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Team Building for Corporate Workspaces to Reduce Stress

Stress in the workplace keeps rising. Yep, you read that right. Even after so many years of de-formalizing the workplace and hiring design gurus to create workspaces that are brighter and less severe. A survey conducted by the Korn Ferry Institute in November 2018 revealed that 2/3rds of respondents said that stress at the workplace

9 benefits of Meditation

As people discover the benefits of meditation, its popularity is rising more and more. Meditation is a habitual process, which includes training your mind to focus to redirect your thoughts. Many people think it is a good way to reduce stress, and you can use it to raise awareness of yourself, the people around you,

Stress Management & Flotation Tank Therapy

Stress is among the most common ‘ailment’ that the majority of the global population suffers from. Even children are not spared from this ailment’s mental impact. In most case scenarios people ‘appoint’ stress unto themselves either because of juggling their work-life balance, relationship-based stress, disappointment due to underachievement or because of a missed opportunity. Stress