Young Dolph’s Net Worth 2020 and a Closer Look at His Life

Adolph Thornton, Jr., or Young Dolph, is an American rapper who is considered to be a local hero and one of the most influential figures taking part in the resurgence of Memphis hip-hop. He became immediately famous after he published his first album called King of Memphis. After that he released two more albums and

Danny Brown Net Worth 2020 – Earnings and Income

According to MTV, Danny Brown is “one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory”. Brown recorded many great singles for leading labels in his successful career. He is a musician, actor and much more. So how much is Danny Brown’s net worth? Biography Daniel Dewan Sewell was born in Detroit, Michigan on 16th of

Chris Brown`s Net Worth 2020 – Personal Life and Career

Chris Brown was a super popular artist in his prime. He is known as an actor, rapper, graffiti artist, dancer, an R&B singer, and a pop star as of whole. During that time, he was compared to famous Michael Jackson, due to its multi-platinum albums and a high number of songs that appeared on top

Travis Scott-American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter And Music Producer – 2020


Jacques Berman Webster II known by the artist name of Travis Scott is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer. In addition he plays synthesizer instruments and electric drums. Biography: He was born in Houston, Texas on April 30th. 1991. Until the age of six, he was living with his grandmother in southern Houston.

Tom MacDonald Net Worth 2020, Biography and Career

Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, producer, and also a social media personality. Currently, he is living in the US with his girlfriend. MacDonald rose to fame after releasing a song named ‘Helluvit’. He is an eccentric persona with peculiar tattoos all over his face and body. Those wanting to know more about his

The Unending Feud Between Eminem and Mariah Carey

When Eminem revealed about his six months relationship with Mariah… She flat out denied having any kind of relationship with the rapper. “You never should’ve hinted that we were lovers” when we’ve never even touched each other. “Eminem was raged when Mariah made him look like a liar. Just after Mariah broke up with Luis

Cardi B Came Back from the ER and Said that she’s Feeling Better

Cardi B is currently recovering after going to the ER for severe stomach pains. She adds that she’d been suffering for days. The famous rapper revealed on Wednesday night that after experiencing “some real bad stomach problems for four days,” she decided to go to the ER. When you think about it, that is not

Drake Quotes – The Best Quotes From Famous Rapper

Drake can be considered as one of the best rappers in the USA, and even in the world, nowadays. This rapper has had a very interesting career path. Namely, he first started his career as an actor and he acted mainly on TV. His most famous role was in a series called Degrassi: The Next