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The Curse of Oak Island Episode 4, Season 7 – Can the Team Really Find the Buried Treasure?

The latest episode of the reality TV series ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ was more than interesting!

Even though Rick and Marty Lagina have put in a lot of effort into finding the rumored treasure which was apparently buried in the Oak Island, they haven’t found it just yet. Up until now, they have discovered a few historical elements, but in the latest episode of the popular show, they have revealed that their search has moved further.


The reason behind this progress in the search is an antique brooch. This object resembles the symbol George Washington used for the famous battle flag. Also, the new evidence may indicate that the founding fathers in fact knew about the Oak Island treasure. Even though the evidence seems pretty convincing, the team passionately works on gathering more information in order to prove to their audience that they are right. The Lagina brothers are sure that this object is historically relevant and state that they will continue with further research.

Also, the focus of the episode is put on a piece of wood, dating from the 1700s, found in Smith’s cove. This discovery can be connected to the mythical flood tunnel, which could be another trace to the buried treasure. Apparently, this piece of wood used to be a part of the tunnel. The fact that this wood is thought to be 60 years older than the discovery of the money pit might indicate that the team is on the right track. However, the bothers state that they cannot be carried away with this assumption and that the search will, therefore, be continued at a slower and rational pace.


The latest episode of the popular show was truly fascinating, since it may represent actual progress in the search. Everything indicates that the team is actually getting closer to reaching their goal. More importantly, the viewers were left with questions such as ‘Are the theories in fact correct?’ and ‘Is it possible that the brothers will actually find something?’ One thing is for sure though – the team will continue with its search and do everything in their power to prove that they are right. Furthermore, they will try to provide the audience with as much evidence as possible in order to back up their claims.  All in all, we shall see what happens next when the upcoming episode airs on History Channel, on Tuesday at 9 pm ET.

Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Premiere: November 5, 2019

Are you as thrilled as we are for the upcoming release of The Curse of Oak Island Season 7? Well, the waiting seems to have an end as we’ll soon continue to witness the Lagina brother’s hunt for the 200-year-old mystery. The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 has more episodes than any other season. So, is the new instalment of the History’s hit series going to unveil the biggest treasure mystery?

There is only less than a month for the premiere and there are plenty of theories and speculations for the upcoming season. Rick and Marty Lagina will continue their hunt on the tree-infested Oak Island. In the previous seasons, the Lagina brothers and their team faced plenty of disappointments. Nevertheless, they also managed to discover some precious and rare artifacts.

It was only recently when History TV premiered a screening of some of the unseen events in the series. The special featured 25 theories, 25 finds, and 25 moments the viewers haven’t seen before.

Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Preview


The preview for the Curse of Oak Island Season 7 has been released and it looks like the Lagina brothers and their partners are quite close to the ultimate treasure. So, this preview looks very promising and it only leads us to believe that they’re finally there. You can hear in the preview, “That’s a tunnel… The steps seem to lead down to something! This is what we’ve been looking for! Wow, It’s all true.”

The tunnel seems to convince Rick and Marty that it will lead them to the Chapell’s Vault. What’s more, they also discover an enormous ship buried under the area, which is believed to contain precious items and artifacts.

Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Premiere: November 5, 2019

The forthcoming new installment of the Curse of Oak Island, Season 7, is set to premiere on November 5 at 9/8c on History. Last season ended with the team discovering some results in the swamp that they’ve been looking for. There hasn’t been any official synopsis for the new season revealed yet, but there have been a lot of speculations and theories.

However, there have also been plenty of hints that the team will focus on the swamp and that they’ve raised their stakes. The team seems to be excavating more areas on the tree-infested island. In the preview of Season 7, we can see that Rick and Marty Lagina and their team have found a gigantic hidden shaft being uncovered along with a mysterious step.

Hence, many theories have surfaced that this will lead the team to the so-called Money Pit. Additionally, Season 7 will also explore the H8 Shaft, where the Chapell’s Vault is believed to be located.

It is also believed that Season 7 will be the last run of the series. Therefore, is this is to be true, the Lagina brothers might have found the acclaimed treasure in this season. All in all, the forthcoming new installment seems to be an epic one.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Officially Confirmed to Be Renewed

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is set to return for season 7 as the producers have officially confirmed that. The last season of the television series ended in April and the special episode aired on May 7. The special episode revealed that Rick and Marty Lagina and their team have made a big discovery, which the show suggest might be one of the biggest in the history of Oak Island.

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The renewal of the seventh season was announced by Matty Blake, the host of the talk show ‘Drilling Down,’ an after-show of the series. Blake wrote about his social media, ‘Season 6 was a beast. Incredible highs & lows. Fans know that the team is fueled in great measure by your support and I am overwhelmed by your kindness & passion. Thank you!’

He then confirmed that the show will have a seventh season and it would be all about the developments discusses during the last season’s finale. The Lagina brothers and their team will continue digging as they learned that a ship could be lying under the swamp.

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It looks like ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 7 will continue the search and the explorations to investigate their latest find. It is believed that season 7 will be the one which will solve the 224-year-old mystery of Oak Island. So, we’re all left wondering whether the team will finally find the treasures.

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The last episode of ‘Drilling Down’ featured the team who got together in Michigan to discuss the anomalies which were labeled ‘Highland’ and ‘Connector’ anomalies. Everyone got excited when they learned that the hints point towards the Money Pit. The excitement grew when Marty said that the long object could actually be a 250 feet ship.

This find indicated that Fred Nolan’s theory about the swamp which is made to conceal the ship with treasures could be actually true. However, the team has to perform more investigation and excavations to determine whether there is a ship underwater.

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So, we’ll have to patiently wait for season 7 to see what will happen. It is expected that ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 7 will arrive this fall.

Do the Lagina Brothers Own Oak Island?

There are many unsolved mysteries when it comes to Oak Island, which includes whose it is. In the past, the island used to belong to several treasure hunters and fortune seekers but 14 years ago it went on the market. Ever since then the brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, could always be found near the island because they were hunting treasure for the History Channel’s hit series, The Curse of Oak Island. Do the brothers really own the mysterious island? Let’s learn together.

Do the brothers own Oak Island?

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Rick and Marty Lagina don’t really own the whole island. Instead of that, they managed to sign a business partnership with Dan Blankenship(one of the original private owners of the island, even before 2005), Craig Tester and Alan K. Kostrzewa under the Oak Island Tours Incorporated. It is thought that the business owns around 78% of the island.

Apart from its ownership the business also gives select tours of the island, fans and history lovers can both get to explore parts of the island even do some treasure hunting.

The rest of the island, the 22%, is owned by some other private owners, sometimes you can hear Mary, Rick and the cast of the show mention them.

Top Oak Island Discoveries Which May Help Solve the Mystery

Oak Island is a 57-hectare privately owned island on the south shore of Nova Scotia which has been dug and searched for treasure for more than 200 years. The mystery of this island was so captivating that it inspired a whole show called ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ which airs on the History Channel. So, we decided to handpick the most significant discoveries which have been made through the years, discoveries which may actually help solve the mystery.

The Money Pit

It was discovered in 1795 and it was this discovery which started it all. It was found by three young boys which thought that they will discover a pirate treasure at what seems like a circular depression in the ground. Since then, a countless number of excavations have been made to the area, whose depth indicates that there is something of major significance placed there. Nevertheless, and the exact location of the pit is still to be revealed.

The ‘HO’ Stone

The ‘HO’ stone was found at the island’s Joudrey’s Cove by locals. They noticed carvings on it and as they thought that there is treasure buries beneath, they blew it up. Then, in 1936 Gilbert Hedden, a treasure hunter recovered some fragments of it which had Rune symbols which resembled the letters H and O.

Img Source: oakislandtreasure.co.uk

Book Binding Fragment

This discovery was made by Rick and Marty Lagina and their partners who unearthed fragments identified as pieces of leather bookbinding from borehole H8. This led to assumptions that the Money Pit area has some lost works of William Shakespeare.

Img Source: ninjajournalist.com

The 90ft Stone

In 1803 the first organized excavation took place and it was then that this 90ft stone was discovered in the Money Pit area. It contains bizarre symbols carved into it, which is considered to be a code that no one until now has been able to decipher it.

Img Source: oakislanda2z.fandom.com

Human Bone Fragments

This is yet another important discovery which has been made by the Lagina brothers and their team. They found these bone fragments in the borehole H8 in the Money Pit area and found out that they belong to one person of European origin and another of Middle Eastern origin.

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Roman Pilum

Gary Drayton, a metal detection expert, discovered an object which contains a tip of a spear. He found it on the island’s south-west shore and it was revealed that it could be as much as 2,000 years-old.

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The Chappell Vault

William Chappell discovered an alleged vault in 1897. It was discovered when a drill passed a layer of concrete-like material and wood and came back with pieces of gold chain and parchment paper.

Lead Cross

This is one of Gary Drayton’s greatest discoveries, which was excavated at Smith’s Cove. It was given to analysis, which revealed that it originates from Europe during the time of the Knights Templar. Additionally, some Templar coins have also been found on Oak Island.

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Flood Tunnels

Box drains have been first mentioned in 1849 and are believed to lead to the Money Pit’s booby-trap flood tunnels. However, the flood tunnel system hasn’t been revealed or discovered until now.

Nolan’s Cross

Frederick Nolan, who was a surveyor and treasure hunter, discovered five large stones in the shape of a cross in 1980. He found a strange boulder at the point where the cross intersects. It is believed that this cross, in fact, points to the place where the actual treasure is.

Img Source: thesecretdossier.co.uk

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 22 – Lost and Founding

The creators of The Curse of Oak Island have packed several exciting discoveries into the season finale. The episode starts at Dave Blankenship’s house when the crew comes to consult with Dave. In an effort to solve the Oak Island mystery that has baffled explorers for 223 years, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina have discovered that the slipway built in Smith’s cove dates back to 1769, 25 years before the Money Pit was dug out. To do this, they send log samples to the University of Saskatchewan and their expert on dendrochronology, who was able to date the samples with 99.99% of accuracy.

source: history.co.uk

Lagina brothers and their crew have spent months digging in Smith’s cove, trying to find out more about the stone tunnels that connect the ocean to the Money Pit but have found several man made objects instead.

After the meeting with Dan, Rick and Marty returned to Smith’s cove, where the rest of the team was busy digging. With winter fast approaching and less than a week before they have to shut down until spring, the crew is frantic about getting some answers before they wrap things up for this season. On top of that, their permits are expiring, and the entire team is exhausted. As they plow on, the team discovers another structure, made of wooden boards and packed with clay. They can’t discern the purpose of this wall and so they decide to follow it and see where it leads them. As the day ends with them no closer to a solution, experts from Eagle Canada finish their preparation for the exploration of the ground beneath the triangular swamp. By using seismic testing, they hope to find any large structures that may be hidden below the swamp. To that purpose, they have placed 2,000 explosive charges in regular intervals across the area and they are ready to start measuring the results of those explosions. Each charge consists of 20 grams of dynamite and the resulting echo is captured with geophone recorders. Marty is certain that there is some large structure below them and Eagle Canada is confident that their technology can discover it.

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The next day begins with a meeting in the war room. The meeting reveals some exciting new evidence suggesting that French who have been on Oak Island are connected with Knight Templars. Not only that, but there is a clear connection between the son of the French admiral who led the expedition to Nova Scotia in 1746 and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. The team speculates that if the French told the Founding Fathers about the treasure, some of it could have been used to finance the American Revolution.

That theory would also explain the origin of the treasury, connecting it to feeling Templars who could have escaped to the New World from the French king Philip IV who disbanded them in the 13th century.

source: mysteriesofcanada.com

Another thing that seemingly connects Founding Fathers with Oak Island is a carving found on a stone resembling the Appeal to Heaven flag created by George Washington.

In the meantime, Eagle Canada has finished its seismic survey, but the team will have to wait six weeks for the data to be processed and the final report created.

The team digging in Smith’s cove continues to discover mysterious structures, and they can’t decide who made them, the people who made the Money Pit or earlier treasure hunters in an effort to block seawater from entering Money Pit. The unfortunate reality is that there is simply no time to dig further, as winter is upon them.

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One final meeting is called in the war room to hash out everything they did and discovered, especially in Smith’s Cove. The team is trying to determine if there enough evidence to justify the continuation of the hunt. One key evidence is the timber dating, which sets it in 1769, but they can’t decide whether the structure was made by treasure hunters or treasure depositors. Majority of the team agrees that there is still something worth looking for on Oak Island, but the one dissident voice is Marty Lagina. He isn’t totally convinced and is mulling over pulling the plug on the entire operation. In the end, the majority view prevails and the team goes to the winter breaks with plans to return in the summer.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 22 – Are Marty and Rick Finally Going to Leave Smith’s Cove?

Loyal followers of the active reality television series are becoming more and more excited while Marty Lagina and Rick go on their journey to find the secret treasure in the tiny wooded island that lies just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Legends tell us that there is a spooky treasure buried there. Now fans wonder what could happen in the next episode.

The name of this episode is “Lost and Founding”, the episode should be about the problems Mary and Rick are facing right now. Views are completely aware of all the predicaments the Lagina brothers have to face so that they can go on with their operations. One being that the crane operators on the show went on strike because they want bigger salaries.

This is the reason Marty and Rick were forced to work while their workers are on strike. Before this episode, the Lagina brothers came to the conclusion that the structures at Smith’s Cove are a bit older than at the Money Pit. The team has to leave in two weeks before the winter season kicks in.

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In the Seismic Matters episode, fans saw Craig and Rick having a video call with Marty where they talked and made the final decisions. The three of them agreed to explore the swamp thoroughly before moving to their next location. This will probably be in the next episode.

The “Lost and Founding” episode should also show us what the situation is at Smith’s Cove right now where the rest of the team is. Some speculate that Rick and Marty are onto something big in The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 22.

The next episode will also feature Chris Donah, a researcher the brothers met in episode 21. He talked about the mysterious triangle shape with Rick. We are probably going to find out more about the slipway in the next episode.

The next episode should release on Tuesday, April 30, at 9 p.m. on History Channel. If you want more The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 22 spoilers, predictions, news, and updates then keep checking Business Times.

Who is Charles Barkhouse from The Curse of Oak Island?

Charles Barkhouse is one of the members of the famous History TV reality series, called “The Curse of Oak Island”. The show follows a group of researchers, historians, experts, and treasure hunters on their mission to find the mysterious rumored treasure that is allegedly buried on this island.

The team is lead by brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, who are the main stars of the show. However, there are many other people featured on the show, and one of them is Charles Barkhouse.


Charles Barkhouse is an Oak Island expert, historian, tour guide, and museum curator. He often appears on the episodes alongside the others, as the Lagina brothers need expert advice and counseling regarding their moves and quests. Whenever they attempt a project like a new digging site, they talk with Charles first. In addition, whenever they find a new artifact, Charles’s opinion is highly appreciated. Basically, he serves them with his vast knowledge about all things connected to the island and its mystery.

Regarding his private life and biography outside of the show, not a lot is familiar. He was always interested in history overall, and he took history courses in college. He grew up in Nova Scotia, and his grandmother lived across Oak Island. Therefore, he was fascinated with the place from the earliest years of his life. He then moved on to accumulate more and more knowledge regarding Oak Island and its rich and mysterious history.


He mentioned in an interview that his grandmother had friends on the island, a family who lived there during the 1930s and 1940s. One of them was also the godmother of Charles’s father. They received some things from them as gifts, like a painting and a wingchair, made by this Smith’s Cove family. Charles also got a book from his grandma that further interested him in the island. Since then, he has done extensive research, done public speaking, and authored books about the island. Now, he leads tours and cares about the museum there. In addition, he hosts lectures about Oak Island.

For the last 25 years, he has been working on and around the island. He cooperated with dozens of people who are also interested in its mysteries, and he says that he can even draw the island in great detail. He loves helping the Laginas, as well as the Blakenship family, in chasing the treasure of the Money Pit.

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