Queen Elizabeth II

Queen is Moving from Buckingham Palace due to Coronavirus


Queen Elizabeth II is moving to Windsor Castle for Easter, week earlier than usual.

The monarch, 93, usually takes up an official residence at the castle for a month over the Easter holidays. It seems like she will stay there longer this year as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the UK.


Traditionally, Queen Elizabeth hosts occasional ‘dine and sleep’ events for the guests, which include politicians and public figures. However, changes must be made this year.

Also, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be received at Buckingham Palace this week, and also the Commanding Officer of the HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Bishop of Hereford. However, public events with a massive number of people will now be canceled or postponed.


This also includes annual Maundy Service at St George’s Chapel on April 9, and the three Garden Parties held by the Queen in May. The two additional Garden Parties for the Not Forgotten Association and the National Trust will also be cancelled.

The Queen Fears She Will Not See Her Great-Grandson Ever Again


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will soon be stepping back from their royal roles. Queen Elizabeth II supported their decision but is now in fear she will not watch her great-grandson grow up.

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According to Us Weekly, the Queen desires to have a close relationship with Archie, but, as a source claimed, it seems unlikely to happen.

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The Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter declared that The Queen has not seen Archie since last year and that there is”no excuse” as the Queen and Prince Philip “won’t be here much longer.” This year The Queen turns 94, and a few months later, Phillip will be celebrating his 99th birthday.

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The source told that Prince William and Kate Middleton would also love to have a close relationship with their nephew.

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The Buckingham Palace was asked to comment but declined to make a statement about this situation.

Trump To Meet With the Queen – What To Expect


President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are scheduled to visit Windsor Castle on July 13. For many, this is a Friday the 13th type of scenario, but no matter what some think about POTUS, he will be greeted by Queen Elizabeth II. According to a press release delivered by Buckingham Palace, they will be greeted at the “dais in the Quadrangle of the Castle.”

In the past few weeks and months, President Trump managed to significantly damage the relationship with long-time allies of America including the UK. This meeting has been labeled as working visit and not as an official state visit, but nonetheless, we are sure that this will go as pretty much any other royal occasion.


Prior to the U.S. national anthem, a guard of honor will give a Royal Salute after which the Queen and POTUS will “inspect the guard of honor” and then, the military will walk past. As always with this type of visits, it all needs to go smoothly, and a short break for all participants for a cup of tea in the castle is something that comes next.

During her 66-years long rule, the Queen met at Windsor Castle with three more presidents. She also received 11 out of 12 presidents during all those years with President Johnson not being on that list.

Queen Elizabeth II already has a decent amount of experience with controversial presidents as she met with Ronald Regan in 1982 when they rode horses together. While the Queen is already 92, she doesn’t seem prepared to give up on this hobby, but we are not sure if she will call Trump and Melania for a ride.


Comments about politics are not something we are used to hearing from royal family, so it was quite interesting when Thomas Markle talked about Brexit and what Prince Harry thinks about it. Another thing that we need to add to this story is the fact that President Trump was scheduled to meet the Queen earlier this year, but he canceled his visit. For that occasion, he blamed Obama’s administration and their decision to sell London Embassy for “peanuts” as he describes it.

More than 18 months have passed since Trump took over the office and he is coming for a visit to the UK. Hopefully, 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is prepared for his awkward handshake.