5 Must-Haves For Those Who Want To Be Like Elite Athletes

Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is averaging 25 points per game. Although a lot of NBA stars average more points than the “King,” he’s actually outscoring some of his younger counterparts. He’s also averaging 35 minutes per game, a feat that a lot of athletes at Lebron’s age are having trouble with. Israel

Why Consuming More Protein and Drinking More Water Will Assist in Hair Growth

Losing your hair can be very unfortunate. While it is more of an issue for men than for women, hair loss is something that anybody can relate to and is a very common issue when it comes to anybody’s appearance. Think about it: What is the first thing that most people see when it comes

Keto Diet Tips Review for the Best Results – Ketogenic Dieting for Weight Loss

When you talk about a keto diet, it means a low-carb and high-fat diet. The sole purpose of this diet is to train your body on how to sustain itself on ketones as the primary source of energy. Apart from helping you shed excess body fat, the keto diet also provides various types of health

The Benefits Of Quitting Sugar And How To Cope With The Withdrawal

Eating is a thing that keeps us alive, and I guess most of us do love delicious food. We all have our preferences, but the food industry being huge there is something to satisfy everyone’s craving. Now, the problem with this is that a lot of processed foods or regular sweets contain a lot of