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Voice training and its importance in the world of business and professionalism

As we all know, the world of business is a pretty complex place which requires a lot of professionalism and skill. And when it comes to speaking, especially in public or in front of other influential people, making sure that everything goes smooth is really important. There is an old saying that goes something like:

What you need to do in order to cover your business communication needs

When thinking about communication skills, you know that they are the most important thing when it comes to having a business conversation. However, according to the professionals at Grandstream, in order to successfully have a business conversation, the second thing that you can do to increase the whole productivity of your business is to improve

Top 10 basic rules of a successful speaker


The fear of public speaking is a major problem faced by many. A study by Chapman University revealed that one in four people face a major fear when it comes to speaking in front of the public. However, the true numbers may be an even greater figure, as many tend to lie about their fear