Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth 2021: Is He the Richest Man on Earth?

Last year, prior to the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Donald Trump canceled the meeting he was supposed to have with Vladimir Putin. Ever since then, people and the media cannot stop wondering which one of these two presidents is richer and how much is Putin worthier. So, we decided to share everything we know about Putin’s net worth with you.

How Much is Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth?

This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer as no one know exactly how much is Putin’s net worth. However, ever guess is generally in the billions. So, back in 2015, one of the major critics of Putin and a former fund manager in Russia claimed that Putin’s net worth stands at $200 billion, which would mean that he is the richest person on Earth

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How Did He Earn His Money?

How did Russia’s president earn his money and how has he gotten so rich is yet another mystery. What we know is that Putin owns holdings in a number of Russian companies. Moreover, rumors have been swirling that a lot of Putin’s money comes from extortion and theft. As a result, the Russian economy has experienced unprecedented growth. Thus, he has earned a lot of money through investments and kickbacks.

Putin maintains his power and he’s considered as one of the most powerful people in the world. He is known for his heavy-handed approach and killing his political rivals and journalists. Russia’s president has over 20 palaces and villas, helicopters, yachts, and over 40 airplanes. He also loves spending tons of money on clothes and watches.

Whether he is the richest man on Earth is still to be confirmed, but if his net worth is $200 billion, it would mean that he is twice as rich as Jeff Bezos. Putin’s wealth is hidden in different assets, such as vehicles, real estate, and investment. Hence, this is what makes it so hard for anyone to verify his wealth.

5 Advantages of Studying Abroad In Russia

Should you or should you not study abroad in Russia?

Perhaps that’s the question that has been going through your mind. If that is the case, then it’s worth taking a deeper look at what Russia could offer you as a foreign student.

Here are three main advantages of studying abroad in Russia:

1. You Get an Opportunity to Travel and Study at the Same Time

The Russian Federation is unique in the sense that it is a country that occupies two continents. If you have always wanted to travel to Europe or Asia, then Russia will be your gateway there.

The world’s largest country will give you easy access to 16 additional countries that it borders in Europe and Asia. These include Norway, Ukraine, China, Japan, and Poland among others. During your holidays, you can travel to the countries that interest you and get to experience what they have to offer. And you can do it from different geographical points in Russia.

It’s worth noting that Russia has 11 different time zones as well. So, if you are looking for biodiversity, you will find it. Additionally, Russia has over 190 ethnic groups within its boundaries. That means you will be exposed to lots of cultures that you have never encountered before.

And the long and rich history of the country means there are plenty of historical attractions that you will see throughout your studies. Additionally, you will be exposed to numerous cultures that are native to the country.

Also, there are plenty of foreign students whose cultures you will be exposed to as well. Since culture sensitivity is now a skill that you need to climb up the career ladder, traveling across Russia as you study will equip you for life after studies.

2. Russian Education Is Much Cheaper and of High Quality

Some of the world’s best universities are in Russia. And they are open to foreign students. If you want to study in a world-class education facility, then Russia offers you the opportunity to do so.

The cost of studying in Russia is also much cheaper, especially because its education is world-class. And when you compare the costs of university education in Russia vs. the rest of North America, especially the U.S., the former is much more affordable. So, if you want an affordable but high-quality education without drowning in debt, Russia is the place to be.

You should also try to apply for scholarships, which may help you study at an even lower cost. Russia usually offers some government scholarships for eligible international students. In 2019, Russia offered 15,000 such scholarships.

Furthermore, Russia offers additional perks to international students. These include discounts on transport, entertainment, and shopping.

3. You May Get a Dual Diploma

Russia is part and parcel of the educational space that it shares with the Bologna Declaration members. It has also taken steps to establish partnerships with good universities around the world thus enabling them to run joint programs.

For this reason, some of the diplomas that you get in Russia will be valid and marketable within the signatory countries. In some cases, you will get one Russian diploma and another diploma from a partnering European university. As a result, you can easily get employment in countries other than Russia.

There are currently over 45 countries that are participants in the process. These countries include the EU member states. Other non-EU countries include the U.K., China, Cambodia, Namibia, Venezuela, and Cuba.

So, if all you need is high-quality education, but you have intentions of working somewhere other than Russia, you should rest assured that your job prospects are quite good.

4. You Get the Opportunity to Learn Russian

Of all Slavic languages, Russian is the most widely spoken. And over 250 million people speak this language. It is among the top ten most spoken languages in the world, both by native speakers and by people worldwide. So, it makes sense for you to consider it as one of the top foreign languages you should learn.

The good news is that you can learn Russian as you pursue another course while in Russia. You may need to take a Russian language course for about a year before being allowed to study what you want to pursue. If you study in a public university then the language program will be free.

At other universities, the Russian language program may be offered as a course on its own, via distant learning, or during summer classes.

It pays to learn Russian as a foreign language because it can open up job opportunities in Russia and beyond. You may be hired by multinational companies with branches. You may also get jobs in businesses owned by Russians.

Alternatively, you may end up being hired in diplomatic circles due to your knowledge of the Russian language. Job opportunities may also be available if you want to be a translator or interpreter.

5. You Could Study in English

Studying Russian as a course or foreign language is a good idea. You should do it the moment the opportunity presents itself. But what if learning new languages is not one of your strengths? How are you supposed to learn?

Well, the good news is that Russia is increasingly offering some courses in the English language. A significant number of Masters Degrees are offered in this language.

That means you don’t have to learn Russian first to pursue these courses. You could always learn the language at your own pace. But the degree program you choose to do will be in a language you already know. So, you won’t have to struggle to understand what is being taught.

Obtaining higher education doesn’t always have to be expensive. You shouldn’t have to amass huge debts that will take you a lifetime to repay. And at the same time, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of education you get. That’s why you should think seriously about studying in Russia.

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7 Reasons Why Saint Petersburg is Europe’s Most Beautiful City

Saint Petersburg is one of the romantic and beautiful destinations in Europe. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the city and enjoy the culture, food and beauty of the town. If you are planning to make a trip to Russia, then you must visit this destination. Many tourism companies offer great deals and book a cost-effective tour to St. Petersburg.

Like every city, this place also has different currency rules and to know more you can visit here. In the following write-up, we will discuss why Saint Petersburg is Europe’s most beautiful city. You will find several reasons why you should prefer to visit this city. It is necessary to know exciting things about the city before going there. Check out some of the highlights of the city.

1. Cathedrals

St. Petersburg city has a large number of big churches with excellent infrastructure. Some of them are St. Issac, Smolny, Trinity, Savior on the Spilled Blood, and many more. People across the globe visit the city to get a glimpse of these famous cathedrals with different architectural style and patterns. The structure of these places is perfect, and it makes the city more beautiful and diverse.

Every church looks different and unique in the daytime and during the night. If you want to explore the Russian infrastructure, then you must visit these locations to know how they are different from other churches. On the other hand, you will feel relaxed and calm when you enter the venue and discover every corner of it.

2. Palaces

Historical palaces are one of the beautiful landmarks in the city. Unique castles were built in previous centuries, but today, the massive royal buildings are still there with the same beauty. You can explore more about these palaces on the internet and compare everything. Many travelers come to St. Petersburg to visit these places and feel the ancient royalty.

You need to buy a ticket to get an outstanding inside view of the palaces. Some of the old and beautiful castles in the city are Winter Palace, Peterhof Palace, Palace Square and much more. You can also explore attractive gardens, fountains, sculptures and artworks in these palaces. These things will surely mesmerize visitors to the city.

3. People and Food

People in the city are very friendly and supportive. It makes the city prettiest as they welcome every foreigner with immense respect and love. Russian cuisine is a must-try in the city. You can try different types of food and cuisines in this city at an affordable price.

There are many restaurants and hotels which offer delicious food with outstanding desserts. You must try food in royal hotels and restaurants to get high-class hospitality, luxuries, and perfect food. Any person who loves food and likes to make friends will surely enjoy the atmosphere of the city. There are so many things to explore in this city.

4. History and Museums

St. Petersburg was once the capital of Russia, which is now replaced by Moscow. It is one of the most populated cities in the country. There are many museums in the city, which tells every ancient instinct about the city. If you want to explore more about St. Petersburg, then it is essential to visit museums.

This beautiful city has a great history, which should not be missed in any way. If you want to explore the city in detail, then you should start with famous museums and get a detailed history. Reach out to people and discover more interesting facts about this beautiful city.

5. Streets and Infrastructure

Infrastructure is one of the factors that make this city beautiful and adorable. Lots of visitors come to this city to admire the appealing structure of buildings, clean streets and overall perfect atmosphere. Everything is so geometrical and accurate in all the buildings, museums and palaces. The city is ranked at the second position in terms of constructions.

Many canals and rivers surround the city. There are many excellent, high-quality and well-constructed bridges, to reach from one place to another. When you cross the bridge, you will be mesmerized by its scenic beauty. It is necessary to go on a road trip to enjoy the city’s appealing infrastructure.

6. Weather


Weather in Saint Petersburg, Russia is quite good and favorable for every foreign tourist. It is never too hot in this city, and you can enjoy snowy days in this city. You can get romantic as well as magical weather, in which you can spend time with your loved ones.

The best time to travel to St. Petersburg is between June to September. You should not miss the summer months. Such days can be expensive for travelers because many people prefer at this time. You can also visit the city in the winter season.

7. Safety

It is entirely safe to travel in Saint Petersburg. You can travel via metros, trains or other local vehicles without any fear. The crime rate is quite less, which makes this city safe and beautiful. Make sure that you keep your wallet and identity documents safely so that no one can steal it anyway.

It is essential to take care of your valuables, as it can be misplaced or lost. Your identity is valuable in any foreign city, which you cannot afford to lose. Women are also safe there, but they should go with someone for extra safety.

The Bottom Line

Many reasons are there why Saint Petersburg is Europe’s most beautiful city. There are many places to explore in this city, like museums, palaces, gardens, churches, streets and much more. The appealing infrastructure is the main attraction for many tourists.

Every year, many tourists visit this city and enjoy the romantic and refreshing weather. If you love to travel, then you must explore one of the best cities in Europe in detail. Take your friends or family on the city’s tour along with you. Meet local people, know the city’s culture and enjoy delicious Russian cuisine.

Which Country Will Recover First from COVID-19?

Besides being dangerous for world health, with more than a million people infected, this pandemic also has a huge influence on the global economy, and many experts are warning us how this can be another economic crisis that will hit all world.

The economies of most countries have stopped, and they are trying to figure out what measures would help the economy and society after the pandemic ends. According to some announced measures and active measures, we can see that the best control over this crisis can be seen in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Luxembourg, where they are fighting with a virus, but they also prepared a special set of measures that will save their economies when the quarantine days are over.

The United States also came up with the idea to help their economy, and assign special funds for small businesses, families, and children. They are hoping that a good financial injection into every industrial sector would prevent the fall down of the entire economy.

Another country that seems like it gained control over the crisis is China when this pandemic started in the first place. They were fighting with the COVID-19 for a long time, and there are first clues that the situation is calming down.

Some countries were prepared for the outbreak, like Russia, or Finland, where we can the situation is under control, and there are no too many new people diseased. Also, Singapore is one of the countries with the smallest death rates, with only three victims from a total of around 900 infected.

South Korea is also controlling the situation, especially because of its rapid measures and responsible citizens. Furthermore, since Hong Kong already had experience with some similar outbreaks in recent history, they are dealing well and their medical centers were well prepared since the beginning.

Russians are Finding a Coronavirus Vaccine

A small Russian town called Koltsovo with 15000 residents has come into spotlight these days because of its Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology “Vector” whose scientists recently announced that they had made 13 coronavirus vaccine prototypes and their experiments are currently ongoing.

The initial testing will be done on animals and, afterwards, analyses will be made to make sure the vaccine is harmless to humans.

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The main task of this Research Center is to scientifically resist global dangers of the infectious nature. It has the largest collection of viruses in the world, and it is being financed from the state budget.

These scientists have also been one of the first people to make the tests for COVID-19. Today, the news has gotten even better – 13 coronavirus vaccine prototypes were made in this Institute. The first trials are said to begin this June.

Vector was the first in Russia to develop tests for HIV as well as hepatitis B. They are collaborating with many immunology centers from the former USSR countries, as well as WHO (World Health Organization). There are 160 employees, 139 of them having a PhD or a Master’s degree in Science.

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Since 2013, this is where the paths of infections and virus mutations are being researched. It is said to be the only center in Russia that is fully capable of handling and contributing to the fight with viruses – Vector is one of the 6 centers chosen by the WHO to lead the fight with COVID-19.

However, manufacturing the coronavirus vaccine is not expected to start until the last quarter of 2020, due to the strict vaccine protocols that must be followed to ensure the safety of everyone. After the animal experimentations are complete, two options with the best results will be chosen, and the mass-production will begin.

Because of the Coronavirus Arch Enemies are Going to Reconcile: Russia is Prepared to Help the USA


Moscow offered its help to Washington in the fight against Coronavirus.

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The ambassador of Russia in USA Anatoly Antonov said that Russia is there to help the USA if help is needed. He also said that the Russian tests showed effectiveness in China and Iran and were also sent to Italy.

He reminded the citizens of the US that Russia helped when the wildfires occurred in California and that in this situation, it will assist and continually offer their help. In times like this, politics are put aside, and the only important thing is to stop this virus.

How is the USA affected by Coronavirus?

To this day, the total death toll in the United States of America is 700 people. Only yesterday, 163 people died.

The World Health Organization declared and has warned that the United States could be the next hotspot of Coronavirus if they don’t act on time.

What is the current situation in the world?

This deadly virus has been confirmed in 170 countries/regions, 425,493 people have been infected, and 18,963 people have died from it around the world.

How Russia Avoided The Coronavirus Epidemic


The fact that there have been only 59 cases of coronavirus infections reported in Russia so far, makes West’s professional and laic circles wonder how it is possible for such a big country to achieve that.

The data on the almost minor number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia, which borders with China, seems unusual, and many observers have different theories about it.

By 5th March, Russia had only four confirmed cases, and one of those was in Moscow, Europe’s largest city after Istanbul.

France and Germany have had more than 2,000 infected, and in Italy, the number goes up to 12,000. Until the coronavirus outbreak, similar number of passengers from China was flown to Russia, just like it was to those three European countries.

Russian independent portal Medusa announced that Russia closed its borders fast enough, so that almost no one infected could enter. Beijing-Moscow direct rail lines were cut off, and Russia-China land border was closed for cars and pedestrians. However, at that time, 9,923 cases were registered worldwide, so there was an opportunity for the virus to enter Russia before those measures.

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Some believe that the luck had a lot to do with it. At first, Russia was lucky enough, and then the border controls did their job. However, Russia borders with another country which is at the top of the infected list, and that is Iran. Another thing is that Russia hasn’t imposed travel restrictions when it comes to Italy and South Korea.

Russian consumer protection agency, Rospotrebnadzor, stated that since 31st January, 382,155 passengers from China were examined and 130 had symptoms of the common flu and other infections, but none of them was positive for the coronavirus.

On the other hand, there were claims that Russia is not using the best available virus test. There are two types of test that can detect a corona virus: tomography, which provides a description of clinical symptoms such as pneumonia, and a laboratory test to determine if the genetic material of the virus is present in a patient’s sample. The test used in Russia is a diagnostic test manufactured by Vektor, which uses PCR, a polymerase chain reaction. Media reports that that test is valid too.

Another theory is that the number of infected is underestimated.

Russia is rapidly working on building a hospital, like the one in China, where only the coronavirus infected patients will be placed. Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, said that the hospital will be build 1,287 kilometers southwest of the Kremlin, and it will be located in the Vornovoska area. Sobyanin guaranteeed that the construction of the hospital won’t endanger the local population. He also asked everyone to understand his decision, and explained the reason for choosing that location for the hospital. In that district there aren’t major residential buildings, and the distance between some local houses and the hospital is twice as high as recommended for the sanitary zone. The major also explained that anyone who has had contact with the infected should be hospitalized.

Moscow Directorate for Policy and Urbanism has confirmed the construction of the initiated project, but so far there are no information about the capacity of patients the hospital will be able to receive. It took China seven days to build the hospital which was able to accomodate 1.000 patients.

Russian former minister Mikhail Abyzov could be behind Maria Butina penetration to Washington

Maria Butina, the Russian infamous gun rights advocate, hit the center of Mueller affair and became the main point of investigation of foreign nationals in the United States. They are reported to have connections to the foreign capitals and some of the important American businessmen and officials. Butina chose the perfect timing and after befriending think tank president Dmitri Simes, Washington insider Paul Erikson and other renowned Washingtonians became a Russian doorkeeper and a go-to person in the nation’s capital.

Well, why not? She had quite vast business connections and gained her popularity while starting the “Right To Bear Weapons” movement in Russia. A little while later she appeared on the ammunition producer Promtechnologii’s radar screen and ended up escorting American NRA delegation to the entity’s plant in Russia.

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Promtechnologii is the producer of sniper rifle Orsis. At that very moment, Promtechnologii were working on anticipated federal government agreements, which failed to materialize beyond a small sample order for protection services. Despite this, the company’s rifles ended up having pro-Russian separatists in Donbass.

And that is where the hero of the story appears. Mikhail Abyzov, the former minister for open government affairs of Russia set up the business in 2010 in collaboration with a billionaire co-owner of rail carrier Globaltrans Konstantin Nikolaev. In 2015 Nikolaev exited the arms business.

Abyzov introduced Bright Capital Fund, a high tech investment vehicle, to handle his huge fortune. He also started investing in hi-tech organizations with military applications in the US. And it should be noted that his connection with Maria Butina solidified immensely.

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Butina also moved to the United States and pursued a graduate degree in Washington, developing connections with NRA professionals and GOP authorities at the same time. She started promoting Russian firearms and guns in Washington (quite successfully, though). Well, it didn’t last long either, and now she is spending 18 months’ sentence in the federal prison convicted of becoming an unregistered foreign agent.

It should be noted that the participation of Abyzov in the USA investigation, as well as the development industry, continued. In 2011, his company, Bright Capital, spent $75 million on Alta Devices that created flexible solar power panels to mount on drones, airplanes, etc. These solar panels helped the devices to stay afloat for a longer time. The company has collaborated with the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.

In 2016 Bright Capital moved to Augmented Pixels, a Ukranian software startup company in Silicon Valley. The main idea of the startup was to focus on technologies and to develop automatic navigation algorithms for unmanned aerial vehicles. These technologies are widely introduced in training special forces and improving guidance precision for UAVs.

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In 2018 Mikhail Chuchkevich, the supervisor of Bright Capital, was arrested in Russia on the uncertainty of embezzlement.  The Russian Investigative Committee suspects that he had stolen 20 million dollars from the Russian Venture Organization through Alion Power, the US-based company, which produces robots for automated assembly of solar power photovoltaic (PV) plants. Bright Capital is said to be the first investor of the company (up to now it had invested 15 million dollars).

Abyzov was arrested in Moscow while attending his friend’s birthday party. They say that his arrest might be a part of Kremlin strategic plan against those who are linked to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. It’s obvious that numerous bureaucratic strikes and law-enforcement companies are aimed at Medvedev’s clan.

Our main theme is going through the entire story. Remember the Russian rifles that finished up in the hands of pro-Russian separatists battling the Ukrainian army in Donbass? Abyzov’s high-tech drone technology could become very handy there, wherever UAVs play a major role. Besides, Abyzov was more than excited about cutting edge US technology having armed forces applications. FBI warned certain US organizations numerous times against the intentions of Russian oligarchs, which might have been more than just connected to financial revenues.

One thing can be said for sure – the curiosity of Russia and China about US high tech with military application might continue without any hindrance.

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