Best Motivational Wallpapers Ideas

Everything we see around us affects us. For this reason, interior design has become an important topic today. The things around us, colors, shapes, or anything are very useful in supporting our mood. One of the common features seen in various societies is to use accessories that write positive words around us when we are bored or to share with positive discourses. If we consider that the colors or shapes that we do not like to affect us negatively, this usage affects us more than we think. This situation is beneficial to people. Perhaps we can consider this situation as motivational psychology.

Using colors or patterns to make us feel better when we see around us has become much more stylish and easy with the use of wallpapers for inspiration. Wall wallpapers are also essential in this regard, according to Seeing words, colors, or patterns that increase our motivation in our living space or workplace affects us positively and makes us feel happier than from little notes. Moreover, we can do this in a very stylish way with positive wallpapers. We humans take support from well-expressed motivational words using the power of language and use them to increase our motivation.

If you think it would be great to create an inspiring office environment, a motivating, or just a living space that makes you smile with motivating words that are supplemented with words that strengthen yourself. And let’s imagine how they improve the atmosphere of the room in which they are used. The striking design we have compiled for you completely change your perspective on quote wallpapers.

1. Let’s DO It

Words have much power over us. Especially if we allow it. When you think about a recipe you can’t try and try, how would it affect you to see the words that motivate you in your kitchen or when you can’t go out of bed in the morning. It would work correctly. For example, you can make a lemon cake that you cannot make, or you may not be late for work. Moreover, this dramatic design, which motivational wall mural fits your office, bedroom, or kitchen with any interior design that suits your interior as if it were always there. With the use of light background, it turns into a feature wall that leaves a good and positive effect in the area where it is used with the dramatic effect of calm green and pink colors.

2. Love

If you want to add a peaceful atmosphere to your home, you or other members of the house can think positively with this wallpaper for wall. While your child learns that love is beautiful, valuable, and powerful, you can support it with this design that adds a very modern atmosphere to your home. The design of your home may be in a completely different style, but mix and match fashion are pretty typical these days. In other words, if this design is not suitable for the interior design of your home, using this design in the corner of your home by adding fashion adds a very innovative atmosphere to your living space.

3. Make It Happen

If your project you have been working on for a long time is never-ending, and there is little time left for the deadline, absolutely what you need is motivation. The inspiring thoughts around you have perhaps become your most important source of motivation when finishing the most critical projects in your life. Of course, just typing the words straight and attaching them not to work well, the right word that not attract your attention remains just as a memory. Colors, design, and, of course, words are significant when creating your motivation. The magic of colors and words comes from harmony with harmony. When you find the words and designs that activate you in that comfortable space, this gives you joy and courage at the same time. These positive wallpapers motivate you in harmony with any color in your study room with its elegant combination of colors.

4. Make Your Dreams Happen

If we want to change the atmosphere of a room in our living space, the mountain-themed wallpaper is an excellent choice to bring a new breath to space. And when the positive words combined with the mountain theme, we come across a wallpaper design that supports us. If we want to keep our stress level low, we can support it with the theme of nature, and we can go one step closer to our dream with the power of words with inspirational wallpapers. We always dream of making the most critical decisions in our lives. These dreams bring us to our goal. However, it is challenging to act when we are in our comfort zone, and we need something supportive. If you want to add depth to the design of your bedroom and highlight your belongings, of course, this trendy design supports your style. Designing the mountains in this way with shades increases your focus. It makes it easier to focus on your goals and dreams daily while visually pleasing you.

5. Little Explorer

Wouldn’t it be great to add a motivational wall mural beside the beautiful designs you use on your child’s room walls? If you support your child’s learning while having fun, this map design actively supports this request. The kids already have a natural curiosity, and the map design you add on your wall gives her enjoyable moments with a little explorer note. While the map draws your attention as much as possible, it draws your child’s attention to the ones written on it. After wondering the little explorer post and learning what it means, step back and watch her from afar. When this motivating word combined with your child’s imagination, it creates excellent games and prepared for the new questions, of course. While your child is already curious, she takes it now, and maybe she loves learning more. Get ready to travel to different countries in your child’s room.

6. Positive Words

If you want to increase the contemporary atmosphere in your home further, this design support this effect to increase the contemporary atmosphere. Moreover, meeting many words that makes you feel good on the portrait of an artist, you love to be enough to motivate you. This impressive design creates a truly eye-catching effect on any corner of your home. You love this motivational wall mural, which is an individual piece for those who love contemporary interior design.

7. Relax

You want to use a tropical theme in your bedroom or any room in your home, and you want to support this theme with a word that helps take your nervousness. This design meets your need easily. Tropical themes have a soothing effect. The simplicity of this design allows you to relax while giving space a little deeper and broader when used in a narrow space.

8. Everything Starts With a Dream

Everything starts with a dream sentence is a phrase that can be much more effective than you think. Combining this sentence with a tropical design where dreamy colors come together, it creates an enchanting atmosphere in your space. This motivational wall mural design, which is very convenient to use in your interior, for example, at your door entrance, welcomes you when you come home that passes you on as you leave the house. In this case, you can start the day with a smile and finish again with a smile. You can support the theme by using small wooden objects in the area where you use this design and bring mobility and vitality to the style of your home.

Swimming Pool Dimensions – How to Choose The Right One

What’s better than sitting by the pool and relaxing with a cold drink in your hand? Sitting by your own pool, knowing that you don’t have to rush or pay someone for those few hours of total relaxation! If you are reading this article, you are probably planning to install a swimming pool in your backyard. And here come the questions – what kind of pool do I need and how to choose the dimensions?


Some people think that choosing a pool that’s larger than life will bring them more happiness and some choose smaller pools that are easier to maintain. Here we are going to help you choose the right size swimming pool for your property and give you some tips on what to pay attention to or what to avoid.

Who is going to use it?


This is the most important question you need to ask yourself before choosing the size. If you have a big family, you may want a huge pool. But why?

No kid is ever going to complain about the pool being too small. Kids will use the 25-foot pool as much as they are going to use the 35-ft pool. So, before investing in a huge pool, think why do you really want it to be that big?

Is someone going to do laps in it?


If the answer is yes, then you are going to need a lap pool. This type of pool needs to be at least 30-ft long. However, don’t say yes if you plan on doing laps the same way you planned to ride the static bike and it ended up being a coat hanger.

This is not a small investment, so you need to be smart about it.

Patio space


If you want a big pool, then you need to have a big (and we mean big) backyard. Because it’s not just about the size of the pool, you need to think about the patio that goes around it and any extra features you may want.

Some people want to have a lot of toys and extra pool things in and around it, so you need to think about that as well. Think about the furniture, grills and anything else you might need. A normal size sun umbrella takes a lot of space, so make sure you have space next to the pool.

Take all things into consideration before choosing the size of the pool, and know that the dimensions of it are the smallest part. You will need a lot of extra space, especially if you have kids that will want to run around and if you want to entertain a lot of guests at the same time.

Are small pools better?


Well, there are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to small pools. Of course, if you want a bigger pool, you already know the cons of having a small pool. But, if you are still unsure about the dimensions, you need to know that small pools are more economic.

You will spend less money installing it, you will spend less money cleaning it and you will spend less on the electricity bill when it comes to heating it.

CompassPoolsMelbourne advises you to think about the depth of the pool as well, not just the size. Most people want really deep pools so they can jump in them and cannonball. But really deep pools are harder to maintain. The water will not circulate as much and they are harder to heat.



Let’s talk about prices now. As you already know, it’s not only important what you want, it’s important how big your budget is. There are people who take loans to install an amazing pool on their properties, but you need to be smart about that.

So, let’s crunch some numbers up. We are going to try and give you a rough calculation of the prices. However, they will change depending on your location and on the company you choose. Before paying for a pool, make sure to consider several pool installation companies. You can ask your friends that already have pools how much they paid for them and if they are happy with the results.

There are 3 types of materials that are commonly used for pools. Vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. Of course, there are other materials as well, but these are the most common.

The fiberglass pools would cost you between $18,000 and $65,000 to install, with a yearly maintenance cost of about $400. They last more than 25 years.

The concrete pools are a bit more expensive. They cost between $30,000 and $60,000 and you’d need to spend about $3,000 on yearly maintenance. However, they last for more than 50 years.

The vinyl swimming pools are somewhere in between. They would cost you between $25,000 and $45,000 to install, you’d need to spend about $1,300 on yearly maintenance and if you want them to last for years to come, you’d have to replace the liner every 10 years.

At the end of the day, what matters the most is for you to be happy with your pool. It does not matter if you choose a huge pool or a cute, small one, as long as you love it and enjoy it that’s what matters.


Before choosing a pool, make sure to access your budget. Don’t waste too much money on a pool or don’t install one you cannot afford. If you are planning to move soon, it’s better to get an above ground pool so you can take it with you when you move.

The quality of the pool is just as important as the dimensions, so make sure you invest in something durable. It’s always better to contact the experts before you start building it, so you know what type of pool is the best for the ground you are going to install it in.

There are so many different sizes and types of swimming pools, so this decision may be a hard one. However, if you want to save some money and if you are environmentally friendly, it is better to choose a small pool that you can heat and clean without a lot of extra expense. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sun. That amazing new pool is going to help you get in shape as well!

Pool Party Decoration Ideas 2020

Tips on throwing a pool party

Let’s be honest, not all of us love summer. It can just get too hot, and some of us get really uncomfortable. Still, there is one thing that we are sure that everyone loves – parties. Attending a pool party is even better. No one is going to turn down this invitation.

Besides the fact that these are extremely fun, they are also a great opportunity for you to relax and spend a pleasant day or evening reconnecting and gossiping with your closest friends. You might think that planning this type of gathering requires a lot of time and effort, and depending on the occasion, you might be correct. However, if you want to throw a small get-together, keep reading this article, because we are going to give you some tips on how to ensure that everything works perfectly.


Where and when to throw the party?

Obviously, the location is the first thing that you have to choose. If you have a large pool in your backyard, then you are all good and you can proceed to the next point. If not, you have a few options. Does your close friend have a pool? Why not ask them to plan a party at their home and you can take care of everything else? Assuming that you do not want to do it in a public area, there are some hotels where you can buy a day pass and use the facility without having to stay at the hotel.

Also, you can also purchase a small pool for your home. There is a wide variety of these, and you get to choose all the additional features, colors, and even the exterior of it. If you are interested in making this investment, visit to learn more.

Now that you have found the location, it is time to decide when to organize the gathering. If there isn’t any special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday, you should probably do it on the weekend. This is a good idea simply because usually, people do not work on the weekend thus they can relax completely and enjoy your gathering.


Consider decorations

The best way to improve the overall aesthetics of the party, but also the entire backyard is to add some decorative items. When it comes to these, there literally isn’t anything you can’t do. Again, this is something that depends on the occasion, but you can add birthday balloons and banners. Also, don’t forget about flowers, and maybe even lanterns and tiki torches.

Interesting and cheerful floats while not only add to the decorations, but they are also kind of essential items you must have at a pool party. Plus, nowadays, these come in different designs meaning that you can easily find whatever you are looking for, either in your local store or online.


How to make it fun?

If you want to plan something that is more than just a simple gathering, then you should think about some fun activities. This is especially important if there are going to be kids because they will not spend an entire day or evening being quiet and well-behaved. You are going to have to entertain them in some way.

Obviously, you can provide them with some water toys such as beach balls, squirt guns, water balloons and rings, floats, and so on. Also, there are some common games such as volleyball or water polo. If you have enough time, you can even organize a treasure hunt by placing different items all around the garden and rewarding the first one that collects all of them.

Furthermore, don’t forget about the music. There can be no party if there isn’t music, right? If you are throwing a theme party, choose the music accordingly. On the other hand, you should consider the taste of your guests. The whole point is to create a comfortable atmosphere for people to relax and maybe even dance. Because of this, you should go with something that everyone will like.

You can create your own playlist by adding the songs that everyone knows. Also, you can go online to find some playlist on different apps such as YouTube or Spotify. The biggest mistake is to play something that only you enjoy.

In addition, if one of your guests can sing or play some instrument, why not ask them to entertain the people for a while? Nothing can top live music. Obviously, you cannot expect them to do the entire party, unless clearly, you hire them and pay them at the end of the day.


Food and Drinks

This is another essential thing that every pool party needs. Firstly, you can provide your guests with a fruit table and finger foods, something that they can eat while having a break from swimming. Go with trays of fresh fruits, popsicles, maybe even a variety of chips and dips. When it comes to beverages, serve water, lemonade and some other freshly squeezed juice, ice tea for kids and people who don’t consume alcohol. Nevertheless, you should also mix some cocktails, plus you can always find numerous tasty recipes online.

On the other hand, if it is going to be a full-day party, you might want to consider preparing some meals. These don’t have to be fancy, a barbecue will do. You can prepare some hot dogs, hamburgers, and grilled veggies. What’s more, if you do not want to spend half of the party cooking, you have two options. Firstly, you can order food. The beauty of living in the 21st century is that you can have any food delivered on your front step. Secondly, you can make an arrangement with your friends – everyone can bring something that they like. This is a great option because you will end up with a variety of different meals and there will be enough for everybody, and the best part is that you won’t have to prepare it all.

We have one more advice for you. In order to avoid the mess of dirty plates and glasses, you should use paper or plastic ones. They are just as good as regular ones, but after the party is over you will be able to quickly clean everything by throwing them away, instead of spending hours washing them.


Tips On How To Relax After A Hard Working Day

At the end of a long and busy day or a week, you need some relaxation. Unfortunately, many people do it with the help of alcohol. Still, there are numerous other, and far better ways to relax.

Taking care of yourself is of great importance to everyone. You must find a way to relax and release all the negative energy. The fact is that modern times have brought us to the point when we are constantly “online”.  People are exhausted from work, they do not sleep enough and they are stressed for different reasons. Simply – they work too hard …

So, there are numerous reasons why you need the relaxation at the end of the day, and here are some good tips on how to relax.


You have probably heard that physical activity will help you relieve stress. Research shows that exercise plays an important role in this. Keep in mind that there is no need to run a marathon or “crush down” from exercising. A little more energetic walking, swimming, dancing … any activity can help you “blow out”.


Have you ever tried to sit in silence and empty your mind? If you want to relax, this can be one way. Meditation helps fight insomnia and improves sleep. Of course, in the beginning, you will not be able to be in a complete state of meditation. It takes a lot of time and exercise to do something like that. But no matter what, sitting in silence for a few minutes can help.

Practice Yoga

The good effects of yoga are numerous. According to A-Lifestyle, practicing yoga can bring many benefits to our health. Yoga will help us improve flexibility, increase the blood flow, build our muscles and reduce chronic pain if we suffer from it.

As for the stress…The results of a study conducted at the Mejo Clinic show that yoga helps to relax and contribute to a sense of calm.

Listen To Music

Music certainly helps us relax. However, a study conducted at the University of Sussex in 2018 has also proven it helps us boost our immunity as well.

Take A Shower

How many times have you come home after a hard day and planned to hop in the shower immediately? This is because after a shower you always feel like a new person. It is also a good idea to fill your tub and enjoy a warm bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil. That will help you relax and be in a better mood.

Try To Read More

Reading can reduce stress by 68 percent. So, open a good book, relax and enjoy….

Tears Are OK

Did you ever cry and felt better afterward? Psychologists explain that crying contributes to “healing”. That is, it helps our body to relieve stress, anxiety, and frustration. Therefore, sometimes it’s not that bad if you cry. Cry out everything that bothers you, and move on.

Pet Cuddling

There is a reason why you feel better after spending some time with your pet. Animals do help us feel more relaxed and calm. They also make us feel more valued and needed by others.

A good way to end the day, right?


The best way to relax

Your long, exhausting day at work is finally over, you have just returned home and are thinking about what to do next. You need something to unwind, but you don’t know what that is. Maybe home cooked dinner, favorite movie or TV show. Then suddenly it hits you. All you need is a perfectly prepared bath. Here is everything you need to enjoy your long-overdue bath.

Turn your bathroom into the most relaxing corner of the world. First of all, make sure your bathroom and especially bathtub are clean. Find those scented candles you bought during your latest shopping spree and place them everywhere around you. Choose your favorite scent and light them. However, you have to be careful when using candles in your bathroom. Make sure not to place them near flammable objects like towels or paper products. Also, be careful not to burn yourself if you placed them around the bathtub.

Secondly, you should play some music. Create the most relaxing playlist with all of your favorite songs. It is scientifically proven that listening to music has a relaxing effect on both our mind and body. Again, you should be careful with electronics in your bathroom. Then, you have to prepare the bath. Run hot water, but check it regularly while filling your bathtub. You don’t want the water to be too hot, but it also has to stay warm enough for a certain period of time. Add bulk bath bombs into the water.

You can order them online or purchase them at almost any store. You can choose the size, your favorite scent, and color. In addition, you can even create your own signature bath bomb combining scents, essential oils, and colors. Nothing is more satisfactory than watching them dissolve and watching those bubbles appear. While that bath bomb is softening there are still a few things you have to do. Place the towel and the bathrobe near your tub so you can reach them and not soak your bathroom and make a mess. Once again, be cautious and make sure they are not too close to one of the candles. Moreover, you’re preparing a bath for your body, but what about your face? Make your favorite natural mask and put it on your face before you get in the tub. The most important thing you need to relax in peace.

If you don’t live alone, tell your family that you will be spending some time in the bathroom and ask them not to disturb you. Furthermore, leave your phone in your bedroom. The world will not come to an end if you are not available for an hour. The moment you get in that tub you will feel the tension and stress leave your body. Lie down, close your eyes and loosen up. The bath time may be the perfect opportunity to continue reading that interesting book you have started but haven’t had time to finish it and enjoy a glass of wine. Finish the bath by applying the body lotion and get ready for bed.

To conclude, in this text, we have explained to you step by step how to draw a perfect bath and de-stress. If you take our advice you will be as good as new. It is amazing what a good bath can do for you, isn’t it?