What Newbies Should Know About Bitcoin Trading

With over a decade of experience on the market and incredible money-making potential at its side, Bitcoin is one of the best investment opportunities someone can go for these days. Cryptocurrency has become a pretty popular trend with budding investors, especially when Bitcoin trading comes into play. The activity has been around since the birth of Bitcoin and is an excellent option for any newbie, but there are some things you should know about it before you dive in. If you’re considering starting a Bitcoin trading venture, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

The Essence of Bitcoin Trading

At this point, most people have heard about Bitcoin trading. While the activity is the most popular way to profit with Bitcoin, not everyone is familiar with what it entails. In essence, Bitcoin trading isn’t too different than trading other currencies. What does set it apart is the high volatility Bitcoin entails, which can lead to massive payoffs if you play your cards rights. Like with most trading, traders buy Bitcoin when the price is lower and wait for the perfect time to sell when it reaches its peak.

Of course, there are plenty of different ways to trade Bitcoin, so doing some research before you start might be a good idea. Some people like to take big risks, so they go for the usual method we mentioned before. Others like to make quick trades by buying certain amounts of Bitcoin and selling them shortly after for a smaller profit. The versatility that Bitcoin trading offers can be a great tool, so makes sure you set clear goals for what you want before you start.

The Community Outreach

Most Bitcoin trading newbies dive into the activity unprepared, thinking that they can handle everything by themselves. While this isn’t impossible, it often leads to making small mistakes that could cost you big in the long run. It’s good to remember that no matter what you do, there’s always someone out there that’s been through a similar situation and can help out. Naturally, Bitcoin trading is no different.

One of the smartest things you can do as a budding Bitcoin trader is to get in touch with people who have some experience in the field and know a thing or two about it. Luckily, we live in the age of social media and the internet, so no matter where you are in the world, you can easily find Bitcoin communities online and ask for some advice. There are plenty of Bitcoin-focused groups across Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. If you set up an account and explore these groups, you’ll find many Bitcoin enthusiasts sharing their trading experiences, shortcuts, and helpful tips!

The Automated Trading Trend

As we mentioned, Bitcoin trading has been around since the very start. Lucky for newbies, this means that the activity has evolved a lot over the years, giving them plenty of options that could help them out. One of these options is the recent trend of automated trading through top-notch software like As you can probably guess by the name, automated trading is a more laid-back approach to the classic trading method. The process doesn’t require much effort, trading knowledge, or even time!

The magic of automated trading comes with the technology built into the software. These trendy apps use advanced AI algorithms to find the best investment opportunities out there and take them for you when available. In the long run, this can mean a steady income with minimum effort. Of course, automated trading also comes with a risk. The best approach to using this software is making small adjustments to the way it works daily, so it best works in your favor.

Exploring Other Options

It’s safe to say that Bitcoin trading is among the best Bitcoin profit methods currently available, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. If you’ve taken a step into the world of trading and found it wasn’t for you, you can always try other ways to profit through Bitcoin. For those looking for something a bit more challenging, reading up on methods like Bitcoin mining might be a good idea. While this option has lost much of its charm in the past couple of years, it could turn out to be exactly what you’re looking for!

You can also go for a few more laidback options, but you should remember that these usually aren’t as profitable. A popular choice at the moment is Bitcoin freelancing, where you complete gigs for Bitcoin payments. These gigs are as random as can be, ranging from quick work like filling out surveys to complicated tasks like coding. Another option you can go for is playing Bitcoin games! These entertaining minigames can earn players Bitcoin payments for clearing the levels, but they’re usually not the most rewarding of the bunch.

Knowledge Plays a Key Role

If there’s one thing we know for sure about Bitcoin trading, it’s that having a good trading strategy can be a massive advantage. While to most people it might seem pretty simple, traditional Bitcoin trading is far from it. The activity takes a lot of time, effort, and practice to master, but all of it can be very worth it in the end. Before you start Bitcoin trading, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the endless resources out there and learn as much about it as you can.

Another thing you might want to do is keep up with the latest news about Bitcoin. Bitcoin trading can be heavily affected by new trends, both in the world of Bitcoin and outside of it. Staying up to date with what’s happening on the scene can help you better adjust your strategy and prompt you to take a different approach when you run into unforeseen difficulties impairing your earnings. Make small adjustments as you go and keep changing your approach with changing times.

What Is the Latest Bitcoin Trading Movement You Should Try?

Being part of the constant world of technological updates that are influencing a number of things in people’s day-to-day life is truly something impressive. Here, your part is to find the most significant thing that caught your attention, thus find ways that you can approach that notion and get the most out of the whole experience. One of the latest technological updates is changing the approach of the crypto world of possibilities, thus creating this easy method that people that are interested in this segment can get the most out of it.

This implies the fact that the world of technological updates is not going to stop there, and if you are really interested in finding out more regarding the notion of crypto trading possibilities, now is the perfect time to try this out. This implies the fact that the crypto world consists of a number of different digital values, and here, in this article, we are going to explore all of the possibilities that Bitcoin has to offer.

Understanding all of this, if you continue reading, you will get a chance to find out everything you need to know regarding the latest Bitcoin trading movement, thus learn all about how you can actually become a part of this whole trading process. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into exploring the in-depth analysis of the latest Bitcoin trading movement.

The Online Bitcoin Trading Platforms

According to all of the things that we have covered so far, the latest movement that is taking over the crypto trading world, especially when it comes to dealing with Bitcoin, is the rise of the popularity of online trading platforms.

This method is actually one of the most popular ones just because it allows people with different Bitcoin trading backgrounds to enjoy all of the possibilities that will come their way. This implies the fact that you will get a chance to enjoy all of the benefits that will come with this segment just by exploring, which is an online trading platform that will help you get closer to earning immense amounts of profit.

This auto-trading movement will allow beginner traders to take advantage of the whole Bitcoin trading process, thus enhance their overall Bitcoin trading experience.

Begin the Bitcoin Trading Process

Once you have established what this latest trading movement actually represents, you have come to the point where you should begin the process of trading. You can actually achieve this if you find the registration form that is within the platform we have mentioned above, thus fill out all of the required personal information.

Here, you will have to be extra careful and pay attention to the things that you put in because any minor mistake might affect your overall future approach to Bitcoin trading success. Make sure that you create a strong and secure password that you will remember at all times in order for you to access your personal Bitcoin trading account. Once you have successfully completed this segment, you will have to place the initial deposit that will help you unlock all of the trading possibilities that the Bitcoin trading algorithm has to offer.

The Bitcoin Insane Profitability Chances

Another impressive feature that is under the segment of this popular Bitcoin trading method is the chance you get with the highest profitability factors. The Bitcoin trading software that this trading platform is based upon has been tested by reputable experts and has been verified to be one of the highly profitable trading methods that are available for you to access.

Here, you can explore the impressive amount of reviews that are shared by a variety of users that come from different trading backgrounds. The other opportunity that you will get here is to take matters into your own hands and explore the wonders that this platform has to offer.

 The Bitcoin Trading Algorithm

If you decide to explore the online trading platform that we have mentioned above, you will get a chance to work with the latest technological advances that are created in a way to help you get the most profitable Bitcoin trading deals in a fully automated way.

This is where the online Bitcoin trading algorithm comes into play. Just by taking into consideration the personal data that you have provided and the deposit that you have placed, the Bitcoin trading algorithm will go over the latest changes on the trading market, thus generate the best-suited Bitcoin trading deals that will correspond with the specific trading goals you want to achieve. Within this trading algorithm you will get a chance to explore the impressive strategies that are used in order to help users make money with the smallest price movements, thus use the highly volatile nature of Bitcoin to get the most out of the whole trading experience.

The Bitcoin Trading Variations

Once you decide to approach this segment of online trading possibilities, you will get a chance to explore this great deal of trading variations that you can use that are available only through this particular Bitcoin trading platform.

Here, we are talking about the opportunities you will get to use the desktop website trader and access your trading account from the comfort of your own home. You can also download the highly intuitive mobile app that you can access the trading process from your smartphone no matter where you are.

This particular choice is definitely up to you to explore as you will get a chance to incorporate the trading opportunities according to the actual day-to-day activities and schedule that you have.

The Bottom Line

When you explore this segment, in particular, make sure that you follow our detailed analysis of this popular trading method if you want to increase the actual chances of future trading success. Establish a detailed plan of action and proceed with the creation of your trading account that will lead you to earn an immense amount of profit.

5 Things To Know About Cryptocurrency Exchange Fees

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear or read some news about cryptocurrencies. Even though when it all began, back in 2009, there were only a few dozen people who really invested their time, money, and passion into digital money, today, even the skeptics are more and more becoming a part of the crypto community. There are many benefits of this new, decentralized currency, and one doesn’t need to be an expert to trade and follow the latest crypto trends. Of course, some basic knowledge is a must in order to make profits, but knowing everything about blockchain technology is not something that should occupy your mind unless you already have some experience or have a deep interest in learning about all that. On the other side, knowing how things work, what and how exchange platforms operate, and how carefully or risky, depending on your preferences, you should invest your money should be a part of your daily routine. Like in any other type of investment, research is everything, and if properly done, the future will look bright. Even with all that, there are always some things that are changing or that you may not be aware of, like crypto exchange fees, and how come they are much lower in comparison to other charges. That is why we will now take a closer look at the top 5 things to know about exchange fees, as it is something that everyone who wants to be a part of the crypto world should know about. For those who require even more info on this topic or want to start trading right away, of course, anonymously, check, one of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchange services currently on the market.

1. The way it is calculated

Let’s start with exchange platforms and how they operate, as there are two basic types, and one of the main differences is how they calculate the exchange fees. While some of them have a strict policy of charging a certain amount for every single transaction you make, other platforms charge fees on a monthly basis. For those wondering how that works, after the thirty-day period, some predetermined percentage is being calculated, depending on the number of your transactions and on the spent amount. Although it may sound complicated, it is actually pretty easy, and as many experienced crypto traders state, it is a much easier way to trade. Of course, this is up to every single individual and what suits their purposes the most. As for how high the fees are, it all depends on the platform itself, and there is no real difference between these two types of charging them.

2. Exchanges are not regulated everywhere

It is necessary to keep in mind that the exchange of cryptocurrencies is not regulated in every country. Actually, many jurisdictions do not have laws when coming to those types of transactions. For many governors around the globe, the hands-off strategy to those transactions is the best way to keep using them. In that way, there are still cryptocurrencies in many significant trading markets. A patchwork of laws in the US is obliged for most of the transfers and for the biggest markets for crypto trading. It is good to know that some countries are completely banned all cryptocurrency trading and inform yourself well before you decide to finish any trade. Anyway, many dealers from those countries are finding other ways to continue trading, and one of them is moving the base to a country with better conditions.

3. Trading with fiat money

Using real money for crypto exchange is something that can make transactions much easier. Regarding the payment mode, the deposit and fees can be incurred by the fiat currencies. The best thing about using the coins is that the purchase is free, and that means that there are no expensive fees and unpredicted costs. It is sometimes possible that you need to pay some small amount of money in case that the wallet needs to be set up for the new currency, but the fact is that it is not something that will give you a huge bill. Because of that, one of the best solutions is to use coins and avoid losing more money than you need to.

4. There is no access to all coins

The majority of the most famous cryptocurrencies are not offering a possibility to use all the coins that you have in your wallet. Therefore there is the possibility of transferring the funds to the other wallet and use them for the next transfers. The other alternative is to use fiat money and buy the currency you need at that moment. There are many cryptocurrencies that you can buy only by using fiat money, and getting them using the other crypto is not possible for now. Luckily, many of them are offering the possibility of importing the coins from other wallets. In that way, it is possible to finish the desired transaction, and charges for shifting between various wallets are not that high. But, you should know that those fees will be charged at each end.

5. Encouraging frequent trading

Trading cryptocurrencies means big transactions that can be worth more than thousands of dollars. Because of that, fees are created in a way that will encourage more frequent exchanges. That means that if the amount of the trade money and the frequency of trading is increasing, the fees will often decrease to encourage people to trade more. Small and trades that are not frequent will bring you a lot of extra costs, and it is best to avoid them. On the other side, some big exchanges may be done without any fees, and it will save you a lot of money.

The bottom line

Although the crypto world is constantly changing and advancing, and in order to always be in the loop, proper research on a day-to-day basis is required. That is why research along with these top 5 things that everyone considering dealing with cryptocurrency exchange platforms should know about before they start trading should be on every crypto enthusiast’s list.

Is it Possible to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency?

There is a big hype over digital currencies in recent years, and many people think that they represent the future of payment that will completely replace the traditional fiat currencies and paper money. However, there are still many people with a lack of knowledge related to the structure and potential of cryptocurrencies since most of them only heard about Bitcoin and some other popular coins, and how they might be a great investment option because of the high volatility. Bitcoin is especially popular as the first and most valuable cryptocurrency on the market with a current price of around $38,000.

The main advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies are indeed a great chance to make a profit. According to many experts, popular tokens like Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and many others also has the potential to become much more valuable over time. Also, many countries are already creating plans on how to implement the blockchain currencies into their monetary systems. The challenges here are related to the fact that most of these digital currencies are decentralized and use advanced security measures that make users completely anonymous. Therefore, financial institutions will have to find a way to include taxes in transactions with e-wallet.

Moreover, when it comes to safety, we have to mention that storing cryptocurrencies on an e-wallet is the safest solution today and a much better option than keeping your money on a bank account or some online crypto exchange. Also, there are several methods for storing your Bitcoin or any other crypto, and you can read more about that at Furthermore, since they have such potential, it is not a surprise that many people are interested not only in investing in existing cryptocurrencies but in creating new ones as well. We are going to analyze more about that topic in the following article.

Benefits and Downsides of Cryptocurrencies

Before you decide to invest in the creation of a new token, you should learn more about the main features, benefits, and potential downsides of digital assets. One of the main advantages that makes them so popular is the fact that they are decentralized, which means that there are not big financial institutions or banks that could control them in any way. That is one of the reasons why many people are choosing the invest in the crypto market to protect their funds from the recession, which has a high chance to occur in the following years. Another benefit is that they provide users with both transparency and anonymity, much lower transaction fees, and faster transfers. On the other hand, the biggest downside is that there is always a chance for a token to become illegal in some states. Also, most cryptocurrencies are under constant fluctuation in value on the market.

How To Create Cryptocurrency?

Before you decide to invest in the development of a new cryptocurrency, you will have to learn the difference between tokens and coins and their structure. If you are looking for an easier way to get your part in the market of digital currencies, we suggest you choose a token option. The main feature of tokens is that they are using existing blockchain, which means that you will need much less time to start competing on the market with your own digital asset. On the other side, this method requires a much higher investment.

On the other side, if you are interested in creating a coin similar to Bitcoin and many other virtual currencies with their blockchain. However, that will require advanced knowledge in computer science and coding. Also, with proper knowledge, this process might last only a few minutes, since the structure of Bitcoin is available in open-source format, which means that you can use it with some slight changes to start your blockchain system. Still, hiring a team of experts is necessary for allowing the whole structure to operate properly from the start.

Popular Blockchain Options

There are over 2,000 blockchain-based currencies available on the market, and most of them are using the same systems.  The first system that offered people to use it for their tokens is Ethereum, which is also the most popular solution. Besides Ether, you can choose between EOS and NEO. There are many differences between these blockchains related to the required programming language, available e-wallets, standards, ability to provide users to use hardware e-wallets, and volume of transactions per second.

Most Important Things During the Process

As you can see, there is a possibility to create your token or coin even with a lack of knowledge since you can always hire a team of professionals. However, you will have to learn more about the whole market, the structure of your currency, and its potential. First of all, you will need a proper strategy related to the right selection between token and coin. Also, you should choose the system with proper security measures, speed of transactions, and good potential to become competitive on the market.

Also, hiring a team of experts can be crucial as well, especially if you are not so familiar with the processes related to the development of blockchain. After you finish all of the technical details, the promotion can be crucial for the performance of your virtual money on the market. Therefore, you should find a way to offer something new and useful that will attract people to invest in your coin.

The Bottom Line

It might seem like a challenging process to become competitive on the market where we already have some popular choices like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and more. However, the market is quickly expanding, and many investors are searching for various options related to new and cheap coins that might bring them high profits. That is one of the main reasons why investing in the development of new crypto can be an excellent business strategy. Even though the technical process can be finished in one day if you choose to introduce a new token, you will have to invest a lot of money in further development, white paper, placement on the market, ICO security, and more.

6 Main Differences Between Long-Term and Short-Term Equities

Equity represents shared ownership of assets by any investors. There are different types of equities, such as Contributed Surplus, Stocks, retained earnings, additional paid-in capital. The simple explanation of this term is that it represents the amount of money that an investor can get in form of profit as a result of his investments in assets or liabilities. Also, there are two main methods of investing in the market, long and short term equities. If you are interested in some of the best long term options for 2020, click here.

These types of investments are a varied popular option for a long time, and there are many professional organizations and groups of experts who choose to combine their investments for improved chances to make a profit. Stock is the most common type of equity, especially large-cap, domestic, growth, and small-cap stocks. Also, you can choose between two methods of trading, long term, and short term. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the main differences between these two options.

1. Duration of Financial Asset

People who are interested in investing more money are often interested in investments for longer period that might bring them a high profit over time. Apart from that, you could earn quickly by selecting the right option for a shorter period. Moreover, there are a lot of day-traders as well who are active on the market, and they are earning by investing in shares with higher volatility. When it comes to the dissimilarity between shorter and longer investments, the minimum duration for long-term investment is one year. Each investment that you withdraw in a period shorter than one year is considered as short-term equity.

2. Market Aspect

Depending on which sort of investment you are interested in, you should research the market with your preferences. You should check the analyses and the potential of every asset to check which period is the best. Therefore, if you are interested in investing money in shares of some company that has the potential to become successful over time, you should choose a long-term investment and wait for the profit for at least a couple of years.

3. Risk

While there is a risk in both situations, it is much higher for long-term investments because there is a chance that the equities you have chosen could become less valuable or even worthless in case that a company went bankrupt, or stocks significantly lose their value. When it comes to short-term investments, there is still a risk present, but since the period is much shorter, you always have time to withdraw your investments.

4. Status of The Capital Assets

This term is related to the market of real estate, where the investment is considered to be short-termed when you won a property for less than three years. The advantage is that there are fewer chances that you won’t make a profit. On the other hand, properties owned for more than three years are long-term ownerships, and they bring both risks and potential when it comes to value. The best way to keep your investment is to pay attention to proper maintenance and check the situation on the market more often. If you notice that there is a great chance for prices of real estate in your area to go down, you should immediately try to sell the property.

5. Profit

As we already mentioned, the main reason why people invest in assets for a longer period is that they are hoping to earn much more than they invested. That method has great potential if you manage to find the right equity. On the other hand, if you are interested in making a profit much faster, you should invest in stocks, market shares, and other types of equities and sell them during the same year or after they reach a higher price. The benefit of short-term investments is that you can gather profit more often. That is why many people choose to invest in several stocks and actively trade on the market with them.

6. Taxes

Another big difference is related to taxes. In most cases, the index will be lower for longer investments since you will have to wait for the profit. On the other side, it might get much more efficient to combine trading with different cheaper assets since the tax rates will be lower as well. Nevertheless, you have to know that each country has its regulations related to the taxation system, and you should learn more about one in your state.

The Bottom Line

The most popular short-term options are gilt funds, debt funds, bank deposits, post office deposits, treasury bills, money market funds, recurring deposits, large-cap funds, and more. ON the other hand, investing in stocks of some big corporations or start-ups with great potential are the most common options for longer investments. One of the best examples is related to the price of Apple shares. The famous company from the United States is present in the stock market for over 30 years. If you invested around $1,000 during the late 80s, you would have over $200,000 only from that investment.

There are many other similar examples where you could earn a lot of money by investing in the right thing. The same situation is on the market of cryptocurrencies as well, where Bitcoin has reached another record and is currently valued at over $20,000. During the first quarter of 2020, the price of BTC was around $3,500. In that matter, you could earn over $16,000. That was an example of a short term investment with a high return rate.

You should select the right option by your preferences and the amount of money you are prepared to invest. As you can see, both methods can provide you with an excellent profit. However, you should never rush with your decision over which type of asset to choose. Moreover, a lot of people rather invest in both long and short-term equities to improve their chances to make a profit and prevent losses.

4 Things Not to Do When Bitcoin is Going Down

Keeping your eye out on the market is a must if you are dealing with any type of cryptocurrency. The most popular one, Bitcoin, can have its ups and downs. However, you should know how to deal with it and approach the market the right way. There are some rookie mistakes that you may end up making. If you wish to avoid those and learn a thing or two more about Bitcoin, keep on reading! We have some interesting facts for you to discover.

What is BTC’s actual price?

People refer to its USD price most of the time, but you can also talk about the composite price made from the average of multiple exchanges’ prices. If you are talking about BTC, you are actually looking at its last transaction on a specific exchange that has been made. So, if the Bitcoin on Bitstamp is $10,000 – its last trade was done and closed at $10,000.

What is going on with Bitcoin, and why is its price dropping?

It definitely has its periods. In fact, a year ago, it climbed from $3,000 sometimes around in September to $7,850! However, not too long ago, the price dropped low to $5,600.

If you are still a beginner or a rookie when it comes to Bitcoin, visit They have amazing software that will help you earn money in 0.01 seconds. They will also explain some simple steps and basics that will help with your learning process + you will earn money with ease.

Why does Bitcoin drop?

Its first and initial drop is not as scary and this dive is normal (it happens). The price can move all over the place and every day. However, you should always question any sudden changes, and see if there is a specific reason or meaning.

Top 4 key facts to consider

  1. The fall in November

The drastic fall that has happened in mid-November came after a specific event. This change has happened because of a group of miners. However, Segwit2x tried to create a newer form of BTC for larger blocks.

Unfortunately, the plan failed and loads of people have moved their money to Bitcoin Cash, which made Bitcoin Cash double its value in less than 24 hours. So, always keep your eyes & ears wide open! Read some forums, blogs, and stay on-trend when it comes to BTC, as well as its everyday gossip.
  1. Never try to catch the exact bottom

When making your profit with BTC, know when to stop. You should let only some of your investment capital as the market takes a tumble. Never go all in. If there is a large dip in the market and you start at a coins chart, you never know when it can stop. What you should do is know how to stop and when not to catch the bottom (enter into a trade that is at the bottom of a trend). Know when to stop, since constant bottom chases mean that you are going to miss out on trades, which will further lead to no profit. Do not gamble, and don’t lose it all.

  1. Don’t sell your coins for ones that are going up

People often sell their coins of a downtrend, only to see if things will reverse and start going upwards. For instance, you can buy something for 0.25 cents. You have already done your diligence, studied, and spent a lot of time on the chart (one char in specific). You probably haven’t even tried to catch the bottom since it is a time-consuming process. After some time passes, you are still at your 0.25 cents, and then these cents will tumble down to 0.20 cents. At this point, you might want to sell your coins and make any type of profit since this is a tricky & long mind game. However, BTC can skyrocket (you never know when) and you might regret your decision since you could have tripled your earnings.

If you have already done your studying, you know everything about the money that you’re working with, and you know that there is a chance for the market to change, stay persistent & wait it out. Don’t lose it under the pressure, and rather give it a fair shot.
  1. Don’t spend your entire day staring at the chart

Try not to spend your entire morning, day & evening staring at the chart. It won’t change just by you looking at it. Most of your hours are probably going to be wasted. Do not just monitor your work and stay passive, but do take action! What you should do is set yourself a limit-order, and simply walk away once it is the right time. Be smart with your money, your spare time, as well as your screen time.

Remember that profit only begins with the right strategy, and if you don’t have it, you are gambling with your money!

But why does the price fluctuate as much?

Bitcoin’s price is volatile. This means that you can see its movements from 5-10% in a single day, which makes its tracking hard to do. Why is this happening? Well, Bitcoin’s market cap is still quite small, and it is still a newer market to work with. If the market cap has as little assets, the more volatile it will be.

When Bitcoin’s price increases you will notice a change (gradual change) in the market cap.

Ready to make money & avoid some mistakes?

So, how do you feel about cryptocurrencies and your money-making skills now? Are you ready to dive into the world of Bitcoin? Simply follow these crucial rules, and avoid doing and making some rookie mistakes. Everyone can profit with Bitcoin, as long as you know when to stop + if you have patience. Having a mind of steel is important since only people who can wait it out and wait for its peak will make money, and will profit in the long run!

Bitcoin Trading vs. Investing

Bitcoins are very popular in the past ten years, and they have increased in their value as the years passed by. Now they show steady growth and are very interesting for the population, most people would like to get involved, but they would like to avoid investing a lot of money into the machine and mining. This is why they turn to alternative ways of obtaining bitcoins. Trading and investing is a good alternative, and we will dive into the differences between the two in order to get these terms familiar to the reader.

Main differences

When it comes to these two, there are a few main differences that make them apart from one another.

Trading can be seen as a process that is short, and it is more dynamic when compared to investing. How it works is very simple, and the profit is obtained through the small transactions that are sometimes happening in a span of a few minutes or hours.

When it comes to trading, there are four types of different ways you can do the trading:

1. First are so-called scalpers, and this may be one of the most popular and dynamic ways of making bitcoin trades. Since the purchases and transactions occur many times a day, sometimes the one doing the transactions may be in a position of the coin no longer than a few seconds. The whole idea is to gain a lot of small amounts through every transaction.

2. Day traders got their name from the way that they make the trades since all transactions are established and wrapped up during one working day. Like the previous ones, they do this very fast, making sure that the funds have no delay and not spend too much time in their possession.

3. Momentum ones are as the name states doing all transactions at the moment, meaning that they are using the heat of the moment in order to create a wave and use the upraise to create profit. This means that the bitcoins are purchased as they are going down in price, and sold as soon as this shifts and increases the value. This way of trading is interesting, and it requires good knowledge of the prices and the cryptocurrency market itself.

4. Last but not least are the swingers that are using the changes in the values to create the profit. They are using daily and weekly fluctuations in values in order to make transactions and profit.

Investing can be defined as a way of handling bitcoins in such a manner that the profit is established through long term expenditure of funds. This means that the money is gathered and stored in bitcoins, and it will stay there until there is a substantial growth that is worth intervention and selling.

Investing is for the patient since it requires more years, and it is based on the prediction. Here it is crucial to follow the market and to know when to make a transaction. It is best to use the so-called wave and take the bitcoins when they are on their low, so when the prices and values increase, there can be a very high profit. This can last for years.

Time limit

Trading can be very time consuming since it requires a constant oversight of the market and the close tracking of even the smallest changes in the values since the transactions do occur in a matter of minutes and hours. Even though sometimes the transactions may occur in the span of a few days or hours, compared to the investment, it is very time-consuming as way faster. Especially due to the fact that trading uses micro-changes in the values in short intervals to make a profit.

When it comes to investments, they may stay out for years and lay low till the market changes are favorable for the one that is owning the coin and wants to sell them.

We can say that trading is short term and investing the long term when speaking of the time needed for the profit to be established. When compared to the values of income, it may come to the same amount since the trading is making small profits often and investing bigger profits once in a while.

When it comes to the frequency of the transaction, as stated before, there is a very big difference in those, since the trading is based on an exceptional number of transactions during the day, let alone one month. On the other hand, investing may have a few months or years without transactions due to the patience and the market state of bitcoin.

Risks and safety

When it comes to potential risks, every transaction and investment may carry its own. Trading may seem like something that carries less risk since the transactions are fast and happen so often that even a slight decrease can and will be compensated. Investing can carry more risks since it can be hard to determine how the bitcoin will grow and how fast this will occur. There are indications that there will be a steady growth of the coin, but the one who invested may have to follow and see what to do if the values start to drop. This may lead to selling, or they can decide to wait and see if the values will increase as it happened.

When it comes to safety, most shareholders did state that this way of trading and investing is seen as the safest and profitable when compared to conventional ways.

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There are differences between trading and investing in bitcoin. Trading is a short term thing where the small changes in the values and fast and frequent transactions are making a profit. The profit is small per transaction, but it adds up. Investing is a long term thing, and this is important since it requires few transactions that are based on the big changes in values and bigger profit. Even though there are potential risks, both are labeled as pretty safe, even the safest of all the possible trading and investing that can be found on the market.

Why do you Need an Accountant to Start your own Business?

Accounting and a small business need to go hand in hand to ensure its success. Besides financial control, overcoming the competition and creating a differential to attract customers, having a partner accounting is much more than having help to overcome the bureaucracy of the country. In this article, we’ll show you how experts from companies such as accountant can do more for your venture – as long as you make room for it. Understand how important the accountant is in a small business. A management system that connects your entrepreneurship areas: from financial to business.

What the accountant does for your company?

With an increasingly challenging entrepreneurship environment, opening your new entrepreneurship could be a challenge. Check  for more useful information. As the owner of your own business, you are likely to have experienced these difficulties in your skin. However, an accountant can help you with these activities and even go beyond that. Here are some of the skills and duties you can expect from this professional.

  • Complete and file legal documents necessary for the operation of the company.
  • Ensure your business complies with tax and tax laws.
  • Make and send statements.
  • Keep the company record up to date and in accordance with the requirements of government agencies.
  • Handle payroll to ensure all employees are properly taxed salaries.

By hiring an accountant and integrating it into an online platform, you can delegate roles, transfer responsibility for paperwork, and gain time to focus on what really matters – the performance of your business.

The importance of the accountant to your company

If you are a self-employed CNPJ, without employees, you can easily do the tax part of your venture alone and without much difficulty. But when there are other people involved with your business and you are no longer an individual micro entrepreneur (MEI), it is a bit more complex to take care of accounting activities. Therefore, having an accountant to assist you is essential to grow your entrepreneurship. Such a professional is not only involved with the technical side of finance, he also acts as an indispensable consultant.

In everyday routines and controls

Ready legal formats, contracts, definitions and financial planning are not all the work of the accountant. The professional still needs to support the changes in legislation, make the monthly and yearly balance, and also notify you regarding the pending amount of the bill. In addition, it can assist you in other activities such as:

Inventory control – guiding if there is excess or surplus to facilitate the capture and retention of working capital. Analyze and compare supplier prices and rates to improve procurement.

Pricing – Set a fair price for you to sell your services and products by estimating every variable and fixed expenses, applying current interest ratio, and draw the best profit margin for the business.

Cash Flow – Determining the outflows and inflows of the capital so that future expenses and profits can be and drawn over a given period of time.

Obtaining credit – Prepare all necessary business documents for credit and evaluate the pros and cons.

When closing the deal

It is precisely by law, settlement of accounts, division of partners, and withdrawal of receivables, inventory and other financial and legal issues that the accountant must be present until the closing of business activities.

Now that you know how an accountant can contribute to your business, it’s time to explore the market and find the professional that best suits your needs. But be aware: Before signing the contract, you need to consider factors such as academic background, professional record, industry, current customer satisfaction, availability, and ultimately fees and charges charged by the professional. After analyzing these criteria you can identify the best partner to boost your business.