Megan Barton Hanson and Chelcee Grimes Broke Up Again?

A couple of days ago, rumors about a break up of Megan Barton Hanson and Chelcee Grimes are once again a subject of discussion on social media. The reason is that the on/off couple completely deleted all of the content that featured the other one. The couple was reunited once again back in November 2019. It looks like that this coronavirus self-isolation that hit all of the world, inflicted a serious blow to their relationship as well.


After an announcement that they are in a relationship once again, they started posting numerous images on their social media accounts. This lasted until a couple of days ago when we could see that both of them deleted all of those images. This isn’t the first time for this couple to break up and reconcile shortly after. However, we haven’t witnessed this drastic removing each of these from their lives. What we know is that Chelcee is currently located in Liverpool, where is she has been since the beginning of the lockdown.


At the same time, Megan remained in London. Maybe the situation is that the couple decided to break up for some time ago. However, recently they unfollowed each other on social media. This looks like a sign that things haven’t been perfect between them. This can be seen in a post that was on Megan’s Instagram profile. She quoted Hunter S. Thompson. In her post, she referred to something that may be a thing meant something in the past, but that in the long run, there is no explanation. Some of the followers were quick to realize that she talked about her relationship with Chelcee Grimes.


On the other side, we can see that Chelcee Grimes is focused on her fitness and training sessions. As you are probably aware of, she has a perfect figure. In one of her posts, she talked about how a quarantine life is something that fits her and that she wasn’t as inspired ever as she is now. There are several more clues that could provide us with some of the clues regarding their relationship. Chelcee posted a song lyric that talks about a girl who is smiling when she looks at her partner when it goes away for good. In April, she wrote that some people are trash that couldn’t be recycled at all.

Even though the situation is clear when it comes to their relationship, we can only guess what is going to happen in the future. This is not that happened for the first time in their relationship. Maybe they will reconcile once again after this lockdown is finished.

Demi Rose Flaunts Her Hourglass Figure

Like many celebrities, Demi Rose also takes to social media for quenching the quarantine boredom: The British model held a Q&A session for her fans on Instagram, and she shared her hot pictures along with the replies. Some of them include her laying in a hammock while showing her attributes wearing a leopard bikini, and her posing all nude while commenting on how much she loves Tequila.


The British Model continues to amaze her fans with her gorgeous figure wearing a leopard bikini and sipping Tequila. Demi also posted some pictures of Ibiza, proclaiming love for its beaches. We are sure Demi can’t wait for quarantine to be over so she can once again live the beach life she loves so much.


Aside from her smoking hot pics on her Story, Demi also surprised her fans with an Easter gift: another pic of her in an orange bikini showing off her behind while smiling into the camera, check it out:


Bruce Willis Spends Quarantine with ex Demi Moore and not with his Current Wife

Demi Moore’s friendship with ex-husband Bruce Willis was confirmed after it was revealed that they were self-isolating together.

Instead of staying with the current wife Emma Heming and their two young kids during the coronavirus pandemic, Bruce, 65, has decided to join Demi, 57, and their daughters.

They shared many adorable pictures from isolation, and it appears that the divorcees are having an amazing time with daughters Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 26. Their daughter’s boyfriends and her assistant joined them as well.


Moore welcomed the extended family in her stunning ‘treehouse’ villa high in the Hollywood Hills, California.

So what is her villa actually like?

The stunning house has large open spaces, high ceilings, and also a lot of greenery and plants.

When she purchased the California home, Moore recalled the moment she found her perfect home.


“When we walked in, my kids whispered, This is the one.’ It was ideal. It was right in the center of things, but it had such a serene quality. It was like being in a treehouse.”

Kourtney Kardashian Revealed how Many Days her ex Scott Disick has With the Kids in Quarantine

After five years of co-parenting, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have mastered shared custody, and she shared how they’ve been handling the quarantine situation with their three kids.

Kourtney Kardashian makes sure her kids spend time with their dad, Scott Disick, during the quarantine.

During an Instagram Live, she said that Mason Disick, 10, Penelope Disick, 7, and Reign Disick, 5, spend five days at her home, and two days at Scott’s. “I think because the kids are going back and forth to both houses….I try to schedule my work on those days,” Kardashian explained. “I think it’s even nice for the kids to get a different change of scenery, get into a different house. They have their own dog over there. It’s just a different vibe in the different houses.”


Besides, thanks to technology, the children are able to keep in touch with Disick during the days they’re not with him, too. “Scott and Kourtney have done their best to make this quarantine as smooth of a transition for their kids as possible,” a source said. “When Scott can’t be with the kids, he FaceTimes with them, calls, or texts whenever possible. [His girlfriend] Sofia [Richie] is totally supportive of his relationship with the kids and has joined in on a few FaceTime chats, too.” The source added that the children have “adjusted surprisingly well” to this arrangement.

Co-parenting wasn’t always easy for Scott and Kourtney. Things were pretty bitter between them when they first broke up in 2015.


Things got even worse after he started seeing Sofia in 2017. He introduced the kids to her for the first time without letting Kourtney know, and it resulted in some tension between the two.

However, they have been able to put their differences aside, so Kourtney and Sofia now get along.

Scott has joined his ex and other KarJenners on many family vacations over the last two years, and they have even gone on solo trips with the children.

Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Want To Be Near His Daughters During Quarantine

Denise Richards revealed why Charlie Sheen takes quarantine so strict! This is how he stays in touch with daughters Sam, 16, and Lola, 14, while they are isolating separately.

The ex-spouses have daughters Sam Sheen, 16, and Lola Sheen, 14, but they are quarantining at Denise’s Malibu house along with their seven-year-old adopted sister, Eloise Joni Richards. “He really wants for himself to be more isolated to make sure that he stays healthy,” she said in an interview.

Sheen battles HIV, a diagnosis which he revealed in 2017. Also, a decade prior, the actor suffered a stroke.


Even though there was not reported any correlation between HIV and being at higher risk of contracting coronavirus, it is understandable that he does not want to take chances.

Charlie is physically apart from his children, but Denise assured the star is not distant. “[Lola and Sam] are obviously very in contact with their dad all of the time,” she said. “The girls have been doing FaceTime a lot and talking to him on the phone.” However, it is not always so easy.

Denise also makes sure that her daughters’ education continues.  “The girls are still keeping with the school. When they are in school for it during this time, they have specific times they have to be on the Zoom classes, and the teachers have been really accountable at turning in assignments on time…so I’m grateful for that because I think it would be really easy for them to procrastinate and do their stuff later,” Denise added.


“So it’s been great that the schools and the teachers are really keeping the kids still have a structured day because this is such a different time for everyone. Getting on them, making sure they’re up, doing their school — It’s the same kind of thing.”

Jessie J Made a List of Life Goals After Breakup from Channing Tatum

Jessie J uses her coronavirus lockdown to make a list of life goals she wants to achieve when quarantine is over.

The British singer, who broke up with her boyfriend Channing Tatum, took to Instagram to share some items from her bucket list, and it included, “I want to cook with my boyfriend” and “I want to have a baby.”


“I just wrote the longest list of things I want in life,” the 32 year old beauty wrote. “In love, in career, in friendships, in a manager. Sitting here, crying happy tears. It’s all possible. I just have to believe it and go get it.

“We can convince ourselves what we are given or living is what we want. Then there is the danger of not even seeing the parts you do want, be right in front of you, but you are unconscious to it and just focus on the bits you don’t…”

Jessie added: “I have to know what I want in my life and from my life to be able to manifest it… Maybe this moment of still has really made me understand this and see this. And it’s holding me back from my life being full in so many ways. I thought I knew, but I can always go deeper and more detailed. The older you get, the more you know yourself. Dream up the life you want. And work towards creating the closest thing to it… I want people to know ME.”


Speculation about her breakup occurred after Channing failed to post a birthday message for her. However, the singer marked it with a 40-minute solo performance in aid of UNICEF.

Demi Rose Poses Nude to Promote her Quarantine Giveaway

Since people are starting to get completely bored during coronavirus pandemic isolation, many are turning to  Instagram celebrities to be entertained. Demi Roses knows this and is doing her best to please her fans.

The stunner posed in nothing but a tiny orange bottom, while sitting on a bed covered with white sheets. Rose covered her chest with her arms, but she did not leave much to the imagination.


Demi captioned the picture with an inspiring text showing that she is well-aware of the fact that many people are struggling, and she wanted to do something about it. The model decided to make a giveaway in which she would be donating $5,000.

Along with the photo, Demi shared a video where she detailed her competition. For that, her hair was hanging free, and she rocked a tight-fitting black tank top. She wore the same makeup and accessories as in the picture.

The fans really liked this idea and supported her.

Rosanna Arkle Posed Nude Covered with Seashells

Rosanna Arkle became quite creative while spending time in quarantine in New Zealand.


Even though she is not able to collaborate with famous photographers or travel to exotic destinations, she still manages to post hot updates on Instagram.

In her latest picture, she can be seen using seashells as a bikini while posing nude.

The stunner’s newest photo shows her lying on a sandy beach and collecting some vitamin D.

The picture captioned her from above.


Her whole face is not captured, but we can see her making a seductive expression with the lips slightly parted.

Her long wavy her was let down, and she put it to the side.

Arkle’s followers adored this photo, and they expressed their love by flooding the comment section with compliments.

Many even describe this as their favorite picture of her.

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