What Type of Mask Works Best for COVID-19 Protection

Wearing masks and other masks continues to be a significant topic of dialogue, and official advice is being replaced with more information on covid 19. In early April, the country’s leading national public health, disease control and prevention centers changed their government recommendations to recommend that folks wear non-medical masks outside and around. Whether it’s mandatory or not depends on your state. Topmask in Australia remains a seldom sight among the public.Australia’s masks are all 100% cotton, washable and reusable. Our masks are designed in Australia and that we have sizes available for men and women.

What kind of face mask works best?

Not all masks are created equal. So, the simplest depends on these three things: who you’re, where you’re and what you’re doing. The N95 breathers without valves provide the foremost protection against coronavirus – for the wearer and therefore the people around. But they ought to only be employed by first-time and healthcare workers in certain situations, like those working in close contact with COVID-19 patients, as they’re not the sole droplets to filter aerosols.

There are many various sorts of masks. it’s noteworthy that where medical grades and surgical masks are best, they’re currently in brief supply round the world and will be left to healthcare workers. the general public should cover non-medical fabric.

Surgical masks:

When you consider masks, surgical masks are what you think that of. These are disposable masks fabricated from synthetic fibers. Clothes are breathable and masks don’t seal the face. Their ability to filter pathogens varies from study to review. Now their supply is extremely low.

N95 masks:

N95 masks provide the following degree of protection than a surgical mask or cloth mask because they’ll filter both large and tiny particles when the wearer breathes. They’re called N95 masks because they’re designed to dam 95% of particles or liquids which will be available contact together with your face. However, these masks aren’t for general public use and can be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders. They’re also incompatible with children or people with facial hair. Healthcare providers are fit tested for these masks, and like surgical masks, they’re intended to be single-use only, though researchers are examining effective ways to scrub these masks.


The most effective thanks to filtrate pathogens is by breathing. they’re mounted on the face and sealed to forestall pathogens from entering, and are strictly tested by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

There are many alternative types, different uses. For 100-300 nm size particles: N95 breathable can filter 95% of the particles. N99 filters 99% of the respiratory particles. The N100 filters 99.7% of inhaled particles. The corona virus is estimated at 125 nanometers.

Which material is best for reusable face masks?

A lot of scientists try to work this out, and also the answer isn’t exactly straightforward (is it straightforward when it involves CoVID?). Various researchers have installed devices that spray tiny droplets on the material then estimate what quantity of it comes from the opposite side, while measuring air flow to work out breathing. Also in step with Siegel, what they found was that it had been less about the sort of cloth – cotton, silk, silk – and thus the quality of the material. Top of the range fabric incorporates a stiff wire and thick threads that employment best to forestall droplets from passing.

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who is researching facial mask materials, you furthermore might want the material to be breathable. If the breath couldn’t be obtained with a mask, there would be an exceedingly different reply, which could allow the breath droplets to spread.

What is the proper way to wear a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Mask to assist prevent the spread of coronavirus, choose one that matches your face well. ensure it covers both your mouth and nose, so there’s no large area round the edges to avoid droplets.

If you’re wearing a medical mask, confirm the blue face is on the surface. White should face your face. the highest of the mask will be indicated by a purple stripe, which should be placed across your nose.

Also confirm you wash your hands before applying the mask, and do not let it go down your forehead or hang it around your neck.

How do I assess the standard of an existing mask?

Two simple tests can facilitate your evaluation of the effectiveness of a cloth mask.

Place a light-weight match or candle about six inches ahead of your face and take a look to blow it off while wearing a mask.

Hold the mask to a bright light and check out to work out it.

If you’ll blow flames or see easily, it is not that thick. So, it is not visiting to dam the droplets.

In what situations do I need a mask?

If you’re exercising outside, you most likely won’t wear it. Bring just one as a precaution, if you discover yourself in an exceedingly situation where you cannot keep a minimum of six feet off from others.

Otherwise, it’s important to wear a mask whenever you permit the house, because you never know what you’re visiting. you’ll be able to walk closer to the food market than you expect, or none of your neighbors will wear a mask or observe proper social distance, even just standing around on an out of doors tour. you cannot control other people’s actions, but you’ll always do your part to safeguard yourself et al.

You’ll Never Get Hacked with These Top-3 Antivirus Programs


Nowadays, we store more and more data in digital form on our devices. It’s convenient to utilize online payment methods, share files, and communicate with the simple means offered by modern technology. But the digital world is not only the place of please and comfort.

Without proper protection, you might get hacked, and all your data will appear in the hands of people who know how to use it for their benefits. If you want to avoid such unlucky experience, check out top antivirus programs that can protect your device from sophisticated infections and keep you out of trouble.

1. Kaspersky


One of the ultimate leaders for its super powerful protection against various threats is Kaspersky. Installing Kaspersky on your device is like having a vaccination against all the known viruses and bacteria. Independent laboratories prove that Kaspersky receives some of the highest scores possible. It’s no surprise that many small and medium businesses that cannot afford to keep IT departments rely on Kaspersky to protect their systems.

Regular users can also benefit from using Kaspersky because the software comes with several advantageous features. Foremost, Kaspersky works perfectly with online-related data and activities, detecting the threats, and potentially malicious files. As users primarily use devices with the purpose of online activities, reliable protection is essential. Anti-Spam and Anti-Banner tools will improve your user experience, excluding the unwanted content from your site. Also, the minimalist interface and fast full scanning are inseparable from the comfortable use of the program.

Of course, no one is perfect, and Kaspersky also obtains several drawbacks to consider. Kaspersky might load not very powerful PCs, so your device will freeze at some moments or work more slowly than usual. Also, when updating databases, Kaspersky insists on reboot and might distract you while you’re proceeding with some activity.

2. McAfee


McAfee is very slightly worse in the detection of infections. While Kaspersky detects and neutralizes 99.7% of malicious software, McAfee’s result is 99.6%. Not a big difference for most users, frankly. This antivirus program features parental control, 27/7 reliable support, and protection of your email against spam. Some of the advanced McAfee plans include encryption options that you will find surprising if you work with confidential data and have to store important documents on your device.

In comparison to Kaspersky, McAfee is less demanding in terms of hardware. It will unlikely overload your system, so you can work with no worries even when the scan is proceeding, or the program is updating itself. Of course, the factor of price is important, and McAfee’s plans are available for higher than average price. So this antivirus would be an excellent choice for people who want to protect their data substantially. For such users, paying for excellent functions and support will justify itself.

3. AVG


If you are not satisfied with the essential services available in most antivirus programs, you should take a look at AVG Antivirus. AVG is likely to beat your expectations. Beginning users might find AVG a bit complicated, but the experienced and demanding ones will enjoy all the opportunities this software comes with. AVG detects all the problematic files, infections, ransomware, and spyware. It successfully neutralizes phishing sites and blocks suspicious links. Also, it comes with several handy tools such as file shredder that allows deleting files leaving no traces on a device. The paid version also provides a firewall, web security plugin, and VPN.

AVG is more expensive than Kaspersky or McAfee, but it is packed with useful and well-developed features, which will make your user experience more comfortable and free of worries. AVG runs smoothly on devices and does not bother you with frequent pop-ups or sound notifications. At the same time, it allows excellent customization of settings and provides ultimate protection against most threats.

Final thoughts

Even though Kaspersky, McAfee, and AVG are not free from some disadvantages, they are top protective and reliable solutions on the market. You can get more information about these antivirus giants here: Each of the programs will provide you with the highest security and safety possible, which is essential for both beginners and experienced users. All of them are available in free versions or for trial, but the paid plans offer some extra tools to improve user experience and give your device resistance against specific threats.

Why is Silicon Valley Tangled with Europe’s Data Privacy?

When the new GDPR regulations were introduced, many businesses mistakenly thought it wouldn’t impact them. Although GDPR is a European law, it does impact international businesses if they are collecting and using data from EU citizens. This means that companies in Silicon Valley are also required to meet the new regulations.

Here, we’ll look at how Silicon Valley is tangled with Europe’s data privacy and the impact it’s had so far.

Why does GDPR affect International businesses?

Although GDPR is a European law, it can impact international businesses to. The regulations were designed to protect EU citizens. This means, if a business is collecting, monitoring and using data relating to EU citizens, it’s going to need to follow the new guidelines.

Similarly, if a European citizen is living abroad, they will still be protected by the GDPR. This is something many international businesses are unaware of.

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What impact has it had so far?

According to RSM, the majority of North American businesses weren’t prepared for the GDPR changes. The biggest challenge has been data storage limitations.

Although the new regulations pose the biggest threat to Silicon Valley’s largest businesses, the majority have remained untouched by the new rules. Facebook is a classic example here. The company has come under major scrutiny in recent years due to the way it handles its data. However, the company appears to be way ahead of regulators.

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One major company which has been hit by the new GDPR guidelines is Google. The brand became the first Silicon Valley giant to face a major fine. CNIL, the French data privacy regulator, hit the company with a staggering €50 million fine due to compliance failures.

A year on from the GDPR regulations being introduced, there have been around 100,000 complaints. However, only a small number of these have led to prosecution. A total of €56 million has been issued in fines. However, as €50 million of this was fined to Google alone, it shows the majority of Silicon Valley companies have remained unaffected by the new regulations.

The challenges international businesses face

Top company Dell recently carried out a study which revealed 97% of global businesses didn’t have a plan for GDPR. One of the main issues is that companies need to completely rethink their business model. The GDPR rules affect everything from technical infrastructure, to strategy and marketing. So, there’s a lot of processes which potentially need to be altered.

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Not only do international companies have to adhere to GDPR, but they also have their own local laws to worry about too. So, it can become pretty complex. For this reason, Silicon Valley businesses need to seek legal advice to ensure they are complying with GDPR to avoid being hit with a potentially large fine.

Spinal Injury Prevention: 7 Must-Dos for Athletes

When you’re involved in any sort of sport, your risk for injury increases. We’re not getting spinal cord injuries sitting on the couch (although many people do get them as a result of sitting in a car.

And the spine is a part of the human body that we don’t completely appreciate until there’s a problem. In this post, we’re going to touch on the importance of spinal cord protection and seven things you can do to prevent injury.

The importance of spinal cord protection

When you injure most other body parts, you know exactly what’s going to happen. You sprain your ankle, and you’ll have trouble walking for a time. Break your arm, and you’ll have some pain before you need to reset the bone. You also know there’s always a chance that your body won’t function 100 percent in the way it did before.

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But an injury to the spinal cord is entirely different. It’s almost as if anything can go wrong, depending on the location and severity of the injury.

An injury to the spinal cord can cause irreversible changes to strength, sensation, and bodily function. This is why it’s crucial to protect your spine from injury at all times, especially when exercising.

7 Things You Must Do to Protect Your Spinal Cord

1. Take caution when jumping into the water – if you’re a swimmer or a diver, always check the depth of the pool before you jump. One of the quickest and easiest ways to injure your spinal cord is to jump into shallow water. You’ve probably heard the horror stories. But there are two tips to follow before you dive anywhere.

2. Check the depth – Before you jump into the water, always know the depth. This can get dicey when you’re jumping into a natural pool instead of a manmade one. Before you jump, explore the depth of the pool below. And if you have any question, don’t jump. It’s not worth the risk.

3. Estimate the height to depth ratio – When you jump from a higher point, your body will be projected deeper into the water. And if there isn’t enough depth to complete the process, you’re likely to experience a spinal cord injury. This ratio can get complicated, and it can vary based on your height and body weight, but you should be able to come up with a conservative estimate. According to the Department of Health, you should never dive headfirst into water less than 8 feet in depth.

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4. Wear a helmet – If you’re engaged in any activity that requires accelerated motion, such as mountain biking, skateboarding or rollerblading, wear a helmet. While it’s true that a helmet is designed to protect your head, a 2018 Journal of Neurology study found that using a helmet is associated with a much lower risk of developing a cervical spine injury.

5. Avoid leading with your head – While it may seem appealing to jump in “head first,” this is likely to cause a head injury. So if you can avoid it, don’t lead with your head. An example of leading with your head that can be avoided is sliding headfirst to a base in baseball or tackling headfirst in football.

6. Take calculated risks – Falls are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries, and many of them can be prevented. Before you take any silly risks, remind yourself that you’re not invincible. And then, ask yourself whether the risk is wise.

7. Take baby steps – When you first get involved with a new sport, it’s tempting to give it all you’ve got. But it’s important to get familiar with the basics before you start doing anything advanced. Move forward, but do so with confidence that you know what you’re doing.

The spine is too important to expose to injury, so be sure to take these measures to prevent any preventable causes of spinal cord injury. To learn more about spinal injuries and what to do if you suffer from a spinal cord injury, visit

Email Protection That Your Business Needs


Email threats are always present in today’s world. A study published in 2018 tested a wide number of emails and found that one in every 134 sent emails contains some kind of malware. Those numbers are staggering if we take into consideration how many emails are being sent out on an hourly if not daily bases.

Email malware can come in a few forms. It can be an attached document like a word or excel document file, which upon downloading it affects your whole operating system. It can also come in a form of website link which when clicked it takes over your computer stealing vital information such as bank accounts, social media accounts and business accounts in the process. The latter form of email threats is commonly known as phishing emails.

These emails are more specifically sent to target financial institutions or reputable businesses in order to gain their login credentials which are later sold to the highest bidder on the dark web.

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There are hosts of other ways how someone can compromise your entire business by sending email scams. Another type of email scam comes in the form of business emails which are used to orchestrate scams. These emails use an address similar to a higher ranking company official, in which he asks employees to approve a certain transaction. The sender will usually ask one of the company employees to send a substantial amount of money to accounts which are controlled by the scammer or criminals.

According to Symantec, more than 500 companies are being targeted this way on a daily bases. The losses orchestrated by email scams have been estimated in the billions over the past few years.

How To Secure Your Email Address?

This is the reason why you need to use email protection for all of your email accounts. DuoCircle is one such service that offers email protection from various phishing sites, malware, and email scams.

Email scams are an ever-growing presence in today’s world due to the technological advancements of the Internet in the past two decades.

This is why email security protection comes in handy. This form of email protection comes in the form of email security gateways in which all emails have to pass through in order to make it to the recipient.

The software used for this gateway can detect information deemed malicious by the sender. Such email protection can help by offering the following security functions.

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• Spam Filtering

The emails received go through an anti-spam filter which prevents such emails from being delivered

• Attachment Scanning

The software scans for files attached to the email and if the software detects any malware or malicious software, it prevents the email from being delivered in the first place

• Link Scanning

Scans the links inside the email and puts them through a network that detects if the links are malicious by nature or not. The software clicks the link in a sandbox or virtual machine which is isolated from any network and establishes whether or not the link is malicious

• Blacklisting

The software blacklists email addresses that contain malware, phishing links, or any form of malware

• Data Loss Protection

The software will prevent any sort of crucial or vital information being sent via email, effectively preventing the scammers from gaining your information

What Is Glove Fitment


The heat invites on many occasions to leave the gloves parked. We tend to give little importance, but gloves are essential protection for riding a motorcycle or moped. Many times, especially in summer, we ignore this garment both in town and on the road, putting our hands in danger in the event of an accident. When it comes to purchasing new motorcycle gloves, the importance of a good fit can’t be overly emphasized.

You spend a lot of time making sure motorcycle jackets fit perfectly, and you should spend just as much time choosing the right glove fitment. Here are a few tips for choosing a pair of gloves that fit comfortably and snuggly.


Use the Motorcycle Grip Test

A pair of gloves might feel great when your fingers are straight, but the real test of a good fit is the motorcycle grip test. While wearing the gloves, pretend you’re grabbing onto your motorcycle grips. If the gloves are snug without feeling uncomfortably tight, you’re in business. You should also be able to easily operate your turn signals and other controls without feeling like your circulation is being cut off.

Select a Glove Type

Different types of gloves fit differently based on their intended usage. For example, touring gloves are primarily designed for comfort during long-distance riding. They should give you plenty of dexterity with adequate protection. Racing gloves, on the other hand, should fit more snugly and should be built with pre-curved fingers. All weather riding gloves are intentionally bulkier because they come with added insulation. If we have a fall, however simple, hands are usually the first parapet for the driver, because during the accident tends to put your hands to avoid the blow, so they are the most damaged part of the body.

An example of this imagines the repercussion of an accident on the road, where people drive at 90 kilometers per hour, or in the city, where the speed is usually 50 kilometers per hour. In these cases, the gloves would protect the hands from cuts and wounds. In summer, the finest and unfilled have ventilation, which promotes perspiration and results in a greater grip when driving the motorcycle. On the other hand, in winter they protect from the cold and prevent the appearance of chilblains and redness due to the low temperatures.


Select the Right Material

Keep in mind that leather is slightly stretchy, while textile gloves maintain their original size over time. So, if you’re going for a new pair of leather gloves, choose a pair that’s slightly tighter than you’d normally wear. They’ll stretch a bit with consistent wear and will end up forming to your hands. Once broken in, you can’t beat the comfort of a great pair of leather gloves.

If you opt for textile gloves, you don’t want to make the mistake of going too small, since they won’t stretch out. If you’re right between sizes, it’s better to go up a size than down. You want to be able to move those fingers freely, without feeling too much tightness in the knuckles.

Now that you know what factors influence glove fitment, it’s time to go out and find the perfect gloves for your rides.