not only learn new things and new educational concepts but to also learn about the culture of the country you are learning in. To gain admission to a study institution, there are a lot of tasks to be performed. Below, we will look into each one and layout each step involved when you want to study in Canada as an international student.
  • Checkout requirements

The first step every international student must take is to look into the requirements for schools. Asides looking into their requirements, scholars also have to understand what courses are offered and the various tasks needed to be carried out before applying. 

Scholars also have to look into the rules and regulations guiding the institution they are applying to. This gets them acquainted with the institution’s code of conduct and prepares them for the kind of environment that lies ahead. 

Most schools have the requirements which scholars have to meet on their official website. However, sometimes, international scholars can only obtain such information when making an application for their study program. 

  • Review scholarships

Scholarships are one of the best ways international scholars can study in Canada. The country houses a good number of programs and organisations which offer scholarship awards to students for them to study in Canada. 

Usually, these scholarships require students to sit for examination practice. The scholarship award is given to those who perform best, and over time, the living allowance, tuition fees, and, most of all, other expenses are taken care of for the students. 

With a scholarship, you stand a chance to avoid long processes of admission, as you will be a recommendation for the school or of the school you applied to. In other words, you get to save a lot of money, as all expenses, including that of your trip to Canada, will be paid for. In case you are stuck on figuring out which scholarship program you might want to apply to, then you can check out a list of the best scholarships in Canada for international students by simply clicking here
  • Select your preferred institution

To study as an international student in Canada, you should be ready to research the various institutions there, so you get to find which one is more likely to offer you a unique learning experience. As mentioned earlier, Canada is home to many of the world’s best universities. This can make picking an educational institution to apply to very difficult. 

To pick the best institution that meets your needs, you first need to consider several factors. Here’s the deal: 

  • Security 

Do you feel the security of an institution meets your standard? If it does, then applying should be done. Every institution must always meet the security standards to be considered safe for learners to dwell in. 

  • Course Content

The course overview is something you should never miss checking before applying to an institution. This gives you insights into what you are most likely to be working with as you learn. 

  • Accommodation 

Accommodation is an important factor always to consider before applying to a school. If you understand that the accommodation provided by the school is fit for you, then applying should not be a bad idea. 

  • Extra-curricular Activities

Activities such as sports activities are ideal options for proper physical growth and development. If you can attain a well-established physical routine, learning should be an easy task for you to engage yourself with. This is something studying at a school with unique sports activities can offer. 

  • Get your study permits

After getting an institution ready to accept you as a student, you should move to obtain a study permit. To apply, you should get your received acceptance letter for your institution ready, your passport, as well as documentary proof that you have enough funds to study in the country of Canada.
  • Take language proficiency tests

Your language proficiency test is a necessary process you must never miss. Because you are not from the country of Canada, meeting up with language proficiency for English or French is an important step every institution will need you to go through. For English, the IELTS is regarded as the standard test for students applying from international countries. And for French, students always can opt-in for DALF, DELF, or TCF. 

  • Travel & begin to study

After completing all of the necessary processes involved in applying and securing an admission to a Canadian institution, you need to prepare for your trip to Canada. If you were offered a scholarship award, you are most likely to obtain a free trip to Canada, where you can begin to study. 


Studying in a country different from yours can be a bit difficult at first. However, with time, you get accustomed to how things are done and how their culture is portrayed. By studying in a country different from yours, you get to learn a lot and take back that knowledge to share with your people.

The above steps are very useful and can always come in handy. Today, applying to study in educational institutions has been made easier. However, with the steps listed above, you get to avoid any kind of complication that may arise. Good luck! 

Top 5 Money Management Tips for College Students

The poor college student: It’s a cliche in part because it’s so often true. The plight of most college students is that they go to school full time and usually only work part time. That means that they don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on much of anything. If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you’re in this boat. Here are five ways you can make your money stretch further while you’re going to school.

1.Start by Making a Budget

For many new college students, going  to university is the first time that they’ve been asked to make a budget. In terms of keeping control of your finances, U.S. News and World Report puts learning to budget first on its list of college finance “must dos.”

A good college budget not only shows you how much money you have coming in from jobs, parents, and financial aid, but it also shows you how much you have going out. If you have more going out than coming in, then you will have a shortfall.

Here are a few things that should go on your budget:

  • Rent
  • Textbooks and supplies
  • Food (if you’re not on a meal plan)
  • Laundry (soap, coins for the machines, etc.)
  • Transportation
  • Personal care items

2.Shop Wisely for Textbooks

With college books costing you as much as $1,300 a year, your school books represent a major portion of your college budget. 

The problem stems from the fact that the textbook publisher sets the price for the books and your professors order the books. However, the person ordering the books – that’s the professor – isn’t the person who has to pay for the books, so the price of your books affect your professors very little. 

However, the price of your books affect you a great deal. That’s when it pays to know how to buy textbooks on the cheap. 

First, try not to buy textbooks brand new. You’ll save a lot more money if you get used textbooks. You may save even more money if you rent some of your books or get them in Kindle format.

Also, be aware that your campus bookstore may not be the best place to buy books from a price standpoint. There are other booksellers, like Booksrun that buy and sell school books online. Check out options like these when cash is short.

3.Separate What you Want From What You Need

You might feel like you need coffee to get yourself going in the morning, but do you need a Starbucks coffee everyday? Do you need to eat lunch at the deli around the corner? Probably not. 

According to Nerd Wallet, splurges, like your daily coffee start to add up to the tune of a $1,000 or more a year. That’s where knowing what you want versus knowing what you need to get by is so important. 

If you’re not sure about which expense is which, then keep a money journal for four to six weeks. Record everything you spend money on. After a while, patterns will emerge. You will begin to see where you’re spending money. You may actually be surprised at how many splurges you find on your money journal pages. 

Speaking of splurges, you should also be mindful of how you use your credit cards if you have them. Don’t wait until the bill comes to start keeping track of your credit card purchases. Put those in your money diary as well. Credit cards make it easier to spend money mindlessly. You don’t see the money you’re spending leaving your hands, so it’s like it doesn’t exist until the bill comes in.

4.Work on Your College Breaks

Money that you earn and save on a job is less money that you have to borrow in student loans. It may be that you already work throughout the year. If so, keep that job during winter and summer breaks.

If you have a work study job, then find a job once school’s out. Put as much in savings as you can. It’ll be a cushion for you in the coming year. 

5.Get Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants save you a bundle of money because the more of them you get, the fewer student loans you have to take out. Having student loans to pay back means that some of your future earnings won’t be yours. 

Right now, the average student loan debt is almost $30,000. Since student loans cannot be discharged via bankruptcy, you’ll be paying back everything that you’ve borrowed until it’s paid off. In light of that, borrow wisely.

Final Thoughts

Although you may not have much money when you’re in college, these years also represent a great opportunity for you. Not only will you be getting an education, which could help you secure a job later, if you play your cards right, you’re also learning about how to handle money. 

Few experiences in your life will teach you as much about money as learning how to handle your money wisely while you are in college. During these years, you’ll really learn how to keep track of your money, how to cut costs, and how to make the money that you do earn count.


The Importance of the SAT for Undergraduate Admissions

As high school students draw nearer to their senior year many of them start getting serious in their preparations for the SATs or ACTs because they know that these exams are used for college admissions. The SAT test is offered by the College Board and it consists of critical reading, mathematics, and an optional essay portion. The scoring process is usually a bit complicated because SAT scores contain raw scores, scaled scores, and percentiles, but the scores range from 400-1600. It is important to note that these scores change when you take the essay. The test is usually paper-based and with the essay, it takes 3 hours and 50 minutes–without it, 3 hours. The SAT or ACT exams are important tests for undergraduate admission because:

  • They help you stand out from your peers during the college selection process. Students who have high SAT or ACT scores are more likely to draw attention from colleges than those who score averagely or poorly.
  • The test helps gauge whether you are ready for college. The exam tries to draw a picture that helps the university better understand you so as to know whether you are a good fit for their institution.
  • These exams can help you acquire scholarships that will help with your tuition and accommodations. Many scholarships being offered in universities are offered to students with impeccable test scores.
  • The test acts as a stepping stone for your future dream job because most (if not all) accredited colleges will require your scores. This test is also a requirement for all international students, who want to study in the United States of America.
  • These exams give you a chance or an opportunity to be accepted into the University of your choice, even with a low GPA. The SAT scores represent hope for many students who did not attain their desired GPA scores during the final years of high school.
  • They make you more desirable in this competitive job market. Some employers in different industries ask for SAT or ACT scores during the application process. For many students, this exam not only effects their university or college admission but also for their employment.

The SAT or ACT exams are some of the most important exams you will ever take because they are the starting point of any career you choose to embark on. Since a lot depends on how you perform in this exam, it is wise to seek SAT tutoring or ACT tutoring, depending on the test you are taking. The tutor will help you identify your weaknesses and show you ways to improve them. They will also help you understand how to tackle each section within the stipulated time. Without a doubt, with the help of the tutor, you will be able to attain excellent scores that will draw the attention of good universities and colleges. If there is ever a time a student needs help, it is in prepping for the tests.