Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is Coming Back to WWE

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is one of the biggest movie stars and one of the highest-paid American actors. However, he also used to be a famous and very successful professional wrestler. So, for all of you who have been wondering whether we will see him again in the ring, there is some great news.

The Rock announced that he is coming back to the WWE SmackDown. The WWE SmackDown, also known as Friday Night SmackDown, is currently in its 20th season which starts on Fox. So, Dwayne Johnson will have his debut this Sunday.

He announced the news on Monday, on his Twitter, saying:

FINALLY…I come back home to my @WWE universe.

This FRIDAY NIGHT, I’ll return for our debut of SMACKDOWN!


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There’s no greater title than #thepeopleschamp.

And there’s no place like home.

Tequila on me after the show 😈🥃#IfYaSmell🎤 #Smackdown#RocksShow #FOX

It looks like the WWE SmackDown 2019 will be on fire as we’ve also been promised to see a host of other WWE Hall of Famers, including Rick Flair. Seeing the Rock in the ring is a huge deal, especially when we all thought we won’t see him anymore on WWE.

It was only recently when the 47-year-old actor announced on Live with Kelly & Ryan that he’d hung up his wrestling boots for good. “I miss wrestling. I love wrestling,” he said during the show last summer. “I quietly retired from wrestling because I was lucky enough to have a wonderful career and accomplish what I wanted to accomplish.”

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The last time we’ve seen The Rock appear on WWE television was on WrestleMania 32 in April 2016. Nevertheless, the SmackDown is Rock’s show and returning on such an important night for the brand is very logical.

You can see the WWE Smackdown on Fox on Friday with a blue carpet special at 7.30 pm ET and then the main show at 8 pm ET.


Can Fast and Furious Be a Hit Without The Rock?

Many people considered ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ to be boring, probably because there is no much interest in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise after the seventh installment. ‘Fast and Furious 8’ was released only two days before ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ and much to people’s surprise, it was better in many ways.

Besides the fact that ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ promised to become another classic buddy cop movie, it didn’t keep its promise. Instead, it looked like the main characters, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson were trying too hard to be funny and interesting. Moreover, the fight scene didn’t amaze many viewers, and the action looked very boring. Consequently, the opening weekend numbers were very tame, and it made roughly $60m. However, that’s not what is expected from a $200m movie.

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So, the ‘Fast and Furious’ fans were left wondering where does the franchise go from here. Many people have stated that the movie started their downfall the moment they began working to surpass their own ridiculous stunts. Even though the spin-off of the franchise did their best to enhance the plot of the movie, it doesn’t seem to be very successful.

It looks like we’ve seen it all from the franchise, including planes, tanks, and supercars through skyscrapers. The franchise doesn’t have anything new to offer, besides the crazy stunts, they’re trying to pull off. So, this led fans to believe that the series won’t last much longer. The fact that neither the Rock nor Statham will be part of Fast 9 only adds to this belief. However, many fans hope that ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ has the potential of becoming a very successful independent movie franchise.

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The Rock is held responsible for revitalizing the franchise, and it’s believed that this is the reason why he doesn’t get on well with Vin Diesel. This raised many questions, such as whether the franchise can be a hit without the Rock and whether or not the ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ spinoff can survive without the ‘Family’?

In a nutshell, the fact that Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham aren’t part of the main Fast series seems to have negative consequences for both franchises.

Take a Look Inside These 15 Celebrities Amazing Private Jets


15. Dwayne Johnson

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When you are one of the biggest Hollywood stars, you are able to buy what most regular people cannot even dream of. The Rock at one point only had $7 in his pocket, while he was struggling to make it in the wrestling industry. With a net worth of over$220 million, he flies around the world with the comfort of a king, on his own private jet.

14. Floyd Mayweather

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As one of the best fighting athletes ever, and a person who earns $100 million a night, Floyd Mayweather may not be the most favorite figure of the public, but he knows how to enjoy life and earn money left and right. He earned more than $600 million during his career and has a private jet to fly around the world accompanied by an entourage of ladies.

13. Jackie Chan

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Although the famous actor and martial artist have not made a Hollywood blockbuster in years, he is still acting on the foreign markets. He has an estimated net worth of around $390 million and owns an Embraer Legacy 500 jet, worth about $20 million. This is not Chan’s first private jet either.

12. Dan Bilzerian

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Living like a rock star for most of his life, Bilzerian surrounds himself with women and expensive possessions wherever he goes. He has an amazing net worth thanks to a rich father, and his poker tournaments win. He owns a Gulfstream GI-V, a $6 million plane on which he transports himself and countless women.

11. Jay-Z

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Along with his wife Beyonce, they have a combined net worth of over $1 billion. They own luxury homes, expensive cars, and islands. After gifting each other with islands and cars, Beyonce presented her husband with a $40 million private jet that has a kitchen, bedroom, two bathrooms, and full leather interior.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

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One of the best football players ever is famous for his lavish lifestyle, and bragging about it on social media. His lifetime contract with Nike is worth more than $1 billion. Therefore, he can truly buy whatever he wants, and one time he wanted a Gulfstream G650, a $45 million luxury private jet. It can accommodate 18 passengers, so he can take his complete Juventus team and coaching staff wherever.

9. Jim Carrey

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The comedic genius has been entertaining moviegoers for decades. He has not had a blockbuster for quite a while, but his fortune is great nevertheless. The actor owns a stunning Gulfstream V private jet, with an estimated price of $41 million. It is one of the aircraft produced with the longest range in its class.

8. John Travolta

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Not only does the actor own a private jet, but he is also the one who can fly it, as he is a licensed pilot. The actor loves planes so much that his Florida home comes with a runway. He parks his planes in front of the house. He has even flown a Qantas Boeing 707-138 airliner, the Jett Clipper Ella. Travolta is also the official ambassador of Qantas and was a pilot for Oprah Winfrey and her audience during a trip to Australia.

7. Neymar

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Another football star on our list is the Brazilian and PSG striker Neymar Jr. He actually owns two jets, a Phenom 100 worth around $4 million, and a second hand Cessna Citation 680 that he bought for around $5 million. To complete his luxurious vehicle fleet, except cars, he owns a helicopter and a yacht.

6. Oprah Winfrey

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The queen of talk shows is one of the richest women in the world, thanks to her successful talk show and network company. With an immense net worth of over $3 billion, a private jet is nothing for her. The famous host owns a Bombardier BD-700 that set her back a mere $42 million. The aircraft carries 19 passengers and is able to fly anywhere because of the long range. There are state-of-the-art entertainment systems and luxury rooms on the plane.

5. Lewis Hamilton

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Being a five-time champion of Formula One Championship means you can easily afford several lavish sports cars and a private jet. Hamilton earned $50 million just during 2018, so a private aircraft did not hurt him much. One of the best F1 drivers ever is the proud owner of a Bombardier Challenger 605, a $25 million purchase.

4. Mark Cuban

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Cuban should teach classes about timing your moves on the stock market, as he sold to Yahoo for $5.7 billion, most expensive acquisition they have ever made. Yahoo later shut it down, realizing they bought an irrelevant company. From this vast paycheck, Cuban bought a yacht, as well as a private jet, a purchase that holds the Guinness World Record for the largest single e-commerce transaction. The Gulfstream V business jet cost him $40 million. Since then, Cuban bought two more full-size planes, not small private jets. One is a Boeing 767 that he rents to customers, while the other one is more important, a Boeing 757 that he uses as a team jet for the NBA team he owns, the Dallas Mavericks.

3. Tom Cruise

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For over three decades, the actor has been releasing hits and blockbusters, earning more than $500 million. To make his business life and vacations more convenient, he decided to purchase a Gulfstream IV private jet, an aircraft with a $36 million price tag. The plane has an impressive entertainment system and runs on engines manufactured by non-other than the Rolls Royce corporation.

2. Warren Buffet

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Billionaires know and understand that time is money. They must stay ever productive, so a private jet makes sense for them. As the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet has to endure a tremendous amount of flying time. He, therefore, purchased a Bombardier Challenger twenty years ago, as well as a jet operator company NetJets, that deals with shares and rents of private jets.

1. Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal

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He is one of the richest investors in the world and a member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. With a net worth of whopping $15 billion, Talal is both a phenomenal businessperson and a generous philanthropist. He has donated $4 billion to charities. When it comes to his toys, the Prince downs a $200 million yacht, a Boeing 747, an Airbus 321, and a Hawker Siddeley 125. An amazing fleet is worthy of a Prince.

How Dwayne Johnson Thanks His Parents

Last Friday, Dwayne The Rock Johnson put a video up on his Instagram story talking about how he wants to give back to his parents and buy his dad a new house.

“I just got off the phone with my dad and, man, it was a great call and I just had to share this with you guys real quick,” he said in his video. “So about two, three weeks ago, I called my dad and I said, ‘Look, you’re probably happy where you’re at but I want to do something for you. I want to buy you a brand new home, wherever you want to live, you can live.'”

“He couldn’t believe it, he was speechless. So he just called me now. It’s a big weekend, he’s gonna go look at properties. He’s a Florida boy, so he’s going to go up to North Florida and look and he goes, ‘I’m so excited. I’m also so nervous.”

“My dad’s an old-school tough guy,” said The Rock and then continued. “I said, ‘What the hell are you nervous about?’ And he said, ‘Well,’ he was searching for words. ‘No one ever called to tell me they were gonna buy me a house before and the fact that it’s you, it’s my son, I’m so proud of you and I love you so much.”


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Great chat with my old man. Felt good to my cold ? to hear him express his love. He’s a weathered soul and like all weathered souls, there’s often a harsh storied path that got them there. Well for my pops that path started at 13yrs old when his mom kicked him out of his house on Christmas day and forced him to live on the streets (very true and fucked up story) so his reality of compassion and love was forged thru pain and toughness. He raised me with that tough physical love and used to beat my ass in the gyms and on wrestling mats. I hated it then as a little boy, but grateful for it today as a man. It’s shaped my DNA and helped inform how I raise my own babies (minus the ass kickings;) but always instilling the value of hard work and discipline. For that I’m grateful and this one felt good. Crazy how full circle life can come. Enjoy your new house pop – what a storied path and thanks for the ass kickings ???? #weathered

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“I never heard my dad talk like that. It felt good to me and it felt good to my heart,” he said with emotion in his voice. “You know, my dad used to beat my a**. Tough love and I hated it back then, but I’m so grateful for it now. It just felt good to kind of give back to the ones who raised you. So, love you too, Pop.”

Not only is he giving back to his dad but he also bought a new house for his mom and shared how she reacted to the news on his Instagram page.

“This one felt good. Surprise! Bought my mom a new home for Christmas,” he started and then went on to say how when he was little they used to move a lot because his mom and dad were trying to make enough money. “The first home my parents ever lived in was the one I bought for them in 1999. They divorced about 5yrs later and as with life, stuff happens and things got a little complicated. Since then I always made sure my mom and dad have everything they’ll ever need.”

The actor is very big on sharing his love for his family online, not only for his parent but also for his daughters.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Celebrated the End of Production on his ‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’

During last month, various sources announced that the first Fast and Furious spinoff movie, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, wrapped its production. The man behind the film and its star Dwayne Johnson, also known by his WWE stage name The Rock, is celebrating. He turned to his Twitter and Instagram profiles to celebrate the end of the first separate film in the ultra-popular Fast and Furious franchise.

He wrote this as the caption: “HOBBS & SHAW – that’s a wrap. My gratitude runs deep in sayin’ this goodbye. To EVERYONE who committed their talents and time to make our movie as great as it can be and for putting their trust in me to help drive this passion project forward – THANK YOU. This production will always be more than a movie to me. It represents a soul, a DNA, a toughness, perseverance, and a CULTURE. I love you all and a big fa’afetai tele lava again for trusting me on this one. The audience always comes first… and they’re gonna have a f****** blast”.

Johnson also attached a video alongside the message, where the actor is hugging the film’s director, David Leitch, known for hits like Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde. The director also gives a speech to the crew about why this film is “very special”, as he said: “From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all you guys,”.

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The Twitter post by Johnson was not as sentimental, but he is quite well known for it: “That’s an official wrap on HOBBS & SHAW. I and my pasty asshole partner here can’t wait for you to see it. Oh, the fun you’ll have… AUG 2nd worldwide.” The “asshole partner” he refers to is Jason Statham of course, as Johnson loves to make fun of his co-stars, like that time he messed around with Kevin Hart.

The last part of the filming took place in Hawaii, while the first section of production happened in London, ending in December last year.

In the movie, the two characters of Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Statham) make an unlikely alliance after their more than rocky history in the last few installments of the movie franchise.

Luke Hobbs first appeared in the movie Fast Five, serving as a Diplomatic Security Service agent tasked with hunting down the iconic team of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) and Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker). Hobbs ends up learning that the team of main protagonists are actually the good guys, and joins their dynamic crew in the consequent movies of the franchise.

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Deckard Shaw entered the series as a villain who kills a prominent member of the main crew in the mid-credits scene for Fast & Furious 6. Han actually died towards the end of Tokyo Drift, the 4th movie in the series that takes place after the 6th movie. The car that hit his was revealed to have been driven by Shaw. Although Statham’s character was the main antagonist in the 7th film, he was a good guy in number 8.

Except for Johnson and Statham, the movie also stars Eiza González (Baby Driver and Alita: Battle Angel), Vanessa Kirby (Mission: Impossible – Fallout and The Crown), Idris Elba (Thor: Ragnarok and Pacific Rim) as the main antagonist, and Eddie Marsan (Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde).

Now that the first spinoff movie is all wrapped up, the start of production on the Fast & Furious 9 is right around the corner. It was supposed to start in February but is now scheduled for June. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw hit theaters worldwide on August 2nd in all formats.