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Rick and Morty Season 4: The Characters We Want Back

Rick and Morty’ season 4 is likely to arrive by the end of this year and we are all eagerly waiting for it. The American sitcom first debuted in 2013 and has become extremely popular ever since. The show had three seasons until now and we’ve seen a wide range of characters, from intriguing to bizarre ones. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the characters we want to see a return in season 4.

Mr. Meeseeks

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Mr. Meeseeks might be a side character, but he has made a huge impact, almost as huge as the Rick and Morty characters. He was first introduced in the episode ‘Meeseeks and Destroy.’ He is programmed to help humans deal with their issues and he disappears when his task is done. He is a blue creature who freaks out when his job isn’t finished.


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Birdperson is Rick’s oldest and most loyal friend, who we last saw in his wedding. His bride turned out to be a double agent and their wedding was attacked by the Galactic Federation. Even though we all thought that Birdperson is gone, the post-credit sting in season 3 showed him alive. So, we feel like he should definitely return to season 4 and continue being a force for good in the show.

Mr. Poopybutthole

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Mr. Poopybutthole was a long-time friend of the family who got shot in the episode ‘Total Rickall.’ We’ve seen him after the accident, but he hasn’t interacted with the family yet. So, we’re eager to see him and see how he will fix the relationship with the family.

Evil Morty

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Evil Morty first appeared as the surprise villain of the episode ‘Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind,’ and we’ve seen him several times since then. He is quite cunning and dastardly and the only antagonist who cause problems for Rick. He became the first elected President of the Citadel of Ricks and we’re looking forward to seeing where his power and plans will take him.

Rick’s Wife

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Rick’s wife was not technically part of the sitcom, but she appeared in the premiere episode of season 3. Mrs. Sanchez is a complete mystery but she has alluded to many times throughout the show. We’d love to see her return to the lives of Rick and Beth and how their relationship will evolve.


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Noob-Noob is a poorly treated and put-upon janitor who desperately wanted to be part of the team. He loved Rick’s seriously funny burns and should definitely be part of season 4 as we want to see more Vindicators stories in the show.

Rick and Morty Characters that Terrify us

1. Scary Terry – His name says it all, he is one scary creature that we see in season 1. He has the ability to torture people with their worst fears. The funny part of this character is that this is how he makes a living. Yes, you heard it right, this is his job.

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2. Snowball – Our next creepy character is Snowball. We do feel for Snowball because he has to deal with being very intelligent but is still a dog. He might deserve sympathy but what he does is still horrible so he gets a spot on this list.

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3. Evil Morty – The evil version of Morty is definitely one of the most terrifying creatures of the whole show. Throughout the show, we see hints that he is planning something very evil for Rick and Morty. Also, the eye-patch is creepy.

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4. Rick Sanchez –This was a hard one to put on the list. He causes a lot of sympathy with the viewers but then again he causes a lot of suffering to everyone that is close to him. There is no doubt that he is evil, but he is also very much human.

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5. Supernova –a classic tale of a fallen angel. She starts out as a real superhero, but as her story moves along she becomes weaker and weaker morally. In the end, she’s prepared to murder not only her ex-lover but also Morty, who had nothing to do with anything.

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6. Monster Beth – This creature was actually a result of what someone imagined. Jerry to be exact, her own husband! She might look scary, ugly and grotesque but she’s also intelligent as she manages to escape from the laboratory where they made her.

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7. The Devil – Almost didn’t end up making the list because of his mostly businessman behavior through most of the episode he still does a messed up thing. Summer gets left with nothing because of him and that is enough to get a spot on the list, especially after she stops him from killing himself.

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8. Krombopulos Michael – There is no question he is evil, but then again he is also very likable. That being said we can’t forget that he is still a brutal, cold-blooded murderer. So, he gets a spot!

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9. Fart –One of the most, if not the evilest one of all. What he wishes to do is destroy all life, pretty evil right? The way he plans to do it is pretty horrible too. Not to mention tricking Morty into being his friend by pretending to be the victim. Evil!

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10. The eyehole man – Such a horrible creature. What even is it? Plus the whole beating people till they die just for buying something commercial. Cruel and sadistic.

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