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Who is the Rising Star Singer Liza Jane?

At the 239th Anniversary of the US navy for the Wounded Warriors Veterans, Liza Jane performed. Whilst this was merely linked to her tireless efforts to help homeless vets through charity work, she certainly did not go unnoticed: the City Commissioners of Key West named the day in June 2015 in her honor and recognition

Lord Conrad – A Multitalented Artist Of Italian Origin

The music industry is one of the largest entertainment ones and we are now able to listen to hundreds of artists in almost any genre that was ever invented. Still, a trend is that house and hip hop music are becoming quite popular and rock and dance music are slowly fading away. Though in the

Australian Model Jade Kevin Foster rocks ripped diesel denim


The world of fashion and modeling has been on the rise for the past few decades, and especially with the eruption the social media a lot of the stars have become quite an influencers as well. Among many, one of the fastest rising stars is the young Aussie – Jade Kevin Foster. This attractive 26-year