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How To Track Your Boyfriend In 2021

Girls don’t have it easy. Not only do we have to put up with our boyfriends but we also have to keep things in line. Seeing as we’re looking for the perfect guy to take our hand in marriage, we must keep him away from the competition.

For this, there are two ways to go about it. You either fully trust him and eventually live happily ever after or you keep him in check by tracking what he does.

Whilst the latter isn’t something that a lot of people approve, it is a great way to see if our boyfriend is up to no good.

Since women are becoming more and more predatory towards guys with girlfriends, the temptation is significantly bigger.

And seeing as our phones are the easiest way to talk to people, and other girls, it’s only natural that we do something about it. So if you’re suspicious that your boyfriend is talking to other girls, here are ways how to track him.

1. Instagram

If your man has an Instagram account, then you can easily track it. Instagram is the ultimate stalking app where people would do anything to get noticed by others.

This creates a predatory culture where guys and girls would prey on each other. And given Instagram’s very vague rules on nudity, it’s very easy to get tempted by a picture you see posted by someone else.

Women make up a significant number of users on the platform. And it is these women that you should be worried about. Seeing as your boyfriend could follow anyone they wish, tracking who they follow has never been easier on the app.

Guys have a hard time checkout girls that post hot and provocative pics in their swimsuits. And who could blame them; they’re men.

But Instagram doesn’t offer a lot of tracking features. Beyond the location feature, seeing who they follow, and what pictures they like, Instagram is pretty much an empty bowl of nudity that can easily expose a person’s interests.

While this makes it a shoo-in, your boyfriend could always be careful with what they do on Instagram.

So, that puts us nicely to our second way of tracking which is a traditional tracking app…

2. Tracking Apps

Tracking apps are supposed to be used to keep our children away from harm. It wasn’t until one of these apps came to be that us jealous gals saw the potential in them.

To put it shortly, you can track anyone with these apps. Although it is rather difficult to set a tracking app on someone else’s phone.

There are hundreds if not thousands of these apps that can help you track your boyfriend. Some of these apps do not even require manual set up on someone else’s phone; all you need is their phone number.

If you aren’t particularly skilled in tracking apps or how they operate or even how to set up one manually, then this is your best option.

These apps make it possible for you to track anything from their location, to who they talk to, to who they even open on Instagram; although this last one is pretty rare with these apps.

Many of the tracking apps that don’t require physical installation onto someone else’s phone require the person’s phone number or their iCloud account.

For more information about how to set up one, make sure to click here.

3. Hire a Private Investigator

This is one of the most expensive ways to track your boyfriend, but one that doesn’t involve digging into their Instagram DMs.

A private investigator is more than capable of uncovering any little secret. This person is far more capable of investigating than you’ll ever be.

And this person also knows what to do when dealing with a boyfriend. A PI has all the tools necessary to get the job done. But like we said, hiring a private investigator even for tracking will cost you a pretty penny.

But, make no mistake about it, if your boyfriend is up to no good then the professional will uncover it.

When hiring a private investigator, there is one more thing you should know about. If we put all the fees and costs aside, a very important thing to know is if the person gets caught investigating.

Investigating is only possible if you have caused or by the official authorities. Anything else might result in a lawsuit. And make no mistake about it, your boyfriend will sue the PI if they get caught. What’s more damning is that you’ll also get dragging into the legal process as you’re the person hiring the PI.

Ultimately, you’ll end up with a broken relationship and lots of legal fees to cover.

4. Foursquare

Foursquare is yet another app that people see a lot of potential in. This app is a social network where the idea is to be visible and people to see where you’re actually at.

There isn’t much security from outside eyes when you’re on Foursquare. The purpose of the app is for you to go someplace, post where you’re at, and what you’re doing with whom.

If you’re eating at a fancy restaurant, then you’re meant to post which restaurant and what you’re eating. Sometimes, you might even include the people you’re eating with.

And this is why this app is so great. You could simply monitor what they’re up to using only Foursquare.

But neither Instagram nor Foursquare offers definitive proof of anything. Also, who’s to say that your boyfriend won’t simply hide any unwanted information?

The only real way to track is to either use a tracking app or to hire a person to do it.

And while people are against tracking people, sometimes we must do it as our future with the person might be at stake.

We’ve mentioned a few ways to track your boyfriend, and there are dozens of others as well. You could track based on GPS location, phone activity, and even what they’re posting online.

5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Private Investigator

There could be many reasons why you’d need to hire a private investigator. Some of you might need to track down a person from your past, some of you might need surveillance on a cheating spouse, and some of you might have a totally different reason for it.

But the general consensus is that you don’t hire the first person that you see on Facebook. There are rules as to how it’s done and you don’t want to be making a mistake of spending your money needlessly on a private investigator that doesn’t know how to do their job.

Because of that, we are here to make the hiring decision that much easier by giving you the 5 things to look for when hiring a private investigator.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Verify That They Are Licensed Professional


Many of you don’t know this but a private investigator without a license isn’t the person you should be hiring. It’s even considered by state law that this individual must have a license to practice their trade.

So whenever you find a person that interests you and you are thinking about hiring them, always ask to see their license. You can even check with your state’s licensing agency to verify if this professional is licensed to practice their trade.

But there is more to it than simply look at a piece of paper and saying “yes”. Each of these licenses has an expiration date, so you should always check for that as well.

Each state also has its own Association for private investigators. It might also work in your favor to check in with the Association and verify that the person you’re thinking of hiring is a member or if they’re a licensed practitioner.

2. Check For Insurance


While it’s rarely the case that the private investigator can get somehow injured during the investigation, it is still something that you want to ask before making the hiring decision.

There are many reasons why a private investigator would need insurance. Most of them have to do with their own safety, while others are directly related to someone else’s safety or someone else’s property.

If either of these three things happens while the person is on the case, then it might backfire on you and you could be directly liable for damages.

That’s why it’s always advised that you ask the investigator for proof that he has liability insurance, is bonded, and has any other types of insurance.

3. Check For References


Checking for references will only tell you whether or not past customers have been satisfied with the particular person. This should be something you do whenever hiring any type of person for any type of job, but it is especially important in this line of business.

Since you cannot be completely sure about how good this person is at their job, a good way to find that out is by asking for references that vouch for their reputation and detective performance.

Some private investigators, like RCI-Process, offer a huge range of services that stand beyond the simple detective work. The more experience a PI has, then the better they’ll be at their job.

4. Ask For A Resume Of Their Work History


If you’re still unsure about whether or not to hire a particular investigator, then a good way to fully cement your thoughts is to ask for a resume of their complete work history. PI’s tend to keep their work history available for other potential clients to see as references.

This means that you will know the outcome of every case since you’ll be reading client reports, success stories, or newspaper articles. In addition to that, you should invest a great deal of effort into finding a person’s applicable experience for your personal situation.

Depending on the reasons why you’ll need a PI, you should uncover whether the person has any military, law enforcement, or crime scene experience.

It is completely normal for a person not to have any experience of this type, and these PI’s generally deal in fields such as insurance investigations, electronic investigations, skip tracing, corporative investigation, or court process servings.

The field of PI is very large and very diverse. A PI doesn’t necessarily have to be a person that can find a missing person for you. Sometimes, these people focus on uncovering insurance fraud and even domestic violence.

5. Discuss The Pricing And Fees


If you think that hiring a PI will cost you nothing, then you are greatly mistaken. A private investigator will cost you money, and that a lot of it. The amount depends on the particular investigator and the type of investigation needed.

Some will charge more whilst others will charge less, but the bottom line is that you always discuss the pricing and fees prior to hiring. If you’re satisfied with this particular person’s work history, experience, and professionalism, then the first thing you will agree upon is the type of pricing.

This can be an hourly rate or a flat fee. You could agree upon a retainer and you will probably agree on additional fees that might occur throughout the investigation.

Since every investigator is different from the rest, determining how much it will cost you is easier said than done. This is why it is advisable that you ask around and see what other people or friends have paid in the past.

This will give you a general idea as to what you should prepare financially. It also gives you some space to do some bargaining with him.

When discussing the pricing and fees, you should define your goals. You should define the services you wish to perform from the private investigator. It is absolutely important for both of you to be on the same page and completely understand each other before they start the investigative process.

Be prepared for a thing called a “no-hit fee”, which means that you still pay the PI when conducting a search even if they don’t find any results or don’t find the person you are looking for.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator?

Corruption, dishonesty, and fraud are some of the most common evils in our world and we are all vulnerable to the evil intentions of people that have an intention to harm our prospects. In this world where reliability and trust are rare qualities, we need to minimize the risks against any disruptive act from people who have conspired us, which is why we need to hire a private investigator. The professional expertise and exceptional wit of the private investigators ensure that you will find out about any harmful or unlawful act being plotted against you.

The services of private investigators can bring individuals or even companies very positive outcomes. Performing criminal and civil background checks for prospective employees is vital for organizations and the expert private investigator that is given the task will ensure that you remain safe during the investigation.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by hiring P.I. services.

Thorough investigation with expert techniques

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By hiring a private investigator, the investigation can be done much more thorough. The private eye can gather a lot more information efficiently and from sources that are not available to everyone. Their access to these specialized databases has information that is restricted to civilians.

Company history and background checks

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Most business deals usually come with a mandatory requirement to make a thorough investigation of the other company to ensure that It has a good and clean record and a favorable history that is needed to lead a hassle-free business partnership and association. The assurance that you are doing deals with a reputable company can relieve your organization of the risks and threats of fraud involved.

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The ability to find out the truth

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To be a bit more cautious can never hurt. Whether you are dealing with some personal or private matter or for company-related tasks, it is recommend that you always have the support of a private investigator who will be able to find out the most accurate conclusions derived from expertise and extensive knowledge is a great opportunity to keep your prospects safe from any disruption or bad influence.

Experience in investigations about embezzlement and fraud

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The threats of embezzlements and frauds are always there and you can never know when someone can mix you up in those threats. This kind of elements can disrupt our financial stability and a lot of people can lose a lot of money because of it. With the vigil approach and guidance of professional investigators, this kind of troubles can be alleviated because the offended can be easily traced for compensation or for other legal interventions if it is needed.

Finding missing people

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Questionable and sudden disappearances are very unfortunate events and need immediate intervention. However, sometimes the police can be sometimes to slow for these kinds of cases since they expect the person to be missing for more than 24 hours before they start an investigation, which is why hiring a private investigator is always a better option. The professionals can gather all the necessary evidence or clues to help trace the missing person.

How can a private investigator help you

When you hear words – private investigator the first person who comes to your mind is probably Sherlock Holmes. The worldwide known detective who solves crimes and helps the police catch the murders. Sorry, to disappoint you, but in real life, private investigators usually don’t do that. Yes, they can collaborate with the police, but they don’t solve high-profile cases and save the world on a weekly basis. In this text, we are going to talk about what services a PI can provide you with.

First of all, how can one become a private investigator? Generally speaking, one doesn’t need a formal education to become a PI. However, one needs a specific set of skills such as patience, a keen eye for details, ability to “read” people, good memory, and excellent judgment skills and so on. Two main qualities a PI should possess is knowledge of the law and legal procedures and experience. That’s why people with a background in law enforcement usually opt to continue their careers as private investigators. If however, one doesn’t have a necessary experience, he can join a private investigator service and learn from other PIs who have been in that line of work for a long time. Furthermore, PIs can be self-employed or they can work for criminal defense and help attorneys to win their case by finding witnesses or some additional evidence that the police might have overlooked.

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There are a number of PI agencies all over the world, and by each day that number increases. In every big city, there is at least one PI agency you can hire. Nowadays, all the information you need about PI services is available on the Internet, and you can find an agency near you by simply googling it e.g. private investigator Bristol.

So, what can a PI do for you? When talking about the services a PI can offer you, the first thing that pops into your head is the surveillance of unfaithful spouse. Yes, people usually hire a PI when they suspect their partners of cheating. You can hire a PI service to track your spouse’s whereabouts, but the PI cannot hack his or her social media account, phone of bank statements. PIs have to obey the law, so they cannot do anything that is illegal.

Besides surveilling an unfaithful spouse, you can hire a PI if you think that some of your employees or partners are working behind your back. There are a number of things a PI service can investigate for you, from all sorts of corporate investigations to an investigation whether your employees follow all the procedures of your company i.e. how they behave towards the customers and other employees. Furthermore, a PI can investigate the grounds of all insurance Injury Claims, prove if they are well-founded or not, and in some cases, save your company thousands of dollars.

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Moving on from cheating spouses and corporate fraud, a PI agency can also help you recover lost data from your laptop or smartphone. Maybe you have broken your device, or accidentally deleted some important documents or photos that are of sentimental value to you. PI Data Recovery team will use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to recover your data.

In addition, you can hire a PI service to provide you with a program which you can use to track where your children spend time when they’re outside your home. These days, you have to know what your teenagers do when they are not with you and who their friends are.

In this text, we have introduced you to a private investigator career. These are only some basic things you should know if you are thinking about starting your PI career. On the other hand, if you need a private investigator, these are some services a PI can provide you with.