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Will the App for Tracking Coronavirus Infected People Become Mandatory?

The government of Austria is considering making an app for tracking infected people mandatory for all their citizens, and some political parties are of opposing views.

The President of the Austrian Parliament Wolfgang Sobotka has stated that if the usage of this app shows to be effective in protecting the health of Austrian people, then he supports the decision of making it obligatory. He also mentioned that it is currently being determined if the Red Cross of Austria App which tracks contacts of disease carriers is in accordance with the Austrian Constitution. The mandatory usage of this app appears to not break the constitution if it is limited to a specified time.

The leader of the MP Club Austrian Greens Sigrid Maurer has also approved of introducing this new law, claiming that from the viewpoint of data protection, nothing speaks against it.

However, not everyone supports this decision. The Freedom Party of Austria, a nationalist-conservative party has privacy concerns. Their Chief Secretary Michael Schnedlitz has stated that the Green Coalition targets the freedom and protection of personal data and that it tests the limits of this state of emergency.

How to Get Your Family Ready for Wildfire Evacuation

More intense and more frequent wildfires: that’s the reality most of western North America will have to get used to. This year, as early as May, wildfires had already displaced 10,000 people in the Western Canadian province of Alberta. The unseasonably early start to wildfire season has seen the sky turn orange with ash, putting the health of many vulnerable people such as seniors, children, and those with asthma at risk.

As the risks of wildfire spread and become more frequent, you and your family need to be prepared both for an evacuation due to wildfire and for dealing with the aftermath.

Emergency Supply Kit

Start your wildfire preparedness plan by putting together an emergency supply kit. Your kit should include:

  • 3-day supply of food and 3 gallons of water for every member of the family
  • A map marked with at least two evacuation routes
  • Prescription medications
  • Change of clothing
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Phone & laptop chargers
  • Pet food & water
  • Important papers such as birth certificates, home insurance policies, etc.
  • Cash, travelers’ checks, or an extra credit card

Wildfire Evacuation

When an evacuation order is put in place, it’s time to put your plan into action. If a wildfire approaches your community, follow these 3 essential tips from the Red Cross:

1) Listen to the local radio station or TV and stay alert for mass evacuation orders;

2) Use the Red Cross’s map to track fires and find open shelters, put your evacuation readiness kits by the front door, and get ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice; and

3) Double check your emergency kit and replace or replenish items like medications, medical supplies, or anything that may have expired.

Accessing Home Insurance During Evacuation

When a mass evacuation order comes into effect, the Red Cross and governments set up facilities to provide assistance such as shelter, food, and water. If your home insurance policy includes mass evacuation coverage, you may also be able to access assistance from your insurance company to cover those costs incurred due to your evacuation. 

How Home Insurance Can Help

A policy that includes mass evacuation coverage can help you pay for the costs of temporary accommodations, gas and mileage involved in getting out of the danger zone, toiletries, emergency clothes, and even medications. 

Contact your insurer as soon as your family is safe. Ask about the coverage available to you under your policy and request that they send a copy of your insurance policy to your temporary accommodations. Once you know what type of coverage you have, you can inform your insurer about your intention to file a claim.

Once the evacuation order is lifted, you may be able to return to your home and see whether you will need to make a claim for lost personal belongings, structural damage, or even coverage for the cost of any necessary extended stays away from your home.

You can get more information about wildfire readiness and how your home insurance policy can help you manage the financial stress online. With the risk and intensity of wildfires increasing, check your home insurance policy. Many older policies may be out of date, leaving you underinsured against the current climate risks in your community. Update your policies and make sure you understand how you can access financial help such as mass evacuation coverage when your family needs it.

The Knights Templar’s History And Symbols

During the Crusades, biggest series of religious wars, the Knights Templar had many symbols that represented them. Since it all was nine centuries ago, it is hard to find relics, but we still have the knowledge about those symbols and what they meant back then. We made a list of the most significant ones, so let us tell you more about it.

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Knight Templar Seal

In the period from 1167 to 1298, Grand Masters commonly used an image of two knights upon a horse as one of their seals. There is no true answer about what it represents, but people came up with interesting theories. Some of them believe it represents a „buddy system“, for the knights that were operating in pairs. Others connect the symbol with duality and balance, since knights had dual function as both monks and warriors.

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Red Cross

A cross is expected to be one of the symbols of a Christian warrior monks. The red cross represented martyrdom and the sacrifice of Christ. The symbol was approved as an ornament in 1147 by Pope Eugenius III, and it was emblazoned upon the mantles.

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The Lamb Of God (Agnus Dei)

A lamb with a halo that is holding a cross or a flag with its cocked foreleg is one of the symbol that is known as The Lamb of God or Agnus Dei. „Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world“, were the words of John the Babtist while baptizing Jesus, so this symbol represents martyred Christ.

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The war flag of the Knights Templar which was composed of a black section above a white one, was named the Beauceant. Theory about its meaning was that the black represents the sins of the world, while the white represents the purity. The flag was powerful. The knights were not allowed to stop fighting while it was flying.

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The Lion

The lion symbolizes courage, justice and power. Also, the Lion of Judah was one of the references about Christ, and the lion was the sigil of the Israelite tribe of Judah.

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Calvary Cross

A Latin cross standing on a base of three steps is also known as the Calvary Cross. Golgotha, the hill where Christ was crucified, has its Latin word, which is Calvary. So there is that reference. The three steps symbolize virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.