All you Need to Know About Parking Lot Light – 2021 Guide

One important thing that every parking lot needs is decent lighting. This lighting has become an essential part of business as it serves a lot of functions from the increase of visibility at night, security, and safety. Therefore, installing the right type and number of these lights and maintaining them is a crucial part of ensuring the right looks while maintaining safety and security.

The Importance of Parking Lot Lights

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Most businesses need to provide safety not only to their customers but also employees who come and leave their offices. When your company does not feel safe, you will find that some customers and even employees will want to select the competitor firms where they can feel at ease and comfy parking and walking to and from their building. Hence, never underestimate the prominence of creating pleasant atmospheres that feel safe for your clients and employees.

With the right lighting, your business can also be safe. With proper illumination of your business, this could help in deterring criminals. Most of the criminal acts that happen in most shopping centers and offices usually take place in the parking lots. However, the granted parking lot lights will not stop all the crimes, but what this lighting could do is that it could significantly decrease them. Criminals will never want to walk on the light where they can be identified. Therefore safer environments help in the prevention of lawsuits.

Planning your parking lot lighting

When it comes to planning your parking lot lighting, this is not something you can handle on your own. You need to call electrical contractors in your region to do this. These are experts who will help you plan your parking lot light installation and even ensure that you have enough lighting for brighter illumination of your parking area.

Most of the municipalities will have some specific requirements when it comes to parking lot lights, illumination distances, and foot candles. These regulations do minimize the amount of glare these lights can eliminate. This is among the many factors that go into planning your light installation and the importance of hiring professionals.

Hire the right person for the job

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When you need to hire an electrical contractor, you will also need to do your homework right. You can ask for referrals from some local businesses and check out on their parking lot lighting. Have the contractors interviewed and even look at some of the essential credentials they hold like licenses, insurances, and experience.

Routine and continued maintenance

After having your lights installed in the parking lots, having them maintained is of great importance. The good thing is that your contractors can aid you in cases of replacements or repairs. Do not be tempted to handle these repair works if you are not an expert, and the outcomes could be deteriorating. Let the professionals have your lighting routinely and continuously maintained.

The top 3 ways solar parking lot lights can help business establishments stay safe and secure

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Most of the crimes, either serious or petty ones, usually happen in the unlighted parking lots. These are among the most popular areas that are targeted by criminals who target individual victims. More so, some of the business establishments could be a high target and get broken in due to the dark parking lots.

Therefore, if you own a business, it is your responsibility to make sure that your outdoor space has the proper lighting, including the parking lot. However, these lighting could cost most of the entrepreneurs a fortune with the lighting bills.

That is why it is crucial to utilize the more sustainable and cost-effective way of a light provision in your outdoor spaces, including the parking lots and other areas of your premises. This can be via the use of the solar parking lot lights.

These solar parking lot lights will capture energy from the sun via a connected wire on the solar panel. This energy that is captured is then converted into electricity and is typically stored in the batteries. This electricity that is stored is whet then lights at night.

By using this kind of lighting feature, most business owners, they could lower much on their electricity bills while still having well-lit parking lots. Below are thus some of the three ways in which solar parking lot lights could help increase the safety and security of your business enterprises.

  • They can help increase night-time pedestrian traffic and a sense of security.

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When you install reliable outdoor lighting, this could help increase people and pedestrian traffic in the area, thus increasing the sense of security and safety. This thus generally boosts customer traffic. At the moment your customers recognize that your business has the best lighting, they will regard it safe and therefore come over again. This can also boost your employees’ morale since proper and sufficient lighting could give them a sense of safety even when they work at night.

  • They can help prevent crime against your property and people.

The good thing with solar energy is that it allows these lighting fixtures to operate even when there is a blackout. And as you know, most of the crimes happen under the unlighted and dark spots. Most criminals will not work in areas where they can be caught easily. Therefore, using solar power to illuminate your businesses will help deter criminals and be able to recognize things that happen in the dark.

  • They can assist the use of other devices such as CCTV cameras installed on your outdoor premises.

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The solar-powered lights help in the provision of better CCTV lighting, enabling clear visibility of what happens in an area at a specific time.

There exist some brands and types of solar LED lights operating at lower light levels for cameras use. Once you connect your cameras to these lights, you can have them switched to the high-powered ones that are motion activated to increase visibility and the distance of the camera’s sight. With this, you can be sure of having clear visibility of what happens outside your business at all times.


When it comes to installing and caring for the parking lot light, this does not need to be a stressful task. Since these lights offer you benefits, hire professionals to implement your installation, and you will have a peace of mind.

Accidents Happen: 5 Reasons to be Extra Cautious as a Pedestrian

Driving a car requires a significant amount of focused attention on the road. Surprisingly, traveling as a pedestrian requires equal vigilance and focused attention.

Data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 137,000 pedestrians were treated in the emergency room for nonfatal crash-related injuries in 2017. Considering the lack of protection, it makes sense that pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely to die in a car crash than occupants in the car.

Pedestrian injuries can be serious and costly


Thousands of people experience serious injuries after being hit by a car. Some accept insurance settlements while others hire lawyers. The cost of medical treatment is high. However, injured pedestrians can recover a significant amount of compensation through a lawsuit as long as they don’t make any major mistakes that hinder winning their case.

As a pedestrian, you’re extremely vulnerable. Here’s why you need to be extra cautious about vehicles.

1. Even a minor crash can cause severe injuries or death


A minor car crash between two motor vehicles isn’t always devastating for anyone but the car. Even then, sometimes cars with heavy-duty bumpers barely see a scratch. When you’re a pedestrian, however, you won’t be so lucky.

Although a speeding car presents more danger, a car’s speed isn’t the only factor you need to watch out for. It’s possible to get hit by a car backing out of a parking space and be seriously injured or die. This is an especially dangerous scenario since some drivers don’t realize when they’ve hit someone. If a driver backs into you in a parking lot and continues to accelerate, you could be run over.

A car traveling 10mph in a parking lot is equally dangerous if they look away momentarily or don’t see you. They might hit you and continue driving before they realize what’s happened.

2. The cost of healing is high


As an injured pedestrian, the cost of healing is high. You’ll need to take time off work (probably without pay), undergo expensive medical testing and treatments, and the hospital will expect you to pay for anything not covered by your insurance. That’s an overwhelming financial responsibility to shoulder.

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, it’s worth talking to a lawyer to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit. You’ll be offered a seemingly large amount by an insurance company, but that figure almost never covers your true costs.

A lawsuit, on the other hand, has the potential to get you better compensated and will make the insurance company’s settlement offer look like peanuts. For instance, legal experts from ffp law were able to recover $1,350,000 for a pedestrian accident when the insurance company offered $250,000.

3. Drunk or impaired drivers won’t likely see you


According to CDC data, 47% of pedestrian fatalities involved unauthorized substances. In some cases, the driver was intoxicated, but sometimes it was the pedestrian.

A driver impaired by unauthorized substances is less likely to see a pedestrian than if they were not impaired. While impaired people shouldn’t be driving, it does happen and you need to be on alert.

4. Pedestrians are hard to see at night


Everyone knows that pedestrians are hard to see at night. They blend in when they’re wearing dark clothing, but sometimes wearing light clothing isn’t enough. Some drivers have a harder time driving at night and place more of their attention on the road ahead of them rather than what’s in front of them. They may not see a pedestrian in a crosswalk that isn’t connected to a traffic light.

5. Cars turn right on red lights quickly


Think about how you drive. How many times do you look for pedestrians while making a right turn on a red light? Or are you mainly focused on watching the traffic so you can turn when a clearing opens up? Some drivers don’t even stop at a red light before turning right.

It’s easy for drivers to make a right turn on a red light and forget to check for pedestrians one last time. If you’re crossing the street, even at a crosswalk with a green light, pay close attention to cars turning right on a red light.

If a driver is in the far right lane with their blinker on, act as if they’re going to turn. Try to make eye contact with the driver before you start crossing the street. If you start walking at the same moment the driver notices an opening, you could get hit.

Awareness is the key to your safety


Cars have a duty to look out for pedestrians, but they need to be vigilant, too. Regardless of what cars should be doing, you can avoid injury by being extra cautious whenever you’re a pedestrian.

Be a vigilant driver, too


Be careful on foot, but also remember to exercise caution when you’re the driver. Not all pedestrians are aware of their surroundings. Some people walk across the street with their eyes glued to their phones.

People on foot are unpredictable; not all people on foot will be looking to make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. Many people just cross the road regardless of a green or red light and sometimes they don’t even bother to walk in the crosswalk.

Take an extra three seconds to make a full stop at a red light before turning right. Those extra three seconds will give you enough time to look for people about to cross the road right in your turning path.

It’s not always fashionable to stop at a red light, but it’s the law. Despite the law, some people might honk their horn at you for stopping because they’re used to everyone else just blasting through the light. Don’t be that person. People on foot, bicycles, and motorcycles can sneak up beside you to turn right at the same time. By looking out for pedestrians before you turn, you’re also giving yourself the chance to see those bikes and motorcycles.

How to Prevent Identity Theft


First of all, let us talk about what is identity theft. Identity theft is the stealing another person personal information through fraud or cheating and uses it for ill purposes by assuming the identity of that person.  Most of the time identity theft is done to open an account or get credit cards benefits on another person name. Identity theft can result in dangerous consequences for the person whose identity is compromised.

Many signs can alert you whether your identity is compromised or not. Some of the warnings are mentioned below:

  • Loans or credit card requests are getting declined for no seeming reason.
  • Credit information report shows extra facilities you never availed.
  • Getting calls for the debt service you never actually availed.
  • Getting bills from the shops, you never buy from.

If you get to know in the start that your identity is compromised by giving enough attention to these signs, your loss due to identity theft would be less.

Moreover, there are many steps that you can take to keep yourself safe from identity theft. Better prepare yourself than sorry later. The specialist from has indicated the following aspects that should be taken care of.

1. Online Safety

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While using a credit card, debit card, or internet banking on any website, make sure that the website is secure. Don’t give such kind of information on every website. Giving your personal information on such sites would most probably result in identity theft. Moreover, choose difficult and long-ranging passwords for the sites that may contain sensitive information about you. Use letters, numbers, and dashes, etc. to make the password difficult to breach and guess. Also, avoid using the same password for many sites. You do not want to compromise other sites if one site is compromised.

2. Now and then monitor your credit information report

You need to get into the habit of analyzing your credit card information now and then. People leave the credit report monitoring on the credit card companies, and that is lousy on their part. Be aware of your reports and if you see any recourse mentioned on the report that you have not availed then contact the relevant authorities as early as possible. You can also put a freeze or an extra measure of protection such as fraud alert on your credit card. With such measures, any suspected fraudulent transaction would be reported back to you immediately.

3. Do not share your personal information with everyone

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You should not share your personal information with everyone. If someone calls you and ask such things, make sure to verify the caller’s identity and reason to get this information. Most of the time, cheaters portray themselves as banks employee to get personal information from you, but the bank does not require this information as they already have those on their systems.

4. Take care of your mail

You have to take care of your mail, and if you need to throw the mail, you better shred it rightly and then dispose of it. Most of the times, frauds get your personal information from your unattended mailboxes.

Need to Take a Hearing Protection While You Ride


You’d rather be on your bike. We get it. Your motorcycle isn’t just a vehicle for your commute: riding is the way of life.  When you strap on your helmet and your leathers, no matter what you do for a living, you’re instantly your other self once your toe pops that kickstand.

We’re pretty sure, though, that when you went for your license, no one talked to you about the importance of including earplugs as part of your bike accessories.  Just as you’d always wear a helmet, the right boots, jacket, and gloves to protect your head and your body, going the extra mile with a custom pair of earplugs protects your hearing.

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Safety First: Hearing Protection While You Ride

You’re on your bike sometimes for hours. Motorcycles can produce sounds of 100 decibels or more  according to The exposure to noise levels over 80 decibels for only a short period can cause irreparable hearing damage. Earplugs protect your hearing while you’re out on the open road and they are an absolute must.

Custom Earp Plugs for Motorcycle Riders

You chose your motorcycle as a reflection of who you are as a person, a ride that matches and enhances your personality. With so many options available to protect your hearing health, it makes sense that you’d choose the earplugs that work best for you: custom earplugs are designed specifically for you, with your tastes and your hearing health at the forefront of design and comfort.

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Music and Motorcycles

When you’re on your motorcycle, you’re a lone wolf with your music and the road. You’re not one of those riders who are interested in adding speakers, bells, and whistles to your motorcycle,  you’re not interested in sharing your tunes. You have options: go wireless with Bluetooth technology; grab your convertible headset and go, or you could choose premium headphones with surround-sound in your helmet.  Experiencing high-quality transducer stereo earplugs elevates your ride from mundane to extraordinary on your terms and with your private playlist.

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Your Hearing is as Cool as the Bike You Choose to Ride

Earplugs aren’t just for Sunday riders. There was a time when helmets weren’t considered cool, either. By educating ourselves and choosing safe riding practices, there’s no question about wearing a helmet these days. To know more on wearing helmet click here. It is simply a must, for various reasons. You want to get to your destination safely. You also want to hear that concert, that conversation, that movie, your kids once you get there. Protecting your hearing is just as important as protecting your other body parts.

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You’re cool. You have the motorcycle to prove it, even though you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. As a motorcyclist, you know how important safety is when you ride: You’ve thought of it all, or so you thought. If you haven’t already, custom earplugs are the next obvious piece of gear to add to your safety kit.

Visit the blog and get more information about hearing protection for bikers.

Should you hire a Lawyer for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Are you thinking about should you hire a lawyer for a slip and fall accident? The answer to that is not always easy, usually, it is a maybe. There are various factors that will influence the decision and each of the factors needs to be carefully thought about before you proceed. Of course, after a slip and fall accident, it is natural that you might question yourself on consulting or hiring a lawyer. It is never a bad thing to use your free consultation to present the aspects of the case to a lawyer. The layer will then take a look at your injuries, whether the party was unaware of maintaining a safe environment, and the amount of money the insurance company is offering to you.

Only then can you actually decide on proceeding with a lawsuit or not. Before going on to the main point of this article, here is a little information about slip and fall accidents. According to, this accident can occur from something referred to as “premises liability” which is the responsibility of the owner of the property. They need to ensure the safety of their workers, visitors, or resident. Property owners can be liable both financially and legally for slip and fall accidents that happen on their property.

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Owners of office buildings, malls, and apartment buildings, as well as other property types, are responsible for the safety of the people who are on their property. This means that they need to implement care in order to keep the premises safe by inspecting the building and surrounding area are safe for people. Hence, if a slip and fall accident happens, they can be held accountable as a direct result of them not being able to provide a safe environment.

When should you call a lawyer?

There are specific circumstances when you should consult an attorney. These circumstances include:

1. If you believe the owner knew about the dangerous conditions

If you believe that the owner knew about the potential dangers that caused your injury, you should immediately get in touch with a lawyer. The owners who do not properly and regularly inspect their premises can be held accountable for not maintaining their property. However, you will have to prove that the location has not been inspected properly. Also, if the landlord or other people got complaints about the conditions at the property, but did nothing to solve the problem, this can work in your favor.

2. What led to the fall

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This is where it becomes a bit tricky. Just because you fell somewhere does not mean that it is their fault. For example, if you fell down the stairs. There are questions that might arise, like how did the fall happen? What type of shoes did you have on? Where you holding the handrail or perhaps did you carry something? These are important information that the defense lawyer, the insurer, and if it comes to going to the court, the jury will want to know as well.

3. The extent of your injuries

Even if you did fall due to bad maintenance, a twisted ankle might not be worth the time and money that is involved in a lawsuit. However, if you fell and hit your head, causing it to bleed, then yes, getting an attorney is a good idea. The bigger the injury, the more impact it will have on your life.


As you read in the article, sometimes it is quite important to hire a slip and fall attorney and in other cases, you can simply fill in a claim with your insurance agency and take their offer. Keep in mind that you should always consult your lawyer and then, together with them consider what your next step will be.

Looking for a Place to Set Up Your Business

Even with the fast-paced technological developments in countless industries today, it still pays to have a physical store setup. Sometimes, customers aren’t too keen on completing a purchase or paying for a service right away unless they know that they can trust a business to deliver. In most cases, a physical store or office is one of their determining factors to assess a company’s credibility.

However, renting or leasing a space for your brick and mortar shop can cost you a lot of money. Moreover, its location can significantly affect how easily you can get more customers to try your business. To ensure that the money you invest doesn’t go to waste, here’s a short guide to finding the right location for your business.

Accessibility of the office


When you’re looking for a potential location, pay attention to its accessibility. Is it located near the main road? If your business relies a lot on deliveries, you must ensure that the shop, warehouse or office is easy to find. Is it near your target customers? Can they find it easily through Google Maps or GPS?

Also, you must consider the rental costs for your selected locale. Take note that offices or shops in the metropolitan area cost way more than those situated outside the central business area.  

Availability of business utilities

According to Utility Bidder, the cost of business utilities can be largely influenced by location. Ask around about the cost of setting up the gas lines, sewerage systems, power lines and other necessary utilities. Compare the prices of the service providers so you can find the perfect arrangement for your business.

Safety and security of the area


Before you sign a lease, you should make a thorough assessment of the areas near the building. Make sure that it’s safe for your employees and customers. Determine if its prone to break-ins and other crimes by looking at the crime rates and talking to the locals.

You should also check the building’s overall security features. Find out if the doors are fully secured or if you need to install additional features.

If it comes with a garage door, make sure that it’s not damaged in any way. If you spot any problems, ask if they could have it replaced and if they will cover the costs.

Proximity to your competition


Having a shop that’s located strategically near your competition can significantly affect your chances of getting ahead. It will help you entice more customers, especially those who aren’t too happy with the available options in your selected location.

However, take note that too much competition in the area, might not bring anything good to your business. You might not get enough store visits if your shop is surrounded by bigger and more successful names in your industry.

Opening a business can be stressful because of the many considerations you need to make. In the discussion above, you’ve read about how to select the best location for your business. Take note of all the important details discussed so you can invest your money in the right place.

Home Improvement – The Possible Hazards of Doing-It-Yourself [BEWARE]

Let’s admit it, some projects are for the pros only. When it comes to decorating or renovating your home, not everyone can do it. Home remodeling is definitely not an easy job and can become a health risk when construction is involved. Therefore, working with experienced professional contractors and renovators is recommended, particularly when your home improvement project involves intricate and complex tasks.

The purpose of this post is to highlight some of the possible hazards of doing your home improvement project yourself, and why it’s important to hire a professional designer or residential contractor to do the job for you.

Slips, Trips and Falls


Slips, trips and falls are one of the biggest reasons behind accidental injuries and deaths. These accidents can range from losing balance and hitting your head while doing repair work on the roof, to slipping on a wet floor and breaking your leg. To avoid such injuries, it’s important to perform a risk assessment to better understand any potential dangers. Also, it’s important to use safety gear such as helmets, to prevent severe head injuries.

Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations

The availability of top-notch home accessories and hardware on offer at your local DIY store have made it possible for homeowners to purchase great products without any difficulty. You can even buy these products on the internet, from reliable online stores like rochehandle and rochehardware. However, all your shiny new gear will be of no use to you if you fail to comply with local laws and building codes. Keep in mind, if the work done on your home isn’t up to the required standards with the local city laws, it can become a problem in the future. In fact, you may not realize it until you plan to sell your house and a potential buyer asks to see permits and licenses from the last project done on the house.

Home Value

If you’re planning to undertake a home improvement project, your objective down the line might be to increase the property value and seek a substantial return on your initial investment all those years ago when you bought your home. However, if you opt for a DIY home renovation, you may or may not see an improvement in your home’s resale value. DIY renovation when done incorrectly, can significantly lessen the value of your home instead of increasing it. Head to Houseace Bathroom Renovations Sydney for more handy renovation and home improvement tips, plus online kitchen, bathroom, and home renovation quotes.



Expertise is one of the biggest reasons why you should consider acquiring professional services for your home renovation project. Make sure to take a good look at your skill set and experience before trying to do your house renovation yourself. Getting to the midway point and realizing that you do not possess the required level of expertise is not the situation you want to be in. Also, it could end up costing you a lot more than you budgeted for if you need someone to come in and start from scratch.


If a home remodeling project is not completed up to your standards, who will you blame? If you acquired professional services to do the project for you, you can hold them accountable for the quality of their work. If you tackle the project yourself, DIY style, then you won’t want to look in the mirror and blame yourself for any shortcomings.

Specialized Equipment and Materials


Maintaining a continuous relationship with material suppliers can be a daunting task. Also, it can become difficult to get access to all the required materials and equipment. Even if you have plenty of power tools at home, there will be many tools that you’ll need that are not currently present in your toolbox. If you’re thinking about just buying everything you need and keeping them for other projects, make sure you consider the viability of this decision and if you will actually use them enough to get your money’s worth.


Residential contractors and interior designers provide much more than specialized tools and machinery. They offer their skills and expertise. As professional contractors are proficient project managers, they tend to deliver better results, quickly, without disturbing your routine.

In addition to that, experts know and see things that homeowners don’t. Not only they’re more focused and skillful, but they can also foresee complications before they actually happen. They can take care of approvals and are also aware of the local laws and building codes. They will already have all the tools they need and will complete any risk assessments (something they will have done 100s of times before).

So, before taking up a home improvement project yourself, list out the pros and cons. Carefully examine your options and consider hiring professionals if your budget allows it.

What Is A VIN Number And Why It Is Important

Every car ever manufactured has a VIN number that is unique on its own. A VIN number is a Vehicle Identification Number and it must be unique. It is a 17 digit number that is stamped into the chassis of a car that serves the purpose of an identification code.

A VIN number, unlike a registration number, cannot be changed and it will never change from the moment the car is manufactured to the moment the car is dismembered in a junkyard. You can about this topic more in depth by visiting

The VIN number is made out of three sections. The first one identifies the manufacturer of the car, for example, Audi, the second part is the vehicle description, while the third part is the identifier.

It’s important to know your car’s VIN number because of safety reasons. The safety reasons being that you can establish whether or not the car has been suspect or not. If you give the VIN number to your car’s manufacturer, they can establish accurately the identity of your car.

Where can the VIN number be found in your car?

We mentioned earlier, the VIN number can be found on the chassis of your vehicle, usually located in the engine area, the passenger door opening, or the plastic trim around the driver’s door opening. Car manufacturers will usually place the VIN number in multiple areas of the car so that they can be easily found. The VIN number will always be located in an area that can be easily found and easily read so that police officers can run a quick identity check.

When should you check your car’s VIN number?


A great rule of thumb is to always check for a cars VIN number when buying a used car. The VIN number will also be located on the V5 vehicle registration documents and you should compare that number to the one located on the engine, or eighter sides of the driver or passenger’s door. If the two number matches, then that means that the car hasn’t undergone any suspicious dealings such as the engine being replaced. It is very important to check for the VIN number before purchasing a used car, as it can tell you if someone is trying to scam you or not. You can read more about the car’s VIN number meaning in by following the corresponded link.

What if the VIN number is different from the one in the logbook?

Simply said, if the VIN number located on your vehicle doesn’t match one of the registration papers, then under no circumstances are you to purchase that car. If both numbers don’t match then there is something going on that the owner of the car doesn’t want you to know. You should also know that it is illegal to hide stolen cars, and one way they do it is by changing the VIN number. This act is known as VIN number cloning and criminals use this on unsuspecting buyers all the time. It is done by transferring the identity of a legally registered car onto a stolen one. Always check for the VIN number and always compare it to the registration book in order to make sure that you are purchasing a legal car.