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Will the App for Tracking Coronavirus Infected People Become Mandatory?

The government of Austria is considering making an app for tracking infected people mandatory for all their citizens, and some political parties are of opposing views. The President of the Austrian Parliament Wolfgang Sobotka has stated that if the usage of this app shows to be effective in protecting the health of Austrian people, then

How to Get Your Family Ready for Wildfire Evacuation

More intense and more frequent wildfires: that’s the reality most of western North America will have to get used to. This year, as early as May, wildfires had already displaced 10,000 people in the Western Canadian province of Alberta. The unseasonably early start to wildfire season has seen the sky turn orange with ash, putting

The Knights Templar’s History And Symbols

During the Crusades, biggest series of religious wars, the Knights Templar had many symbols that represented them. Since it all was nine centuries ago, it is hard to find relics, but we still have the knowledge about those symbols and what they meant back then. We made a list of the most significant ones, so