Cryptocurrency and ICO market


Cryptocurrency could best be explained as a parallel to the game of PUBG as both of them has epitomized controversy and sparked debates around their acceptability as a format. As PUBG comes with a string of statutory warning on its possible predicament on different psychological aspects which could plague the mind of an adolescent child, the same appears to be true for Cryptocurrency as well. The only significant difference is the warning that circles around cryptocurrency, which seems more potent as it comes from eminent economist and reputed financial audit and research firms across the globe. But the popularity of both goes unabated with more and more users pouring in.

Cryptocurrency has now become a global phenomenon with Google having a contingent of more than a thousand dedicated pages designed to cater to the curiosity of the common man about it. The institution of cryptocurrency still stands inundated in the thick layers of myth around it. Consequently, it looks so opaque that most of the people who are contemplating on it, find themselves in a state of utter dichotomy and cannot really conclude whether it appears good, bad or ugly.

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What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency refers to the digital currency encrypted with cryptographic protocols that help users do the transaction at their convenience without any possibility of being tracked at any point along its digital route. In a bid to redefine ease of making payments online, cryptocurrency has made digital transactions simpler for both the private sector and the common public. The most important attribute of cryptocurrency is that it cannot be brought into the ambit of regulatory control of any central agency or financial body which works under the guideline of any nation or united unions. Being very liberal in spirit and democratic in concept, it has now got immune to traditional controls and interventions made by several legal and financial bodies. That is where we need to draw the line of caution followed by taking a stance, which is balanced and reflective on the possible prejudice that it can invite to mankind. There is a score of incidents reported by security agencies and financial watchdogs where cryptocurrency has been misused to make illegitimate monetary transfers to radical groups and extremist outfits all across the globe. The use of cryptocurrency has garnered traction among the drug peddlers, unscrupulous people involved in human trafficking and arms dealers who remain invisible in the real world and usher in a pseudonymous transaction that cannot ever be tracked and breached into.

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The future of Fintech?

If we can put aside the mist of the apprehension of misuse, nobody can turn a blind eye to the enormous possibility it could unfold in shaping the future of Fintech more in terms of how it can drive the world economy towards inclusive prosperity and well being for all. Anyone can log into to keep themselves well abreast of latest updates and developments along with interactive charts and graphs showing markets trends in the world of cryptocurrency

There is a variety of cryptocurrencies available in the niche economy ecosystem that it carved out for itself over time. The most important breed of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which is believed to have served a digital gold standard in the whole cryptocurrency industry. Only within a span of seven years, the valuation of Bitcoin has reached 650 dollars from zero, and its transaction frequency has brewed up to 0.2 million units per day which truly shows the immense possibilities that the destiny has in store for it. Apart from Bitcoin, there are so many other currencies as well which are also gaining prominence. Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin are some of those species which are also gaining popularity over time.

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What is ICO?

In the context of the resurgence of new currencies, the circle of discussion cannot complete without the mention of ICO which stands for Initial Coin Offering. What IPO means for a mainstream investment world, ICO holds the same relevance in the realms of cryptocurrency. ICO serves the purpose of the fund-raiser. When an entity looks forward to creating a coin, app or service, it does it with the launch of ICO. ICO has come into the limelight and occupied news headlines as more and more investors are joining in with an expectation to make quick money. Some very successful ICOs over the period has given the investors reasons to bank upon it, but there is an opposite side of the coin as well which is not very glittery and flamboyant. There are instances where all the investment has gone down into the drain. Being an unregulated proposition, it always runs the risk of being exploited.

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Therefore, we all need to draw a forbidden line of caution around it which will put a restraint on how we use the technology and what for. If we let the conscience take over and decide the course of our action, cryptocurrency will eventually unleash its true potential where everyone across the tiers and pedals of the society will be empowered to wake up to a dawn of new financial resurrection.

Top Three Digital Currencies

In the past few years, crypto-currency evolved into something much larger, and it is safe to say that it caught the attention of popular banks and communities such as Wall-Street.

About a decade ago, the Bitcoin was barely something that people have heard off, today, it is much larger, and it is still on the rise. Despite that the “bubble burst” happened earlier in 2018, experts say that it is not the first time, nor the last time either. Which means, they predict the rise of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies again. In this article, we are going to list what we think are the top three digital currencies that are going to be pretty successful in the next couple of years.

The Bitcoin (BTC)

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Known as the “Mother of all Digital Currencies,” the Bitcoin reached an unbelievable price of $22,500 in the last year. It had its ups and downs, and even though it is “on the low” at the moment, crypto-experts are suggesting that rise is on the way. There are many advantages of using the Bitcoin, one of the greatest ones being the no fees and no middle-men, which is the entire point of the crypto-currency idea. It is just a matter of time when the block-chain technology will start to see much greater use in everything around us, so you should be expecting the Bitcoin to gain even more popularity in the next few years.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the world of crypto-currency was, and probably still is, “Where do I store my funds?” Well, your digital funds can be stored in such called “Crypto-Currency Wallets”. And there are quite a few to choose from, but when it comes to making sure your funds are safe and not stolen, it is really important to make the right choice. We suggest using the Ledger Nano S, as it is the safest form of a wallet that you can store your digital currencies in. Make sure to check it out.


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IOTA is a very well made crypto-currency, and instead of using the block-chain technology method, they are using something which is called “The Tangle”. This is expected to be much faster and more reliable than the Block-Chain, as well as have more transparency in the transactions. It is still under development, so make sure to read more about it as it has the potential to be the next big thing in the next couple of years.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a real-time global settlement network that has the idea of offering instant transactions and very low-cost international payments. It was launched back in 2012, and it made a lot of progress during the last couple of years. Ripple is quite different than Bitcoin and a few other Altcoins, and it cannot be mined.

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Currently, Ripple holds third place on the list of digital currency coins, with only Ethereum and Bitcoin being in front of it. Experts say that Ripple will also be one of the first coins to bloom after the crypto-market starts getting back on its feet again in the upcoming periods.

Everything you need to know about Ripple

A world of digital currency is getting wider and wider as many new enthusiasts are joining the world of cryptocurrency. Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, now get ready for Ripple. It’s gaining popularity as a payment settlement, money transfer system, and currency exchange. Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, Ripple is developed by an official company, Ripple company, which has certain goals. Their offices are in Australia, Luxemburg, and the UK.

While Bitcoin is Blockchain-based and can be mined, this one isn’t designed to be mined. XRP tokens have been pre-mined, at the amount of 100 billion, and 38 billion is currently available. So, the amount is fixed and already generated.

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Maybe you can’t mine Ripple, but you can buy this cryptocurrency and store it in the wallet. XRP tokens can be used only once. That means, as tokens are being used and no new ones are being generated, the stocks will eventually dry up which explains the Ripple price increase. The only way to get tokens is by buying them, or exchanging other currency, like Bitcoin, for Ripple. So, if you mine Bitcoin, and exchange it for Ripple, you technically got Ripple by mining.

There’s been some controversy concerning the centralization, or decentralization, of the Ripple. Some say that it is centralized, while the company claims to be decentralized. They have even faced some lawsuits that are probably going to interfere with the rising popularity of this currency.

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Ripple claims that XRP is more transactional, functional and decentralized than both, Bitcoin and Ethereum. David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple Inc., stated on the company’s website that the setup of XRP’s validators makes the ledger more resistant to bad acting than Bitcoin.

XRP transactions are significantly faster than that of Bitcoin. While Bitcoin transaction can last up to 10 minutes, XRP transaction takes around 5 seconds.

Ripple currently works with the biggest financial institutions in the world and its plan is to power the whole financial sector by allowing us to make instant transactions at just a fraction of current cost. Ripple can easily process around 1500 transactions in a second, whereas Bitcoin can handle around 7. What makes Ripple even more trustworthy is the fact that a huge number of banks are currently working with Ripple on implementing their technology.

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Since December 2017, XRP has seen a decline of 40 percent and is down 89 percent from its peak.

Even though it is expected that the price of XRP will rise, cryptocurrency enthusiasts are still not so fond of the idea that a bank or a company regulates the cryptocurrency.

XRP is a long-term investment. With the prices rising, it definitely seems as a smart investment at the moment. More investors are becoming aware of it, and its trends and an increase in price is expected. Just in the first half of 2017, the price of XRP surged up to 4000%.